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------------------------TEAMCLAW EPISODE VII PART 3-----------------



            Bowing his head and closing his eyes, Nemo just sat and was stuck in the momment of sheer joy and happiness.

            "Warriors and allies of our cause," Amy started to say, as all of Viktor's army and also Cocoabeans filed into the room.  "We, of the High council in Paradise give you our gratitude and promise that the gate to our world is open to you.  But..." she paused and glared across the prisoners and the many others from Tenalt’s and the evil Rebellion traitors that were on the ground, or where else they were clustered, "Those that fought to destroy our happy land will never know of this place again.  They will be sent home, to Earth, and will never have a recollection of paradise and everything they did here.  Your faces shall be remembered and your names etched in stone of your deeds."

            Finally standing up, Nemo smiled and was very complacent at being back home.  All of his memories had returned, but he still had many questions.

            "Tonight," Amy continued, "we shall sleep, but on the morrow, we shall all go to our rightful places.  The biggest reward I can offer my friends of justice is a place here among paradise.  Whenever you are tired of Earth, or are getting too old, then come here, and we will have already had a place prepared for you.  If you wish to stay now, then your wish shall be granted."

            Turning from speaking, the silence drifted softly, as a wind brushed along the marble like floor, causing the ashes and some of the smaller debris to drift and zag among the wreckage on the floor.  Breaking the silence, everyone began to head down the ramps and out of the main palace tower, seeking some place to lie for the night.  Even just on a patch of grass was fit to be comfortable.  Everyone was tired and exhausted.  The long battle had taken all of the energy out of everyone.

            Lying in pain, Viktor pulled himself from the cockpit.  Falling to the ground, he turned and looked at his father.  "Father," he called?

            Seeing a tangled mess, where his machine had crashed onto his father's, Viktor struggled to his feet.  Limping over to the cockpit, Viktor un-strapped his father from the machine and dragged him out onto the floor.  Dropping to his knees, Viktor listened to his heart, and sighed as it was still beating.  "I'm sorry that you did not get what you want," said Viktor to his unconscious father, "but, I shall make it up to you, and we will work through this together, making you a better person."

            Walking up behind him was Nemo.  Hiding his own battle wounds, which scathed across his body, Nemo held his paw towards Viktor.  "I thought I would never say this, but thanks for your help.  Despite our years of battles...." Nemo paused and smiled, "I KNEW you were never cut out to take over your father's company!"

            Vitkor sneered, but then smiled, "Your right, but I did enjoy making plans to capture and defeat you.  It was something that enthralled me and inspired me to keep going.  It seems that I never will now; you are too powerful."

            Nemo smiled.  "I don't know if you and Tsuki were to band together, you could create some awesome things.  "

            Viktor smiled back at Nemo, "Sounds like a plan to me."

            Turning from Viktor and walking up to the only group left, except for the high council members, Nemo and all of his team members stood talking excitedly.

            Seeing Nemo, they all turned to him.

            “NEMO,” stated everyone!!!

            “How come you’re still alive,” asked Sakura?

            “Yah,” cut in Tsuki, “we saw you die.” 

            Nemo shook his head.  I don’t know, I was lying in the dark and a strange aura filled my mind and I stood up….”

            Everyone was quite and fixated. 

            “That’s all I know,” he ended with.”

            Slightly disappointed, silence settled in.

            "Did you SEEE MEEEE," asked Sakura?  "I was cool; slashing and dicing and...and. "

            "What about me," cut in Tsuki?  I was kicking and punching and taking out LOADS and loads of people."

            "That was nothing," Yoru stated, “I was shooting down hundreds of bad guys with my gun!"

            Listening to their chatter, Nemo smiled, and walked over to where Rebecca, Cocoabean and Amy were at.  "...And then, after that, the boar told me that the Prince had been left at the gate, after they had made it through and made sure the gate was closed."

            Smiling a soft, gentle expression, Amy turned and looked behind her, towards the stairs which led up, to the Private Council Room.  "Stephanie," she called.  "Come on down."

            Walking down the stairs came the beautiful girl that Rebecca had almost identified earlier.  "Your majesty," she stated, while kneeling to the ground.  Walking out of the door, she tugged on a hand that revealed from the door, and pulled through the Prince.

            With a broad and happy grin, he stepped out, and strode confidently down the stairs.  "Congratulations team," stated the Prince.

            Everyone in the room stopped their talking and all turned in the direction of the boy.

            "You can TALK," asked Nemo?

            The boy laughed a heartedly and comforting laugh.  "Of course I can Nemo; but while on Earth, I couldn't...or at least wont be able to, until the palace is rebuilt."

            "REbUILT," stated Rebecca in surprise?!  "You mean they are reinstating us to our posts and the gate is going to be open again?!"

            The prince once again laughed a delightful laugh that filled the whole room.  "With Tenalt under imprisonment; there is no major threat on Earth.  Though will always be bad animals, we plan to begin work immediately anyway!"

            Rebecca was ecstatic.

            "In fact," added Stephanie, "Sakura will be enlisted into the elite guardians, while Nemo will take back his position as chief of guardians."

            Everyone in the room awed....except for Nemo.

            After the noise settled down, Stephanie took note of the awkward attitude in Nemo.  "Is something the matter Nemo?  Is that not what you wanted?"

            Nemo sighed and turned from Stephanie and all of the other gaping eyes.  "Not to talk from my place, your majesty, but even with all of my previous life remembered....I still have many questions...and I have also grown attached to my friends." He said while pointing to his Team.

            "Then bring them here, and have them stay with us," Amy commented.

            Shaking his head, Nemo turned back to look at them.  "We have a family, a human family that takes care of us....and personally, right now I have had enough battles and fights that I have EVER wanted to get into.  I am exhausted and I need some rest."

            There was a pause in both Amy and Stephanie's expressions.  Looking doubtfully at Nemo, they seemed confused.

            "Then if you do not take it, who will."

            Nemo stroked his whiskers, while sitting down on his haunches.  "I suggest Rebecca.  She is perfectly qualified to do it."

            "WHAT," Rebecca cut in, "Nemo I could never be like....."

            "Nonsense," stated the Prince, walking forward.  "I second the nomination...that is as long as the council agrees."

            All eyes fell upon Amy, and then as Amy turned her eyes towards the group that stood next to the stairs.  Discussing amongst themselves, several nodded, while others shook their head.  Finally gathering a complete status, one of them stated, "It is agreed."

            Everyone in the room clapped, as Rebecca stood in amazement.           

            "In the meantime," declared Nemo, "I think everyone needs to get some sleep."

            Several of his team nodded and headed off to where the rest of the soldiers had filed off to.

            Stepping forward, as the last of them exited, Nemo came up to Amy. 

            "Why brother...why would you leave?" Amy was sad and almost pleading.

            "Come, and walk with me," Nemo said while taking her hand.  Making their way out of the palace, they crossed the bridge and walked across the grass, for the few miles to the city.  Staring at the stars, and the quiet dark, Nemo sighed.  "For years I have been stuck on Earth, and I have gotten to know how they work, think and feel..."       

            Stepping into the city boundaries, Nemo noted that the people in the city had rushed to the occasion and had quickly put the fires out and had gathered the families that had lost their homes and given them tents.  Walking amongst the tents, in the lightless city, Nemo smiled as they continued to walk in silence; Amy not speaking a word.

            "This place is beautiful and having all of my memories back only sends tingling sensations throughout my whole body.  It seems that I have been two different people....and both are unsure of who the other is...."

            Walking across the cobblestone roads and through the traffic-less streets, Nemo and Amy came to a huge lake.  Looking at the reflection of the stars glimmer in its surface, Nemo walked forward, towards a part of the city that looked to be thousands of years old.  Parts of the city, expecially next to the lake had been abandoned, as the water had risen and submerged half of it.

            "Amy," Nemo finally said, as he jumped out onto a roof of a building that protruded from the water.  "Families are important, and I will always have you here; I can always come back whenever I want and see you.  Now that the gate will be opened permanently again and my memories are returned, I feel my obligations are somewhere else....I am not sure if it is to be an agent for HQ, but I know I am NOT to be the head guardian over Earth's gate.  My soul is too free to be stuck in one place now...

            Carefully stepping forward across the roofs, Amy followed after Nemo as they headed towards a central area of the submerged ancient city.  Sitting down, they then turned and glanced up at the stars.

            "You know..." began Amy, "When I lost you...when the palace was blown up, I thought that I was alone.  I looked all over paradise to see if I could find you, but you were nowhere to be found...."

            Nemo was silent and listened.

            "When I went and talked to the high council, they told me of your dilemma....on Earth, and I spent the rest of my last ten years preparing for your return....even if we live longer than normal cats, and we had decades together as a family, these last ten years has been real hard without having any contact."

            Nemo smiled, as he turned and looked at her soft white furry face, as the soft starlight shined on it..

            "If you are worried about the evil armies, they are going home soon.  When they go through the gate, they will have forgotten everything...you don't need to worry about them...but...I know that you have grown up a whole lot since we last met.  You are a different cat and I must continue to live my life, while you live yours."

            Nemo nodded his head in agreement.  "As I said, I will always be a call away.  I will come from any end of the Earth, or any other place, at just a call from you; to help my little sister."  She smiled, and leaned over, as Nemo hugged her.  "I don't know how you lived the explosion in the castle, but I am glad that I can see you now."

            After sitting and staring at the stars for several more hours, and the waterfall, which tumbled from up above, from the overhanging cliff, Nemo and Amy got up and began to walk back.

            "You know Nemo, that I cannot go to Earth....right?"

            Nemo looked over at her, as they landed onto the ground, of the shore.  Walking through the abandoned buildings, he thought for a moment.  "How come you can't come to Earth?"

            "When the palace was blown up, I went with it.  I really did die.  But because I wasn't born on Earth, that was not my reality...so I am sealed from that gate because I died in it."

            Nemo scratched his head, "What?  I don't understand. "

            Amy shook her head, "I could take all day explaining the concept, but it is not important.

            Letting the silence settle once more in, Nemo began to think.  "Did I die on Earth too?  Because the last thing I remember was looking up at a robot and being blasted senseless by a powerful and huge laser that incinerated me and everything around me!"

            Amy casually grinned, "What are you wearing," she asked quizzically while keeping her focus forward?

            "A suit that I have always had....for decades."

            "Were you ever told what it was made of and what it could do?"

            "Well," he pondered, “I knew it was resistant to many weapons, even if it was real flimsy, but I was blasted hundreds and hundreds of feet into the ground."

            Amy sighed, "That material is made of a unique thread that is only found in the southern quadrant of the galaxy.  The type of silk and cotton, which is the closest example to the earthly terms, is resistant to anything.  If you were blasted while wearing it, it would protect you.....but even so..." she began to think more.  "It does not give you support from the impact."

            Walking into the edge of the lively city, they made their way forward. 

            "Southern quadrant of the galaxy, and sealed from THAT gate????  How many gates are there, and how are you able to travel to other parts of the galaxies," asked Nemo.

            "Maybe you have not gotten back all of your memories...because if you reemmber, there is a matrix of gates, down in the gully surrounding the capital palace of Paradise."

            "But, " Nemo objected, "there were just clouds there when we walked across the bridge."

            "When night comes, they dissipate and all of the gateways are opened.  I imagine the council will be waking up your friends and the soldiers pretty soon....before morning comes.  If you were on earth, the night would already be over.  Our days and nights are longer here."

            Nemo sighed, "even so, with all this discussion I still don't know how I survived.  If the suit would protect me, I should have been broken like a twig, as you said the suit gives no support."

            "Perhaps," she mused, "the last of your abilities was what saved you."

            "You mean the energy that flowed and coursed through me?  The energy that gave me the ability to blast and destroy tanks, and hundreds of soldiers?"

            She nodded her head.  "That is exactly it.  That was the last thing that you had to remember, I bet that was what saved you, with the help of the suit."

            "And what of the robots, I am not sure I remember where they came from.  I remember fighting them a long time ago, but controlling them?"

            "Nemo, we are old, perhaps even centuries; there are secrets about us, which even we do not know or remember."

            "Centuries," he marveled?

            "Yes….” She stated and was quiete again.  “And just as a side note, seeing that you are not remembering EVERYTHING, then would care to know, that all the creatures from Earth that died here.....didn't die on Earth.  They are given the same rights that I did, when I was sent back to Paradise.  The only differences, is that they will forget everything."

            Nemo blinked his eyes and nodded his head.  Looking up into the stars, he sighed.  "I am glad.  I don't like to kill....if I do not have to…but I am centuries old?"

            Amy shrugged her shoulders.  “I don’t know how old I am.  YOU don’t know how old you are.  We have never seen any like us….and so many memories brim at our minds…”

            Nemo nodded in agreement.  It is a strange concept to be 10 years old one minute, but then to be over HUNDRED, was shocking.

            Making their way back to the castle, he was met by his eager team. 

            "NEMO," stated Tsuki.  "The bad guys’ armies have already gone through one of the gates.  They are all gone now."

            "Really," said Nemo? 

            "Yes," said Cocoabean.  "They left just a few minutes ago."

            "That means that we are left.  And what of our armies?"

            "Yep," concluded Sakura.  "They just took our armies and said they were sending them through a different gate, so that they would not forget everything that happened."

            Walking up behind the group, Viktor came down the bridge towards the clamoring group.

            Rebecca said to Nemo, "We came looking for you and waited for you here. Some of the guards said that you had gone out on a walk.”

            Smiling, Nemo confidently took a sigh of relief.  He couldn’t believe where he was and everything he had remembered, but it would feel good to go home...to sleep on the nice and comfortable bed, with his humans arm around him.

            "Nemo," stated Sakura, "I get to be a SUPER AGENT LIKE YOU!!!!!'

            Nemo was pulled from his thoughts. 

            "I am going to guard and protect the gate from ANYONE who enters."

            Rebecca came up behind Nemo.  "Sakura and I are going to go and protect the Prince and the princess, while they oversee the rebuilding of the palace.  It could take years, but," she paused as she shrugged her shoulders.  "It feels good to be free from major problems."

            Nemo nodded his head.

            Suddenly Tsuki cut in, “CB, did you tell Nemo yet?  Did you tell him yet?"

            Yoru was also nodding his head enthusiastically.

            "No," he laughed, while being pushed awkwardly forward by the young cats.  Turning and looking on Nemo, he smiled and patted Nemo on the back.  "I congratulate you on your victory of stopping Viktor and Tenalt."  Nemo nodded his head down in agreement.

            "But if it had not been for you, I would have never made it this far."

            Cocoa laughed again, "I guess you’re right; well anyway..." he continued as Tsuki and Yoru prodded him again.

            “The members of the armies that I headed wanted me to be the new leader of HQ.  Viktor's army wanted him to be their leader, but viktor declined and handed his men over to me!!  Surprisingly everyone wants to get together and build up a new and better HQ."

            "So..." added Tsuki.

            "...So, Yoru is going to be my right hand agent, while Tsuki is going to head the technology department."

            "ME too," cut in Viktor, as he sat and listened.

            "Viktor,” Nemo said in surprise!  "Good to see you.  Where did your father go?"

            Viktor smiled.  "The high council of Paradise has locked him up, but they said I could come and see him whenever I want.  They said that eventually, they will wipe his memory of this place and let him go and spend the rest of his days on earth.  As old as he is, I don't know how long that will be."

            Nemo nodded his head.  "They probably should have wiped Tenalt's memory of this place long ago."

            "Even so," said Viktor, "I want to be part of the Technology department," he quickly changed the subject and pleaded while turning and looking at Cocoabean.

            "Hey don't look at me," joked Cocoabean. "Tsuki is the one you should ask."

            Rubbing her fur on her chin, Tsuki stepped forward and walked around Viktor as if to access him.  "Hmmmm....." she said as she did it.  "Your ideas are good Viktor, but they have many weaknesses."

            Viktor looked astonished at Tsuki.  "Wha...." he said in surprise.

            "But..." she finally said.  "With MORE bombs inserted into your machines, we could be seeing a breakthrough." She smiled and winked at him, while Viktor was not sure how to reacte.

            Laughing altogether, the whole group enjoyed themselves.

            "I will miss you guys," said Rebecca.  "When you go, because I will be busy the second the gate is opened, promise that you will come and see me every now and then."

            Tsuki and yoru quickly nodded their heads.  "You bet," said Tsuki.  Though it will be hard figuring out how to live at the humans house AND working on the technology department team, I will make time to see you."

            Yoru also agreed, "I will come and see you, Rebecca, but I could care less about that," he said pointing his paw haphazardly towards Sakura.

            "HA," she defended," you know that you will miss me."

            Finally quieting down, Amy, who had slipped past the group and walked into the castle, came swiftly back.  "The council is ready to send you now."

            "Whoopee," stated Sakura, while running forward.

            Hanging back, as his whole team ran to head up towards the palace, Nemo turned and talked to Amy.  "What has the council decided to do with the mechanical army...the one that I resurrected?"

            Amy began to walk after Nemo's friends.  "They decided to bury them once more in the chamber that they had been locked away in.  Once again, they thought of destroying them, but seeing that it was the robots that turned the tide of our war, they decided to keep them, just in case."

            Nemo smiled as they walked up.  Heading towards the wall, they followed the inner part and made to a section of the wall, which had a door.  Opening it up, Amy stepped down.  "One of the members has already taken your friends down in another elevator.  We will use this one."

            Turning on, after Nemo got in, it quietly glided down to a lower level of the palace. Stepping out, Nemo was agasped, as he saw on the other side of the banister, thousands and thousands of pillars that jutted out from down below.

            "Is this the Matrix gateways?"

            Amy nodded her head," yes."  Walking towards a large staircase that led from the side of the castle, Nemo looked down it and noticed that it ended somewhere down below, in the pillars.

            As they made their way down, on the free supporting structure, Nemo began to glance around, as the castle began to get blurry and the surrounding cliffs, fade away.  Feeling the whips of galaxies and the explosions of supernovas, Nemo gasped, as he was submerged in a place that was unlike no other.  Finally making it to the bottom step, Nemo could only see the heavens, filled with billions of stars, galaxies and planets.  Reverting back to faint memory, Nemo remebered that he had been here recently.  Stepping out onto the polished surface, which was tiled fllor, alternation black and white, Nemo suddenly remembered that he had been here....when he had....died in the sewer.  Yes, he had died, and this place was where he had talked with Amy.

            Amy noticed his expressions.  "I see that you remember now...the memory that was banished from your mind.  I sent you through the gate that the bad people went through....it was not your time to remember everything yet."

            Nemo sighed, as his heart seemed to be pulled up into the stars.  Walking across the floor, his steps seemed to echo indefinitely in every direction, but seemed to fade as if a pulsing energy consumed it.  This place probably had MILLIONS of gateways,he realized; it was so big and unending.

            "Your friends are waiting Nemo," said Amy sadly.  "Promise that you will return," she asked, while tears brimmed in her eyes. 

            "Of course I will be back and visit.  I would never let my sister down."

            Walking forward, to where a light wall was stretched in-between two of the monstrous columns that spanned infinitely up, Nemo came up behind his team.

            "Well team it is time to go."  With out much thought, they all took a deep breath, let it out and..................


                                                *                                              *                                              *

            Sitting quietly on the bed, Nemo nursed his healing wounds.  It had been months since he had gotten back from his adventures.

            Lying back on the bed, he listened once more to the comforting squeak of the overhead fan. 

            Thinking back to the last thing he saw at the mountain, he remembered seeing droves of animals making their way towards the gate.  Many, if not all were old, they had all been waiting to get into paradise; their instincts, drove them to get to the land of peace. 

            "Nemo," played a particular voice in surprise, as Nemo revereted back to the memory.  Turning to look at who spoke his name, Nemo saw Dutchess.

            "What are you doing here," he asked?

            "I was going to ask you the same thing,” stated Dutchess.

            Riding on the back of our neighbors dog, Mello, they were part of the group heading towards the gate.  "I am old and I am leaving.  The call of Pardise is saying my name and Mello’s...."

            Looking at her truly tired old and ragged body, Nemo nodded, but was reluctant.  "Nemo, we didn't get along well, but good luck with the rest of your life......Good luck," his memory continued to play in his head.  The word Goodluck continued to echo in his mind. 

            Was paradise heaven for animals? 

            Nemo was still not sure, but it sure was going to be quite for awhile.  With Tsuki and Yoru gone on business all the time, Nemo was rather board.  Listening to the rustle and the meows of the mechanical robot cats, that Viktor and Tsuki had built for their first project, Nemo cringed, as they made their way around the basement. 

            Rolling over onto the bed, he cuddled up to it and sighed.  His human family was sure happy when Tsuki, Yoru and he, came home.  They were crying and both happy at the same time.

            Suddenly a loud crash scrapped across the roof, rolled a couple skips and crashed to the ground, out front of the house.  "What in the world was THAT," Nemo said to himself.  Jumping to his feet, he dashed to the front door.  Seeing one of the human family members on the couch, Nemo meowed, and stretched himself, lightly touching the handle on the door, but personally surprised the human had not heard the noise.

            Seeing that Nemo wanted out, the human got up reluctantly, and opened the door.

            "Be careful Nemo," said the human.  "Cars can be dangerous.  Don't wander in the street."

            Nemo rolled his eyes.  He was beyond worrying about cars.  They were child’s play toys.  Dashing out the front door, and bounding down the stairs, Nemo squeezed through the rose bushes and landed onto the front grass.

            Seeing in a muddle pile, Sakura, with her wings out.

            "NEMO," she said dramatically as she saw the cat approaching was him, while gasping for breath.  "...THEY NEED you."

            "They who," asked Nemo?

            Rolling onto her back she continued, “There is a crisis in paradise!!!" She finally stated.

            Nemo crossed his arms.  "If it was so urgent, then why didn't you just teleport?"

            Sakura smiled sheepishly, "....guess I'll never learn."

            Nemo was glad, he needed some excitement.  IT was time to go and have ANOTHER ADVENTURE!!!!"










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Actual Characters/Actors as they appeared:

            NEMO.................as Nemo

TSUKI.................as Tsuki

YORU..............as Yoru

DUCHESS (momma kitty)................as Duchess

SAKURA................as Sakura

COCOABEAN............as Cocoabean

MELLO......................as Mello


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and their dog, Cocoabean.



For letting me use her precious dog Mello.



*No animals were harmed in the making of this story.




I would like to take this moment to thank anyone who supported me and helped in this production.  Never in my life have I created something this BIG and phenomenal.  Writing this story has totally changed my outlook on my abilities and how I balance them in my daily life; with school, work, family and Religion.  All of those are important, so it is a very fine line to tread and discover.

            With the completion of this project…..even though it is filled with MILLIONS of errors, of which someday I will go through and fix….I plan to drop any work on the Teamclaw series.  It is possible to make a sequel, but let’s face it, I’ve got to fix this one up first.  If I do anything, I will begin to rewrite the first two episodes, but they will be in the middle of getting ready for my mission.  My mission is my main priority now. 

            I have enjoyed spending two days a week typing about an awesome story for the past 5-6 months, and I owe it to many people, but it would not be possible without Heavenly Father.  If this wasn’t in his things for me to do, I would have never made it as far as I did.  Some episodes reflect this problem, because I spend a whole lot of time mumbling and trying to say what I need to say….but when God helped me, my paragraphs and stories were concise and to the point.  I would finish writing in 4-5 hours instead of 6-8.

            If you wonder how I wrote it: notes, thinking planning, resting between writing instead of rushing to get it all out, pondering, rationing, etc….


Thanks again,

Yours truly, MIKE BLAKE.

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