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© 2005 Mike Blake (Monisawa),  Jeremy Blake (www.jerbl.com);  All rights and privileges reserved.

------------------------ TEAMCLAW EPISODE II PART 3 -----------------

                Lying down Nemo tossed back and forth struggling against the water....but feeling the soft brush of wind against his nose, and the feel of a smooth hard floor, he opened his eyes.  Staring up into the serene night sky, Nemo was taken back because he was outside, but also because the sky seemed very strange.   Covering his eyes from the extent of the light from the stars, they felt so close that Nemo thought that he could touch them.  Continuing to glance across the sky, he noticed that there were several planets also close at hand.   Pulling his arm down from in front of his face, he suddenly realized that his arm no longer hurt.  Holding it up to look at it, Nemo exclaimed in surprise and realized that not only was he not hurting, but he was completely dry.  Turing his eyes back to the sky, he realized that he was surrounded by tall magnificent marble pillars that hoisted themselves up, as if to hold a heavy ceiling, but only seemed to brace the sky instead.   Turning his head, he followed the pillars down till they touched the pristine floor.  Glaring their reflection off of the polished floor, of which was also made of marble but was entwined with the most purest gold, it caught the intricateness  of the existence of time.

            Propping himself onto his elbows, not sure if he had full strength, Nemo glared at his environment and noticed that he was surrounded by walls on all sides with no door.  Carefully getting up, he was once again met with a soft warm breeze that smelled of flowers, open fields of grass and endless spring nights that were filled with beginning life.  Taken aback by the apparent beauty Nemo at first stumbled forward but gained his balance.  What was this place and why was he here? 

            Suddenly the serene silence was interrupted by the sound of someone's voice speaking.   "We have been expecting you...Nemo."   Turning around, Coming full circle to a figure in a white robe, Nemo jumped back, as the fact that no one had been there before.

            Expecting me, thought Nemo, Why would they be expecting me?

            Stepping forward, the figure that wore a robe made of thick silk, with their face hidden by the shadow of the hood, smiled kindly.  Noticing that the figure had fur and that they had whiskers, Nemo knew it was a cat.  Feeling oddly completely relaxed and comfortable in their presence, Nemo didn’t know why but knew that he could trust the cat.

            "Where am I," asked Nemo?

            "You are, where you are," said the cat, of which Nemo recognized the voice as a female.  She pointed her paw over Nemo's shoulder at the direction completely behind him.  Turning around, Nemo gasped.  The wall that had been there was missing.  Walking over to where it had been, the tiled floor ended to a drop and gave way to slight misty sand.  Carefully watching, the sand moved away from a central area and right before him was a sewer man hole...building out farther, the entire city that Nemo had been in shifted into view...Lightening up by street lamps and faint lights from peoples houses inside, the stars slightly dimmed their light.  S

            Stepping closer to the edge, Nemo recognized the place as to where he had been moments before.  Peeling away the lid of the manhole, it deteriorated into sand, being blown away by a soft wind.  Immediately following, the whole street brushed up and sucked away the ground all the way to half of the sewer pipe.  Much like the split views of cars and such, it looked like a real life diagram.  Suddenly Nemo saw a cat that was curled up and in an awkward painful position.  Noticing the slight glow from the force field, nemo identified the cat as himself, trapped on the containment shield. 

            "That is me!  How can I be in two places at once?"  Nemo asked.  Turning his direction to the cat who was addressing him, Nemo couldn't figure out what was happening.  Slowly letting the entire information sink in, he gasped out loud, "Am I dead?"

            Without commenting to his question the cat stated, "The council wants you to stay and complete your mission."  

            "Council, Stay?" Nemo asked in confusion.  "Am I dead and is this heaven?" He persisted.

            "This is not heaven," said the cat, "but compared to the state of Earth, it would seem like such a place."  She turned from facing Nemo and walked around him to where his body was in the sewer hole.  Jumping down the ground, she gracefully landed like a butterfly onto the ground that had been widdled away by the wind and reached towards Nemo's body.  Reaching through the water, which everything was completely frozen as a frame of time had been pulled from existence, she passed through the water as if it was air and grabbed Nemo's right paw.  Positioning it away from the barrier, she pushed the button on Nemo's tail to deactivate the containment field.

 Figuring as he watched her that once time was started up again, the shield would deactivate and disappear, Nemo was still completely confused.

            "If this is not heaven and I am dead, then why am I here?" asked Nemo.

            "Nemo, though I may tell you, you will not remember."  Walking back up out of the hole, she stood once more on the solid ground next to Nemo. "All you need to know is that your return to Earth is imperative.  In your hands rests the destiny of two worlds; yours and where you are originally from.  It is extremely important that you complete your mission that you were assigned to do."

            Trying to take this all in, Nemo began to think harder.  "If I am not from Earth, then why can I not remember who I am, or what I used to be?"

            "Your memories have been suppressed by shock from an incident too sad to talk about.  But you memories will slowly emerge to their extent to help you complete your mission.  That is all that you need to know."

            "I have a mission on Earth," asked Nemo, "what is my mission?  And what is the gate incident."

            She turned from his gaze and walked towards a huge staircase that had appeared.  Extending up over the wall and higher than the pillars; the stair’s destination disappeared far into the night sky.   Slightly glancing back at Nemo, he knew that he would get no more answers from her. 

            The cat turned her direction as if to expect someone, but Nemo turned his gaze back to his body.  Extremely confused and unsure of what this all was, he stared intently at the horrible expression on his face, and his closed eyes.

            Suddenly he heard another voice that was not the girl cat.  Turning back to the stairs, his eyes met upon a human girl that was completely dressed in white that had a glow around her whole body.  Turning her eyes to his, Nemo cringed as they were the most purest blue eyes that he had ever seen.  Turning her gazed back to the cat, the human girl’s long blonde hair that trailed to her waist brushed in the wind.  "Is this really the one?" asked the girl doubtingly.  "He is unprincipled and irrational."  Nemo remembered back to his conversation with Duchess, thinking to himself that this sounded like something that she would say.

            "Yes," said the cat to her, while the human picked her up.  "He has a strong will, and gives as much as can.  Plus his memories are trapped deep in the maze of his mind."

            "Very well," said the girl, "I can not believe that this is the cat that was so famed, but we shall trust in the fate that is playing at hand."  She smiled at Nemo and said, "Good luck to you."

            Though Nemo was taken aback by all what was happened he was confused, "Well...don't I get a say in this, " asked Nemo, "I mean this is my life, and it is not fair that I do not know my memories, or who I used to be and what my mission is!"

            They began to step up the stairs and nemo started to feel a dizzy.  "Go," said the cat, "this is a matter of consequence if you do not complete your mission…Go and live the course of life."  Suddenly Nemo started to feel a pull towards his body. 

            "Wait," he called," I don't understand."  He tumbled back into the misty sand and fell to his knees and paws.  Darkness started to lap at his mind as everything was fading.  Losing his balance, he rolled down the hole that had been gouged he started to feel the lap of water on his fur.  Looking back up, the cat was staring down at Nemo...except her hood was away from her head.  As Nemo gasped his last breath, his mind caught onto her face.  Immediately recognizing her from his dreams, Nemo called out, "It's you...but...you...died....but...when"  

            Nemo fazed out as he heard her mumble, as her voice garbled with the darkness, "Goodbye Nemo.......an.d...Good....lu.c...k."

Hacking and coughing Nemo clung to a ladder that he had managed to grab hold of after he deactifvated the barrier.  Piercing throughout his whole body, pain shot through his right shoulder, while Nemo clenched his teeth.  As the rushing water whipped by, Nemo felt like it would never end.  Finallyo stopping, Nemo carefully looked up, and saw the manhole at the top of the ladder.  Using all of the energy that he had left, he climbed up the ladder and pushed the manhole lid aside.   Pulling himself out of the hole, he grunted and gritted his teeth as his muscles seemed to give out.  How had he lived through that?  Nemo wondered to himself.  Pushing the manhole cover back into place he jumped in surprise as an annoying voice called over the dark night air.

            “Twice in one night, I can see that my luck in improving,” exclaimed Viktor.

Slowly turning around Nemo grimaced as he faced Viktor who still held his stun gun, of which was trained onto him.  Glancing at the moon, Nemo figured that it had been an hour since the sun had set.  Looking back at Viktor he narrowed his eyes.  He had not survived the sewer hole just to get caught by Viktor.  Though he was in extreme pain, he did not want to show it to Viktor and nor did he want to show his fear.  Viktor motioned with his free hand towards a small vehicle that he was standing by.

“It is time to take you in Nemo.” Viktor exclaimed while motioning again for him to get into the transport.  Using every ounce of strength, Nemo stood up and refused to acknowledge the gesture.  “It seems that you did not learn your lesson from the first shot.  Even if you will not be able to use both your arms, they will recover in time.”  Pulling back on the trigger, Nemo heard an explosion, cringed and waited for the impact, but nothing came.  Opening his eyes Viktor was staring at the gun in complete surprise as he was only holding the bottom half, the top part had been blown off.  Quickly dropping it he cuddled his hand as it had obviously been burnt.  Without to much more hesitation, Viktor pulled out another gun, but this time when he tried shooting again, it ricocheted off of something in front of Nemo….a kind of barrier.  Hearing the panting of a cat withstanding the blow, Nemo recognized it as Tsuki’s.  Looking over to behind a tree a little ways off, he saw Yoru standing with a gun that Nemo had never seen before. 

Once again Yoru took aim and blasted the gun that Viktor had been holding.  Suddenly Viktor reeled back as had been kicked by something invisible.

“That was for last nigt,” Nemo heard Tsuki exclaim; though for some reason he could not see her. 
            Picking himself up, Viktor looked distastefully at the hidden opponents that were barraging him. 

“Give it up Viktor,” Tsuki called, while punching him in the stomach.  Though Nemo was exhausted he had to hold back a laugh as it seemed that as Viktor started swinging and getting punched he was just fighting with himself. 

            Though Viktor was extremely adamant and was very determined to get Nemo he yelled out in frustration.  “Nemo I will get you yet.”  With that said he went up in  a puff of smoke with his vehicle.

Collapsing, Nemo had spent the last of his energy standing up.  Yoru raced up to him while Nemo continued to hear Tsuki’s voice, but for some reason could not see her.

Looking at Nemo’s shoulder, Yoru put the gun down and reached to examine it, “Wow Nemo, you seem to get hurt in the weirdest ways possible.”

Tsuki called in, “Did Viktor get a good shot on you?”

Though ashamed to admit his obvious defeat, he nodded to Tsuki’s question.  Once again he doubled over in pain as his shoulder seared in pain.

“We need to get him some medical attention fast!” called Yoru.

Nemo smiled slightly, “Don’t worry guys I will be alright, just get me home.”

Yoru relaxed at hearing Nemo talk.  Letting his eyes trail down to the gun that he had shot at Viktor earlier, he pulled it up into Nemo’s view, “Look what HQ sent us!  They sent some new weapons and a lighter invisible pack.  They also sent more efficient heat goggles.”

Remembering the heat goggles, Nemo knew that the ones that he had brought into the sewer were gone.  Looking over at the car and the bag that he had left underneath the car, he told Yoru to go and get it. 

Carefully getting to his feet Nemo stood up once more, as Tsuki turned off her new invisible pack and came up next to him to help him walk towards home.

Tsuki couldn’t hold it in anymore, “Did you like the cool shield that they sent with the invisibility pack?” 

“So that is what saved me after you guys shot the first gun,” put in Nemo.  “Thanks Tuski and also thanks Yoru for that good shot!”

“Don’t mention it Nemo,” said Tsuki.

“After all,” Yoru stated, “We are in this together…”he paused as Nemo suddenly remembered that he had left them out of the mission.

“After you left Nemo, we got worried, especially when we didn’t find you in the control room,” said Tsuki.

“Though thanks to the note that you left us, telling exactly where you had gone, we were able to track you down,” Yoru commented.  “So what happened between you and Viktor?”

Note? Thought Nemo to himself, I never wrote a note. 

Looking back into the two young cats eyes he turned back to their questions, “all right,” He finally said, “If you want to know, I faced off with Viktor, but I failed.  I dropped myself into his clutches like a complete idiot and almost died.”

“Is that all,” asked Tsuki, “Viktor came out LONG before you did!”

“Yah, did anything else happen,” asked Yoru.

Nemo cringed; he was not even sure what happened.  One moment he was crushed by the wall of water, and then slamed into the barrier he had put to capture Viktor and the next thing he knew, he was clinging to the ladder that he had gone down.  Finally admitting Nemo said, “Guys I really don’t know.  Recently there has been happening a lot of strange unexplainable situations.  One moment I was going to die, and the next I was clinging to a ladder.”

“For a whole hour,” mused Tsuki, “WOW, You really are the best agent in the WHOLE WORLD!!!”

Nemo smiled at her enthusiasm. 

Making their way home, Yoru said to them, “So how we going to fix you up this time?  Should we make you look like a dog got you again, or perhaps a bird?”

Nemo chuckled a little, “I don’t care, just let me get home so I can rest up for tomorrow night’s mission.”

As they made their way off of the street and onto the side walk, they did not see the limping cat walk up and sit down on the ground where they had been, undetected while watching them go home.  Slightly smiling to herself, the old cat sighed and began to walk home too. She had had a long night.  Though she had only written a note and watched everyone from afar, she was retired and truthfully was out of shape and very, very exhausted.


To be continued next week in: “EPISODE III : The broken Past Awakens”

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