So you chose Utah? There were a lot of great things to see there!

Let's go find my dad and tell him the good news!!  "Hey dad!  Guess what? My friend and I did some research for our summer vacation and we want to go to Utah!!"

"Well Toby, why do you want to go to Utah? It's so far away from here.toby-dad Besides there is probably nothing good to see there," dad said.

I took out our notes and showed it to my dad of the things we had found out about traveling to Utah.  He looked carefully at them and then he said, "Toby, if you can find a place in Utah that specializes in rocks or fossils, then we can go to Utah for our vacation."

"Yippee!!!  Did you hear that?  We can go to Utah if we can find a place that has rocks or fossils.  Let's get busy!!!

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Example and Instructions to the Worksheet

Have you ever been to Utah before or know anything about it?  If you do, there is a space on the worksheet to write it down.  Leave it blank if you have never been there before.

I've never been to Utah, but my mom has.  Let's go ask her for some information. 

"Hey Mom!  Can you please help my friend and I?  Dad says if we can findToby's
                                                          Mom a place to find rocks in Utah, he would agree to go to Utah.  Do you know of any places in Utah that we can go find rocks?"

"Well Toby, I do.  When I was younger, my mom and dad took me to Utah and we went rock collecting.  The first place we went to was Topaz Mountain.  That was a lot of fun.  Last week I was searching the internet for places that we might visit and I found a great place to get trilobite fossils.  It is in Delta, Utah and it's called U-Dig Fossils.  I thought that would be a lot of fun too.  So you might trying looking up those places."

topazLet's go searching for information!!  Look over these links on Topaz Mountain.  Write down on your paper interesting facts about Topaz Mountain.

Topaz Mountain
Topaz Mountain - YouTube Video
Topaz Mountain -Millard County 
Millard County information
Rockhounding in Millard County
Millard County Travel Info
Millard County Rockhounding
Millard County Facts

Now that we have studied about Topaz Mountain, let's see what we can find on trilobites and U-Dig Fossils.  Here are some links to explore.  Make sure to write down any interesting facts on your paper.

trilobiteU-Dig Fossils
A New Dig
Juab County Facts
Juab County information

I think we better learn more about rock collecting.  Look through these links and write down the information on your worksheet.

Rock Hounds with Rockyrockhound
Rockhounding Utah
Rock Collecting for Kids
Guide to Collecting Rocks
Hobbies for Kids - Rock Collecting

Is your worksheet all filled out?  Yes?  Good!  Now look over your paper and help me decide whether to go to Topaz Mountain in Juab County or to U-Dig Fossils in Millard County.  When you have made your decision, click on the matching link below.



Rand McNally - Utah map