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------------------------TEAMCLAW EPISODE I PART 2-----------------

Running over his available options, which he could either stay here, hoping that Tsuki and Yoru, could take care of the bombs, or he could go and help them out.

As annoying as they were at times, he knew he had to help them out.  Tsuki would do her best, but he could only wonder about the other one, Yoru.  Previous missions had proved dangerous, but for both of them, they had never been in a serious life threatening one. 

Deciding on his only real option, he keyed the computer into auto, jumped out of his seat and suddenly paused.  His eyes fell on a cardboard box that was against the far wall buried underneath some other things, which housed his uniform. The uniform was acquired earlier in his years of HQ, when he used to do infiltration missions and recover dangerous or stolen items from Viktor and Tenalts bases of operation.  The uniform was one of the things that he had recovered, and instead of giving it to HQ, Nemo felt a connection to it, as it was made for a cat and it fit him perfectly.  So Nemo kept the suit and was allowed to use it on his following missions.   He grinned for a second, and laughed to himself.  He wouldn’t need the uniform this time.  After all, he reasoned, they were only bombs.  Grabbing the empty bag that HQ had sent them for the night, he gathered some of the necessary equipment that they would need and dropped them into the bag.  Slipping out of the control room, Nemo blasted to the cupboard door, into the bathroom and out into the hall.  Racing back through the front room and kitchen, in his haste, the bag caught on a chair in the kitchen and brought it crashing to the floor.  Freezing in his tracks, Nemo heard several of the humans stir.  Hearing one of them getting up, he bolted for the basement.  He did not have time to be distracted; Tsuki and Yoru were in danger and Nemo had to help them.  Blasting into the basement, he hurriedly opened the equipment door, grabbed a few more things and threw them into his bag.  Closing the cement door, he dashed up and Slipped open the door to the transporter.   Quickly pressing the coordinates on the panel, Nemo tweaked it to drop him near the first patch of bombs.  Pressing send, he pushed the tiny panel in, jumped into the tiny compartment, pulled the door shut, strapped himself in, and waited.

Remembering that in his haste, he hadn't told Tsuki and Yoru about the other bombs.  Scolding himself, for being shortsighted Nemo glanced at the com unit in his tail as the transporter loaded the coordinates.  Deciding to tell them on the other side, he sat up in his chair as he waited to be transported.  Quickly being disassembled in a blast of light, Nemo had a fuzzy feeling all over, but was instantly reassembled.  Now at the power plant, he was immediately engulfed by the sound of running machinery.  Crunching, whining, hissing, the machines in the spacious room commenced to run during the night to give power to its recipients.  Shouting over the noise, Nemo called to the other cats on the com-units, "Team regroup.  This mission is serious and I want you to quadrant 2, across from cross-section hall, number 16."

Impressed to see Yoru in front of him in less than fifteen seconds, Nemo watched as Yoru gaped in amazement.  "You actually came here...I mean on a mission?" He queried.

Tsuki, who had barely arrived as well, piped in from up above on one of the Velcro lines that HQ had set up, "Are you serious?  Nemo came to help!?  That must mean it is REALLY serious.   But…” She continued, “I already found the bomb you wanted...and disarmed it.  It was so simple because Viktor, like he usually does, hadn't rigged it to notice tampering.

"Listen Tsuki." said Nemo, "I want both you and Yoru to focus."  Reaching into his bag, he tossed them handheld heat scanner pads, which would help them find the bombs.  "This is bigger than I had thought possible; there is hundreds and hundreds of bombs.  I don't know when they will go off, but we have to gather them and I’ll transfer them to section zero, which is a sector out in a distant desert, where they will do no damage."  He reached into his bag and pulled out another tool, but it looked more like a big gun.  Yoru and Tsuki knew that it was actually a handheld teleporter.  Nemo quickly set the coordinate on it to section zero.

Without another word, Nemo caught a glimpse of an invisible shadow move real fast across the ceiling and he knew that Tsuki was on her way.  Nemo slightly grinned; she was real good at maintaining her speed, even with the weight of the invisible pack. 

Nemo, turning his attention to Yoru, watched him also rush off.  "I must admit, "Nemo said aloud to himself, "Yoru is actually taking this mission serious." 

Immediately focusing to the emergency at hand, Nemo began to gather the bombs in the area he was in and heap them into a huge pile.  Gathering a large enough pile, he heaved up the gun on his shoulder, set his sights, and shot them with a strange beam of light, doing the same thing, much like the matter teleporter.  In seconds they were gone.  With ten minutes to spare, till it was five o'clock, which was the time the workers started showing up, Nemo rushed back to the meeting point and found Yoru with a pleased look on his face.  Standing in front a huge pile of bombs, he felt proud for his accomplishments.  Waiting for Tsuki, so he could transport them, Nemo looked at Yoru quizzically, as to question her whereabouts.

Glancing down at his scanning pad, Nemo saw the rest of the bombs in a cluster down the hall.  Blasting Yoru's pile away, Nemo walked towards Tsuki's.  Seeing the pile and no Tsuki, he glanced at his scanning pad again, but it did not register her in the area...in fact she was a far way off.  Blasting her pile, he turned to Yoru again.  "Did she tell you where she was going," he asked.

Yoru nodded and glanced to his left trying to avoid eye contact, "She was here about five minutes ago, but she told me that she had picked up something strange on her pad and wanted to check it out.  I assumed that since she has the invisible pack, that she would be all right." 

That was odd, thought Nemo to himself.  "How come she didn't page me?" he asked Yoru.

Yoru shrugged his shoulders, "Don't think she's used to you being here.  She does this a lot, and we just never tell you."

Nemo glared in distaste at Yoru.  It annoyed him that she had not contacted him, but as annoying as it was, Yoru was right; Tsuki was capable of taking care of herself. 

 Suddenly an excited voice whispered through Nemo's com-unit, into his ear, "Nemo, he’s here; I saw him."  She paused as you could hear her controlling her breath, "I had to sneak a bit away, so that I could tell you, without him hearing me.   I watched him and he seems to be doing something in a room near the back of the plant.  When I saw him on my pad, I thought that it was a night security guard, or a worker getting here early, so I didn't bother checking, until I had all of my bombs gathered together. He is working awfully fast and hard on something...I think you ought to hurry and check it out.  You should be able to easily find me."

Nemo responded to her, that both he and Yoru were coming.  Throwing the matter transporter gun, over his shoulder, using the strap to hold it on to his back, Nemo nodded at Yoru, and they raced on all fours towards Tsuki’s direction.  As they ran, they got farther from the bulk of the plant, which were the huge machinery rooms, towards the back of the power plant, which were the smaller, quiet office and storage rooms.  As they ran, the noise from the machines grew distant and they could hear the pitter patter of their paws.  Watching Tsuki's beacon move away they began to get worried, and began running harder.  Finally catching up to where Tsuki should have been, they found her tracking device turned on and in front of a ventilation shaft.  Looking around to see if Tsuki was going to show up, they both decided that she had left it as a sign to have them follow the shaft.  Heading in first, Nemo grabbed the device and gave it to Yoru.  Ducking down in, Yoru followed in after.  As they stealthily raced up the shaft, Nemo spotted a glimmering light up ahead.  Approaching the light, Nemo carefully placed the matter transporter down, and peered into the room.  Seeing that the rooms main lights had been turned on, he looked over in the corner and saw a familiar bushy tailed and spiked hair fox. 

Peering closer down into the room, Nemo watched as Viktor was hard at work.  Digging through several boxes, he finally found what he wanted, pushed the box aside and brought to view a small machine looking cube.  Carefully inserting the piece and tightening it into place with a screw driver, Nemo started thinking to himself about what to do.  Figuring that Tsuki was probably already down in the room, he could confront Viktor and distract him while Tsuki restrained him with a harness.  Yoru would most definitely stay back, which would protect the exit. 

Without another word, Nemo lightly landed onto the ground in the room behind Viktor.  Stealth was easy for Nemo because, as Nemo had mentioned earlier, before Yoru and Tsuki came and he was made their team leader, he had done solo stealth infiltration missions into some of Viktor and Tenalt's outposts of operation.  Nemo was a master at infiltration, but it had been many years since he had done it last.

Putting very little space between him and Viktor, Nemo quickly went to action and sprinted towards Viktor.  Seeing movement in the corner of his eye, Viktor barely had time to turn around when Nemo’s foot sent him sprawling back into a pile of boxes.  All in one swoop, Nemo kicked Viktor and scooped up the machine looking cube off of the floor. Bracing himself up on the boxes, Viktor never fell over, but caught his balance.     

Glaring at Nemo Viktor was surprised by the attack but was obviously pleased that Nemo had shown up.   Regaining his composure, he smiled, “It is about time that you showed up Nemo; I had thought that you would send your lackeys after me again.” Glancing at his watch, Viktor added, “But it seems that you have been busy and have already cleaned up my bombs.”   Smiling at Nemo he Smirked and finished by proclaiming,” But on to the main event!”  Motioning towards the box that Nemo had scooped up from the ground; Nemo dropped it in surprise as it unfolded itself to reveal a small and menacing looking robot.  He hadn’t expected it to be alive, maybe this whole mission was a trap set up by Viktor. 

Standing back, Nemo held in defensive, waiting for the robot to move.  Glancing secretly through the sides of his eyes, around the room, to see if he could find where Tsuki might be, he hoped that if this robot truly was dangerous, that she would stay back.  Waiting for it to move, Nemo’s eyebrow lifted up.  The robot stood in the exact same position.  Getting bulgy eyed Viktor looked defensively at the robot, but more in frustration.  “Come on,” he coaxed angrily, “I said ATTACK!” 

Visibly relieved, with a slight smile Nemo stated to Viktor, “I can see that you will never be like your father.”

Obviously insulted by the comment, but still resilient, Viktor claimed back, “You have too much confidence in you skills Nemo.  I now have the key to your doom!”  Motioning again towards the robot, it finally hesitantly moved and twirled its arms, in a supposed attempt at looking menacing. 

Both Viktor and Nemo stared at it in complete awe.  Viktor looked sheepishly up, “I used the wrong chip…but, nonetheless,” he pulled a gun into the open and held Nemo at bay, while he walked towards the robot.  Unscrewing and ejecting the chip that he had inserted moments before, he took it from the robot and had half inserted the other chip, when at that point, Nemo acted.  While Viktor had been holding the gun towards him, Nemo had revered back to a memory, through his dreams, to a time before his big memory blank.  Seeing Tenalt, Viktor’s father, standing in the same position with a gun, Nemo was also held at bay.  Suddenly, back in reality and before Nemo and Viktor could blink, or know what was happening, Nemo kicked the gun from Viktor’s grasp and then because Nemo was in complete surprise at what he had just done, he stood motionless, inches away from Viktor.  Also In shock but getting angry, Viktor turned his attention from the robot to Nemo, tightened his fists and swung at Nemo.  Reverting back to his dream, Nemo was able to effortlessly block every attempt of attack.  Kicking him again, Nemo was awe stricken as he had never done such particular moves before.  Because of the force of the kick, Viktor had harder time catching his balance, but when he did, he glared at Nemo, while catching his breath. 

What is this strange change in Nemo, Viktor thought to himself?  Glancing forward, he saw his robot teeter back and forth.  Falling forward, it landed on the half inserted chip and shoved it in the rest of the way.  Laughing out loud Viktor triumphantly called, “GO ROBOT AND DESTROY NEMO.”

Sputtering to life, a little light that indicated its eye, blinked on, and it tactfully twisted its direction towards Nemo.  Meaningfully it lunged at him and began to attack and shoot its long, extending arms and legs at him.  Stepping back, Nemo at first was desperately swatting them aside and trying to block them, but since his dreams were still fresh on his mind from moments ago, his mind clicked and Nemo surprising stood still.  Smiling, Viktor waited for him to be defeated.

Watching this whole thing from above, unfold, Yoru closed his eyes in horror.  He didn’t dare go down, while he didn’t dare hope that Tsuki, wherever she was, help him.

Clashing together Nemo Held the little hands at bay, and even though the tiny robot had huge forces behind it, more than enough to lift a car, Nemo stepped back, offsetting its balance and swung the robot by its arms; reeling into the wall. 

Crashing, the robots arms became limp, as Nemo let them fall to the ground.  Sizzling violently, many pieces lay all around it, as a small unsatisfactory puff of smoke lifted above it, and all life ceased from the robot.

In total shock and disbelief, Viktor took a step back.  “I don’t understand, I programmed and had it built specifically to your techniques and strategies…  IT WAS SUPPOSED TO DEFEAT YOU.”   Looking back up at Nemo he sneered, “This isn’t over Nemo, I will be back and you won’t foil me next time!” Viktor held up his hand.  But ahead of Viktor’s game, Nemo reached around to another part of his tail and pressed it down. Watching Viktor’s hand go down, a puff of smoke went up.  Moments later, smoke cleared to reveal a bewildered Viktor.  Apparently astounded, he realized that he was still in the same place. 

Once again staring at Viktor, Nemo triumphantly smiled.  “I learned that trick from the last time we met, Mr. Viktor.”  Suddenly reverting back to a memory, Nemo saw Tenalt, who looked real close to Viktor, standing in the same stance as Viktor.  Watching Tenalt in his memory dreams, lung forward to attack, Viktor, who at this point was extremely desperate, did it in the same manner.   Having strange inclinations as the image before his eyes pried at his thoughts, once again, and before any of the two knew what happened, Nemo had moved.  Blocking Viktor’s punch to the side, and spin kicking him away, Viktor was blasted across the room.   Unlike last time where he caught his balance, because of the force of the kick, Viktor was thrashed into a machine, which was laying in storage, and finally crashed into a stack of boxes.  Standing up, Viktor was extremely bewildered. 

While gasping for breath he muttered to himself, “Is this the fighting techniques that father talked about?  I must bring him to be studied; it is time to enact the ultimate plan!”  

Pushing a button that Viktor had stowed away ever since he had began to fight Nemo, back when his dad had died and he took over his evil cooperation, Nemo, for some strange reason grew dizzy.  Putting his paw to his head, he tittered forward.  About to take advantage of him, Viktor ran forward, but seeing a floating restraining harness, come dashing at him, Viktor rolled to the side.  Obviously, the one holding the harness was Tsuki, but she missed catching Viktor and tumbled onto the ground.  Because the battery pack was low, the harness had been showing, but the shock of it hitting the ground, made Tsuki completely become visible to the eye.  Seeing that Nemo was not alone, Viktor knew that Nemo’s second side kick would be close at hand.  Grabbing as many pieces of the robot as he could, he headed for the open doorway, of which Nemo had not seen earlier.  But unexpectedly stepping from the dark shadows of the unlit hallway, Yoru emerged, letting his teeth glint from the light coming from the room.  Stepping back, Viktor knew that this was a triple tag team, and he was outnumbered.  Backing up, Tsuki was back on her feet with the harness, while Yoru was slowly walking forward to trap him.  Stepping back against more boxes Viktor was not sure what to do.  Knowing that he had been so close to his prize, since he had finally drug out the desired reactions from Nemo, Viktor knew that he, meaning himself, was exhausted from fighting with Nemo.  In this tired condition he could hardly fight two fresh cats. 

Glancing up, Viktor saw the ventilation shaft and smiled, “I’m sorry to disappoint you children once again, but I am leaving.”  Jumping off of the boxes, he leapt up into the shaft, of which had since been left unguarded and was quickly out of sight.  Tsuki was about to chase after him, but Nemo, who had returned to normal, called her back.

Not sure of what to think, Nemo sat down on one of the overturned boxes and sighed.  Surrounding Nemo, like little toddlers with questions, Nemo and Yoru began to inquire about everything.  “HOLD IT,” yelled Nemo, “one person at a time.” 

Tsuki was the first to pipe in, “How did you do all those cool moves and why did we just let Viktor go?”

“Frankly,” Nemo stated, “we have had a long night and it is time to go home.  That is why we let Viktor go.”

“But what of those moves,” asked Yoru?  “We’ve seen you on missions before, and we have seen you fight, but NEVER were you able to do what you did tonight!?”

Staring at both of them, unable to answer that question, Nemo sighed again.  “I don’t know…  All my life, I had thought that I belonged to HQ, so I could defeat the evil lusting animals that rise up in greed and power…especially Tenalt and Viktor, but recently I have been having dreams that haunt me and pry me apart, wanting me to remember, who I used to be.  And it seems that these dreams are the keys to unlock the sealed doors to my hidden memories…yet…”  Nemo’s thoughts trailed off as he was still unable to explain what happened.  At times he felt that his dreams were a Pandora’s Box, waiting to explode open, but today they seemed helpful.

Breaking the silence and unable to contain it, Yoru burst out, “But that was so cool Nemo.   Those moves that you did and how you served Viktor back and forth like a ping pong ball!  You should have taught us how to do moves like that.  And when Viktor had his gun on you, you were so awesome!”  Tsuki chided an agreement in with Yoru, as well.

 Smiling to the two energetic cats he replied, “I’d have to admit that I am quite surprised myself.”

He glanced at his clock and then back at Tsuki and Yoru.
            “Well,” Nemo stated, looking down at his watch again, “it looks like it is five o’ clock and it’s time we head out, before the workers see us.  Plus we need to get back to rest up for tomorrow night’s mission!”
                    They all nodded in agreement as Nemo climbed up into the vent and grabbed the portable transporter, which he had left up there. Jumping down, he turned the coordinate to the closet at their house. 

 Yes, Nemo thought, rest is definitely what he needed, because next time, he wasn’t going to let Viktor get away.


To be continued next week in: “EPISODE II Securing the Sewer Pipes”
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