Utah or Arkansas

Great! I'm so glad you joined me! I guess the first thing we should do is explore and find some information about Utah and Arkansas.  First, let's find them on a map. 

in-4What things do you think we should find out about Utah and Arkansas?  I did some thinking and put together this paper to help us.
  Click on the worksheet link and print it off so you can write on it.
 Click here
                          for worksheet
You can write down the information that you find on this paper so you can remember what you found.

Example and Instructions to the Worksheet

Follow the links below and see what information you can find to help us learn about Utah and Arkansas. 

op-1Our first place to find information is the Travel Calculator. Click here and away we go!! (When you are finished exploring the Travel Calculator, close that screen to come back here.)

I wonder if there is anything fun to do in Arkansas or Utah?  Should we look around and see?  Let's visit the Family Days Out website and see if we can find something!

To get to the Family Days Out website, click HERE . op-2
Then follow these directions (find the colored numbers on the website to find where to go:
1. Choose a region:  Find Utah on the map and click on it.
2. Type of Activity:  Choose whether you want outdoor and/or indoor activities. You can choose both if you want.
3.  Age of Kids:  Make sure to select the 6-9 box for me. Make sure your age is chosen also. You also might want to check the "free" box.
* Then click on the big red box that says "Click Here for Search Results".
* When the results come up, you can either choose which type of activity you are interested in by looking at the boxes at the top or you can scroll down to where it says "Family days out in Utah" and look at the activities that are there.  On the right of each activity is an icon with an "i" in it to click on for more information.  
*On your paper, write down three (3) fun things to do in Utah so I can show my dad! Write down the whole name of the place and the city where it is located and a short description of what you can do there.

*After you have explored the Utah options, click on the Home button near the top and go back to the map and this time choose Arkansas and follow the above steps again for Arkansas this time.

 WOW look at all the fun things to do!!!  So what do you think? Should we pick Arkansas or Utah?  Look over your collected notes and then click on the state below that you would like to visit.