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------------------------TEAMCLAW EPISODE VI PART 3-----------------


            Securing all of their equipment and gathering the team back together, Nemo and his team left the team that had been sent to follow them, unconscious on the ground.  Walking away, they continued forward.

            "The last time I remember where the Gate room was located..."began Rebecca, "was that it was right underneath the palace....but that might of changed when they destroyed the palace."

            "Destroyed it," asked Tsuki?

            "Yes,” stated Rebecca.  "Tenalt and his forces were growing too strong, so the high council, in paradise gathered together and decided to close the gateway to this world....it was too big of a risk."

            "So they blew it up," asked Yoru?

            Sakura was distracted by shining her flashlight around the room, and acting like it was some kind of energy beam.  She would point it at objects, or onto the pillars that surrounded them, as they left the small chamber that they had landed in, and act like she had blown it up.  "BOOM," she yelled!

            Yoru jumped in fright from the sudden noise, "Can't you be quite," he hissed at Sakura, after he realized that there was no reason for alarm?

            She just smiled, and didn't even act like she had heard a word he had said.

            Cocoa was close behind, but was lost deep in thoughts about the betrayal from the Rebellion.  What the future held, he wondered, was a mystery.  At this very moment, a faction of the army was on their way...to apprehend Nemo's team and the boy.  "What could have tipped off the council leaders...about these fake explanations of paradise?"

            "They looked into it after we left obviously," stated Nemo.

            "By legend, or at least what I have heard that everyone knows, "said Rebecca,” That Paradise is a place above no other; a place of peace, happiness and complete contempt.  Many probably dreamed up allusions of splendid wealth and treasures untold..."

            "So they just relied upon the legends and what had been written in the past."

            "I have also heard whispered among many animals, that whenever a cat or an animal gets old, and is about to die, they can hear things, and feel winds, and see visions from Paradise...and some even go looking for it.  Following their inclinations, many do find the gate, and make their way there, by what the rumors I have heard say, but as we know, for the past ten years, the gate has been sealed.  If any animal has been pulled to the call of paradise, they are probably captured by Viktor and his men."

            "Indeed," said Nemo in surprise.  "I have never known the place that others spoke about was paradise...the place that we are striving to save from Viktor's greedy hands...and even now the wicked members of the Rebellion."

            "So," interjected Cocoabean, "Is this paradise a type of Heaven?  A place where animals go when they die?"

            Rebecca shook her head, "I don't know.  After all, I left the palace when I was only 8.  All I remember is sketchy blurs and shadowy shapes.  The most I can remember is that it was a place of peace....The other animals I have heard talk about it refer to it as a Heaven, or a resting place after the animals die...I have just gathered from what they have said, and figured they referred to Paradise.  All the rumors are based off of the legends AND the stories that the older animals have heard seen and felt."

            "Whoa, if you left," asked Tsuki, while stepping to the side of a book shelf that had fallen over, with all of its books cluttered across the floor, "when you were eight, then how in the world did you learn to fight like Nemo?"

            "That was a subject change," stated Yoru.

            Continuing to make their way forward, through the maze of the huge underground level, of which there was thousands of objects lying around in disarray, causing a major effort to walk and get through the cavernous area.

            "Well," thought Rebecca, "I was taught a whole lot from my youngest years...and I just continued to practice when I had to continue to run from Viktor and Tenalt's men, after the palace had been destroyed.  I also would occasionally stop by at several different Martial Arts centers....and practice there."

            "SWEET," stated Sakura.  "Then you are like the master of all.  The keeper of the title; the beholder of power and strength."

            Rebecca smirked at what Sakura had said.  "You ARE turning back into your old self Sakura...I kinda wish you were back the way we had found you."

            Sakura smiled at her comment, while Yoru glared annoyingly at Sakura.

            Stopping their walk, Nemo cautiously looked forward.  Noticing that the ghostly graveyard of things had stopped and the floor ahead was completely cleaned off and polished, Nemo took a step back.  Shining his flash light forward, the light brought to view equipment and research facilities...and many other things.  "Seems like Viktor has discovered about these underground caves, and has been using them as well."

            "Then how come the lights are off, and no one is here," asked Tsuki.

            "Maybe it is lunch time," asked Yoru.

            "I don't know," admitted Nemo, "But we need to be on our guard.  While we are walking through here, we need to look for a way to get up and find the gate room."

            "Agreed," said Cocoabean.  "The faster we get the boy through the gate, the faster we can get out of here.  Our lives are in danger from Viktor and our own men."

            Rebecca nodded her head.  Cautiously continuing forward, the whole group stepped past the last of the junk that had obviously been pushed out of the way, possibly to separate the clean area from the dirty area.  Stepping across the clean and polished, tiled floor, Nemo anxiously shined his flash light back and forth, looking for any stairs, or a column that went up, obviously indicating an elevator.

            Suddenly Cocoabean called out, as he shined his flashlight on something that did look like a large pillar.  "I think I found an elevator!"

            Walking forward, Nemo headed in the direction.  Following after, Rebecca pulled the Prince by the hand, while carefully escorting him through the equipment, and to the pillar.  Walking up behind them was the rest of the team, though cautious and a bit weary.  The tidied area made them uneasy. 

            Walking around the sides of the extremely huge pillar, Nemo finally came to a small slot that looked like the shape of a door.  "Here," he called, "I think I found a way in."  Pressing on the handle at the side, a small panel popped out.  "What," Nemo questioned, as he glanced across the keypad.

            "Another locked door," asked Yoru in frustration?

            "WAIT," called Sakura, breaking the silence.  "It is my turn to do what I do."

            "Come on, you have been doing things all night," stated Yoru.  "In fact you are the ONLY one who has really done anything useful."

            "What do you mean," asked Tsuki?  "We got to take down those BAD guys.  That was fun."

            Yoru scowled. He obviously hated Sakura getting all of this attention.

            "Lift me up Nemo," she called, while trying to jump up and touch the panel.

            Reaching around her waist, Nemo lifter her, to make the young cat eye level with the panel.  "Interesting, I always just love to play with the keypad locks.  There are over a thousand ways to break and hack into them."  Looking at the small slots and the buttons, Sakura smiled her devious evil smile.  "Tsuki give me your screwdriver."   

            "WHAT," stated Tsuki!!  "It is mine!"

            "I'll give it back," Sakura stated.  Taking from her backpack, Tsuki pulled it out and handed it over to Sakura's open and waiting hand.

            "There you got it."

            Cocoabean laughed at the whole situation.  "You can't even leave your screwdriver back at home, let alone someone else to use it can you Tsuki?" 

            She seemed to blush, even though one can not see her blush because of her fur.

            Popping the panel out from the wall, Sakura yanked the unit out, as a mess of wires, which were attached to it, came with it.  Reaching in through the wall, Sakura tinkered with the mechanics inside the wall and finally yanked a cord out.  "GOT IT," she called, as the door slid open. 

            "Good," Nemo said, while carefully letting her down.  "Let's go up and get out of here."  All piling into the large elevator, Nemo anxiously looked over the options of the keypad inside the elevator. 

            "Here we are," stated Cocoabean.  "From the looks of it, this elevator only goes to four floors.  We are on the very bottom floor, floor 0.  Most likely, I bet that this gate room that you talk about is probably right at floor 3."

            "Your right," stated Rebecca.  "I would also bet that the floors 3 and under are all part of the underground corridors."

            "Either way, let's get out of here." pushing the button for three, the elevator lurched prematurely, but then yanked itself smoothly up for the rest of the ride.

            "What if there is guards that are in there," asked Tsuki.

            "What if the room was collapsed by the shock of the explosions that blew up the palace," asked Rebecca?  "After all, that was the whole reason they were destroying the palace."

            "Then," stated Nemo, "We will deal with the problems as they come."

            "I doubt," said Cocoabean, "Even if the gate room was collapsed, that Viktor, since they obviously know about this whole thing, would have just left the room destroyed.  I bet if it had been destroyed, they probably rebuilt it."

            Rebecca nodded her head, while Tsuki decided on what to do in case there were soldiers guarding the room.

            "We'll FIGHT THEM," stated Sakura, while pulling her sword from her backpack.  "No one can stand against Sakura, because I am MIGHTY and POWERFUL!!!"

            Yoru rolled his eyes, while everyone else told Sakura to be quieter.

            Leveling off at the top floor, the elevator door flashed open and a red light, just above the door, inside the elevator flashed impatiently.  Sneaking forward, Nemo and his whole team, walked into once again a dark room. With everyone out of the elevator, the inside door closed, while a sheet of rock slid covereing the place where they had walked out.

            "Whoa," said Sakura. 

            "Interesting," said cocoabean.  "It is as if they did not want anyone to know there was an elevator there."

            Turning their attention on the subject at hand, Nemo and the team ran forward, away from the outer wall, which was overhung by a cave ceiling.  Like a shelf, it laid low, but bowed up in the center of the room.  Walking out, and through the pillars, Nemo walked across the floor that was black and white, checker tiled.  Continuing to shine his light forward, across the large and spacious room, his flashlight fell upon the distant bare wall.

            "I don't see a gate," he stated.

            Stepping forward, continuing to hold the Prince's hand Rebecca glanced around.  "I recall that the gate won't open, unless a member of the royal family stands on some....pedestal...or throne somewhere."

            Shining their flashlights up and around the area, they could find nothing.  Walking closer to the wall that was strangely bare and smooth, Nemo seemed to marvel and notice it more.  Walking to the opposite side of the huge area, he kept his eyes on the wall, and called out in surprise as the tiled ground ended into sand.  Looking down and shining his flashlight around, Nemo noticed the sand circle a huge diameter from the wall...and gradually cover the floor....much like sand on a beach.  Shining the flash light up, Nemo noticed the stalactites were hanging down low, all the way till this end of the room.  Shining his flashlight where they ended he could see the making of brick....it was obviously this room had been here for centuries...because the cave had formed around the room itself.  Pulling the light of his flashlight down, he continued to investigate the area.

            "HERE," called Rebecca softly to everyone.  Rushing over, they all gathered around a crest that had been ingrained deep into the stone.  Reaching down, Nemo felt its deep cuts and gashes.

            "Are you sure this is it?  What do we do if it is?"

            "All we have to do is to get the Prince to stand on it and the gate will open and stay open as long as he is on this side of the gate, or at least that is what the ancient writing on the ground says."

            Glancing at the scribbles, Nemo frowned, as he could not understand any of it.  "Very well, let's get this done before we are caught."

            Stepping forward carefully the boy looked somewhat nervous.  For the first time in awhile, Nemo saw him react in some deep emotion. 

            This is over, thought Nemo to himself.  Though just by going to the place where he was once from, he did not remember any more than he had already known, but he did get to foil Viktor's plans.

            Stepping forward and placing his foot securely in the middle of the circle, he stood firmly and comfortably.  Waiting for something to happen, Sakura growled," Nothin' is Happenin."

            Suddenly blasting from the ground and the crevices, light seemed to pierce into the dark.  Spewing forth lava like light, the group, all except for the Prince stood back away as it oozed towards the sand.  Zigzagging back and forth, the liquid light leapt like lighting from the ground and onto the wall. Sealing itself and like a drip of water it began to turn into a puddle as wind coursed, wildly kicking up the sand into the air.  Pulling harder and harder, everyone gasped for breath as the wind slashed and pushed the dank air far to the back.

            In one final blast of light, the portal was complete, after throwing pieces across the room like fireworks, and then resiliently shining and lighting the main center of the room.

            Though Nemo could not remember anything from his past, at the moment, so many emotions were going through his body as the fresh air trailed from inside the portal gateway.  Like a chained beast, locked inside a prison, his memories slammed and screamed, shoving at the locked door inside his head.  What was this place...this feeling...these smells....all part of a past that he could not remember.

            "Time to go," stated Rebecca to the Prince.  "I and the Prince have to leave before Viktor discovers the gate has been reopened."          

            "Nemo are coming with me?  You and your team to paradise?  To leave this world of tortures and suffering and woes of never ending unfortune?"

            Still caught in his memory lapses, Nemo turned sadly to Rebecca.  He had never thought that Rebecca was going to leave too.

            "Once the prince and I go through the gate, to the other side, no one will ever come back.  The way home will be sealed once and for all, for both outgoing and incoming."

              Everyone in the team turned to each other and looked confused; hoping that one of the others' would have the ultimate answer.

            Pulling the boy off of the crest, he took a deep breath, as the power that had been drained from him that had been used to open the gate had taken a whole lot.  Walking forward, though a somewhat reasonable distance from the gate, Rebecca turned and looked upon everyone.  "If no one is to go, I thank you for your kindness.  I am sorry Nemo that you did not remember all of your past, but maybe someday you will...."

            Nemo was sad, all the times that they had shared was coming to a close...though this girl was what helped him remember and know more about his past then he ever knew before.

            Looking back on his team, everyone looked around at each other.  The prospect of peace and happiness obviously danced images of a better life in their heads.  Just like Nemo, though, everyone was lost of words to say.  Maybe if they had thought about this moment a little more, before they had come to face this situation it would have been easier to decide.

            "My place is in Paradise, and if you want to come decide now, but I cannot put the prince in any more danger," stated Rebecca.   Turning from them, her and the Prince walked confidently forward, towards the gate.

            Reaching forward, as if to call them back, Nemo's throat was suddenly parched.

            Unexpectedly, disrupting the situation, an overhead series of lights turned on and brightly lit the whole room.  Looking frantically around in surprise, Nemo knew that they had been discovered.  "RUN REBECCA, RUN! I'LL HOOLD THEM OFF!!!"  Suddenly pouring from the sides of the room and from underneath the shelf and through the pillars, hundreds and hundreds of Viktor’s men rushed forward to grab Rebecca and the Prince. 

            Looking back, Nemo called out in surprise, as Rebecca ran as fast as she could toward the gate, but because she was dragging the prince, she could not go that fast.

            "LOOK OUT CALLED NEMO," while the rest of his team pulled out their weapons and began fighting the other soldiers that poured in from all the other sides of the room.  Where these had come from, Nemo had no clue.

            Suddenly a tremendous blasting noise pierced and lit up the air.  Looking up, Nemo had only time enough to register that he was standing underneath a robot that had otherwise been hidden in the dark.  Pointing its gun at Nemo, the laser blast, of which was HUGE, blasted into Nemo; engulfing him in the tremendously large and powerful beam.  '

            Looking back from her running Rebecca called out in pain of the loss of Nemo, as the blast exploded and blasted continuously down through the many floors of the underground and ancient corridors.

            Turning to take one last leap at the gate, as the rest of the team was surrounded and apprehended, Rebecca came face to face with Viktor, as he came from behind the ranks of his men...completely blocking the way to the gate.

            Quieting down, after the entire team was apprehended, Viktor smiled.  "Seems that you put up quite a fight....you and your rag-tag team of misfits.  Sorry to stop you; we have been waiting awhile for you!"

            Rebecca snarled while holding up her sword in a defensive position.

            "Will you still fight against me when I have in my possession your entire team...and also at the risk of your boy?"

            She hesitantly lowered her sword, but lifted it back up.  "I cannot risk the chance of both worlds being destroyed by a power thirsty loser like you." grabbing onto the boys hand, she ran forward, in the little room that the soldiers gave her and she flung as hard as she could the prince, towards the gateway.  Using all of her strength and energy and speed that she could muster, he blasted through the air towards the gate.

            "STOP HIM," Viktor screamed as all of the men scattered in disarray. Suddenly the robot from up above, which had destroyed Nemo, blasted onto the ground, barely catching the prince into his big and mechanical hand.  Deafeningly crashing and walking forward, he held the Prince Triumphantly.

            "NOOO," Rebecca screamed, while the soldiers had already apprehended and disarmed her.

            "YOU FOOL," called the robot. 

            "That is my line," said Viktor as he turned to gloat at Rebecca.


            Viktor turned from his supposed triumph, "How dare you talk back to me...."

            "I knew that you would be no worthy successor of my empire," stated the robot.

            Lifting from the encasement of the robot the top swung up and showed a crippled and wrinkled old fox. 

            "FATHER?!" called Viktor in surprise and worry.

            "You are nothing but a worthless pawn...and even when I leave you the most perfect plan, you still botch it up."

            "BUT DAD....you were DEAD!"

            He smiled cruelly.  "That is what I wanted you to think." He repositioned himself inside the robot.  "DO you THINK that I would leave the company to a LOSER son like YOU?"

            Viktor fell to the ground.  "You mean..."

            "WORTHLESS SON!!!  Now get to the side and snivel at my feet.  Your Daddy is going to rule this world and the other as well."

            Opening from the back, a whole section of the wall lifted up as tanks and other machines rolled forward.

            "You thought that I had been dead, but I have been living underneath your castle for a long time.  You were nothing but a pawn.  The soldiers and all of your men, still answered to me.  What is even better, is that I ...I DEFEATED our enemy that you called IMPOSSIBLE To DEFEAT!!!! HA HA HA HA! I VAPORIZED him."

            Viktor was completely crushed and fell hopelessly to the ground.  In broken silence, he, ashamed and hopeless was left there, as his father turned from him and walked towards the gate.  “Come my soldiers.  WE WILL CONQUOR PARADISE!!!!"  Leaving the boy, who was unconscious on the ground, outside the gate, the army surged forward and began to drive and walk across thee pavement, sorting like a huge mess, into the funnel of which was the gateway to the place once called paradise.

            Looking at where their once leader stood, Nemo's team looked sadly at the hole that was blasted into the ground.  Watching the singes of smoke rise from the burnt edges, they all shook their heads and cringed.  

            Tenalt smiled as he looked across the room.  Letting his eyes fall onto Nemo's team, of which had been released and left there to wait, he smiled.  "You can complete your quest if you want.  Return the boy!"  He then laughed as he walked through, following the rest of his army. 

            Suddenly following after, a blast from up above shook the whole room.  Exiting from all over, more soldiers filled the area and stood in front of the gate.  Looking at the member of Teamclaw, they all laughed.  Noticing their uniforms, Cocoabean stood up from the ground.  "How DARE YOU BETRAY US!"  The members of the Rebellion had made it there obviously they had flooded the fortress and forced their way down.  Busting through with there hundreds and hundreds of soldiers and tanks, they coursed their way into the portal. 

            Walking up to them, the horse from the committee smiled," Thank you for opening the way.  This was quiet a nice thing for you to do. Oh, by the way, we will be taking the boy.  We wouldn't want you to bring the main loyal part of the army, still fighting Viktor's men up there to follow us." 

            Lying on the ground hopeless was Teamclaw.  

            The worst on of all was Rebecca.  After chasing after The Prince, weaponless, she was knocked to the ground.  Lying prostrated on the sand, she was kneeling and staring into the portal, while thousands of soldiers made their way into paradise, desecrating the sacred and peaceful land...with their carnivorous ways. 

            Nemo was gone, the gate was opened and two armies made their way in...the gate was once more closed...and all was lost. 

Sobbing sadly, she let her hair fall into her face....darkness had befallen her...even worse is that the prince had been taken.  The fear of losing him was too much...he had been stolen from before her...she was alone....

Yanking the boy from his unconscious state, once again another army disappeared, but leaving the gate to Paradise permanently closed from this side....no way to help the people in Paradise.  Looking at the sand, of which had been trounced, and torn to the side, as thousands of tracks of soldiers and vehicles led from the tiled floor, onto the sand, to where the gate once had been, the overwhelming realization came upon everyone as they realized that....all was lost.



...To be Continued Soon...In   "Episode VII: The END of the Begining"

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