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----------------------------The Rising Rebellion-------------------------------

Version 1.0   
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Originally concept by Jeremy Blake (www.jerbl.com)
Written and Illustrated by Mike Blake(Monisawa)

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© 2005 Mike Blake (Monisawa),  Jeremy Blake (www.jerbl.com);  All rights and privileges reserved.

-------------EPISODE V  : part 1-------------

            Taking one quick glance across the room, Rebecca looked at Nemo as he was sleeping and smiled.  Nemo had slept what was left of the night and was still sleeping at sun rise.  Knowing Nemo as one to not waste the day, she figured that he must have worn himself out on that strange ambush last night.  Either way, even with all these strange turns in life, it had been a long time since she had been able to be with him; it was truly comforting.  Even if he didn't remember everything, she figured, it was the same old Nemo. 

            Holding up her PDA looking unit, she looked at the map that was displayed on it and noticed where her location was.  Seeing that where she needed to go was close, she decided that she would walk, instead of transporting herself.  It is always nice to get a good early morning stroll.

            Turning towards one of the exit tunnels, to get out of the control room, she walked up the path and carefully pushed the hatch up.  Lifting a section out of the yard, the lid reclined up and rested completely vertical.  Hoisting herself up and out, she rested carefully on the grass and pushed the door closed.  Glancing around her, of which she was back between the shed in the back yard and the fence that surrounded it, she noticed the tall hedges which kept her mostly hidden. 

            Looking back and forth, she dashed across the yard and leapt over the fence by grabbing the pole with her right hand and launching herself over. 

            Though she was not completely as powerful as Nemo had been before he had disappeared, she had many good talents.  As Nemo had discovered last night when he was fighting her, she was unusually fast.  No mere human could keep at the speeds that she could run and jump and attack.  Unfortunately though, once Nemo remembers everything, he would probably be able to out do her in all of what she specializes in.

            Casually striding towards the sidewalk, she followed along parallel, until she merged onto the sidewalk which ran along side the road and headed in the direction she needed to go. 

            Her mind reverted back to the Prince, her responsibility.  She had to struggle to leave him alone with the other cats, but there had been many times before that she had to leave him alone so that she could lose or fight Viktor and Tenalt's men.

            Walking up the sidewalk, as if just a neighbor in the area, she made her way to the corner of the block.  Glancing at the rising sun, Rebecca smiled at the warmth.  Someday she was going to be free from this mission; and she would be able to relax.  Watching the birds begin their morning clamor, she sighed as she longed to be like them; careless.

            Turning down the street, she walked off of the one that had Nemo's house, and began to walk towards one of the busier main streets in the area.  Though Rebecca was not totally familiar to the area that Nemo's house had been, she was familiar with how the street system and city layouts worked.  Rebecca had been to almost every major city while escaping from evils' grasp.

            Casually smiling at a cat that strolled across the street, who glared its beady eyes in her direction, Rebecca continued to walk in the direction of the busy street.  As if looking to cross the street, Rebecca glanced up and down the street.  Seeing no cars coming, nor anyone getting out of their houses or looking through their windows, Rebecca knew it was safe to do what she was about to do.

Crouching low to the sidewalk, Rebecca flexed her leg muscles and took deep relaxing breaths.    Truthfully, the main reason that she did not use the teleportation was because she had wanted to get out and think….

            Steadying herself, she closed her eyes for a second and then before any person could ever imagine seeing; she took off.  Running towards the busy street at tremendous speeds, she jumped towards a tree, scrambled up the trunk and landed towards the top and then leapt off of it.  Blasting herself a considerable distance, across and over the street, she landed into another tree without any harm.  Grasping onto the top of it, while it swayed back and forth, Rebecca got her direction set, and then jumped to the next tree and to the next.  Avoiding all of the streets and houses, which were below the carpet of trees, she continued on her way.

            As she headed for her destination, she reverted back to last night.  So much had occurred last night and her head was swimming with the details.  After her nice long sleep and slow recovery from being nearly frozen to death, she had tensed up and her mind was cluttered with stress.  Landing carefully onto a large oak, she balanced herself in the majestically tall branches and took a quick breather. 

The air in her face, the rushing of the trees and the thrill of the leap all gathered together and made her feel more at ease.  Taking a quick glance down below, she saw little children playing games in the back yard.  Because she was so skilled at doing this, having to have done it for over ten years from running from Tenalt and Viktor’s men, she was now completely silent and skilled.  Leaping to the next tree, she carefully avoided a bird, by grabbing an outreached branch, which swung her wide around it and on to another tree.  Taking one last push, she blasted across the last of the trees and landed softly onto the grass field of a city park. 

Straightening her shirt and pants, she reached back and drew her hair carefully down and back, from its frayed and wildly blown position.  Taking one quick glance around her, she looked at the fence, that was behind her, and noticed no one up and about.  Taking quick strides, she then headed towards one of the paths that went through the forested park.    

Seeing no morning joggers, or bike riders, she once again readied herself on a long stretch of straight pathway.  Much like a jet airplane, she needed a runway to launch herself.  Taking one last glance, she then started running faster and faster.  Her feet rolling off of the ground like the soft sound of a wind chime.  Gathering speed, she took one last heave in her run, and launched herself far into the air as the pathway curved into another direction.  Throwing herself hundreds of feet into the air and at least a half mile in the direction that she needed to go, she laughed to herself.  Now she truly felt as if she had let all of her troubles go.  Just like the birds that she had seen frolicking in the air, she was gliding in the same air that supported them.

Watching her fly, one may wonder why she did not use this incredible strength and ability when the guards of Viktor had surrounded her.  The incredible speed would have easily downed every single of the guards, especially with her sword in hand. Or she could have also used it when she was in the Post office, fighting the cat.  Unfortunately, when she is in tight spaces, her abilities are limited.  She can go fast, but it is very dangerous, and has to be controlled exactly, as we saw when she destroyed all of their guns, while they were in the basement.  She also was kind of hoping that if she did not help as much in the fighting, that Nemo might remember more of his past.  That is one of the main reasons she did not take out the guards, but with the fight with Sakura, she was caught unaware.   

Prematurely landing, she spun her feet furiously on the ground, trying to keep her speed.  Gaining her balance and keeping her speed, she kicked off of a fence, in an open field, which shot her over the main highway in the area.

The city that Nemo was stationed was huge, and always busy, but was also spread out.   Most big cities were compact and tight together, in a small area with bid buildings,  Nemo’s city, that he lived in, was merely stretched out and supported mostly Rural neighbor hoods, and many apartments.

Ignoring all of the motorists, and escaping their sleepy eyes, she landed far across on the other side of the highway.  Back stepping, she carefully slowed herself down and then stopped.  Resting on the hill that was adjacent of the huge highway, Rebecca sighed and laid back in the tall grass.  Hearing the buzz of the bugs begin their morning routes, she also listened to the roar of the cars rush and the diesels grumble and snort, blowing their black dusty smoke into the air.  Taking sweet calming breaths, she sat up from her position and looked down below into the gully that was farther in the distance of the slopping hill.  Seeing several squirrels jumping and playing, she smiled as they raced after one another, or after food that was all over the edge of the one of the many forests that lay scattered inside the city parameters. 

Reaching into her pocket, once again Rebecca pulled out her PDA and looked at the coordinates on the screen.  Noticing that she was almost there, she noticed that she had to enter another small neighborhood.  Standing up, and letting the grass and dirt fall from her clothes, She walked up the side of the hill and climbed over the guard rail that was set up so that cars would not drive into the steep ravine.  Glancing up and down the road that went perpendicular to the highway, and crossed it, with a bridge, Rebecca was glad that there was no one on it as of yet.  Taking quick strides down the sidewalk, she passed many houses that were mostly by themselves, up and on the hills, away from the roads and the larger neighborhoods.  Passing these houses, she was getting closer to where she needed to go. 

Taking her usual precautionary glances, she then blasted her worn sneakers across the pavement, and then leapt up and into the air.  Landing on a tree that was atop one of the hills she launched off its large trunk and was floating casually, once more through the air.  Taking a few more strides off of some trees, she landed quickly and suddenly in the middle of another neighborhood that was a little smaller than the one that Nemo lived in.  Quickly slowing down, Rebecca began to stroll, as if nothing was going on, and as if she had been walking this way the whole time.  She was not sure if anyone might have seen her fall down through the cover of trees. 

Taking a turn into a cul-de-sac, she headed towards one of the houses.  Avoiding one of the cars as it drove on its way, Rebecca avoided eye contact from the driver and acted like she was heading towards another of the houses.  Carefully walking up to the yard of the house that was in the upper most part of the circle, she glanced at the large window on the front of the house, and did not see any of the family that lived at the house was up.  Quickly running to the monstrously huge tree that lifted itself high and across the whole yard and over the house, Rebecca climbed up and then over onto one of the branches that forked over to the roof. 

Leaning over, she carefully balanced herself on the branch, and laid down on it.  Letting her feet dangle she quickly spotted the small hole, big enough for a squirrel to fit, into the attic.  Pulling from her other pocket, Rebecca pushed the button of the equipment only for her to shrink.  Using the technology that she had used when she fought Nemo, she made herself just big enough so that she could fit through the hole.  Finishing, she then placed the equipment back into her pocket and quickly dangled from the branch, but then released and landed onto the sloped tiled roof.  Leaning over the edge, she grabbed onto the rotted wood and pushed her way into the stuffy attic.

Letting her eyes adjust to the dim lit area, she walked forward.  Listening to the tap of typewriters and the whirring of printing machines and such, Rebecca smiled as she walked into the middle of the attic.   A whole organization of squirrels and small creatures had established themselves into the roof of a family’s home. 

The network Rebecca used was created to find out information on anything.  Kind of like bounty hunters for hire, except that since squirrels and the other creatures were small and supposed useless, they just spied and found out information.  This network spanned across the world and had stations everywhere.  The network was independent from all corporations, such as HQ and Viktor’s company.  This network was individually run, by station biases, and whenever others needed info, they would get onto their system and ask other stations.  It was extremely well organized.

Stepping over the many different cords that lined the room, Rebecca walked over to the main reception desk, which had a hanging light focused onto it.  One of the squirrels was deep in debate with another, as they yelled at each other and pointed to a paper. 

“Excuse me,” Demanded Rebecca.

Pulling them from their conversation, one of them jumped in surprise.

 “Don’t do that.  Every time you come here, it always freaks me out to see a human as tall as I am.”

Setting the paper down, the other tilted his head, “That is strange.  How did you know that you had a package for you?  We were just getting ready to send it to the post office that you picked up your last package at.”

“Another package?” asked Rebecca?  “I didn’t have anything else coming…as far as I knew.”  Obviously confused she gathered their attention.

“Well, it was delivered to us last night.” said the squirrels.

Rebecca didn’t know what to say, but she had other matters, “Forget the new package, I need to know something.  Last night my position was ratted out and I was ambushed at the post office.”

The foremost squirrel leaned forward, tilting his glasses, and pulled his billed hat up.  Keeping his voice down he stated, “You mean someone squeaked?”

“Yes,” Rebecca said as she took the initiative and quieted her voice down.

The two squirrels backed off and began to whisper amongst themselves.  Taking their conversation away, one of them called a mouse up.  Huddling together, they began to look around the room at the several offices that were all over, with other creatures helming machines, typewriters, or keyboards.  By then half of the other attendants in the room were looking up, at the conversation between management.

Suddenly they pointed to a chipmunk that was stationed at a cubicle far in the corner, “HE,” yelled the mouse. “He is a TRAITOR GET HIM.”  All of the attendants swarmed him as he tried to struggle. 

“LONG LIVE VIKTOR,” The little tiny creature yelped, as his voice was drowned out by the clamor of the group.  Surging together in a group they funneled by walking across the rafters, and avoiding the insulation, towards the hole outside.  Rolling the chipmunk across their hands, as he struggled, they shoved him through the hole. 
            “AUGH!”  the little chipmunk yelped, as he fell down to the grass. 

Pretty soon the whole group began to bustle and pull cords out and gather their equipment together.

            The first squirrel that she talked to came up to Rebecca, “Sorry about that.  I guess we didn’t see his suspicious conduct before.   Unfortunately now we have to move, most likely our hideout has been told on to Viktor.  So we must go and find another house.”

“So how am I supposed to contact you guys,” asked Rebecca, trying to speak over the clamor. 

“Well…”The squirrel paused, as he thoughtfully took in his options, “when we find a new place to station ourselves, we’ll e-mail you on your PDA.  But until then let this tide you over.”

Holding out a small  calling card, Rebecca took it from him and quickly glanced it over.  “Join the Fight against Viktor,” She read aloud, “If you are interested call the number below and ask for Cocoa bean.”

“The person who left the card is the one who brought the package.  The guy said he was your friend.”  Bringing an object that was wrapped in brown shipping paper, Rebecca pulled the paper to the side, releasing the tape she gasped as she saw what it was; it was Sakura’s sword…


+          +          +          +          +          +          +          +


            Groaning from his sore muscles and many injuries that he had acquired last night, Nemo rolled over, but sprawled his arms out as he crashed to the ground.  Falling off of the couch, he felt somewhat unfamiliar with his surroundings; the dome shaped room, incandescently reflected the light off of the solid cement walls, making it seem a rather dim room.  Sitting stiffly up, Nemo turned his gaze around the room to see if any one was there, but even Sakura had left the computer unattended.  Glancing around, Nemo looked for a clock, to see what time it was, but there was none to be found.  Letting his eyes wander to the floor, machinery, everyday household items, and pieces of equipment lay strewn about, broken into scattered pieces.  Nemo smirked as he brushed the fur, which was matted from sleeping on the couch, down into its sleek position.  Trampling onto his paws, he slightly swayed, as the sudden movement had caused blood to rush to his head. 

            Getting his balance back, he began to make his way out of the new control room.  Walking past many of the things that were torn apart, Nemo recognized the familiar chip marks of Tsuki's screwdrivers.   She always makes a mess when she does her experiments, Nemo thought to himself.  Turning his attention of the pathway, he began to climb up the sloped curve that circled around, so as to make it so that the decent to the control room, would not be a gaping pit....though, Nemo thought, they could have built an elevator, but that would only prove a bother, too much maintenance.  Joyce

            It was a good thing that they found the digger tool; it was truthfully useful for them digging these deep tunnels.  Suddenly a loud explosion rocked the entire house.  Dropping flecks of wood, dust and dirt from the bottom of the house joists, Nemo panicked. 

            "Maybe another of the robots had made it through the portal and was still alive!  Or worse; somehow Viktor had made to their outpost again."  Turning towards the exit of the tunnel, he made his way to the secret compartment, in the space between the house and the ground, and Nemo squeezed between the space on the stairs.

            Still feeling the groggy tugs from last nights activities, Nemo cowered as sheer sunlight burst down from the window that was above the stairway.  Holding his arm up, he continued to the basement as he heard the sound of several voices desperately coughing.

            Lowering his head below the smoke, Nemo ran down the stairs and onto the basement floor.  Quickly analyzing the room, and squinting through the dense smoke, Nemo realized that he could not see anything.  Back tracking up against the wall, he jumped up to where he thought the switch for the overhead fan was.  He had to take care of this problem before the neighbors called the human fire and police department. Clicking it on, Nemo had to close his eyes as the smoke began to make his eyes burn and water.   

Knowing that the fan was on, he needed some place for the smoke to go.  Shimming across the wall of the basement, Nemo followed it around to the bigger part of the basement.  Reaching blindly, with his eyes still closed, Nemo grabbed the release button for the underground closet.  Blasting and hissing up, the door opened as the smoke sucked into the closet.  The room was pressurized and every time the door was shut, the closet was sealed off, and the air sucked out.  So, as the lack of air down below, it pulled the smoke down into itself.

            Standing above the quickly fading mess, Nemo watched as the smoke sifted away in clumps, almost as if it were sand being blown by a wild wind.

            Finally revealing the source of the smoke, of which was dissipating, Nemo saw cinders, wire frames, and a large ashen crisp hole, burnt into the carpet.  Lying three feet from it was Tsuki, who was obviously still stunned, but covered, in the same ash as the carpet.  Leaning his head back to rest on his shoulders in aspiration, Nemo sighed a deep breath.  Though tools lay scattered everywhere from the explosion and equipment that Tsuki had also torn apart up here, was all over, Nemo was still glad that it had not been Viktor, or another robot.

            Pulling himself together, he focused his thoughts, as the victims of Tsuki's experiment slowly recovered.  Glancing at the layout, Yoru had fallen onto the ground, obviously in an attempt to run, but due to his stout nature, he had obviously tripped over himself.  Tsuki was where he had previously seen her.

            Walking up to Tsuki, Nemo glared down at her; she was stuck in the expression of initial surprise.  Slightly kicking her stiffened and scorched fur, Nemo scolded her, "What did you do this time Tuski?"

            Yoru rolled over onto his back and then flipped himself wobbly onto his feet.  His fur was also scorched in areas, and was definitely matted down due to the ashes.  "That psycho tried blowing us all up."

            Tsuki, hesitant at first, carefully moved her arms. "Ouch," she gasped out, coughing ashes out from her mouth.  Sitting up dazedly, she squinted around at the damage in the room, and then looked back at Nemo.  "Looks like I switched the wrong wire..."  She smiled.

            Nemo smirked disapprovingly, hoping that it would make her feel bad. 

            Turning his attention from her, he quickly went over to the underground closet, as the smoke began to rise back out of it.    Pressing the button for it to close, the door solidly pulled itself shut.  Smiling, Nemo knew that the smoke was now being filtered out of the closet and was being ejected into the underground street water system, built to catch big amounts of rain, or floods.  Some of the smoke would escape into the road from the run off areas, but for the most part it would vaporize.  Turning his attention once again to Tsuki, she was poking at the frame that was left of her experiment.  Looking closer at what it had been, Nemo recognized it as one of Viktor's robots, or at least in the overall design.  Seeing that there were schematics all over the floor and around Tsuki, Nemo looked closer, and noticed that they were first of all in Tsuki's hand writing, but Second of all, it was of the robot that Nemo had fought last night. 

            Seeing Nemo's inquiry about the drawings, Tsuki piped in, "I WAS building a secondary prototype for the robot...like you had asked me, but like I said, i crossed a wrong wire.  My robot was so SO much better.  It would have so taken out the other robots."  She looked longingly at the remains, but then pulled her drawings forward and cheered up.  "Seems I will have to try again...

            Nemo cringed at the thought of another experiment.  "Clean up this mess first, he stated to Tsuki and to Yoru.  And for that carpet we're going to have to pull out the spare from the closet.  In the mean time, where is Rebeeca, Sakura and the boy?"  The new members of his team, he had noticed were not here and had not been down here at all.

            Yoru commented, “Rebecca had to go and do some errands.  She said you would know what she was doing.  And of the boy and the annoying cat," he trailed off and scowled, "they are upstairs."

            "Okay team, then get to work.  I've got to go and check on them."  Nemo was a little bit curious as to why Yoru did not like Sakura, but he figured that he would learn soon enough. Turning from them, as they began to drag the wreckage away, Nemo heard the door to the secret incinerator open and deafeningly close, as the wreckage slid and crashed below in the scorching hot chamber. 

            Turning the last corner, Nemo gasped in surprise as he looked at the table.  Sitting on the table, Sakura was awkwardly holding a spoon.  Balancing the spoon in her tiny paw, she lifted it up to lips and poured the cereal and milk into her mouth.  Closing her lips over the spoon she smiled and pulled the spoon to continue the process.

            “What are you DOING?”  Asked Nemo?
            Sakura threw her spoon and kicked her bowl over, while falling over onto her back, all in utmost surprise.  Cereal and milk went everywhere.  “Augh, NEMO. Why do you keep sneaking up on me and SURPRISING ME?!!!”    She rolled her head over to look at Nemo as he climbed up onto a chair and leveled his eyes at her.

            “First of all, Cats don’t get on the table.  The humans JUST DON’T like it. Second, YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE HIDDEN.  And third, cats don’t eat with spoons and forks; we eat with our mouths and our paws.”

            Sakura rolled her eyes, “That’s how I always eat.  Everybody looks at things so linear, I need to be different.”  She coy fully smiled at Nemo.  

            “Sakura, we don’t eat with silverware because it would draw attention from the humans…”  Nemo then took a deep breath to clear his head. 

            Taking his eyes from her, she began to clean up the mess and scoop the cereal and milk into her bowl, but gave up and ate it directly off of the table…using the spoon.  It was obviously going to take awhile to get her trained to stay hidden and out of sight.  It would be a nightmare if the humans ever saw her, once that is, they got back from vacation.

            Walking away from her, Nemo slipped up next to the boy Prince, who was stationed on the couch in the front room.  Looking out the large picture window, he sat fixated at the sky.   Clouds slowly going by, whispering sweet essences of places far and distant, but pleasant to be in.

            Nemo knew the boy could not talk, but maybe it would be worth trying, “Looking at the sky?” 

Nemo glanced at his face, as the boy temporarily pulled his attention back and realized that Nemo was there.  Pulling his chin from off of the back of the couch, he looked over to Nemo, but did not answer; not even a nod.  But looking into his eyes, Nemo could feel and tell exactly what the boy was expressing.  “Reminds you of home?”  Nemo shook his head, “Nah, were too young.  Perhaps it just reminds you of freedom…a place that you have been trying to get to your whole life.  Instead you are filled with fear, and constant running.”  The boy turned his gaze back out the window and watched as the trees swung meticulously back and forth.  Ghostlike, they would drop an occasional leaf in the wind and reach higher up into the sky; seemingly shed their scales of their weight.

            Suddenly Nemo turned and faced the middle of the room as a blast of warm energy pierced the silence and tore madly about.  Suddenly appearing, a bright hole tore itself from the existence of air and made a doorway.  Nemo quickly recognized the door as the portal from the teleport unit that Rebecca uses. 

Stepping out, Rebecca came into view and Nemo sighed.  He had felt that he had had too much action for at least a month, just in the past day.  Closing behind her, the portal vanished as quickly as it had come.

            “Nemo I got some news,” Began Rebecca.  Holding forward a small sword, Nemo took a glance at it.

            “It is a sword,” Commented Nemo.  “What is its importance?”
            “HEY,” exclaimed Sakura, who had heard the noise and felt the change in the air pressure in the room.   “That is MY sword.”

            Nemo suddenly remembered the events of last night; he had grabbed Rebecca’s sword, but had utterly forgotten about Sakura’s.  “How did you get it?  Surely the human police would have picked it by now!?”

            Rebecca placed it on the floor next to Sakura, as she was annoyingly demanding it back from her.  Shrugging her shoulders, Rebecca shook her head, “I don’t know why we got it, but whoever retrieved it left this,” reaching into her pocket, Rebecca pulled the Calling card out and handed it to Nemo.  “You were right about the leak in my information, but they gave me this last package,” referring to the sword, “and told me that the person who left it for us was a friend.”

            “Truly,” Nemo marveled, “Whoever took it must either be from Viktor, or is a friend…despite this war of chaos that is beginning.” 

            “Viktor it may be,” said Rebecca, “But I think it is our obligation to contact this person and meet them.”

            “Yes,” agreed Nemo, “If this sounds like what I think it is, there is a movement beginning; a movement to stop the spread of Viktor’s control with the recent loss of HQ.  We will meet him.”