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----------------------------The END of the Beginning------------------------------

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Originally concept by Jeremy Blake (www.jerbl.com)
Written and Illustrated by Mike Blake(Monisawa)

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© 2005 Mike Blake (Monisawa),  Jeremy Blake (www.jerbl.com);  All rights and privileges reserved.

-------------EPISODE VII  : part 1-------------


            Sitting in the stifled room, dust from the tanks and solders settled quietly, while sounds of war, still going on above the surface of the ground, echoed all through Viktor's Fortress and the ancient and deep complex of forgotten floors.  Obviously, both the main parts of Tenalt and Viktor's army, were still fighting off the main part of the Rebellions army.  Little did they know that the biggest battle had been lost; doom was soon to befall the world.

            Lying on the sand, Rebecca was motionless, just like Viktor, who was where he had collapsed in depression, while the rest of the team sat quietly, unsure of how to break the quiet in the room.

 In a sudden and unexpected turn of events, their glorious success was turned into failure.  What was to become of them? 

They had lost their leader, and great friend, Nemo, and the way into the gate was sealed.  Even if they could get into paradise, what could they do against two armies?!

            Muffled distant explosions and blasts of tanks could be heard continuously from the surface.  Cringing at each sound, everyone shuddered at the thought of what Tenalt and the Rebellion were doing to Paradise.

            Staring blankly, while her hair was a tangled mess, strewn into the sand, and cast about, Rebecca did not move.

            Slowly getting up, Cocoabean sighed. 

So much work had gone into this mission; planning, designing and setting everything up....  Sighing again, he turned away from the wall that had once held the portal.  As much as he wished, nothing could bring back the past.  Was it his fault that Nemo and his team failed?  Why was this whole thing so painful to think about?

            Pulling her goggles up, Tsuki was blank of any expressions.  Staring at where Nemo had been blasted, her heart sank deeper.  Pulling the backpack off, finally moving from where the soldiers had thrown them, in their haste to leave, Tsuki stretched and sat on her haunches, while trying to think of something else.

            Lying on the ground, Yoru, wasn't sure what to think or do.

            Sakura, who had landed on her face, groaned, and rolled over onto her back.  "Ouch," she mumbled, being the first person to say anything.

            Turning in the direction of the noise, everyone looked at Sakura, except for Rebecca. 

            "What are we going to do," asked Tsuki, who had began to fiddle with her screw driver?

            "There is nothing we can do," stated Yoru, who finally grasped everything that had happened.

            Blinking slowly, Sakura turned and looked at the wall and motioned to it, "Plush Plush is right; with the gate closed and big brother Nemo gone....we can't do anything."

            Looking over at Rebecca, Cocoabean didn't dare answer anything.  He knew that she was in the worse shape and depression had overcome her.

            "BIG BROTHER," stated Yoru?  "You are not even related to Nemo."

            "So," Sakura stated, while sticking her tongue out at Yoru.  Turning her expression away from him, she carefully picked up her sword, of which had been flung from her in the struggle.

            "So...SO?!  If it hadn't been for you and your stinking winged self, we wouldn't even be in this mess," defended Yoru angrily.

            "Don't get my wings into this conversation and HOW is it my fault?"

            Yoru sniveled his nose, while narrowing his eyes at her.

            "Stop it," stated Tsuki, "we need to get along so we can figure out what to do."

            "I already TOLD YOU," yelled Yoru at his sister.  "THERE IS NOTHING THAT WE CAN DO."

            Offended by her brother's audacious and rude statement, Tsuki's emotions began to lose their strong foundation.  Welling up in her eyes, tears brimmed at the corners.

            "Now, now," comforted Cocoabean, as he walked in-between Sakura and Yoru.  "It is no ones fault that this happened.  Tenalt just caught us all by surprise.  We all did our best."

            Ignoring all the conversation that was going on behind her, Rebecca just played the events over and over again in her mind.  How had she failed?  Was there something more that she could have done differently? 

            Watching the Prince's almost lifeless body being dragged through the portal, Rebecca cringed.  Pulling her legs towards her chest, she shivered and tried to banish the thoughts from her head.  For over ten years she had been evading Viktor and Tenalt...all of that failed in one desperate second.  Surely, she had decided earlier, she would not have made it through the gate anyway, even if she had not waited fro the teams' response to see if they would go to paradise or not.  Viktor had been waiting and was just watching her, just waiting for her to head towards the gate. 

Finally being pulled from her thoughts, she heard yelling from behind her.


            "Why," cut in Yoru, "So you could do better at following Viktor’s biddings! RIGHT?!"

            "Stop," muttered Rebecca, after she sat up.  Brushing the sand from her face, she drew her hair back behind her head.  "This bickering will get us nowhere."  Silence immediately filled the room and all of the team looked at her.

            "What are we going to do," asked Tsuki, while drying her eyes?

            Turning from the gate, she painfully pushed herself to her feet, though much of her strength had been wasted in her mourning, for she truly had lost what seemed like two brothers....Nemo, her old wise kind friend that she had always looked up to and the Prince, her young and quite yet compassionate imagined brother, that had grown up in the past ten years, together with her.  "For ten years I have been running and fighting an impossible foe.  I will gladly do it again, but now there is only one reason to do anything, and that is to fight and put Tenalt to an end."

            "But the gate is closed," stated Cocoabean.

            "It is closed from this side.  Once they have in possession paradise, they will have technology and possibly powers beyond the worlds belief and will be back to get Earth.  Coming through the gate will be no problem."

              "But if it is such dangerous technology, then how come your people do not defend themselves," asked Cocoabean?

            "I do not know..." she admitted, while tilting her head forward and letting her hair slid across her shoulders.

            Silence once again engendered in the room.  Noone knew what to say or do.  The only silent thought, was a hopless battle against an impossible foe.

            "I do," interrupted a silent, but soft and peaceful voice.

            Turning in the direction of the voice, everyone but Rebecca jerked their heads that way.

            Slowly peering up, Rebecca looked through her hair and gasped as she saw a little girl standing towards the side of the room.

            "It can't be," she muttered.  "Ste.."

            "Don't say my name here," stated the girl kindly.

            Kneeling to the ground in respect, Rebecca was silent.

            "We don't have much time; my people are in danger.  All that we have worked for is about to be destroyed...the peace and happiness of all the animals in paradise."

            "I am sorry," broke in Rebecca. "It was my fault,” she began to cry.

            The human child turned to look at Rebecca kindly.  "Do not fret and have hope."  Walking forward, her little white dress bellowed calmly in a wind that did not blow in the room. Touching Rebecca on her shoulder, she then held her head at eye level.  "Rebecca, you are the strongest of this group.  I need you to BE the strongest, emotionally."

            "There is hope," asked Tsuki?

            "Yes, there is."  Turning her attention back on the group, while Rebecca regained her composure, she continued, "I am a member of the Royal Family...the second of the only two.  The boy you met is my younger brother."

            Gasping, Tsuki and Sakura stared at her. 

            "I may look to be about eight or nine, but I am older than he is....he has been on Earth and has aged much faster than I have," she answered, as if to tell why she looked so young.

            "So that means you can open the gate," asked Cocoabean?! 

            "Yes,” she agreed, "I can open the gate. 

            "But what can we do against two armies," asked Yoru doubtfully?

            "Wait," called Cocoabean.  "I can go to the surface and call all of the Rebellion, those that are loyal, to come and to fight against Tenalt."

            Tsuki nodded her head, "and I can easily gain control over the wave of robots that they created of my robot design."

            Smiling, the girl drew her hair to the side as the shining blonde locks blew into her face.  "Do as you will.  I am just the doorkeeper."

            Gaining more hope, Rebecca glanced down at her sword, and carefully picked it up.  With a member of the royal family to open the gate, and an army to fight against Tenalt and the Rebellion, they stood a chance.

            "In fact," admitted Cocoabean, "I bet that everyone up on the surface were all loyal to the just cause and would gratefully come to our aid."

            Even with Nemo gone, there was still a chance to take and free paradise from Tenalt and the Rebellion?

            Standing squarely in position, Rebecca once again smiled.  "Thank you," she stated to the Princess, "Thank you….I needed a second chance."

            Drawing her sword forward, she held it up and brushed the sand off of it. 

Getting ready to leave, Cocoabean was going to head to the surface.

            "Wait," whimpered a pitiful voice.  Suddenly everyone in the room turned around.  "Wait, I want to help."

            Gasping, all of Teamclaw stared in awe at Viktor.  They had all forgotten that he was there.

            "HE CAN'T HELP US," Stated Tsuki.

            "YAH,” stated Yoru, "He is the BAD GUY."

            "He killed my big brother," stated Sakura.

            "No please," he begged, as he kneeled in front of the Princess, "I was wronged....and I want to help fight against my father...and I NEVER intended to kill Nemo.  If you look back, I was always trying to keep him alive...even in the sewers; I just got a little too rough..."

            Staring deep into Viktor's eyes, the princess pierced his very heart with her pure blue and almost glowing eyes.  Much like blades of golden grass, her hair brushed back in the hidden wind.

            "I...," he stuttered, "I have never wanted my father's company...he forced it upon me.  I just wanted to invent and create machines..."

            Still staring deep into his eyes, everyone in the room shook their head towards the princess.

            "I am not one to won by naive guile Viktor," stated the Princess.  Everyone in the room sighed, as Viktor sank to the ground in defeat.  "But you," she continued,” have proven to me, that you DO have a good heart....you just happen to have bad lineage."

            "What," Viktor asked, while everyone in the room gasped again?

            "If it were not for your father, you would have been GREAT," stated the Princess.  "Now rise to your feet and begin a new life."       

            Brushing across Viktor, the hidden winds, perhaps the very winds that had awoken Nemo to his speed ability, brushed onto him, and threw his fur, almost golden like now to the side.

            "For what you fight today," stated the Princess, while turning her conversation to everyone," holds in balance the very essence of animal kind.  For ten years the gate has been closed to this world.  For ten years, we have been free from any threat of danger, but today, all can be lost, unless you rise to a new potential...RISE and DEFEAT this FOE!!!"

            Standing up confidentially, after the wind died down, and everyone in the room felt it and was rejuvenated, Viktor smiled.  "As the last act of being commander of my father's company, I will go and rally forth my men, with this dog and his supposed Rebellion and we will go down and fight against my father."

            A bit uneasy, everyone in the room was silent.  Their supposed arch-enemy now stood in front of them, wanting to band up with them.

            The first to step forward was Rebecca, cringing and trying to hold back the years of hatred that she had built up against him, she held her hand forward in a hand shake.  "I trust you Viktor.  I know that they princess can never lie and can truly see deep into ones heart."

            Viktor smiled, and when he did Rebecca felt somewhat relieved as it truly held a different appeal then from before.  Shaking paw in hand, Rebecca felt a strange burden lifted from her heart.          

            Cocoabean was the next to admit Viktor's change, so he came up and offered his paw, "names CB."

            Viktor nodded and smiled.  But Tsuki, Yoru and Sakura did not come forward...they were still not so sure about Viktor.

            "No thank you," stated Sakura, while crossing her hands across her chest.  Turning from the group, she pointed her nose up.

            Running forward, Viktor, Rebecca and Cocoabean got to work.  "Come on Sakura, Tsuki and Yoru, don't waste our time, we have no choice, because we need all the people we can get," stated Rebecca.  Running towards another large elevator, of which part of the Rebellion traitors had used to get their tanks down in, everyone, but Sakura Tsuki and Yoru headed for it, so that they could make it to the surface.

            "Do you think that your men will listen to you," asked Cocoabean.

            Viktor shrugged his shoulders, "Either way, I still have control over all of the equipment they are using; in one second, I can turn them all off."

            Cocoa smiled, "sounds like a plan to me."

            "Who needs a plan," stated Viktor, "As Nemo and his team will tell you, I have never been good at those."  Closing behind them, the inner door slid and pulled them up, despite the blown up wall and outer doors.

            Shortly after Rebecca, Cocoabean and Viktor ran to the surface, Tsuki, Yoru and Sakura were left to wait for their return.

            "Dear young ones," stated the Princess as she walked towards them, "we cannot hold a petty grudge..."

            "PETTY," Sakura blurted out!?  "That was the guy that BRAINWASHEED ME, KILLED MY BIG BROTHER, AND PUT WINGS ON ME..."

            She smiled kindly at her, and Sakura began to feel uncomfortable for defying her statement.

            "Sakura from my world, it is a gateway, a gateway for ANY animal, who so feels oppressed or aged, to wander and make it through the portal gateways....Unfortunately the gateway to Earth was closed....so therefore all of the animals here, ever since are left to wander and look for the gate, of which they never would.  But my world is the center link to all of these other gateways...we are a safety hold for many many worlds and lands, that are much like Earth....with animals that look, act and have the same problems just like you.  With such a dangerous man as Tenalt at the helm of such places, we must change our perspective.  Basically most of the time, people’s personalities are not black and white, and they can change....let them."

            Turning from her proud position, Sakura's hard and angry expression slowly slipped away, even Tsuki and Yoru changed their positions.

            "So what about the technology," asked Tsuki.  "Rebecca was worried that Tenalt would use it."

            The princess smiled, "Thankfully, we buried and locked those DEEP in the surface of the ground.  That technology could destroy the entire world if Tenalt were to get it and understand it."

            "But what caused you to create it," asked Yoru, "If all you were going to do was bury it."

            "Well," she began, "many centuries ago, our land had become so populated that many creatures thought that paradise was out of hand....They were greedy and selfish...and called the hearts of the animals to anger and fight against the government that we had set up at the time.  Unfortunately the wars lasted for years and years....but one day, two centuries ago, they suddenly all ended.  The High council then took control over Paradise, buried the technologies, and then set up gateways at each entrance to our world....to check and weed out those animals that entered, or who took the philosophies of men, in with them....naturally animals are pure in heart, but if influenced by men, they can become corrupt.  Those kinds of animals we do not let in.  And if you were wondering, Tenalt was one of them that were rejected.  Which, by the way, is why the gate was eventually closed; Tenalt was angry and adamant to make his way in.  He and both those armies that went in, did it for exact same reason; all of the greedy and selfish animals wanted treasures, immortality and whatever else they imagined paradise might hold.  In our peaceful society we do not treasure such things."

            Sakura perked up, "That is SO cool!"

            The princess smiled.

            Settling down, they continued to talk, while waiting for the rest of their team to return.

            Meanwhile, up on the surface, Viktor, Rebecca, and Cocoabean had quickly stopped the two fighting odds.  Pulling what was left of both armies, they marched their way down.

            Walking in the foremost position, the two armies flooded down into the somewhat tiny chamber and made their way to the gates wall, with Rebecca, Viktor and cocoa at the front.

            With thousands coming down and more to come, Sakura, Tsuki and Yoru all smiled.

            "We are ready to aid your people, "stated Cocoabean. 

            Quieting down, the army of animals, though dirty and scathed from the long battle on the surface, all looked at the little girl, the princess, in awe. With thousands coming down, and more still trying to get down, the Princess smiled. 

            "Then my blessing I give upon you." Standing on the crest, which the Prince had once stood on, the Princess immediately began to glow.  Much the same way as before, the gate quickly opened.  Funneling in, the army charged at Viktor and Cocoabeans command, "CONQUR," they both called.  Running in, they quickly disappeared. 

            Staying behind was, Sakura, Yoru and Rebecca.  Waiting as the long lines of soldiers made their way through, with the tanks and vehicles, and Tsuki and her army of robots, soon Rebecca was left with the other two waiting cats.

            Are you coming in with us," asked Rebecca, as she was turning to head in?

            "No....," stated the Princess, "I wait for one more to come."

            "One more," asked Yoru?  "Who else is there?"

            "One who has slept, but will now awaken."

            Shaking his head, Yoru skeptically tilted his head.  "Nope, don't know 'em"

            "Then promise that you will be safe," stated Rebecca.  "I cannot leave you here without worrying."

            "Don't worry, I will be fine."  The princess smiled at Rebecca.  "Just so you know, you have grown up to be a fine person Rebecca; I am proud of you."

            Rebecca smiled.  Taking her sword strongly in her hand, she marched forth into the portal to claim the land back.  Though Rebecca wished she had Nemo by her side, she knew that she had to be strong and forget the past.

                         *                                       *                                    *

            Darkness hissed about.  Shadows danced and twirled back and forth.  Peaceful quite that had beset the area for centuries echoed throughout the infinitely huge chasm.

            Dust blew like clouds, while a soft hue of light desperately tried to be seen from up above.

            Lying amidst this infinitely huge pit was a body.  No features could be seen as they were cloaked by a uniform.  Suddenly opening, as if a flash of lighting, the bodies eyes glew brightly.  All around it, the sounds of machines began to whirr and click and tick.  Rushing and blasting, movement continued to commence in the darkness.

            What was this feeling....where was he.  Clenching his paws back and forth, the creature smiled and gritted his teeth.  Looking up, he smiled as everything around him came alive...in a sea of machines.  Like a hoard of bats fleeing a cave, the creature stood, looked around, even though it was pitch black, and then leapt, with the machines falling in like a wave behind him.  Blasting through the barrier that had kept them sealed away, the machines seemed to roar and blast effortlessly through the many barriers that had been used to seal them down. 

            The army that had been sealed for centuries had now arisen....with its master.