Rock Adventure


An iAdventure learning activity about comparing map locations, and making decisions using inquiry.
Designed for students in Grade 2
Created by Lorrie Blake

Oh No! Mom and dad won't decide on a place for our vacation this summer!  I asked mom and she wants to go to Utah.  When I asked dad, he wants to go to Arkansas.  If they don't decide soon, we won't be going anywhere for summer vacation! 

toby2Oh, hi!  My name is Toby. I am eight years old and it's almost time for ind-11summer vacation.  I love going to new places to visit and sight see.  Last year we went to St. Louis, Missouri and went up the Arch.  That was fun! I looked out the glass window on top and everything looked so small. 

rock collecting
ind-7This year in my 2nd grade school class we have been studying about rocks and fossils.  When I told my mom and dad about it, they thought it would be fun to plan our vacation around places with different kinds of
rocks and fossils.  I thought that would be a lot of fun.  But now, my mom and dad haven't been able to agree on which state they want to go -- Arkansas or Utah!
ind-4I guess it's up to us to help them out.  Can I count on you to help me?  I thought I could.  Click on the "Begin the iAdventure" button below and let's get going!ind-8