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--------------------------Saving the Power Plant---------------------------

Version 3.0   
Last edited on  6/7/05

Originally story by Jeremy Blake (www.jerbl.com)
 Rewritten and Illustrated by Mike Blake(Monisawa)


© 2005 Mike Blake (Monisawa),  Jeremy Blake (www.jerbl.com);  All rights and privileges reserved.

sdying in bed, Nemo was anxious for the humans to fall asleep.  While waiting in the dark, Nemo watched the ceiling fan circle, and listened to it creak.   Reverting back to the vivid dream that had woken him up; Nemo closed his eyes and cringed, while trying to banish the engrossing searing flames and crumbling buildings.   Breathing in the cool summer's night air that softly brushed the curtain to the side, Nemo relaxed and opened his eyes, while glancing out the window into the clear night sky.   Recently, Nemo had been having many dreams and nightmares, but they were progressively getting worse.  As his puddled, locked memories rise and begin to surface, they lash out pieces of itself.  Every time he falls asleep, for the past month, the emotions, the vivid imagery all pull harder on the emotions and tug harder on the memories of the past.    Glancing at the darkness of space that stretched forever, with the crisp stars that were caught in its canvas, Nemo’s scattered memories of a life that he had once had, haunted him, as all of Nemo’s dreams end up doing.  Often he would wake up and the threads that held the whole picture together would quickly fade; the living events that once existed, the people he once knew, and the places he once walked among…all that were once his own, would quickly escape into the back of his head and hide, only to appear in his subconscious living dreams and nightmares.   This particular morning, it had been worse; the dream more pressing and more vivid and real than any he has ever had before.  Nemo was not sure why he had forgotten his past, and why he is who he is now, but someday he will find the answer...  Pushing the twisting dreams and nightmares into the back of his mind, as he does every time he has them, Nemo continued on with his nights activities. 

Sighing, Nemo drew his eyes from the stars and stared stealthily at the human girl next to him, who thought that Nemo was just a perfectly normal pet cat.  Lightly bating her face with his paw, he waited for a reaction.  Slightly stirring, she mumbled, turned over and pulled the covers farther across her shoulders.  Assured that she was indeed asleep, Nemo slowly raised himself and jumped off of the bed.  Quietly trotting towards the door, he eased it open and slipped out into the hallway.  Quickly darting his eyes back and forth, noticing that all the doors upstairs were shut and the lights weren’t showing from underneath, Nemo took off towards the stairs that led to the basement.  Bounding through the front room and the kitchen, he rounded the corner and began to head down the stairs.  Stopping at the secret closet, which was one of the many throughout the house, which was near the top of the stairs, Nemo grabbed the contents that had been sent through the matter transporter, which was installed into this closet, and finished his routine course at the foot of the stairs. 

Quickly reading the print out, that had been sent with the supplies for the night’s activities from Head Quarters, HQ, Nemo called out, “Tsuki, Yoru, front and center, YESTERDAY!”

Instantly out of the cage that housed them during the day, Tsuki was standing in front of her commanding officer.  “Yes sir,” she called in reply, while saluting him. Recognizing the year old cat, which could be identified by her short black hair, slim figure, and a distinct white patch of fur on her chest, Nemo glanced in anticipation for her brother.  Yoru, who looked exactly like Tsuki, save the fact that he was more filled out and plush, was all black except three white hairs on his chest.

            Lagging behind as usual, Yoru hadn’t yet emerged from the cage.  “Yoru, you too,” demanded Nemo, who was hesitant to start the nights process without both of them.

            Bringing up the rear of enthusiasm, Yoru, staunchly stalked up, flopped lazily down in front of Nemo, and took a deep sleepy yawn.   Glaring at Yoru, Nemo gave him a warning look, but tolerated his seemingly insubordinate behavior. 

 Starting the briefing, Nemo began, “Headquarters sent us our orders for the nights mission and the equipment needed to accomplish it.”  He showed them, by holding up the bag and the mission objective printout, that he had grabbed from the matter transporter earlier. Nemo glanced at the time printed on the paper, “They sent it in the middle of the day and that means that this is going to be very important mission.  We need to do the whole thing right this time…” Nemo’s voice trailed off as he intentionally glared at Yoru.   Smirking, Yoru lifted and turned his head, which had been lying between his paws on the floor, and laid it on his left paw.  He acted like he was interested in something else.

“Anyway,” Nemo continued. “HQ has demanded that both of you,” he glanced up from the paper and at them, after speed reading the rest of the report, and continued.  “That you guard the local Power Plant tonight.   Reports indicate that Viktor is on the loose again, and HQ has caught wind that he is targeting the power plant tonight.  This is a very serious mission,” Nemo stated, while leveling his eyes at them.  “This is the first time that Viktor has gone after something this big."

Setting the paper aside, Nemo rummaged through the bag of supplies and picked out two sets of boots, each set containing four boots; one boot for each paw.  Handing them over he continued, “I’ve heard that HQ came across about eight miles of Velcro in their warehouse last week and because they want to get rid of it, they are going to find creative ways to use it on most of the upcoming missions.  These boots are set to connect to the Velcro and release only as you walk.  HQ has already staked out the power plant and laid trails of Velcro all throughout the area.  All you two will have to do is follow the trails, undetected, for the span of the night, and report back to me and I will transport you back to home-base, or in other words, here.  Just as a reference," Nemo continued, “the Velcro’s being used because it does not use electric power, which the electro magnet tends to disturb the reception on the communication units, or in other words the com-units.  HQ has dipped all of the Velcro in time release dissolving acid...which means that by morning, there will be no trace left of it.”

Energetically putting them on, Tsuki was the first to get her boots put on, while Yoru lagged behind.  Watching them, Nemo thought about the two to himself.   Though they were like total opposites in thoughts and mannerism, the brother and sister were entirely inseparable.  The circumstances that had brought everyone together were indeed strange.  Finally getting his boots on Yoru acknowledged to Nemo his supposed grand achievement while Nemo snapped his attention once again to the night’s mission.  Nemo had a job to accomplish.   Though it was a job within itself, to make sure that the two cats carried out their orders from HQ, Nemo also had to insure their safety.

Escorting both Yoru and Tsuki to the matter transporter, back up the stairs, Nemo pried open the door and watched as they filed into their seats, and strapped themselves in.

Seeing that the young cats were both secure, Nemo was about to close the door to the closet, but Tsuki stopped him.  “Can I use the invisibility pack tonight?  It is so much fun and I just love being invisible!”  Nemo knew how much of a lethal force that Tsuki was, but when she was invisible, she was deadly.   Tsuki loved to be invisible, but she loved even more to use their only pair of heat goggles.  On normal missions, which were at night, made the goggles useless because the lenses light up and can be seen for hundreds of yards.  Consequently, by her being invisible, the light would not be able to be seen.

Sighing, Nemo nodded his head in agreement and leapt back down the stairs.  Quickly opening their equipment closets door, which hissed as the cut away cement floor swung up and revealed a deep cavity, Nemo grabbed the pack that was close at hand from the hanger which held it.  Slightly grunting at the weight of the pack, Nemo pressed the heavy door down to get it to register to close. Waiting, Nemo watched as the hydraulics hissed and fussed, while finally clicking into place.

Running back up the stairs, Nemo tossed Tsuki the pack and shut the door.  Nemo knew that they were already an hour late, because they specified on the report to be on patrol by five after eleven pm.  Unfortunately, the humans had stayed up later than usual watching a movie.  Touching the wall next to the door, a small panel popped out and Nemo quickly entered the exact coordinates that HQ had specified in their mission order.  Thinking to himself, Nemo knew that the two would soon be split into information and bounced off of a hacked satellite, and would be dropped off in the specific region of the plant.  The reason why he could not directly teleport them was First, the technology was limited; the whole world is broken down into even square regions, and when teleported to that region, one could get sent anywhere in it.  Second of all there was no actual machine, like here in the closet and at HQ, to teleport to.  If there was a machine there, he could get them sent to an exact location, down to the millimeter.     

Finishing off, he clicked the send button and pushed the panel back into the wall.  Grabbing the empty bag that had held equipment, in his mouth, and getting back on all fours, Nemo turned around, scurrying through the kitchen and front room, and headed for the main hallway.  Arriving there, he paused as a cricket made chirping noises outside the front door, and sighed as it was not any of the humans waking up.  Heading straight into the bathroom, he popped open the bathroom door and nosed his way into the sink cupboard.  Pulling the door shut behind him, he turned and squeezed through a small hole in the drywall, which led to a narrow half foot walking area between the bathroom of the master bedroom and the main bathroom.  Shimming along, avoiding the many plumbing and sewage pipes, Nemo sighed.  Before the main human had begun working on remodeling rooms in the house, they used to have a large control room in an abandoned room, but were now reduced to the space in the upstairs floors.  Not only was it not as roomy as before, but it had been very hard to move the equipment into such tiny spaces.

Continuing to maneuver himself along, Nemo stopped, pressed his paw down on one of the boards on the floor, and waited.  Clicking, it popped up to reveal darkness.  Hoisting himself down, a sensor recognized the movement.  Flickering on, a faint light buzzed to life, while massive amount of strewn equipment and cramped storage space came to view.

Flipping the switch on the console of the main computer, Nemo waited as the machines around him flashed to life.   Immediately loading up, the computer he was sitting in front of was at the main menu.  Commencing his duty, Nemo opened the monitoring program on the computer and checked for the two agents he had just sent.  Noting their arrival on the screen, he located their overhead position and then checked the readings for possible enemy locations. 

Grabbing his tail, Nemo placed it into a slot near the bottom the computer hub.  Waiting for the computer to reconfigure the communication unit, which was installed in his tail, Nemo typed in the connection codes for the two cat’s personal com-units, and waited for it to register completion.  Beeping, the computer acknowledged the completion of the process.  Calling out for Tsuki and Yoru to report, Nemo got no reply.  Nemo needed no equipment to speak to them or hear them, because the com-unit that were installed in his tail and Yoru’s and Tsuki’s, were all that they needed.  The information that is spoken or heard is directly connected to their brain, which then feeds it their ears and or mouth.  Whenever two are on the same frequency, having this unit installed, they could talk out loud and the others on that same channel could hear what they were saying.  The same also goes for them who are speaking.

Checking the settings on the program, and seeing that they were fine, he furrowed his brow and tried paging them again, “Tsuki, Yoru, please report.”

Suddenly Tsuki’s voice blasted through, “All clear!”  Quickly slamming down on the volume control, which could be controlled on the computer, Nemo cringed as her voice continued to ring in his ears.

Yoru instinctively came last, “Here sir...and all in one piece.”  Nemo sighed out loud; with both agents at their needed destination, he could sit back in to his chair.   Settling down into a comfortable position, Nemo continued to watch their movements carefully.

Several hours into their watch, Nemo casually glanced towards the upper left corner of the plant’s layout on the computer screen.  Noticing a fuzzy red cursor on the screen that was blinking, Nemo reset the programs settings, but it was still there.   “That’s strange,” Nemo thought to himself, “this program only scans and shows movement of living creatures and on top of that, it would be a straight red circle.  Tsuki,” Nemo paged, “Check out quadrant five, in room three.  I got a strange reading.”

Watching the dot that represented Tsuki, real up in that direction, her dot crossed the fuzzy, blinking one.  Suddenly noticing that it disappeared, Nemo was just about to readjust the computer for wider scan when Tsuki’s excited voice burst into his ear, “Viktor left a note Nemo.  But…” She paused, “You are not going to like it.”  Reading the note, she continued, “He says that the power plant will blow up in one hour.  The note also says that he does not want anybody to wake up tomorrow.  He is going to blow up the plant because everyone uses electric alarm clocks.

Nemo rolled his eyes and grinned to himself.  Viktor must be getting desperate, if this is the only reason he was taking out the local power plant.  Telling the computer programs settings to also pick up bombs, he got a heat reading of one and sent Tsuki to disarm it.  Yoru was told to wait on standby.  This mission is just too easy, thought Nemo.

Suddenly the computer beeped as it continued to load from the setting change that Nemo had just moved; it was trying to process too much information.  Glancing at the computer screen, Nemo sat up rigidly in his chair and tensed.  One by one more readings of bombs loaded up and were shown all over the screen.  Nemo hit reset on the program, demanding more of a detailed response, but soon hundreds of bombs were read scattered all over the plant.  Starting to dawn on him, everything flashed across the screen and reality finally set in.  Nemo knew this was serious.