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------------------------TEAMCLAW EPISODE V PART 3-----------------


            Sitting down on the deck Nemo sighed.  That whole escapade was very strange, he thought to himself.

            The dog, whose name was Cocoabean, was pulling off and inventorying all of his equipment.  "Tis a shame you cracked up the repeler."  Nemo figured that he was referring to the magnetic unit that aided in him getting from boat to boat.

            Thinking back on the fight, Nemo was actually just a little confused on why the metal filings had resolved in his head to be 'the repeler' as Cocoabean called it.

            Pulling it over from where Cocoa had dropped it off, Nemo looked at its design and thought it over on how it was even possible to be lifted by it, when all he did was throw a few metal filings.  But looking at all the places that Nemo and Cocoa had been, Nemo saw strange splats of ooze splatted on the ground, or onto walls.

            "Ah, you are admiring my handiwork!"

            Nemo jerked from his gazing and quickly looked back at the dog.

            "Personally I was a bit surprised that you discovered I was shooting myself up into the air and coasting back down, but you sure knocked me a good one."

            Nemo smiled as he pulled his thoughts together.  It was strange but he was beginning to like this dog, despite the fact that he could be a member of Viktor's groups.

            Pulling the goggles from his eyes the dog looked over at Nemo, as he was now done looking at all of his things.  "Mighty bit of speed you had there Nemo."

            Nemo tilted his head in thought, but could not think of a way to reply. 

            "I mean one second you were bogged down by the weight of your brain being crushed with information and suddenly you just went *CHING and *POW, you were into me like an arrow."

            "Truthfully," explained Nemo, "I only remember a pressing memory that flooded my mind.  Did you feel that breeze that came through here; right before I changed?"

            "The dog thought for a second,” Well, I did, but they are common in this place.  Up yonder in the mountains, they blow and gather gusts of winds, blowing off of their rocky and almost lifeless surfaces.  But it mostly gathers from WAY up north in the wastelands of China."

            China, thought Nemo?  That would make sense why it was nighttime here. 

            "Yah, you know Viktor's main base is somewhere up that way.  Rumor has it, that he has a whole mountain that is a fortress."

            Nemo frowned.  That meant that he was experiencing the same wind from his past…which would bring up strong memories with it. What he had been exposed to was the same air that he once had breathed and lived in, many years ago.  So if the wind would be different and Nemo was to smell it and feel its coarse, yet soft and heavy touch, it would bring back memories of his past...Which, he finally concluded, was why he had been saved from the Mind Scramblers.

            "You okay Nemo," the dog asked, seeing that Nemo was deep in thought and not paying much attention to him?

            "Yes," he quickly answered.  But to change subjects Nemo stood up.  "You said there was a second test?  I don't know what could be more of a test greater than that, but you almost have me convinced."

            Smiling a big and harmless grin, the dog turned from Nemo and rolled his shoulders to release some tension.  "Well, I thought that it would be an interest to you, that nearby is a hidden prison."

            “A prison,” wondered Nemo?

            "This prison is a small and VERY hidden safe hold, where Viktor and his deceased fathers enemies, were kept."

            "Ok," Nemo answered," But what of it?  How is this going to help me trust you?"

            The dog thoughtfully paused, but continued, "That is where most of the recently captured agents were placed."

            Nemo gasped.  "You mean he took them to this stronghold that you are talking about?  If so then what are we waiting for?"

            "That is what I thought you would say."

            "Then the next test is to go and free them?"

            "Indeed," agreed the dog.  "This mission will both help you to trust me, but to also add more enemies to Viktor."

            Beginning to walk away, the dog headed towards the edge of the long and distant deck of the shipyard.  "The door is on the third floor of this place and it leads straight to the hideout."

            Walking up beside him, Nemo looked down to about where the third floor would be.   

            "So that would mean it is underwater."  Nemo was curious as to how Viktor and his father had built the place without being spotted by the humans.

            "Yes, it is about sixty feet below the surface of the water."

             Sitting down onto the ground, the dog reached into a pack, which he was carrying on its back.  Stretching out a rolled piece of paper, Nemo looked at the writing on it and quickly recognized it as a blue-print layout.

            "Here," the dog pointed to, "is where they are keeping the prisoners.  They are in the two circles at the center of the complex.  We will go down this way, the back entrance, and will have to pass by the guard quarters, the kitchen, the bathrooms, the storage room and the commanding officer’s office.  There are about eight gates that separate each section of the complex…and we will have to get through each of them, plus dealing with all of the defenses.  The defenses include flooding chambers, and lots of soldiers.  Our goal is to get to the center of the complex and find the terminal computer that controls the doors to all of the cells."

            "Interesting," Nemo commented.  "This is starting to feel like old times," referring to the days he would break into Viktor and Tenalt's strong holds.  "So that would mean that there is also a security system set up, with camera's and motion sensor detectors."

            "Yes," agreed the dog.  "The whole thing is wired to protect its contents at high costs."

            "So what is the plan and the required supplies?"

            The dog gave his sheepish grin again.  "Actually, you might find it a bit of a surprise, but I figured that we would go down without a plan and without any additional supplies."

            Nemo, though he was not totally familiar with this dog glared at him.  "So you would set up a huge and messy coarse for just me, but for a whole station of men, you would go in, empty handed?"  This dog seemed rather wreckless and maybe too confident.

            "Well, you can get some things if you want to," said Cocao, "But I don't need anything."

            Thinking back to all of the equipment that Nemo could need, his mind rested onto several things; his sword, his old uniform, an electric taser gun and darts..... Nemo paused in his thinking.  "Are we not going to bring anyone else?"  Nemo was hoping that he might bring part of his team.

            "If we are to sneak in, the more people we bring, the harder it would be to accomplish that.  Besides, with the powers and abilities that you have, I feel that you could do this by yourself."

            Turning from the dog, Nemo walked a little distance and sat on the ground.  Reaching for his tail, he pressed it and waited for the beeping sound to acknowledge his com-unit was working.

            Hearing it beep he called to all of his team, "Okay team, I have contacted the creature who found Sakura's sword.  He wants to create our trust so I am going to go with him on a dangerous mission."

            "ALONE?!" called Tsuki.

            "That might be a mistake Nemo," cut in Yoru.

            "Wait," Nemo demanded, "I know it will be dangerous, but this mission involves freeing agents that were captured by Viktor.  The more people that are there to stand against him, the better a chance we have to accomplishing our goals and defeating him."

            "Agreed," called Rebecca.  "Then we shall standby on call, just in case you need us."

            "Wait," Tsuki called, "while we were waiting I finished that anti-robot you wanted me to do.  It is a bit incomplete in its programming, but it will do the job."

            "Alright Tsuki," Nemo agreed, "Then send it and my sword through the teleporter.  I shall keep you all on contact; if I should need you, I will page you."

            Signings off, Nemo turned as a portal once again tore into the sky.  Falling onto the ground were the two objects that Nemo needed.

            "I swear that Teleport you have is not HQs design."

            Walking up to the contents, Nemo picked up the sword and then looked at the robot.  “It is not.  And if you prove trustworthy in this next mission, then I will tell you WHERE it is from.”

            "Ok…but I got to ask a sword?  Cats don't use swords," commented the dog.  It would be too awkward to fight and hold.  Your paws aren't made to hold them."

            Nemo twirled the sword around in his hand with no effort.  "The key is balance and holding it between my for-finger and middle finger.  Then the rest of my hand clasps it into place."

            The dog shook his head, "well if you say so.  I figure I owe you enough to say that you are definitely an unusual cat."

            "You would never know," Nemo smiled.

            Suddenly the robot shakily wobbled to its feet.  Sticking its tentacles out the bottom, it took a hesitant step forward.

            "What is that," asked the dog.

            "Hopefully," Nemo figured, "it will aid us against a new foe that Viktor has added to his team."

            Quite confused as to what Nemo was talking about, Nemo did not bother to explain more, turned and headed towards the elevator that led down to the lower floors. 

Contained in a rectangular shed, which popped out of the surface of the deck, Nemo walked up to the elevator house.   Following immediately after Nemo was the Robot and the dog.

            "I guess you're ready then?!"  Stepping ahead of Nemo, the dog slid the steel gate door to the side and stepped in.  We have 34 stories to go down, so get comfortable."

            Following after the dog, Nemo stepped in, with the robot sliding over the edge of the bottom.  Sliding the gate closed, the dog pressed some buttons and pulled a lever.

            "You sure that robot will do anything.  From the looks of it," he turned as the elevator lurched violently down, "that thing can barely walk."

            Nemo was doubtful himself, but hoped that it would not be another lost cause, like Tsuki's last robot, that had blown up on the carpet.  “I hope it does."

            Letting the eerie silence drag in, as the lights from the highest deck vanished, Nemo and the Cocoabean were in complete darkness.

            "Well..," began the dog, trying to break the silence. "I hope you end up joining with me.  You are strong and the Rebellion needs people like you."

            Nemo gazed in the general direction of the dog, but suddenly a light burst from the robot and then focused onto the ceiling.  Looking down at it, Nemo saw a little cover had slid back to reveal a light. "LIGHT?..."It chirped metallically.

            Nemo smirked, but answered, "Yes that will be fine."

            Looking back at the dog he continued where he had left off, "the rebellion?  Who are they?"

            "When HQ was taken over, I and a bunch of others called together as many animals that we could, who would fight against Viktor.  This would form a resistance that would be able to apprehend and hopefully stop Viktor once and for all."

            "So you want me, and all of the agents that we are freeing tonight to join?"

            "Exactly," Cocoa answered.

            Listening to whirs and the popping of the machinery hesitantly move the elevator, Nemo glanced towards the door.  "Then how do you plan to beat him.  HQ was been trying for years...for years to stop Viktor and the rising crime that were all associated with him?"

            The dog looked doubtful for  a second, "We were hoping to gather as many creatures as we could and then pull all of our mind together...but right now everything is in chaos.  We have several former members of HQ, but all of the leaders were captured.  Some of them, thankfully, are here in this prison.  That is..."

            Nemo finished his sentence," That is why you looked me out and wanted my assistance."

            Cocoabean sighed and did not answer.

            This dog, Nemo thought to himself, was not a very complicated thinker, but was sure one heck of a fighter.

            "...I hate to say it that way Nemo.  I did not want to use other people for my gains, but I had read hundreds and hundreds of reports.  All I ever got from your reviews was the best and that you were the exceeding and highest agent that HQ had."

            Flabbergasted, Nemo did not know how to answer that.

            "If you haven't already guessed I was once a member of HQ.  I was high up in management and have worked my way from the bottom up.  You may look at me now and see a somewhat wreckless dog, but when I was with my team of managers and officers, I could do anything.

            "Then you are a group type of person, not an individualist."

            "Yes,” answered the dog.  "I do best with more minds put together."

            Pressed with a question, considering that almost all personnel at the main HQ offices were captured, Nemo was wondering how the dog had escaped.  "How did you not get captured by Viktor and his men?"

            Cocoabean smiled.  "Did you not see what I was doing with you?  I am fast and all shadows were my allies.  I am not like the other mangers; I worked my way as an agent like you, all the way to the top.   I had skills."

            Nemo nodded his head in agreement.  "You wouldn't happen to know who jammed the computer which traces all HQ equipment would you?" Nemo eyed the goggles on the dog’s forehead.

            "Indeed," Cocoabean stated proudly.  "I locked myself in the database room, after HQ was breached, and I was quickly trying to look up the coordinate to your house, but they broke through the door, and all I had was two seconds, so I quickly locked the computer and made everything useless."

            "Interesting," Nemo laughed.

            Suddenly the elevator crunched to a stop.  Looking out the gate, the dog smiled and called, “this is the floor.  Come on out." Pushing the gate, it swung open.

            Leading onto a dark small plank area, which clung close to the edge of the mountain, the area was only lighted by a faint overhead lamp. 

            Walking forward, the robot closed its light cover.  Following after the dog and the robot, Nemo watched as Cocoa headed towards the back part of the plank.

            Reaching at the boarded slats, he yanked up one of the boards, and continued to pull them up until it revealed a small manhole.  Reaching to his belt, Cocoa grabbed a small object and placed it in the edge of the door.  "Ok," he whispered,” from here on we have to be quiet; they might have sensors everywhere."

            Popping out of place, the lid to the tunnel gasped up and slammed onto the ground. Cringing, the dog shook his head, but stuck his foot down into the hole.  Grasping onto a ladder, he began to make his way down.  Following once more after, Nemo turned and grasped onto the iron rod.  Suddenly the robot whizzed up and whined.  "CAN'T CLIMB," it beeped.           

            Nemo groaned.  "Great, I have to lug a robot around too."  Letting the robot grab around his arms, Nemo let it rest on him like a back pack.  Placing the sword between his teeth, he slowly made his way down.

            For what seemed forever, Nemo was climbing farther and farther into darkness.  The only sounds were their feet and hands grasping the next wrung, while the tunnel dripped and groaned from the sway of the ocean. 

            Becoming more and more musky, Nemo desperately breathed through his mouth, trying not to smell.  The humidity began to rise, and so did the temperature, as Nemo noticed as he was fatigued from the long climb down.

            Peering his head over the side of the ladder, Nemo was relieved to see a light.  Though it was an eerie yellow green, it offered comfort of a floor and the end of the ladder.

            Finally pressing his shaking paws onto solid ground, Nemo breathed deep as he sat down next to the dog dropping the sword from his mouth. Whispering to him he asked," How long was that ladder?"

            "Sixty to seventeen feet."  Nemo gasped, no wonder he was tired.

            Releasing from Nemo's back, the robot landed on the ground quietly and tilted its body at the door that was behind the two animals.

            Looking at where it was looking, Nemo felt dingy as the fact that the lights emanated off of the rusted, brown walls and made everything look dank.  The whole room was solid metal, but was grimy, mossy and dull.  Nothing was in the room except for a huge electrical unit which was to the right of the door, in the corner.  Nemo figured the unit was pressurized the tunnel, but it was obvious that it was not working considering the fact that air was getting in and creating rust.

            Taking one last deep breath Nemo stood up.  Taking a look around the room, he noted that there was not any equipment that would alert Viktor of their presence.  Walking up to the huge vaulted door, which protruded out and was, stapled all over with bolts, Nemo walked over to where the latch met the side of the room.  Pressing it slightly, Nemo noted that it did not give or move.  Walking up behind him, the dog reached over to where he had pressed, "Are you ready?"

            Nemo looked up at up, as the dog was now standing over him.  Taking his last breath of the dank sewer smelling air, Nemo wielded the sword craftily into his hands and positioned himself for any attack that might follow, while the robot clamored up and tittered onto his back.

            “READY,” the robot chimed. 

            Prying the latch of the door, just like he had done with the one at the top of the ladder, the latch cracked and broke in half.  Swinging open, Nemo and Cocoa were met with a refreshing blast of cold and fresh, clean air.  Sighing they stepped forward into the blinding light.  Carefully looking forward, Nemo and Cocoa did not see anybody in sight; only a corridor that made a quick turn.  Stepping out of the horrible room, Nemo crept in to let Cocoa and the robot follow.

            "All right," Nemo whispered, "we need to find the control box."

            "You mean for the security right?"

            "Yes,” Nemo answered.

            "In that case it is probably next to the guards sleeping quarters."

            Heading forward, Nemo and Cocoa slipped quietly around the corner, but noticed that the tunnel continued to curve, without any sign of life or camera's.

            Following the circle around, after a long empty stretch they finally came within view of the second gate they would have to pass through, the first being the vault door.  Seeing a camera perched above the door, Nemo stood back, "This part is easy."  Grabbing the sword firmly, Nemo tossed it at the arm that held the camera suspended from the ceiling.  Completely hitting his desired target, the sword bounced off the metal walls, while the camera smashed into the ground, throwing pieces all over the hall. 

            "Good shot," commented the dog, “even if you are a cat using a sword.”  Clicking and clacking across the grated floor, they walked forward.   "Now if I remember correctly, when we go through this gate, we will have only one way to go, and that is left.  Like I had said earlier when I showed you the blue prints, we will be crossing all of the facilities and lounge areas of the guards, plus several gates…so"

            "…So we will just have to be quick and quite."  Picking up his sword, Nemo thought to himself that he actually could do this whole mission alone...just as the dog had said… because seeing that he could run real fast...these guards and the camera's would not know what had hit them.

            Pressing his little tool, the dog jammed it between the sliding door and the wall.  Vibrating slightly, as it had every time the dog had used it; the door hissed and had itself forced open.  Running forward, Nemo and Cocoa knew the real mission had started.  Seeing no Camera over the next gate, Nemo and Cocoa walked up to the door.  Quickly jamming his tool once more into the lock area, the door resisted, but finally cracked and pulled itself open. 

Jumping forward Nemo and Cocoa rounded the bend to the main circle that surrounded the inner chambers of the prisoner cells.  Seeing what was labeled as 'Guard Quarters," Nemo smiled.  But as he looked, he could not see the control panel for the security system.  "Strange," he mused, "I wonder where they hid it.”

“No matter, we can get through this place anyway,” said the dog.

Forgetting to check on the robot, it stumbled forward.  Not realizing that Nemo and Cocoa bean had stopped it teetered forward.  Dancing in the camera’s view, it fell to the ground.

Both Nemo and Cocoa cringed as they held their breath, hoping the camera would think nothing off it.   Whirling down to focus on the robot, the camera zoomed in, but flashed up to see Nemo and Cocoa, who were trying to back up slowly, behind the door and around the bend.

            "Blast it.   We’ve been spotted," The dog called. 

Running forward and not caring about the camera, seeing that they were already seen, the dog ran forward as a siren blared and a voice called over the intercom, “INTRUDER, INTRUDER, ALL MEN REPORT, REPORT."

            Bursting from behind us, the door to the guards' quarters spilled forth several guards and menacing robots. 

            Trying to ignore the charade gathering up behind them as Nemo and Cocoa ran down to the door, Cocoa quickly pushed the wedge shaped object and pushed it back and forth.  Finally popping open, they walked through the forth gate.

            “This is getting tiring,” commented Nemo.  “All of these stupid gates that separate each area of this stupid hall are real dumb.  Why can’t it be empty and easy like the last corridor, before the second gate.”

            The dog smiled as they passed the kitchen door.  Quickly doing what he always did, Cocoa forced the fifth gate open…seeing as that there was a panel at each door that had a key code.

            Quickly slamming it shut behind them, as the soldiers crashed into the door, Cocoa, Nemo and the robot, who had somehow gotten to its feet and kept pace with, began to run to the next gate.  Taking the small bend, past the kitchen door, Cocoa began to get worried. 

            “The guards are not coming.  I hope that they are not going to flood this section.”  Thankfully though, Cocoa busted the sixth door open and they were running along to the next, and made it through the door.

            Suddenly there was a hissing and the sound of outer layers of the tunnel ejecting back.  Stopping their run, Nemo and Cocoa looked up as jets of water, of which were all over the entire tunnel, blasted in and furiously filled the tunnel with water.

            Breaking into a mad dash, they began to wade, and then to swim.  Eventually they were completely engulfed by the water.

            Holding their breath, Nemo and Cocoa, swam to the seventh gate.  Pressing his unit to the lock, he shook it vigorously, but nothing was happening.  Getting angry he tried it again, but with no results.  Turning blue, the dog began to lose his strength.  

            This is annoying, thought Nemo to himself.  Swimming up to the door, he leveled his sword to where the lock was and chiseled it into the seam.  His first attempt gave no results.  Taking it again, he leveled it real hard into the latch, and called out in surprise as it broke off.  But unfortunately, the door did not open, because the pressure of the water.

            Starting to feel weak, Nemo concentrated real hard to ignore the need for breath and leveled his sword at the door.  Taking a couple practice jabs, he slammed his sword, expelling all of his air to emphasize the blow, and to give it more power.  Suddenly pouring through the hole, water began to press and push.  Seeing that a breach had been made in the tough steal door, it began to weaken at where Nemo had hit it.  Finally the water tore the door reluctantly to the side, throwing Nemo ,  Cocoabean and the robot into the next sector, but since the water way from the ocean was still open, the water began to quickly fill this section too. 

            Gasping for breath, Nemo grabbed Cocoa, who was unconscious, by his arm and dragged him over to the next gate.  Struggling to stay standing, as the current swished around, Nemo dashed the lock.  Standing on the wall, Nemo pulled on the door with all of his might.    Gushing open, the water began to pour into that section, but Nemo fought the current, threw the dog in, and shut the door.

            Coughing the dog sat quickly up as he expelled water from his lungs.  “Curses, what the devil happened?  I thought I could hold my breath a lot longer than that.”
            Nemo, as he panted said, “We are down 60 feet underneath the surface of the water.  That gives us a whole lot more pressure against us, to hold our breath.”

            Cocoa nodded his head, while catching his breath.  “Seems that we are having an adventure today.”

            Standing back up, Nemo walked over to his sword.  Picking up his sword, of which had Nemo dropped, as he had turned and closed the door, Nemo turned and looked over at Cocoa.  “Well, we need to get going.”

            “You’re right,” said the cocoa, forcing himself up.  Wading through, the little water that had made it through and flooded the space that was in the bottom of the circular corridor and was coming up out of the metal grate, Nemo and Cocoa made their way forward despite it.

            Taking his sword, Nemo walked up to the commander’s door, which was the section that they were at.  Taking his sword, he slammed it into the keypad on the wall.  “That should hold him in there for a little.

            “It is a shame that my door de-jammer got watered out.”

            “Even so,” said Nemo, “This is the eighth door; behind this door are the prisoners.”

            “Agreed,” said Cocoa.

            Taking his sword once more, Nemo jammed the sharp tip of the sword into the lock.  Even though he was not totally familiar with it, seeing that he has not remembered his whole past, Nemo was actually surprised that the sword had not chiped or cracked.

            Once again,he applied his sword to the seal and finally, this door acknowledged that it was being forced open and it sucked itself into the wall; automatically opening.  Stepping in, Nemo was followed by Cocoa.

 Shutting the door, the dog watched as it closed, “Seems that your little robot didn’t make it.” 

Sighing, Nemo turned to their goal.  “It does not matter; Tsuki can build a new one.”

Walking forward, Nemo walked past the first section of the circle, which held the prisoners, and walked to the center of the next and final one.  At the very center of the room was a circular desk, which had a computer on it. 

“Hey chief, I just jammed the door,” called Cocoa, who was back at the door. 

“Good,” Nemo called back.  “That will give us a little more time.  Suddenly a guard popped out from behind the desk.  Holding a taser gun, he leveled it at Nemo.

“FREEZE,” He called out.

Smiling, Nemo stepped forward one more pace.

Shaking, the guard pulled the gun to level directly at Nemo’s chest.

Looks like it is time to use my gift right now, Nemo thought within himself.  Time to run fast, do some moves and put this guy to bed.

Before the guard, who was a kangaroo, could blink, Nemo dashed around behind him and had dis-armed and knocked him out.  Conking onto the floor, Nemo smiled.  “This speed thing..I could get used to this.”

“What,” called Cocoa, seeing to the fact that he had not heard the guard, or even knew the situation had happened?

“Don’t worry,” called Nemo, “Just guard the door, so that when they come in, it will give me more time.”

“Okay,” he agreed.  “Besides, I am glad that you are doing that.  I can understand HQ’s programs, but Viktor’s is real strange and I can’t make sense of it.”

Sitting down at the terminal, Nemo whizzed through the program, pressing the options and trying to change the standards.  Looking up after checking several of the boxes that had come up, Nemo looked at the glass doors and sighed; they were still closed.  Getting caught on the faces of the prisoners, as several of them woke up; Nemo knew he had to free them at any cost.

Trying several more things, Nemo called out in frustration, “THIS IS DUMB!” 

Cocoa bean, who was cracking his knuckles, looked up.  “I told you so; it is a complicated program.”

Listening to Cocoabean crack his knuckles, Nemo’s mind reverted to a memory….a recent memory; not the ones from his distant past.  “Crack,” Nemo said aloud, while looking off in an oblique angle.  “CRACKING,” he yelled out loud.  “Cracking and HACKING.”  Cocoa looked over at him strangely.  “Sakura, Nemo called, I need you here now.  Also I need the rest of the team.  We have a battle at hand and we need more time.”
            All of the voices came over Nemo’s com-unit, “Agreed,” they all called.

“Blast it,” you called back up didn’t you,” asked Cocoabean?  “I was hoping to take all of the soldiers on myself.”  Smiling, he turned and faced the door, as the soldiers, who had obviously made it through the corridors, were banging their bodies, weapons and shooting ammo at it.

“Nemo, we don’t have much time,” called the dog, as the soldiers persistently fought into the door.”

“Come on,” Nemo worried, “where are you guys?”

Suddenly the familiar light blasted into the room and out tumbled the entire team.  

“Okay team, I need Sakura over here.  Rebecca, Yoru and Tsuki: you go and guard the door, with the dog.” 

Immediately following his orders they all filed to their respective places.

“Name’s Tsuki,” said Tsuki to Cocoabean. 

Holding her paw out to shake his, he turned and held his paw out. “My name’s Cocoabean.  Most call me ‘CB’ for short.

Yoru was reluctant and just stood by, while Rebecca smiled, but was serious and was waiting for the door to bust.

Sakura immediately tromped up to Nemo’s side.  “What a piece of JUNK, “she stated while looking at the computer.

“Pay attention Sakura.  I need you to play a little computer game…”

“Lemme guess,” she cut in.  “I need to crack into this computer and get these dudes free from their cells AND I have a little less than a minute to do it.”

Nemo nodded his head.  “But you actually may have less than a minute; there are a lot of soldiers out in the hall and they are breaking in real quick.”

She smiled gleefully, while jumping into the chair as Nemo got out of it.  Rubbing her paws together she stated, “I love a little challenge.”

Cracking and breaking, the door, began to whine and tear apart.  Pieces of ammo and shreds of the door began to fall to the ground.....

            Suddenly the door gave up on its holdings and crashed to the ground.  Commencing, Tsuki, Yoru, Rebecca and the dog blasted into a fight with an assortment of animals.  There were some raccoons, dogs, cats, goats, sheep and even rabbits...their numbers were many, but Nemo's team stood their ground at the doors entrance. 

Following in after the guards and past Nemo’s team, were swarms of robots. 

“Great,” thought Nemo.  “It is a shame we don’t have the anti-robot anymore.”  Suddenly the robots started to be blown into pieces.  Blasting and slashing, one of its own kind began to swing and rip the others to shreds…as if the others were just porcelain dolls being dropped. 

Looking harder Nemo smiled and recognized the design as the one that Tsuki had built.  “Good, it seems that it made it; even after it had been flooded with water.  Stopping their pursuit towards Nemo and Sakura, the robots turned towards the center of their destruction, obviously hoping to stop the attack.  Thankfully, Nemo noted, these robots don’t have bombs fused into them.  It was surprisingly thought of when Viktor place them here obviously; he wouldn’t want to sink his whole prison!!

“VIKTOR,” called the commander,into his communicator.  “We are under ATTACK!”


The officer cowered behind his desk, in his office.  “Sir they are powerful and…”

"You FOOL," Yelled Viktor over the communicator.  "I DON'T CARE; RALLY TOGETHER AND STOP THESE FOOLS."

            The commander was scared and was shaking more than he was earlier.  “Sir, we already have sent all of the men after them."

            Suddenly there was a noise at the door of the commander’s room. 

Blasting to the ground, the door fell in, while the commander stood to his feet and reached for his gun.   

“The struggle is over; don’t bother resisting,” called Nemo.

            Reeling back, the badger ignored him and reached for his holster, which had a gun, but Yoru, who followed in after Nemo, blasted it from his hip. 

Walking in, immediately behind Nemo, was his team, but the room soon filled and had dozens more of the prisoners waiting outside in the hall to get in.  The commander slid to the floor and cowered over his fate.

            "WHAT IS GOING ON,” Screamed Viktor?  “WHO IS ATTACKING?!”    

Nemo listened to Viktor's voice for a second but grew tired of it, "It seems VIKTOR, that I have the upper hand this time; all your men are tied up, and mostly knocked out.  I'll leave them for you to come and pick up."

            "DON'T YOU DARE LEAVE NEMO!!!  YOU ARE MINE AND I WILL GET..." Viktor was cut off, with Nemo slicing the communicator in half.

            "Game over," Sakura called from below the gathering of people.

Several of the prisoners’ laughed at her comment, while others called out for joy.

Getting over with his formalities, after talking to all of his friends from HQ, Nemo stepped back and sait on the desk, while thinking about all that had transpired with him and Cocoa bean.  This Rebellion had a good ring to it and if Nemo and his team were to join it, they could possibly find a way to break into the mountain and get the prince to safety.  He knew he could now trust the dog. 

            Nemo then turned to Cocoabean, who had finished talking with everyone as well, and had sat down next to Nemo.  “Looks like we have a deal.”

            Cocoa looked somewhat surprised, but Nemo could tell he was faking it.  “You mean I convinced the GREAT NEMO, to help ME?”

            Both Nemo and Cocoabean laughed.

            “Well then, we shall go to the gathering place,” stated Cocoabean.

            “Besides, we had better get out of here before Viktor sends more men.  Where is it and how are we going to get there?”

            “Not to far away,” Smiled Cocoabean.  “So we are going by sub-marines.”
            Nemo also smiled.  “You mean our free rides out of here, which are being provided by Viktor.  You truly are clever.”


...To be Continued Soon...In   "Episode VI: The Gate to Paradise"

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