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------------------------TEAMCLAW EPISODE IV PART 3-----------------

            As Nemo considered his next move, he was suddenly distracted as a voice cackled over a speaker.

"Nemo?" The voice was both surprised and somewhat pleased.  "I did not think that I would catch you in this trap as well.  What a pleasant surprise."

            Turning his head in the direction of the speaker, Nemo noticed one of the robots sitting on the table, gearing a slotted side of itself so a speaker could be heard.  Recognizing the voice, Nemo scowled.  Twice in the same night, Viktor had graced his audience.

            "If I had known that you were going to be here, I would have sent more men...but wait!!”  Suddenly more robots appeared and came into view.  Nemo flinched.   Turning his attention to the teleport that Rebecca had brought and he had opened, he saw the way to get to it was covered by more of the robots as they revealed themselves out of boxes.  But, he decided, even if he did get to the portal, he would bring those robots with, thus endangering the lives of his teammates.

            Viktor continued, "While you play with my friends, I will gather a team of my best men, and we will come by to pick you up and to take the boy and the girl."

            Nemo warily eyed the army of robot that now surrounded him, which was more like an army of hornets. 

            "Take him down," he commanded to the robots, “And bring him in."

            As if in unison, all of the robots swerved one or the other of their eyes at Nemo and like a tightened spring, waited for Nemo to move.  Not hearing any more comments from Viktor, he decided that Viktor had gone away.  Whether or not Nemo was prepared, he was going to have to do something.

            Pulling together a strategy he took one relaxing breath, sighed and then stood in ready position.  

            Finally acting he jumped.  Leaping off of the ground, he pushed off one of the robots, causing it to careen back, while he severed dozens of tentacle arms, which lashed out like whips, to get at him.   Landing on the sorting table that had fallen over, Nemo held up the transport remote and pressed one of the buttons to mess up the coded pattern and close the door. Smashing several with the back of his sword, making sure not to set off the bombs, he jumped back, slit one of the cables supporting the remaining overhead light that worked, and watched as it swung down, plowing dozens of the robots to the side, while also dragging others with it, as it had been a support for them to hold themselves up. But like an unrelenting mass of mosquitoes, there was robots already replacing their fallen comrades.  Stepping around in a circle, Nemo was attacked from behind.  Not given much opportunity, Nemo leapt to the next sorting table. 

            Though he was able to see in the dark, Nemo could not destroy hundreds of robots in the low light.  Turning his attention to the only glowing light that was coming from the exit sign, besides the robots eyes and the fires from the robots he had blown up, Nemo quickly decided his next plan. 

            Slashing up with his sword, he got one of the robots, right through the middle.  Pulling it out, in the same second, he slashed one that was below, while also tagging another in its side.  By taking out those robots, he had a two second frame to get out of the room.  Running across the tables, he wildly swung his sword around.  Stabbing and piercing several more, he jumped onto the handle of the door that led outside and waited for the explosions.  Since Nemo was not big enough or heavy enough to open the door, he waited for the explosions that were about to start.

            Cringing, the first explosion blasted, rippling a second one to ignite.  The pressure in the room heightened as the fires that they caused burned brightly.   Setting the sprinkler system in the building off, the putrid water that had been sitting up there for probably years, mixed with chemicals, that help put out fires, came pouring down.  Listening to the crackling of bare wires, Nemo waited.   Taking the initiative from the last explosions, several more enacted, and finally the ones that Nemo had stabbed and were close at hand blasted the door open.   Holding onto the door, it tore hesitantly off of its hinges, ripping the frame completely out of the cement wall.  Listening to the tinkling of gas, Nemo rolled on the pavement, outside the post office, to a stop.  Throwing Nemo out into the night, he coughed in abhorrent pain as smoke had thus filled his lungs.

            Quickly getting to his feet, ignoring his singed fur and whiskers, he watched as fire and smoke bellowed out of every available hole in the building.  Turning his attention to the doorway, like carnivorous dinosaurs, a surge of robots crawled out of their burning pit.  Much like a hoard of demons, pulling themselves over the debris and wreckage of their fellow robots, even climbing over each other, they once again pursued Nemo. 

            Turning, he took off into the night.  Not sure of what city, or even state that Rebecca had transported them to, he knew his only hope and relief was to get secluded from the robots and quickly teleport through the transporter. 

            Thrashing several hands in front of him, Nemo was surrounded once more by the robots as they pulled themselves over and around him.  Though he was standing in a parking lot, the only light that was aiding him was the cars that drove by on the street that ran next to the post office and the street lights that lined it.

            Holding his sword up, he concentrated, as the robots once again waited for him to move.           "Click, click, click," went the robots gears, while they also whirred from cocking their bodies back and forth so they could look at Nemo with both eyes.

            Suddenly distracting Nemo, he heard a distant siren start up.  Recognizing the sound as a fire truck, he distastefully scowled as several more other sirens started up.  If he did not get the fight out of this area, he was going to be swarmed on by the human police.

            Seeing as that he had only one opportunity to strike, he looked around to the weakest link in the circle that the robots had made around him.  Sliding his foot out, Nemo took a deep breath, while craftily holding the sword in a certain position.  By this time, though he was still not powerful enough to defeat an army, as Rebecca had claimed he had done, he was confident in his memories that his dreams had surfaced up.  In the little he remembered, he felt confident in taking these robots on.

            In a surprising burst, Nemo yelled out and plowed through the weakest part.  Embedding Rebecca's sword into several robots, gathering them on the sword, he quickly turned, pulled the sword out of them and took off into the road.  Not waiting for the explosion, the robots took after him.

            Quickly outrunning him again, one of the robots reached out to grab Nemo.  Taking the tentacles, Nemo grasped onto them, Swung it around.  Jumping back out of the way of a car, which had not even seen Nemo run out, Nemo exacted the swing of the robot into the cars front fender.   Blasting in an explosion the car twisted and screeched to a halt. Nemo gasped as he realized that the human would soon be out and would tell the human authorities that there had been a cat running into the road with a sword, if he did not hurry.   Stepping back, one of the robots launched itself into the air.  Pulling his defenses together, Nemo slightly tagged the robot as it went over him.  Clattering to a halting roll, it ended in a pile, like a ball of yarn.

            Jumping his way to the middle of the street, dodging more cars that were zooming along, filled with humans that were eager to start the coming day; landing on the median, Nemo turned.         Watching the robots try to scramble across the road, as another car crashed into a group of them, blowing them up, and sending others careening, Nemo smiled as that car screeched to a halt.    Running across the rest of the road, he headed onto the side walk parallel the big road.   With the distraction of the robots, the humans would not think to look further.   Unfortunately, like a bad infestation of fleas, dozens of the robots relentlessly pursued Nemo.  Climbing over the cars and through the traffic, they pulled themselves closer. 

            Not waiting to watch, Nemo ran along side the road, looking at the houses that also lined the road.   Sunken back from the light of the streetlights, the houses of which were built onto the side of each other, were covered by the immense trees that grew on the short steep hill that led to the road.  The trees would be a good defense area for him, Nemo thought, but there was no way to lose the robots.  The houses had no through route to get to the back side, thus, hopefully losing the robots in an unexpected turn.  The only hope was to see if there was a break up ahead in the houses, or possibly just the end of the houses’ line.  Running farther, Nemo knew that the robots were right behind him.  Though he was not tired, Nemo knew he could not outrun them.  Coming upon a building that was also built on the same side of the street, Nemo growled in frustration as he saw that it was also built immediately next to the house. 

            Feeling the brush of one of the robots hands, Nemo ran onto the grass and leapt off of the upcoming wall of the grocery store, of which ran all the way to the side of the sidewalk, cutting through the hill, of which the houses were cleft into.  Landing in the midst of the biggest group of the robots, Nemo kicked, punched, slashed and bashed.  Leaping away, as several exploded, Nemo turned and leapt off the side of a tree as several of the robots came at him like hornets.  Dropping upon them, he twisted himself, as he jackknifed several to the side.  Pulling the hands of another, as it came around the tree, Nemo backed up against the tree. Yanking the robot in an arc, Nemo smashed it into a pile of broken hardware.

            Jumping back down onto the uneven sidewalk, of which had been up heaved in several areas by the huge trees, Nemo crouched down, as a police car drove by.  Turning his attention to the post office, of which was just a half mile down the street now, Nemo noticed that the whole place was lit up with flashing sirens that were on the emergency vehicles.   Furrowing his brow, Nemo knew that he was not far enough away, and if he did not get out of here, the police would soon see him.  And with the trail of robots chasing him and them blowing up, he did not have much time to act.  Darting his eyes about, while deflecting the hands that were shot out at him from the robots, he trailed his eyes upward.  Smiling, he once again took off into the midst of robots, taking several down but also getting several cuts along the way, Nemo ran up the tree.  Continuing to advance, he slashed one of the robots aside and made his way onto a far branch.  Balancing out onto it, he looked away from the mess of robots that clashed up behind him, Nemo scrambled across the branch.  Following it all the way up, as it reached towards the sky, Nemo jumped into the air, as he came to the end of it.     Landing perfectly, Nemo turned around and looked at the robots.  Standing on the roof of the grocery store, he cringed as the rocks that were poured on it with the tar, so as to keep the heat of the sun, and the cold of the winter, out, cut into his feet.  Seeing the robots craziliy grasp onto the end of the branch, as they all made their way to the end of it, Nemo laughed as the branch broke from the weight.  Listening to them crash below, Nemo turned, feeling somewhat relieved.  Pulling the teleport device from his pocket, Nemo quickly put the pattern back into the way he had it previously. Jumping in surprise, Nemo heard the swish and the clicking of one of the robots.  At the same time one of the robots landed onto the roof of the building, the door that led to the house tore open. 

            Figuring that either the robots that had fallen made it, or there were still a couple left over, Nemo knew his battle wasn't done.  Seeing that the door had opened on the opposite side of the roof, Nemo stepped back from the robot, and watched as three more joined it.   If he ran through the teleportation door, he would be able to hold back the robots long enough, by stabbing one of them, and running across the roof.  Ignoring the pain of the sharp rocks on his feet, Nemo took position and then dashed forward.  Plowing into the foremost robot, he shoved it back with his sword in the middle of it, and turned and ran.  Hearing the three that had been beside it scramble away from the explosion that soon followed, Nemo began to run harder as he heard more robots land onto the roof and take after him.  Like a horrible nightmare that wouldn't end, Nemo was running neck to neck in the mass of the robots.  Taking one last quick slash around him, destroying as many as he could, Nemo dashed into the portal and disappeared. 

            Unlike before, Nemo was torn along and unexpectedly, or at least because he was tired and had bruises, cuts, scraps, and anything imaginable, it felt like he was thrown out of the portal. 

            Smashing onto the ground, he quickly turned as he heard the whirr of a robot.  Feeling the soft carpet of the basement, Nemo knew he was back home, but did not have time to explain anything to his team that was around him.   Watching the portal close Nemo saw only one menacing robot left over.   Taking his sword, using the back of the sword, remembering that if he stabbed it, they would explode he swung it up and smashed it heavily onto the robot.   Nemo watched as the robot teetered back and forth.  Just in case it exploded, Nemo called out for everyone to take cover.

            Flailing its arms, the robot sputtered, and then fell to the ground lifeless; its LED light eyes blinked off.  Sighing, Nemo dropped the sword and collapsed onto the ground.  "Oh, what a night he muttered..."

            Rebecca was the first to his side, with Tsuki following right after.  "What happened asked Rebecca?"

            "Yah," exclaimed Tsuki, who was warily eyeing the fallen robot.

            Nemo leaned against the bottom of the couch and sighed. Rubbing his eyes with his paws to keep himself awake, and to clear out the dirt and ashes, Nemo said,while almost out of breath, "To explain it shortly a trap was set up for Rebecca."

            "What," Rebecca exclaimed?!  "How would anyone know I was going to be there?"

            "Your sources must have leaked," Nemo stated.

            Yoru walked carefully over to the robot and made a disgusted face at it.  "What a horrible looking robot.  From the looks of it, this was Viktor's handiwork."

            "Yah," Tsuki stated, now taking a full look at the robot.  "Looks almost exactly like the robot that Nemo had battled at the power plant.”

            "My sources are completely safe," stated Rebecca, "They have never led me astray before?!"

            Nemo turned to look at her as if to say something, but didn't.  Thinking his words carefully he finally said,  “When any individual is looking to find information about a great superpower, in the world of crime there will always be betrayal.”

            Rebecca stood up from Nemo’s side, "I guess you are right.  I will look into that leak later in the day."

            "So what happened," asked Tsuki, seeing that Nemo was covered in many wounds.

            "Well," he hesitantly started, "I am really tired and I want to go to sleep..."

            "Please," Tsuki begged.

            "Did you kick some butt," exclaimed Yoru?      

            Nemo smiled, "Truthfully, I sorta did, but...”  Nemo paused as he thought about how good sleeping was but, decided to give them a small recap, “There I was just getting Rebecca's sword, and suddenly I was attacked by dozens of these little robots," He pointed towards the one that was on the floor.  "As I fought them, my only hope was to get through the gate, but when Viktor's voice came over on one of the robots, hundreds and hundreds more showed up.  I fought, but had to run.  Soon I was left on the top of the building in a showdown, and barely made it through the portal..."  Tsuki and Yoru were both ecstatically looking at Nemo.

            "So what happened to the post office," asked Rebecca.

            Nemo turned his attention from the young cats, "it was pretty well blown up.  When I left, the police, and fire department were there."

            "What if they discover that a cat had helped in it?" Tsuki wondered.

            Nemo smiled, "Don't worry there was enough explosions, that there would be no proof left. Truthfully, they will probably brush the whole thing underneath the carpet, because they would have no way to explain everything. 

            Turning his attention to the robot, Nemo commanded to Tsuki, "Speaking of evidence, Tsuki, I imagine that once Viktor discovers that I have escaped, he will blow up all of his robots so as to leave no visible evidence for the humans.  I need you to use your mechanical skills and remove the bomb...and also any possible way Viktor could track it down.  I want to see how these robots work, so that next time Viktor uses them, I will be able to counter them.

            Tsuki immediately began to get to work, while Yoru watched intentively.

            Turning his attention back to the sword and the teleporter device, Nemo painfully got up, and staggered to his feet.  Picking them off of the ground, he turned and handed them to Rebecca, who had since lain onto the couch, no doubt still exhausted from almost freezing to death.  "Here, these are yours."

            Rebecca reached lazily over and took them from his hand.

            "Why," Nemo wondered, "just wondering a question.  With such a powerful teleporting tool, why did you not just teleport yourself to the gate at the mountain and return the prince?"

            Rebecca sighed.  Such an obvious question Nemo should know, but had to be answered she decided.  "The entire mountain is surrounded by a barrier, set up by the High council, to protect it during the earlier wars that we had had.  The barrier's use is only to block the use of these teleport devices” She held the device, which Nemo had given back to her, up.  “…so that gives me the disadvantage." 

            Nemo sighed and turned his attention from Rebecca, "I see."

            "We thought of that a long time ago," Rebecca stated. 

            Thinking to himself, Nemo sat once more down.  To send such a group of robots to apprehend two people must make them extremely important to Viktor.  So anything that was important to Viktor is important to him.  Whatever reason Viktor was searching for paradise must not be found.  The entire world could be in danger. 

            Turning his somewhat exhausted gaze, he sat straight up and cleared his mind, "Rebecca, from now on, I swear my life and time to get you and the prince to the gate.  Anything that foils Viktor's plans is my business."

            Rebecca smiled in agreement.  Tsuki and Yoru turned from working on the robot and somewhat cringed and stuck their tongue out at Nemo's statement.  “..Impossible,” Yoru muttered.  Going back to work, Nemo ignored their comments and laid once more comfortably onto the side of the couch.  Sighing once more, he turned his gaze around the room.

            "Wait a second," he realized, sitting up.  "Where are the Prince, and Sakura?"

            "Oh yah," Tsuki exclaimed, looking up.  Suddenly a soft puff of smoke drifted suddenly out of the machine.

            "Looks like we defused the bomb just in time," Yoru stated.

            Tsuki gasped as the smoke drifted unexpectadly into her face.  Brushing the wisps aside, she half coughed and half spoke, "They...*cough...are in...*cough...the new control room...*cough, cough."

            Yoru glanced up from the robot and also remembered that they had found it. 

            Both of the cats had been taken up in the moment, with Nemo coming back, that they had completely forgotten about their big discovery.

            "The entire thing was filled with water," he began, but Tsuki cut him off.

            "Wait!  We need to tell him WHAT we found with MYYY invention."  She emphasized heavily her words, obviously hinting that because of her invention, she found something.

            Nemo rolled his eyes and groaned; he would never hear the end of this.  Catching her before she would spend an hour or so gloating Nemo stated, "Just cut to the chase Tsuki."

            She looked annoyingly at Nemo, but seeing that he was tired and injured, she gave in.  "Well ok," she agreed.  "Using my equipment, I scanned the object again, and was able to discover that it was indeed hollow.  So using the digging equipment we dug down to it."

            "But," Yoru cut in, "Because it is below the water level, and the sub-pump on the house does not help it, the whole room and tunnels were filled with water.  So..."

            "So," Tsuki cut back in, while giving Yoru an evil lookand elbowing him, "We installed a secondary sub pump and was able to clear all the water out."

            "In fact," Yoru once again cut in, “we.."

            "Stop interrupting me," Tsuki exclaimed madly at Yoru!!!  "As I was saying, we even moved the entire control room from between the floor boards, to down in the hole."

            Nemo smiled happily at his two underlings.  Though they were annoying at times, he knew they could prove useful.

            "Looking at the area down there, "Tsuki added, "it looked like it used to be an underground bomb shelter...though we couldn't figure out why they had dug twenty feet below the foundation of the house to make it.  The people who built must have been freaks."  She looked thoughtfully at Nemo, "and if you were wondering, there is a small tunnel system already set up, so that we can go down and get out, with and without being inside the house.  It is even big enough for Rebecca to fit into."

                        "How convenient," Nemo said out loud, while looking over at Rebecca, who had already fallen fast asleep.  That would mean that Rebecca could easily climb out right before sunrise or even during the day and buy or get supplies for herself and the boy.

            Wanting to see how it looked, but also wanting to ask Sakura some questions, he prodded Tsuki where the entrance was, and followed her up the stairs as she showed him the way.  Ignoring the pains he had just gotten from the robots, despite the fact that he was already feeling better, he held no restraints.  Showing him the little opening that is between the stairs, the one that Nemo had used to go the back route to get to his now old control room, Nemo raised his eyebrow in question and followed after her.  Tagging behind, Yoru followed them.

            "Seeing as the fact that we did not want to dig a hole through the cement, we decided to get at from underneath the house."

            Feeling the familiar breeze, that had caused Nemo to decide not to build his control room down here, tsuki led him to a back way and a hole in the side of the houses dirt.  Recognizing the familiar shape of the tunnel, Nemo knew that they had used the digger; the machine that had originally been used to create the underground closet.  The digger creates a hole that is four to five feet wide.  It works by first burrowing itself into a small hole and suddenly expands.  When it expands, it compacts the dirt into a hard, cement like wall.  After it does that, it then sprays the walls with a finish, so that water and bugs, and even just the usual wear of time, would not affect it.    The wall of the tunnel was very well made.  Making their way down the tunnel, of which was lined with lights that the young cats had set up, Nemo came to a comfortably sized room. 

            "Good job," he congratulated the cats.  Pointing his comment towards Tsuki, "You have actually done something with that abstract imagination of yours Tsuki!"

            Tsuki frittered in happiness as she had been expecting Nemo's congrats.

            "Do we get to celebrate," asked Yoru?

            "Yes, we will after we get some rest.” 

Yoru at first sulked, but then cheered up, “I get to have first dibs on the icecream!”

            “You always do Yoru, that is unfair,” Complained Tsuki!!!

            Sitting on a small couch was the Prince, who was fast asleep.  Turning his attention across the room, at the arrangement of things, Nemo  was surprised by all of the furniture.  “Where did you get all of this?”  They even had a makeshift rug.

Tsuki smiled again, “We got it from the trash!”  Nemo frowned, but figured that it was ok as long as everything held together.

Looking around the room, he saw Sakura.  Questiongly, he looked at  Sakura, who was glaring at his computer screen.  Walking up behind her, he watched as she was furiously at work typing.

            "What are you doing?"  Nemo asked with authority.

            Sakura, who had not even noticed Nemo jumped in surprise.  "GAH!  What do you want?  I didn't do it!!!"

            Twirling around in an office chair, she grimaced as she glared up at Nemo, "Hi, boss!"

            Boss? He thought to himself.   Does that mean he has another animal to look after?  Looking at the screen, Nemo glanced at what she had been typing.

            "I was just looking through your system and noticed that there were some loopholes that Viktor might use to track you down."

            "Track me down," asked Nemo?

            Tsuki walked over to the computer as well, with Yoru behind.  Though keeping their distance, as to the fact that they had not warmed up to this new character that had been added to the collection of people they listened to the conversation.

            "Yes,” she said frankly.  "You have no security at all, and if you rely upon this hardware, using the system that HQ had given you, surely you would have been found sooner or later!"

            Nemo realized this, and turned his gaze back to the room.  "Well, you can continue, but I need to ask a few questions."

            Swinging her chair back towards the computer, she typed furiously, while occasionally grabbing the mouse.  "Ok, that is fine with me," she agreed.

            Motioning his appreciation towards Tsuki and Yoru, he brushed them towards the tunnel.  He needed to talk to her privately.

            Seeing them hesitantly walk away very annoyed, Nemo began.  "How did Viktor find out Rebecca was going to be at the post office?"

            "Viktor was tipped off by a source...how annoying for you guys."  She paused as Nemo understandably listened to her," on top of that, after Viktor and his men spent several hours looking for the package, they suddenly had to leave, because they got a signal from you using some kind of thing,  and I was told to capture them...and I was going to do it against my wishes, I did a whole lot of horrible things against my wishes... Viktor knew that if I was sent to capture Rebecca and the Prince, that they would not resist me, because I used to be their friend..." She seemed sad.

            Nemo consoled her; he had seen this problem a lot with the creatures that he had freed from Viktor and Tenalt’s forces.  "Don't worry; it is not your fault."

            She smiled and perked up, "I know."

            Nemo smiled with her.  Sakura was an obviously strong willed individual and very smart.  Looking around the room, to investigate the rest of it, Nemo marveled.  "Truly," he commented,” This place is big enough to fit everything in the entire underground closet!"

            "NO IT IS NOT!!!" called Tsuki from the hallway.  "And if YOU want to move it you can try, BUT you are going to be ALONE!!!"

            "I thought I TOLD YOU TO GO UPSTAIRS!!!" Nemo commanded, though half chuckling.

            "Eeks," Tsuki squealed as Nemo could hear her pattering paws running towards the exit. 

 Everything was working out for the better.  They got a bigger control room, a place for the humans to stay, Nemo's can remember more of his past, AND....and...Nemo yawned as he sat next to the prince on the couch.  And it is time to go to bed.  Preparing himself for the conquest of the mountain, to the gate to paradise, was going to take a whole lot of energy; he needed his sleep.  Nemo quickly fell asleep.

            As he slept and dreamed his dreams, Nemo did not remember that he had left Sakura’s sword…back at the post office…



...To be Continued Soon...In   "Episode V: The Rising Rebellion"

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