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------------------------------The Gate to Paradise--------------------------------

Version 1.0 
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Originally concept by Jeremy Blake (www.jerbl.com)
Written and Illustrated by Mike Blake(Monisawa)

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© 2005 Mike Blake (Monisawa),  Jeremy Blake (www.jerbl.com);  All rights and privileges reserved.

-------------EPISODE VI  : part 1-------------


            Swirling shapes and colors, circled around in the dark.  Reaching forward, Nemo could hear panting, but soon realized that it was his panting. 

Wandering in the dark waste, he looked and turned several time as to get his bearings, but only found that he was completely lost.

            Several voices screamed, or talked in the expanse, but Nemo could not pin-point them.

            "Where am I," Nemo called out?

            As if he had spoken to a rushing wind, nothing came out of his mouth, and the words were torn from his lips.

            Shifting out of the darkness, Nemo walked into a large walkway.  Following the red carpet, he began to notice more things take shape out of the foggy landscape.  Leading farther, the carpet, Nemo noticed, rested on a white brick floor.  Looking forward, as if to see his destination, Nemo only saw the engrossing and thick darkness.  Soon a wall enclosed around him and as he looked at it, they seemed decorated in festive drapes and pictures.  But, Nemo noticed, the place was very familiar.

            Suddenly pulled from his thoughts, a dark figure came running from ahead in the darkness.  Hearing their feet pat onto the ground, Nemo squinted to see who they were and why they were running.

Hesitantly stepping forward again, Nemo's heart began to beat harder.  What is going on, he thought to himself? 

            Just in case they were dangerous, Nemo took ready and tensed up.  Feeling rather nervous, his heart beat more quickly.  Just as Nemo was about to get a good look at them, they suddenly turned a corner. 

            What, Nemo thought?!  Taking after the person, at full speed, Nemo rounded the corner and pursued them.

            Dashing into the quick forming world, Nemo grew tense of the darkness, and of the sounds that were coming from ahead. 

            Swords clashing, guns shooting, explosions blasting, people screaming, yelling and grunting....  It sounded like a huge battle was commencing.

            Suddenly a huge and powerful blast shook the ground and everywhere around him.  Falling to the ground, Nemo looked anxiously around as groaning sounds came from the structure he was walking in and little flecks of rock fell from above. 

            Running farther ahead, the path led to a doorway, which opened up into a huge room. 

            Wincing from the sudden flare of an explosion, Nemo gasped as he saw faces, though just shadows, clash, and fight. 

            Suddenly stopping his looking, Nemo gasped as he saw the only person visible in the room ahead and that was himself.  Standing in full garb, in the uniform, and holding his sword in hand, Nemo was defiant and calling all the people around him to rally forth, and to guard certain flanks.

            Suddenly another deafening blow exacted throughout the building.  This time several bricks fell from up above in the hidden dark. 

            Looking around the battle garbed Nemo looked back and then called out for everyone to retreat to the gate.  As quick as they were there, the soldiers were gone, and the battle garbed Nemo stood alone, except for the attacking foe.

            Quickly taking a quick glance at the intruders who were attacking, Nemo turned and dashed in the normal Nemo's direction.  Gasping, he scrambled out of the way, but tripped.  As if Nemo had not even been there, the Battle Nemo passed by without even noticing him. 

            Quickly shutting and bolting the door into place, Nemo pushed a guard closet in front of the door.

            Alone, he ran back down the hall. 

            Getting up from the ground, Nemo gasped as the door bolted and heaved with the swarming creatures wanting to get through.    Running at full speed, following after the battle garbed Nemo, He took the corner and ran in the dark, the direction he had heard the running originally come from.  Hearing an explosion erupt from the door, Nemo tried to run harder, seeing as that the hoards of soldiers would soon be upon him and his other self.  Taking a straight run, Nemo then stopped as he had come to a door and the other Nemo had already gone in and shut the door.  Hearing some explanations from inside, two cats emerged from the door, closing it behind him.  One of the cats was himself, the other was hidden in a dark shadow. 

As if something big and evil was anticipated, Nemo grasped his heart.  Something bad was going to happen....out of the dark, a huge creature reached and dashed at Nemo, obviously wanting to go through the door.  As if the creature was nothing, Nemo knocked it to the side and kicked it back, but it was resilient. Catching a glimpse of the light, Nemo noticed that it was a fox...young and bold.        

            Burning down the hallway, flames erupted and consumed the carpet and tore towards the two fighting animals.  Suddenly a final blast erupted on the castle.  The whole foundation shook and began to break at the seams. 

            Looking forward, the battle Nemo looked nervously up as the ground began to crumble and fall away in pieces.  The walls heaved and began to fold into the huge complex that was built around him.

            Frustrated the fox snarled evilly as his eyes glew brightly.  Running forward, his dark and luminous figure grasped onto Nemo, while shoving back the other cat, onto the ground, knocking her out, as everything blasted in a fury of explosions, collapsing buildings and light. 

            "NO," Nemo yelled while trying to reach into the darkness, but suddenly realized that he had just had a dream.  Looking around, and slightly dazed, he tried to wet his dry mouth and wipe away the sweat that had gathered from the intense dream.

            "You alright Nemo," asked a voice?

            Turning in the direction of where it had come, Nemo saw a dog.  "Who are you," Nemo asked?

            The dog furrowed his brow, "Nemo you need to wake up."

            Shaking his head, Nemo held onto it, as his mind began to stop swimming.  Pushing all of the flashing images and sounds into the back of his mind, Nemo cringed.  That dream seemed real; he could feel the drafts from the building moan, he could feel the burn of the flame, he could feel the very darkness grasp onto his heart.

            Slowly grasping onto reality and where he was at, Nemo began to take breaths.  Slowly sinking, as if adjusting to a dark room, after coming from the sunny outside, Nemo sighed, and was coming back to normal.

            "Very well," he stated out loud to Cocoabean.  "Sorry about that.  I just had a very bad dream."

            "No kidding, you were tossing and turning and muttering in your sleep."

            "Really," asked Nemo? 

            "Either way," said Cocoabean,” we are all gathered together, and the leaders have all agreed to help you."

            "Really," exclaimed Nemo?!  If he could get the help of the Rebellion, then that would make his job so much easier.

            "Yes, in fact your friend, Rebecca, has already gone home and gathered the plans that she had for his fortress."

            He must be referring to the package that he and Rebecca had picked up at the post office.

            "I don't know how you guys happened upon such a perfect schematic of the mountains layout, but it is very well designed."  He winked at Nemo. 

Remembering that Cocoa had also an entire layout of the underwater prison, and the whereabouts of it, Nemo figured that both he and Rebecca used the squirrels as their source. 

"With that in hand,” Cocoabean continued, “it will not take long for our strategist's to gather all the information they need and decide the best way to get you and your team in, and to get the boy back.  As you had said to me earlier, while we were in the submarine, if it is important to Viktor, then it is important to us.  We will foil his plans."

            Nemo smiled. 

            "So anyway, we will be waiting for you in the main gathering room.

            Nemo nodded to him in agreement, and lay back down onto the makeshift bed.  Hearing Cocoabean exit the room and clank down the plank walkway, Nemo once again sighed. 

                        In one of the outer rooms of a base, Nemo had been sleeping, trying to catch up his energy from all of the fighting he had done at Viktor's underwater prison. Where Nemo was at, was one of the outlying bunkers, where the soilders used to stay.   This base that they had found was rather useful.  According to Cocoabean, it was an abandoned World War II army silo.  Forgotten and left by one of the super power governments.  Thankfully some of the people from HQ had known about it, so they began to gather there, hoping to gather a sufficient force to fight against Viktor.

Lying on the bed, with his mouth partially open, he looked at the dull grey ceiling and followed the crisscrossed rafters, as they held and supported the roof with its beams.

            Thinking back to his dream, Nemo cringed.  He had had many dreams, but he usually forgot them.  This dream was vibrant and was embedded deep into his memory.  So many questions filled his mind; what was happening in that seen, who was the other cat, how did he, Nemo, survive it, who was the fox?  Thinking deeply, Nemo assumed the fox must be Tenalt…so whatever is happening in it, it involved Tenalt.

            Standing up, he slipped off, the bed, pushing the rough wool and somewhat hole-filled blanket to the side.  Walking forward, he teetered slightly, due to the blood rushing back to his head.  Shaking his head quickly, he continued on to the main gathering area. 

            Hearing a loud clamoring of noise, Nemo walked into the biggest bunker room in the whole complex.  Hundreds and thousands of voices gathered together, where all those that belonged to the Rebellion, were gathered together.   Walking into the crowd of creatures, Nemo quickly found and heard Sakura and Yoru.  Arguing and yelling at each other, they were at odds, fighting over some useless babble.  Not even seeing Nemo, they continued in their dispute.  Turning through another main walkway, through the crowds, he came to the main center of the room, which was elevated up, and onto a platform, where a group of animals were gathered.  Climbing the stairs, Nemo quickly recognized this area as the battle planning area, where the leaders and strategists were.  Gathered in a big group, several minds were working together, while studying several schematic sheets and discussing.

            "These," Stated Tsuki to a group of one of them, "Are the designs of an anti robot."

            "You mean they counter the attitudes and actions of this new robot that Viktor has desighned," asked one of the men?

            "Yes, indeed," agreed Tsuki.

            Turning from her, Nemo heard another conversation to the back of him, "Geez, this is crazy."  Turing to see who was talking, Nemo saw Cocoabean discussing a blue print that he held in hand.

            Pulling from looking at the set-up, the person that he was talking to held his head in his hands.  The Elephant sighed, "We never really took Viktor this seriously...but now he has gone and taken over HQ..."

            "Get a grip," Stated Cocoa.  "Even if we had taken him seriously, there was no possible way to see the raid coming."

            Turning from that conversation, Nemo saw the biggest concentration of the creatures, towards the center of the platform.  Ignoring the voices that came from below, the thousands of other creatures, and the several hundred on the platform, Nemo walked forward.

            "This," Stated Rebecca, who was honestly talking to them, "Is the best method.  I know that there are differences in opinion, but I have been there before, and I know, even though the map doesn't show it, that there are catacombs underneath the mountain."

            "Indeed human, you may believe what you will, but this map clearly does not show us the whereabouts of any gate," Stated a goat, while adjusting his glasses.

            Walking into this conversation, Nemo sat back and listened; this one seemed most useful.

            "Here," she stated, while grabbing the main print of the fortresses layout. Pulling out a pen, she circled an area that center of the mountain.  "This is where the gate is.  The gate is part of an underground catacomb; a system of rooms and tunnels that have been underneath the castle for centuries."

            "We can't go on what MIGHT be," called another of the animals.  Several others also called in agreement.  "Especially since you were only eight at the time you last saw it.  A child's memory is unreliable."

            "But it is all we got," cut in Nemo.

            The whole main board of members all hushed, stopped and looked at Nemo. 

Rebecca smiled, "Nemo, you're awake!!"

            "IT is WRECKLESS," Hissed a snake.  "Weee CANNOT jeopardize our entire cause to a child's memory."

            "Even so," Nemo stated, "I have been on many missions and sometimes that is what needs to be done."  The entire group that had been talking to Rebecca was now quite.  "I don't know what you guys were thinking on doing, but I feel that what needs to happen, is that you guys create a disturbance here," he pointed towards the gate of the wall that surrounded the fortress.  "While Viktor and his men are distracted, I and my team will slip over or through the wall and worry about where the gate is located."

            "NO," yelled one of the board members.  "If we are going to fight against Viktor we must defeat him in his own home, all at once."

            "That is suicide,” called another.  "He has been stationed at that fortress for decades."

            Nemo sighed; all of this arguing was getting on his nerves.

            "LETS END THE CONLFLICT NOW," called a seagull.  Several other members of the board agreed. 

            "WAIT," called one of the creatures, he seemed foremost of the group.  Clearing his throat, the horse continued, "We shall do what Nemo has said.  Though it seems best in our interest to lay siege to Viktor's Headquarters, Nemo’s interests in the boy are just as important."

            "What do you mean," called one of the animals, "That would be..."

            "Silence," the horse called!  "If we were to attack the mountain, the last place Viktor would expect, we would catch him unaware."

            "Yes," agreed another member, "And while we are fighting him there, he will panic and put all of his attention on his main base."

            "Precisely," stated the horse.  "Which means that in this scramble to foil his plans by helping Nemo and recover this human boy to his rightful place, wherever that may be, we will win back our home base and SEND ANOTHER FORCE TO ATTACK THE SOILDERS WHO ARE LEFT AT OUR HQ!!!"  Most of the members of the board seconded the plan by shouting or calling out agreements.  Waiting for the cheering to die down, the horse adjusted his position at the table, and sat back down.  "So, we will get two birds with one stone; recover our Headquarters and help Nemo."

            Nemo smiled.  It seemed that things were going well.

            "Very well, thank you young lady, Rebecca, and Agent Nemo for your input.  We will commence our plans, dealing with the small detail work.  You two can go and rest while we decide how to sanction our men and other duties," stated one of the other members.  Bowing in agreement to both the horse and the other members, Nemo and Rebecca left from that conversation.

            "That was amazing Nemo; you commanded their attention. I have been arguing with them for over an hour; they are a stubborn lot."

            Nemo frowned, “I have never been one to like politics; they take too long to decide what common sense states, obviously needs to happen."

            "Good show," Cocoa bean stated.  Looking over at where he was, Nemo was surprised that he had been listening to it, he thought that the dog had been to busy talking to other people.  "I overheard your whole conversation.  I wish I could think like you Nemo; as you know, I am not a very good strategist." HE smiled as he came up and walked beside them, as they headed for the stairs.  "Everything is looking good and coming together smoothly."

            "Yes," Nemo agreed.  Passing by where Tsuki was talking, she had pulled out her robot and was demonstrating it for them. 

            "This," she stated," after pushing several of the desks aside, "is what I was talking about.  Using the data and the chip that I recovered from Viktor's robot, this pierce of sophisticated hardware, will counter ANY robot that Viktor has designed; using the chip that he previously used."  Several of the creatures there nodded their head in agreement.  Taking notice to Nemo, Tsuki called a greeting over to him, but continued to demonstrate how it worked.

            "She seems to be doing real good," commented Nemo.

            "You mean your inventor?  She is quite a spunky character, and very intelligent," said Cocoabean.  "But truthfully she is not as spunky and strange as that Sakura cat that is on your team.  She is one strange cat."

            Nemo smiled, while Rebecca was not sure what to say.

            "So how long do you think that it will take them to decide what to do and get their plans together?" Nemo asked the dog.

            "I bet they will be done planning tonight.  This lot of creatures looks like they have a lid on things and will wrap up a good deal real quick.  Expect to leave by the setting of the sun in a few weeks, once they gather all of the supplies and get their plans into actions."

            Nemo nodded, "good, then I will stop by home, pick up some supplies and come right back."

            Rebecca shook her head, "Nemo what supplies do you need?  You have your sword, you know how to use the techniques that you once knew, and according to what you have told me, you can run really fast again.  What more do you need?"

            Nemo smiled, “You will see."

            Taking the teleportation device from Rebecca, after asking it from her, Nemo began to pull the squares in the correct order.

            "So Nemo, how are your humans going to take to the fact that you guys have not been home, and will not be home for several days," asked the dog?

            "That's right," exclaimed Nemo; his family comes back from vacation real soon.  Yet, somehow this mission seemed more important than catering to the family; the entire world might be in danger if Viktor were to capture the prince.  He was not sure why this mission was so important, but he felt it deep inside him.  "I will make it look like Yoru and Tsuki escaped out a window, of which I will have to break...and I will just have to not be there, myself, seeing that I wander all the time."

            "They will be worried," stated the dog.

            "I know they will, but this mission is important."

            "Very well," agreed the dog.

            Opening the portal, Rebecca waved goodbye to Nemo, "I'll see you soon." 

            "WAIT," Screamed Yoru, who came tromping up besides of Nemo.  Due to his weight and being tired, he was gasping for breath.

            "My, my, Yoru, you need to exercise more."

            At first he glared but straightened out.  "I need to get out of here.  SHE is bothering me!!"

            "YOOORRU, where ARE YOOUU," called Sakura?

            Yoru cringed, "PLEASE NEMO, I'll do WHATEVER you want me too."

            Nemo smiled as he took a step into the portal. "Very well, you can come." 

            Yoru was ecstatic.  "Thank you!!"  He leapt in front of Nemo and was instantly gone.

            "I'll be back soon," Nemo called, and then he disappeared, along with the portal hole.

            Blasting along, Nemo and Yoru landed in the basement; Yoru crashed and rolled onto the ground, while Nemo landed perfectly on his feet.

            "Okay," Nemo commanded, "Yoru I need you to go out in the back yard, find the baseball that is in the sandbox, and throw it at that window."  Pointing at the one that was next to the stairs, Yoru eyes went wide open.

            "BUT NEMO, why would you want to do that?"

            "Don't ask questions Yoru; you said that you would do whatever I asked.  So go and find the ball, and throw it from the yard INTO the house."

            A bit shaken, Yoru nodded his head and took off to find the secret exit to the back yard.

            Running up the stairs once more, Nemo smiled as the carpet felt good on his paws.  Squeezing through the small opening that led behind and underneath the stairs, Nemo popped through and ran to the tunnel that led to their new control room.

            "Okay," he stated once he got to the bottom of the ramped tunnel, “where is it."  Scanning over the boxes that lined the corners of the room, Nemo dashed over to the pile that was next to the couch.  Reading the labels on each, he pushed the stack over and pulled one of the boxes out.  Lifting the lid, Nemo frowned as the contents were not what he was looking for.  "Where did it GO?"  Running over to the pile in the opposite corner, he, like he had done earlier, scanned through the many hand written labels.  Peering at each individually, he frowned and ran to the last pile, which was next to the computer.    Seeing through the pile Nemo saw his box buried DEEP at the bottom and the back of the huge quarter pyramid that was built up onto the wall, in the corner. 

"What a mess.  Just after we finished cleaning up the underground closet, we need to clean our control room TOO?"  Pushing and pulling, Nemo did not care if he made a mess.  Glancing at the clock that was on the desk, next to the couch, Nemo grimaced...It was almost nighttime, back at the Rebellion gathering place.   Finally dragging the last box out of the bottom, Nemo threw the lid off and cringed as he laid eyes on his uniform. 

            For years he had not used it, because once he had trained Tsuki and Yoru, he commanded them, and stayed back in the control room.  On rare occasion he would join in on their missions, but never did he wear his suit again. 

            The thick and special fabric was not of this world.  Knowing what Nemo does now, he remembered doing many tests on it, because it was pretty invincible to every known weapon, at least what he had tried.  It was powerful.  His previous final conclusion could not be reached on what the fabric was made of and threw it all as a mistake, or a freak of nature.  But now Nemo knew that it is not of the human world; it is of some other place...and truly this mission was worthy of its use; to bring it back out.  This mission was both exiting and scary, seeing that Nemo might remember more of his past, but also seeing that Nemo would fight Viktor on his own turf.

            Pulling it carefully from the box, Nemo held it up and looked to see if it would still fit, maybe he had grown since the last time he had used it.  Noticing no difference, Nemo smiled.  Laying it across his shoulder, he turned from the room, ran up the tunnel and turned off the lights.  Jumping out onto the stairs, he glanced down as he saw that glass trailed all across the floor in the basement.  "Good,” he commented, "looks like Yoru has done his job.”

            Popping up behind him, Yoru came exhausted down the stairs, but collapsed.  "It was scary; there was a bird out there and it was trying to kill me."

            "A BIRD," asked Nemo?  "What did you do to aggravate it?"

            Yoru smirked and turned away to hide his embarrassment, "I tried to catch it; my cat instincts took over."

            Nemo laughed, "No wonder it wanted a piece of you."

            Nemo continued to smile, as they climbed over the glass and to the center of the basement.  Switching the blocks into the correct pattern, the portal opened.  Nemo could not believe what he was about to say, because just the other day it would have been impossible, "all right Yoru, on the other side begins our CONQUEST OF OUR DOOM!"