Pike County
Pike County

Yea! We are one step closer to summer vacation! But do you think we have enough information to convince my mom to change her mind to Arkansas? What makes Pike County Daisyso special?  Why did we choose Crater of Diamonds State Park?

Today I overheard my mom and dad talking about our summer vacation. They are still arguing about where we are going to go.  Mom still wants to go to Utah and dad still wants to go to Arkansas.  I really want to go to Arkansas, too.  We must be missing something, but what?

I really need your help to find something that will persuade my mom to change her mind. Will you PLEASE help me?  I'm sure I can count on you.

If you click on the worksheet link below, you can keep track of what we learned.  Could you please write down the information on it so we can remember what we found?
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If you need help with the worksheet, click on the link below for the worksheet example and instructions.

Let's go back through some websites to see if we can find what is missing. Did you know that there is an Indian Village in Pike County?  Here is the link to Kadoha Indian Village

Check out these links of more things to do in Pike County, Arkansas!

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Ka-Do-Ha Indian Village


Maybe we should look up information on DIAMONDS!

diamondWhat do Diamonds Look Like?
How are Diamonds formed?
in Arkansas
Diamond Facts
The Fine Art of
Finding Diamonds

What do you think? Put together your information and list three (3) other things to do and why you want to do them. When you are finished, we'll go show my mom.

Ready? Is your worksheet all filled out?  Yes? Then let's go show my mom.  Click on the link below and let's see what she decides.


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