We did it!! Mom and dad finally made a decision for our summer vacation!
Thanks so much for your help!

I have a special challenge for you. Take everything you learned and create a TobyPowerPoint Presentation to wow your classmates!
Follow the instructions below.
Next week, you will present it to your class and they will vote on which presentation they like the most. I know you'll do a great job!!

Step 1:  Click here and print the worksheet.  It will help you with your PowerPoint Presentation.

Step 2:  Find and click on your state - county - location below.  Review the websites and worksheets about this location. Take careful notes as you go through them. Look for information that your classmates will be interested in.

Utah - Juab -
paz Mountain


Click here to go to Step 3

Arkansas - Garland -
Crystal Mine

Crystal Mine

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Utah - Millard -
U-Dig Fossils

Step 3:  If you need PowerPoint help, visit this website. (topics include: creating slides, making changes, adding images, and more.)

Step 4: Pre-plan your presentation.  Look at the example on your worksheet paper.  Draw several "slides". Write or draw what you want to put on each slide (pictures, text, etc.).  Make sure to include the REQUIRED information below. Refer to your worksheet example that you printed earlier.

Required Information

 Information about your Rock/Fossil Attraction:
  • Title:  Name of the Location 
  • Address of the location
  • Contact information (this could be an email address or a phone number)
  • A map (picture) showing where it is located (scanned copy of your drawn map)
  • Information about that location - Why did you chose this location?
  • At least one (1) picture of the rock/fossil location
  • Tell whether it was cheaper to fly or drive for one person to your location
Information about your other three (3) attractions (each one put on its own slide):
  • Name of the attraction
  • Address of the attraction (if possible)
  • A map of the attraction (find on the attraction's webpage)
  • Contact information (email or phone number)
  • Why did you choose this attraction?  What made it look interesting?
  • At least one picture representing each attraction
Step 5: When your outline is done, start putting it into your PowerPoint Presentation.  If you need help with your presentation, visit the site in Step 3 again or ask your teacher. Also refer to the worksheet printed above.

Step 6:  Remember you want to WOW your classmates.  Do your best

Click on the link below to see how you will be graded on this assignment and unit.


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