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----------------------------Broken Past Awakens------------------------------

Version 2.0   
Part 1 Last edited on  6/23/05
Part 2 Last edited on 6/28/05
Part 3 Last edited on 6/30/05

Originally story by Jeremy Blake (www.jerbl.com)
 Rewritten and Illustrated by Mike Blake(Monisawa)

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© 2005 Mike Blake (Monisawa),  Jeremy Blake (www.jerbl.com);  All rights and privileges reserved.

-------------EPISODE III  : part 1-------------


taring once more at the ceiling of the girl’s room, in the dark, Nemo sighed as the fan clicked from overuse.  The summer’s heat pressed heavily upon his fur as he tried to stretch out and keep cool.

For weeks now neither Viktor nor anyone on his agency had made a move and Nemo and his team had been left without any missions to accomplish.  Thankfully for Nemo, he had been using the time to recover from his injuries that he had gained from his last mission.

            Turning his attention to the messy floor of the room, he gazed across the many stuffed animal, papers, clothes and books that lay in piles across the floor.  Listening to the quiet click of the clock in the front room, Nemo heard it chime ten times.    Getting to his feet Nemo knew that it was time to go to work.  Though they had not been getting any missions from HQ, he and his team had been organizing and cleaning up all of the secret hiding and storage places all throughout the house.  Today they were cleaning the underground closet. They had been avoiding that closet from the beginning because it was the messiest.

            Carefully jumping off of the bed, Nemo made his way through the mess and nudged his way through the door.  Not taking any precautions to the humans, as to the fact that they were on vacation, Nemo strolled through the house and to the matter transporter.  Opening the door Nemo didn't see anything that had been transported, so he immediately closed it.  "Another boring night,” he muttered.

            Turning his attention to the stairs, he strolled down, though no longer limping from his injuries; he still cringed from the slight dull pain.

            Not only had they been getting no missions, but Nemo's many questions regarding his dreams were still left unanswered.  As all of the days end up doing, he would wake up, after taking a nap, or falling asleep, and would have a dream or a nightmare coursing through his whole body.  He had thought that they had some connection when he was in danger, but discovered that it was not so, because in the last mission, none of them were triggered when he was in the sewer. 

            Suddenly Nemo was pulled from his thinking as he heard a skittered crash.  Turning the last corner, he saw Tsuki dashing forward to catch something that was flying from the opened closet.

            "Incoming," Yoru yelled, as he threw something from the hole.

            Sprawling forward after placing the last thing that she had caught into one of the many piles that they had created to sort the equipment and junk, she quickly caught the next object.  "Got it, "Tsuki exclaimed, while she commenced to place it into another pile.

            Temporarily she turned her gaze to Nemo, "Good morning Nemo," she stated.  Resetting her gaze to the hole, she dashed forward to catch another object.

            Seeing that a huge substantial amount of junk was already on the floor, Nemo asked Tsuki," How long have you guys been working on this?  You know we are not supposed to do anything until...." Nemo was cut off as Yoru heaved up another item.

            Tsuki squealed as she had been distracted by Nemo," Hold on Yoru!"  She barely caught it, and swayed temporarily from the weight.  Dragging the object over, while holding it in both of he paws, she dumped it into another pile.

            "You probably don't want to know," said Tsuki.  "We were just so exited to see what kinds of things were kept in this closet, which we did not think it would be a bother to start a little early.

            Poking his head up from the hole, Yoru glanced around. Completely covered in dust and cobwebs, Yoru wiped his paw across the goggles that he was wearing.  Figuring that Yoru was wearing them to protect his eyes from the dust, Nemo watched as he pulled them up.  "Once the dust settles down there, I am going to need your help," Yoru said directing his comment towards Nemo.  "I can get all of the smaller objects out, but it is a lot harder to move the big heavy stuff."

            Nemo glanced over the piles and noticed that there were indeed no big things.

            "In fact," Yoru continued,” I have not been able to go down any farther for the past hour because of a huge object that is blocking the way down.  This closet is seriously trashed down there.  How long has it not been cleaned" Yoru asked?

            Nemo tilted his head in thought, and could not reasonably remember a day that he had ever seen it cleaned.  All he knew is what the schematic looked like and how far down it went.  Nemo just usually used the immediate front section and would ignore the deeper parts.

            Seeing that Nemo had no reply, Yoru sarcastically muttered, "Figures."  He turned back down into the hole and Nemo listened as he muttered to himself, "stinking to lazy people...." Hearing clangs and crunching of Yoru going back to work, as if he had not even asked Nemo for help, Nemo looked questionably back at the hole.

            "So if Yoru has not been going down then where did all this stuff come from?"  Asked Nemo.

            Once again Tsuki turned her attention to the hole waiting for Yoru to toss up an object.  "You'd be surprised how full the closet is.  You know how it is just like a pit right?" Tsuki didn't even wait for an answer and continued, "Well for the longest time you and I imagine other agents that had previously lived here have been throwing and piling more equipment and trash down in this hole that it actually made it so that we could walk onto them.  So far we have dug a tunnel directly down through it that is eight feet deep.  Yoru could not go any further down, so he is now pulling up all of the other equipment that makes up the tunnel.  The closet is like three feet wide all the way down and he only made a tunnel through the junk big enough for him to fit through.

            Nemo grimaced at the thought of how much things were actually down there.  He had not realinzed that thing s had gotten so out of hand.  He did admit that he had been guilty of just throwing things down into the hole, but he had not known that it had gotten that deep. 

            "OUCH," yelled Yoru from the hole.

            Nemo turned to see if he was hurt, but Tuski was not moving to even to look down the hole.  "Don't worry Nemo," Tsuki said quietly, “Yoru has been hurting himself all night."  Turning her gaze to the hole she yeleed, "Don't worry Yoru, be brave and take the pain like a man."

            Nemo could hear more mutterings and exclamations from hole as Yoru began to dig into it again.

            Turning his expressions back and forth, Nemo looked across the piles of equipment, papers, trash, parts, wires, guns, knives, tools, and so forth.  What in the world were they going to do with all of this stuff and the rest of the things that they were digging up?!

            Watching Tsuki quickly doing her job, Nemo turned his attention to the hole.  Walking forward, he squinted down through the haze of dust and saw the halogen lights that lined the sides of the tunnel trail far down.   

            Dodging one of the items that Yoru tossed to Tuski, Nemo grabbed onto the ladder and headed down into the hole.  Looking at all of the drawers, closets, hanger wracks, and lockers that lined the side of the tunnel, Nemo glazed across them and hurried down to the pile.  Standing on top of the junk, Yoru was not paying attention, turned and threw an object up and out of the hole.  Suddenly catching glimpse of something moving Yoru jumped and shrieked in surprise, "AUGH!!"  Hissing and baring his fangs, he stepped back holding his hands up to defend himself, but realized that it was just Nemo.

            Taking deep breaths to calm himself down, Yoru glared at Nemo, "You surprised me!  Don't ever do that again."

            Nemo grinned at him, "I thought you needed a little excitement."

            His glare got deeper as he turned his attention from Nemo and grasped an object close at hand that was on the pile.  Throwing it up, he muttered, "Don't you have something better to do?"

            Turning from Yoru, Nemo looked down into the hole that Tuski had mentioned that Yoru had made.  Seeing that it did go down about eight feet, Nemo smiled in surprise.

            Jumping down into the hole he landed onto the object that Yoru could not get past.  Seeing an edge to the object, Nemo pulled on it and noticed that it was stuck underneath the junk around him.  In order to move this object, he would have to dig the rest of the stuff around it.  Climbing back out of the small hole, Nemo looked around for a second, but then began to wildly grab things and throw them out off the closet.  Getting out of his way, Yoru landed against the wall with his back to it and watched with a surprised expression as Nemo launched everything in the tunnel, including the large things that Yoru had pushed to the side for later.

            Not even slowing down, Nemo grinned as he knew that Tsuki was probably freaking out by now, trying to catch all of the objects coming out.

            Watching Nemo tear at the piles of junk, Yoru stationed himself a little out of distance and began to do the same thing, though not as quick.

            A little while later Nemo and Yoru had uncovered the object, though it was a lot bigger then they had expected.  Exhausted and laying on the floor as if he was dead, Yoru gasped for every fleeting breath.  Nemo smiled at him, and sighed as he had not even broken a sweat.  "Yoru you need to do some more exercise."  Yoru continued to gasp for air, not even having enough breath to answer back.

            Tsuki, who by now had joined them in the hole, who had since given up on sorting the stream of equipment that was coming from the closet, laughed at the expression on Yoru's face.

            Looking at the big object of which Nemo noted took up three quarters of the tunnels immediate flat space, he lifted at the edge again and pulled up.  Not getting any results, he began to pull harder and motioned with his head for Tsuki to join in.  Giving all of their strength and grunted real loud, it creaked and crunched and finally gave way whining as it was peeled away from the rest of the equipment underneath it.  Continuing to push on it, Tsuki shimmied over to Nemo's side and they lifted it up and propped it against the wall.

            Yoru, who was laying on the part of the ground that  wasn't covered by the large and heavy flat object, propped himself up on his elbow, while holding his tongue out hoping that it would improve his breathing.  "Wha.....what...is...it?" he finally asked.

            Tsuki and Nemo who had already began to investigate it, shrugged their shoulders.  Taking his paw Nemo turned it around to the fur side and brushed dirt and burn marks that had scarred its surface.  Suddenly gasping Nemo quickly recognized the writing on the object.  Looking it over, he quickly realized that this was the door to the secondary closet that was within this one.  Whenever he had recovered items for HQ from Viktor and Tenalt’s hideouts in his earlier HQ days, he would stick them in that secret closet.  Quickly remembering that the door was a couple feet farther down, he began to dig at the junk once more....though it was getting slightly exhausting throwing the objects  fifteen or so feet up out of the tunnel.  Yoru and Tuski had already stationed a bucket and rope earlier.  So one of them would dig up the junk, the other would pull the bucket out of the hole and dump it somewhere out on the floor.

            Quickly finding the hole, Nemo noticed that some time ago there had been a break in and the door had been blasted off.  Squeezing his way through the opening that they had been uncovered so far, he landed onto the ground of the open tunnel.  Reaching over to his right he felt for the light switch that was somewhere close at hand.  Touching across the switch, he flicked it on, and began to walk forward.   Though surprised that the lights were still working, he began to walk down the tunnel to the small containment room.

            "Who had broken in and when did they do it.  Surely it had to have been before Yoru and Tsuki got here," determining the fact that all the junk that they had recently dug up dated from about that time.  Sighing, Nemo was relieved as he noticed that the door to the vault was still sealed.   "Well..." he figured, "maybe a bomb accidentally went off.  Glancing back down the corridor, he watched as Tsuki and Yoru stepped down and glanced around in awe.        "What is this place," asked Tsuki?  Yoru also had a questioning look on his face, though still gasping for air and strength.

            Thinking for a second and still lost in thought about who could have blasted the door off, Nemo suddenly called out in surprise.  "I REMEBER!!!  After a night of missions, me and Duchess had gotten home and were putting our equipment away.  Normally we avoid each other, but that day we happened to get there at the same time.  Duchess preferred to keep things neat, while I, on the other hand, preferred to throw things into the closet.  So after the mission, I was putting, or other words throwing my equipment down into the tunnel, and Duchess came in.  She looked at me and began to rile on me about keeping neat.  The argument escalated until I got mad and said, 'I can throw whatever I want into the closet.'  So I pulled the pin on one of my grenades and threw it down into the hole.  'See, see, I can throw whatever I want into the CLOSET.'  Needless to say, I imagine it blasted the junk up and threw the door several feet above the opening."

            Yoru and Tsuki stood in absolute surprise. 

            "You....threw...."Yoru finally gasped.

            "A GRENADE!?" piped in Tsuki.

            "I was young and thoughtless," stated Nemo.  He walked forward to where the door of the sealed vault was.  "Soon after that, needless to say,” Nemo continued, " we kept separate storage quarters and though the tunnel was blast proof, and the only damage was the equipment blowing up and burying the door,  I also ended up filling out reports to HQ for weeks explaining what happened.  It was also about that time that they installed the matter transporter, and so the last of my infiltration mission’s queries were sent to HQ.  I did not need to use the secret room anymore after that."

            "No wonder Momma Kitty is always mad at you," put in Yoru.

            "No kidding," said Tsuki.

            Nemo rolled his eyes and turned his gaze to the door.    Quickly entered the code to get in, he turned the handle on the door; it clicked and groaned as it opened.  Truthfully Nemo had done so many missions where he took items from Tenalt and Viktor; he could not remember what was in here.  Pulling it open a gasp of cold smelly air released from the sealed chamber and exited down the hall.  Yoru and Tuski immediately grabbed their noses.

            Without thinking to hard, Nemo walked into the dark chamber and reached, like he had done earlier, for the familiar light switch.  Clicking on, the same lights that lined the hallway and the main closet, flashed to life, shining down onto the objects placed on pedestals and shelves against the wall.  Quickly glancing across the objects, memories of Nemo's missions came back to mind.  Looking at the individual items that lined the small room, he smiled and made his way individually to each.  Suddenly he stopped in front of one and paused. 

            Slowly his mind was wrenched to one of his dreams.  "What," he muttered, "this is happening just like when I fought Viktor at the power plant."  Reaching towards the object that caught his attention, Nemo gasped as he held it in his hands.  Why did this object seem so familiar and why was it pulling up his dreams.

            In the shape of a cube, the object had nine little different colored squares on it faces.  Manipulating the cube as his mind raced, he fumbled around it.

            Much like when he had been fighting Viktor, he had images come to his mind and he realized that he could adjust the sides by pressing down on certain squares and then rotate portions of the square.  Continuing to adjust it, his mind once again lapsed into his dream, "One green and two blues for the first row.  The second row had two greens and one blue.  The third row had one red and two greens."  Continuing to think, he glanced down at the cube and had everything almost in place as the image in his mind had pictured it.    Clicking the last square into place, he stared at it, as if it was to mean something. 

            By now Yoru and Tsuki were staring intentionally at Nemo. 

            "What is it Nemo," asked Tsuki?

            Nemo realized that he had drawn both the young cats’ attention, and they were staring at him worriedly.   Nemo, to break the awkwardness, smiled and gently place the cube back into its place.  "I thought it reminded me of something deep in my past," Nemo muttered.

            Yoru and Tsuki were still concerned, but seeing Nemo back to his present state of mind, they sighed and continued to look at the many things.

            "So these are super secret technology," asked Yoru?

            "Stolen from Viktor and his dad," added in Tsuki?

            Nemo chuckled, "actually I don't know whether these are dangerous or not.  Truthfully when I recovered them, I questioned HQ's point in wanting them relieved from the bad guys.  These are seemingly normal items, and I have no clue why Viktor and his father had such a particular care about them."

            Turning from the room, Nemo left and made his way down the hall, he figured that he could look at them later.  "Anyway," he stated, "we need to begin to clean up the mess we left upstairs.  Even if the humans are not home, we have to be careful incase a human might look through the window or call the human police to investigate the noise going on.

            Climbing up out of the tunnel, Nemo continued to swim through several dreams.  Why had they come back now?  Why hadn't they helped him when fighting Viktor in the sewers....Climbing completely up the ladder, he stood on the carpet and glanced at the mountains of equipment that had been accumulated mostly by him over the years.

            Suddenly Nemo was wrenched from his thoughts; both Tsuki and Yoru screamed out in surprise and ran like the world was ending.  Tearing up the ladder they flew like lightning and landed on the carpet getting behind Nemo.

            "HELP....there is a DEMON appearing," squeaked Yoru, who had obviously forgotten that he was tired. 

            Nemo looked in question at both of the cats.  What in the world were they talking about?  He looked as they both were extremely surprised and intentionally looking at the closet. 

            Growling from behind Nemo, Tsuki stared at the closet hole.  

             Walking away from the two cats, Nemo heard Yoru take off underneath the couch, while Tsuki stood rigid where she had ended up behind him.   Looking down into the tunnel Nemo froze as he saw a human hand reach out from the secret tunnels entry way and try to clear away the junk so they could climb completely through.  Indeed there was someone down there.  Running over to one of the piles Nemo scanned his eyes across them and grabbed several of the items, as if, just in case he needed to use them.

            How had the human gotten in the secret vault and why did they wait until now to appear?!