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© 2005 Mike Blake (Monisawa),  Jeremy Blake (www.jerbl.com);  All rights and privileges reserved.

------------------------TEAMCLAW EPISODE III PART 3-----------------


            Not sure how Viktor had gotten through the matter transporter, Nemo yelled to the soldiers, "That is Viktor, ARREST HIM!!!"

            The men hackled and smiled one to another as if it was a joke among themselvs. 

            "You fool," Viktor exclaimed.  "I have overthrown HQ and they are now my pawn to play with."  He pointed towards the soldiers and stated, "And to show you how much I have control I shall give you a demonstration.  MEN, apprehend Nemo."

            Suddenly a surgence of the soldiers left the girl and crashed into Nemo as they shoved him against the opposite wall and wrestled him down, making him drop his sword.  But as most situations end up being, Nemo freed himself and began to take them down with punches and kicks, though just the normal techniques that he had learned from HQ regulation.

            Suddenly there was a loud squelch and Nemo's muscles completely froze.  "What?!" He tried to say, but even his jaw muscles were frozen.

            Nemo could only stare in one direction, but watched as the men parted to show Viktor coming through the ranks.  "It took me a while to find Daddy's toy, but, I was finally able to dig up the button to control you."  Viktor held up a tiny chip that had a small button on it.  "This chip is set exactly to a secondary chip that is in your body...set to neutralize all muscles from moving."  He paused for a second, "Well, at least not the heart unfortunately, but everything else is frozen.  You were very important to us, and we had invested a lot of time in your behalf.  Paradise is so close, now that you smoked out more of your people."  He then turned towards the girl, who was still backed up against the wall with soldiers around her.  Still holding her sword out, she glanced up in concern at Nemo.

            "Okay, human if you value this wretched animal, I suggest that you put your sword down."  Viktor clicked his fingers together, in a snap, and all of the men around Nemo started to kick and punch him. 

            Not being able to defend himself, Nemo's body started to feel pain as the soldiers from HQ mercilessly pounded on him.  Viktor turned and smiled at Nemo, obviously enjoying the pain that Nemo was going through.  Turning his attention back onto the girl, he snapped his fingers again and the men stopped attacking and withdrew a couple steps from him.  Though unable to use his muscles, Nemo collapsed to the floor in utter pain. 

            As much as Nemo tried to watch and stay conscious, darkness fettered around his eyes and since he was too weak to even breath, he fell unconscious....the room swirled and faded, while everything crispened to ashen black.

            "No," Nemo thought, “I must defeat Viktor...." Hearing the faint scream of the human girl, Nemo could do nothing, but submit to the dark.

            Lying in the darkness, Nemo faintly realized that he was in a dream.  Looking around, he saw that he was still only surrounded by an abyss of black, but could hear the distant drips of falling rain.  Reaching his hands out, Nemo began to feel the rain on his fur.  Thinking to himself, Nemo recognized the situation he was in, but could not remember what the dream had been about.

            Suddenly, as if a lion that was swiftly chasing its prey, Nemo heard the loud whoosh and the crunching gears of machinery as it jumped and landed while shaking the ground.  Squinting in the dark, Nemo turned to the direction that he had heard it and was suddenly surprised as the sky, though a dull red began to lighten up on the area.  Stepping once more forward, he looked and could see tops of trees line in front him, that contrasting the strangely hued sky.  Only able to see dark shadows as the sky was not lighten, hardly at all, Nemo could only see the dark outline of the trees a little distance in front of him.  Turning, Nemo noticed that he was in a clearing, of which was in the middle of a monstrously huge, tall and very dark forest. 

            Feeling the rain, that was intermingled with the ashes in the air, Nemo could taste the salt from his sweat and could hear the explosions and ranting of thousands and thousands of machines moving and clashing all around him all throughout the forest.  "What is this place?"  Nemo asked himself.  Suddenly another crash and a moving machine, that sounded close at hand, caused Nemo to spin around.  Only seeing faint shadows in the eerie dusk atmosphere, Nemo shivered in the anticipation of something big, as every time he heard it move, the ground shook. 

            Blasting in another direction, the air was lit with an explosion, which was much like the others that he heard, but was very close.  Turning his attention to the sound of the moving machine, using the light from the explosion, that temporarily stood suspended in the air, Nemo stepped back in complete shock as he noticed a machine that was coming towards him.   The machine was terrible and huge.  With one of its feet it could easily crush him and with whatever weapons it was equipped with, it could easily destroy Nemo.

            Watching the advancing mass of equipment, Nemo quickly ignored all of the other sounds that were surrounding him of the other battles going on.  It was obvious that the machine had singled him out and was going to take him down.

            Turning to run Nemo took off blindly, as to the fact that Nemo was once more in darkness, because the light from the explosion had now faded.

            The only thing that ran through Nemo’s head was to escape.  Running forward, he took off with all of his might, but his heart sunk as he heard the jumping of the creature machine blast from behind him and crash in the direction that he had been running.  Wiping his forehead from the rain that was pouring down, Nemo turned in another direction, but tripped over something and landed in a puddle of mud.  Struggling to his feet, he could hear the creature coming closer with each of its long strides.

            Unable to run any longer Nemo listened to the hiss and the clicking of the machineries motors and engines.  Turning in the direction that it was coming, Nemo cringed, and waited to die.

            Unexpectedly there was a crash and the machine whirred back.  Nemo frantically tried to see what was happening but it was too dark.  Hearing more deafening steps of the machine, he could hear it frantically try to fight, but was failing. 

            Getting desperate, the machine launched multiple missiles up into the air and all around the area.  Listening to them scream, as the bombs turned up and back around to attack and destroy the force that was hurting itself, Nemo looked forward.  From the light of the rockets blasting the missiles, Nemo gasped as he saw a cat wielding a sword.  Recognizing the uniform as the one that he had back in the box at home, Nemo froze in surprise when he saw the sword that the cat carried was his.  This must be the guy that the human female was talking about.

            Continuing to watch, the cat effortlessly dodged the bombs as they embedded themselves into the ground, blasting and lighting up the whole clearing.  Making its way back to the machine the cat sunk the sword deep into the leg of the monstrous beast.  Resisting, the machine tried stepping away, but the cat had already lacerated the leg from the robot.  Quickly making work, the cat leapt from the ground, off of the machines other foot that was swinging to crush him and blasted the sword effortlessly into the main hull.  Sizzling and biting with electricity; oil, gas and bolts tinkered from where the cat had hit.   Giving a last hint of life, the robot crashed in a hopeless pile on the field of battle.  Suddenly a part of the robot exploded and lit up the whole clearing.  Nemo, glanced across the spacious field and saw hundreds of ghastly machines and vehicles lying in piles and piles of similar gore. 

            Had that cat done this?  This was not reasonably possible!

            Continuing to stare at its prey, the cat stood away from it, pulled its mask back and sheathed the sword back at its side.  As if the cat had heard a noise it turned its head in Nemo's direction, and looking through the accented light from the fire blazing from where the bombs had landed, Nemo gasped as he realized that the cat was him....

            Suddenly a wind blasted into Nemo and tore him back.  Struggling, Nemo was picked up from the battle field.  Leaving the cat that had just battled the creature, Nemo was once again blasted into darkness.  The sounds of the battlefield faded and the whole scene blurred out of view.

            Gasping for air, Nemo woke from his unconsciousness.  Looking around, he noticed that he was back at his house.  Careening his head up, he almost laughed in surprise as the fact that he was no longer being frozen by the thing that Viktor had used.  Looking farther up, carefully as to not alert the soldiers that he could move, he saw the girl still up against the wall.  All the men around Nemo were to busy watching in glee as the other men made towards her to apprehend her.  Why had she not used the sword yet?  If she didn't do anything she would be captured.

            Thinking for a second Nemo suddenly remembered the dream he had just had....not only could he remember what happened, but he could visualize every scene from the battle.  Something had changed and Nemo had begun to remember who he had been. 

            Not getting up from the floor, Nemo knew that he was the one that the girl had spoken of.  Maybe her presence alone had brought back part of the memory of the battle that had ensued in his past.  Relying upon the confidence of the dream, that was freshly on his mind, Nemo spun around on the ground, kicking all of the soldiers immediately around him to fall to the ground.  Jumping to his feet, with renewed energy, despite what the soldiers had done to him, Nemo blasted all the men across the room with a fury of swooping kicks, punches and body slams.  Rolling, Nemo jumped across the floor, dodging the piles of junk, and grabbed the sword from off of the ground.  Leaping to his feet, he held it up and towards the soldiers who by now had all scrambled and huddled in a group at the foot of the stairs.  Seeing that Viktor was nowhere in sight, Nemo figured that he must of already left.  Most likely he had left while he had been knocked out, because Viktor relied too much upon the supposed superior design of his plan…being too overconfident, as Viktor usually does.             Seeing that Nemo was free from the hold that Viktor had put them in, the soldiers forgot about the young woman and jumped in surprise as she also held her sword towards them from their other flank; herding them up the stairs and towards the matter transporter. 

            The commander sputtered, "Men fall back.  We have to report this to Viktor!"  They ran up the stairs and filed into the matter transporter like a flock of scared chickens and all disappeared.

            Nemo then quickly ran up the stairs, pulled the coordinate panel out and smashed it with his sword so that he and members of his team would be safe.  By locking all other incoming and outgoing teleports, Nemo would be safe from HQ, because the only thing that HQ had to find or contact him with was the matter transporter coordinate and the e-mail for the main computer.  When HQ changed to using the matter transporters, for confidentiality from the humans or enemies, they removed the agents outpost addresses from file. All business was conducted through e-mails and the matter transporter from then on.  The worst Viktor could do now was send hate mail through Nemo’s computer.  Smiling Nemo walked down the stairs. 

Though Nemo was confused about how Viktor had taken over HQ, he was happy because he had won the battle.  The war was still going on and he would still have to defeat Viktor, but he had won the battle.

            Turning the corner, Nemo noticed that the girl was smiling and had already sheathed her sword.  Walking over to the unit that she had put up, she pressed the button and the room slightly darkened as the barrier that had still been protecting the room turned off.  Also at the same time the girl grew back to her rightful size.

            "What a night," Nemo finally gasped out. 

            "Yes indeed," said the girl.  Holding her hand out, she said, "Names Rebecca.”              Nemo also held his paw out and shook the girl’s hand.  Asking the question that had bothered him, Nemo questioned, “So how come you didn't take down all of the soldiers?  It would not have been a problem for you?" 

            She smiled again, while taking the elastic out of her hair and letting her hair fall back down.  "After you conked out, Viktor left because he thought that he had won, but that was only the beginning of his end.  At first when his men attacked you I was worried and when you fainted, I thought that you had died...That is why I screamed...I had spent so many years looking for you.  Thankfully when Viktor had assured me that you were alive, he told his men to finish the job and commence what they had been doing by torturing you.  I was hopefully waiting for you to wake up and come to your senses.  "

            Nemo raised his eyebrow, "You know Viktor?"

            "Yes," she said, but sadly commented, "But I knew his father Tenalt a whole lot more.  And so do you."

            Nemo sighed and figured that he had a long ways to go before he was able to remember everything.  Suddenly distracted by a noise from the equipment closet, Nemo jumped forward in surprise as he had just remembered that Tsuki and yoru were still down there. Pushing the button to open it, they popped their heads out and gasped. 

            "MAN, do you know how HOT IT IS IN THERE?!"  Exclaimed Yoru.

            "You guys were sure duking it out," commented Tsuki, "you were making a whole lot of noise."

            Nemo smiled as both Tsuki and Yoru piled out, with the young boy right behind them.

            "We have a lot to explain," said Nemo, who was now a lot more willing to believe and trust the girl.  Though he still had not remembered much, he knew that the girl named Rebecca had told him the truth about him being the one that she was looking for.  But without the support structure of HQ, Nemo knew that there was a large unknown adventure ahead.

              ...END OF EPISODE III

To be continued next week in: “EPISODE IV : The Packages of  Mayhem”

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