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© 2005 Mike Blake (Monisawa),  Jeremy Blake (www.jerbl.com);  All rights and privileges reserved.

------------------------TEAMCLAW EPISODE VII PART 2-----------------


            Walking with pomp, Tenalt held in his hand a local animal, which he had just taken from the city that they had passed though.  Walking from the gate, he and his army headed in the direction of where the aged dog had said where the leaders of the land were located.

            Pulling his machines huge body in an arch, the mecha crashed and hissed with each footfall.  Lifting his arm up, which lifted the mecha's up, Tenalt brought the dog to his eye level. "You had better be right about this.  I am not merciful when people waste my time."

            The poor dog shivered in fear as Tenalt smiled. 

Coursing up behind him was his army that pulsed and clamored noisily, making their way behind Tenalt.

            Barely leaving the city limits, Tenalt was able to look forward down the main road, finally out of the tall buildings of the city and see a huge structure that was ominous and magnificent.  Stopping his march, Tenalt smiled and threw the dog to the side.  "Good job; thanks for telling us where to go.  I might remember it when I become your leader...."  Laughing menacingly he continued forward.  Scrambling out of the trampling army, the dog, jumped to his feet and dashed away. 

            Suddenly there was a call from the back of the ranks.

            "Tenalt," it called faintly.  "Tenalt!!!!"

            Not hearing it Tenalt strode towards the bridge that came into view.  The bridge connected from the main land to the side of the palace.

            "TENALT," called a pelican exhaustedly. 

            Turning, as if the urchin had spit in his face, Tenalt looked at it, as it wormed its way through the crowds.  Exasperated and out of breath, it coughed, "Commander, we are being FOLLOWED!!"

            Suddenly Tenalt's whole army murmured and began to turn around in anticipation. 

            Looking towards the edge of the city, several miles back, through the smoke that was rising from the damage that he and his army had created in the city, Tenalt could see the faint outline of a large group of animals, heading in a formerly fashion.  Seeing several tanks roll out, Tenalt scowled angrily.

            "Curses, where did they come from?"

            "Sir," called one of the soldiers, "it is that gathering of rebellious animals that had attacked the mountain."

            Narrowing his eyes Tenalt turned around.  "Fine for them.  I want all the even numbered battalions to stay at the neck of the land and guard those despicable worms from getting onto the bridge." 

            "But that is half of our army," called one of the officers under Tentalt.

            "No bother smiled Tenalt; once we have the capital palace under our control, it will only be a matter of time."

            Lunging forward, the army sorted from itself and all of the odd battalions followed after Tenalt.  "I will win and become immortal....and be the master of both worlds," he mumbled under his breath.  "Even if I am the last one to stand and fight and all my men are dead; I will win."

            Charging up the monstrously huge bridge that connected to the main level of the free standing and even bigger castle, Tenalt smiled cruelly.

            *                                                          *                                                          *

            "This is sick," declared Rebecca as they made their way out of the portal.  Seeing a beautiful and pure blue sky, intermingled with black smoke, made Rebecca cringe.  Following the trail down, her eyes fell upon the city that it originated from.

            Seeing the clouds bellow from the huge city, she stepped forward out of the sand that encompassed the portal that they had stepped through.

            Rushing forward, the three armies, which encompassed Tsuki and her robots, Cocoabean and the good members of the Rebellion, and Viktor and the soldiers that he had managed to gather together, stood in one body and walked amidst the wreckage and chaos.

            Seeing a path of destruction that travailed through the city, everyone marveled.  Even Viktor, who was once thought heartless, was in shock at the pure ruthless and destructive behaviors.


            Viktor nodded his head as everyone continued their march forward.

            Leaving the huge gaping hole that seemed to tower for miles in the side of the mountain, the armies of Teamclaw followed the trail of destruction.

            As the soldiers marched, the stared in awe at the amazing and transcendent land, more pure and beautiful than anything Earth could ever offer.

            *                                                          *                                              *

            Clashing in a huge struggle, the members of Rebellion that had fractioned away from Teamclaw, called out cheers as they saw part of Tenalt's army.

            "Is this all that Viktor has for us?" mused the horse.  "CHARGE," it called.  Running forward, across the last of the stretch from the city to the bridge, the rebellion's army clattered in a huge mass towards the tanks that lined in front of the soldiers of Tenalt. 

            Blasting from behind them, the tanks that the Rebellion brought, blasted at and around the enemies tanks, vehicles and soldiers.  Pulling their weapons forward, the army of the Rebellion clashed together, with the soldiers of Tenalt, as they poured in-between the line of tanks.

            Even though the horse was confident in their victory, Tenalt’s forces held everyone at bay, from getting through to the bridge.

            *                                              *                                              *

            Blasting through the palace gates, Tenalt ignored the grand beauty of the whole place and marched triumphantly towards the towering buildings that were all around him, heaved up in ancient and perfect architecture.

            Walking forward, he rallied his men forward and into the main area of the whole palace.  "That worm said that at the center of the palace is where the leaders would be located.”  Walking through the outer hull, following the road that led through the inner quarters of the castle-like palace, Tenalt quickly divided his army into four even quarters.  Sending one in one direction around the main courtyard, and the another quarter to gather the other side, he them took the other 1/2 of the army, which he had not sent to capture anyone and everyone, and sent them to opposite sides of the ramp, that led up above to the main council room.  "The leaders area is up above, you," he pointed towards part of the army, "head around towards the left ramp and you, "he pointed towards the rest, “come with me and we will go up the other side of this ramp.   Shooting and blasting and capturing, Tenalt was quick to work.  It would not be long before he had the whole palace under his paw.

                        *                                  *                                  *

            Exasperated, and disheartened at the scene of horror and destruction, Teamclaw and the armies had made it to the edge of the city.  Ignoring the civilians that ran and coursed in mad chaos to escape or to help put out fires, or to recover animals from homes, Teamclaw decided to meet together.  Seeing the mountains, that were on the right and the left, funnel down, until they met at one point, which was where they saw the two clashing armies that had made it through the gate, they were unsure of what to do.

            "Maybe we are not too late," called Rebecca excitedly.

            "Don't be too sure," stated Cocoabean, "if you look, that is only half of Tenalt's army."

            Viktor cringed in anger.

            Holding her sword forward, while trying to dodge the thousands of soldiers and robots, Sakura smiled as she burst from out beneath and in-between their feet.  "I am found," she called!

            Looking back, Tsuki, Yoru and Cocobean looked in question, but chose to ignore Sakura.  All turning back to their circle, they began to talk again.

            Looking up, Rebecca saw the familiar shelves of continents that heaved up and around the lower section of the land, which was where the capital city was located.  Off towards the middle of the city, a section from one of the higher continents dropped a thin line of water down onto the side of the mountain, which trailed a river in the city.  "Such a beautiful place," she sighed.  "It brings back so many memories, from such a long long time ago."

            Rebecca," called Cocoabean, "the sun is setting.  How much time do we have to fight?"

            Glancing to the side to think for a moment, she paused, but then looked back at the group, that had been discussing.  "....maybe an hour," she finally said.

            Turning back to their discussion, Rebecca looked down at Sakura, as Sakura sat at the top of the hill and looked down.  The ground descended towards the explosions and gunfire.

            "This grass is pretty," stated Sakura.  Fixated on the tall grass, that was about knee length to Rebecca, Sakura seemed entranced as soft winds brushed onto the whole army, and refresh their spirits and to wipe away their sweat, and also onto the grass, causing it to wave back and forth.

            Seeing the tank treads, tire marks of the vehicles and the trampling of the soldiers feet leading down, towards the castle, Rebecca stood once more annoyed. Thankfully, the team had decided what they were going to do.  '

            "We are going to run down, and catch the armies by the surprise.  But our main goal is to not fight them, but to get onto thee bridge.  We have many soldiers, tanks and vehicles, but not enough to defeat the two armies."  Cocoabean leveled his eyes at Rebecca and at Sakura. 

            "We will do our best," said Rebecca.

            "Agreed," stated Viktor. "We will get your boy back and then storm the castle.  We must stop my father."

            Murmuring behind him, part of Viktor's army and parts of Cocoabeans army were murmuring.  Several were heard to call out, "But those are OUR men....Yea," agreed another," we can't fight out own men."

            "I DON'T CARE WHO THEY ARE," exclaimed Viktor angrily.  Both Tsuki and Yoru cringed at the sound of the Viktor they once knew.  "WE ARE ONLY USING LOW RATE ELECTRIC SHOTS."

            "EXACTLY," stated Cocoabean.  "NOONE WILL INTENTIALLY GET KILLED."

            The murmuring died down slowly.

            "WHO EVER IS GOING, WE ARE LEAVING NOW." Stated Viktor.

            Rebecca nodded her head.

            A cheer broke from Cocoabeans group, while Viktor's were just a little reluctant to be so quick to fight their own men.

            Marching forward in ranks, Viktor began the attack.  Running down the small incline, towards where the other armies were, Viktor called out a cheer, as his men followed quickly after.           Right behind him was Cocoabean.  Without another thought for his life of the dangers that he could face, he led his men into the charge, to crash their way forward and before both armies knew what was happening, hopefully make it onto the bridge.

            As if a call had been sent moments before, Tsuki was at the head of both armies, leading her lifeless, but deadly assailants, towards their goal.

            Running and jumping at tremendous speeds, Rebecca was at her finest.  Pulling out her sword, she headed in the direction of the ensuing chaos.

            Sakura was the last to follow up, which she was flying overhead, with her wings, and her sword in hand.

            The final battle had begun.

            *                                              *                                                          *

            Sniveling and crashing his monstrous hand forward, Tenalt quickly ambushed the main chambers and quickly drew all of the council, which watched and took care of Paradise, into his traps.  Following in behind him, his men fell upon members as they ran in every direction.  Jumping over the tables, which lined the room, in a half circle, looking more like a bowl to catch anyone that went through the doors, Tenalt leapt and captured one of the ones that were fleeing.

            Throwing him to the center of the room, Tenalt was finally pleased.  He had everyone in the building captured.

            Pulling them all together, he had defeated the capital.

            *                                              *                                              *

            This is hopeless, called Rebecca, while slashing a gun to the side.  Tearing forward, she would move through thick entanglements of all the armies and try to blast and make a pathway through, but to no avail.  Taking out several weapons, and dodging hundreds of shots, she quickly fell behind the barrier of the soldiers on her side. 

            "Cocoabean," she called," the men can't make it through onto the bridge."

            "I know," he stated, as he peered from the top of one of their tanks.  Blasting forward, into the deafening noise, the tank shot a blast at one of the tanks.  Blasting into its side, it exploded, but only marred the outer shell of its armor.

            Getting pushed back and forth by the soldiers around her, as the tank stood still, and continued to shoot, Rebecca was frustrated.  She could not find the Prince and they were not getting through the barricade.

            Flying overhead, Sakura swooped down and laughed menacingly.  Exacting her sword into several weapons, she suddenly went ballistic in an explosion of sword swings.  Everyone around her scrambled in a mad dash to escape the furry, trampling each other to get out of the way.

            Tsuki was already busy, and had turned on her invisibility pack.  Zapping and knocking out hundreds of soldiers, she was truly a dangerous menace to the enemy.  While at the same time she was doing that, she was rallying her robots into the heavier parts of the grouped soldiers.

            Picking off other soldiers one at a time, Yoru was a little ways off, sniping soldiers with the electric shots, that would leave anyone hit by it, knocked out for days.

            "WE'VE GOT TO PULL BACK," yelled one of Viktor's soldiers.  "WE CAN"T MAKE IT THROUGH."

            Viktor gritted his teeth, as he blasted several of soldiers that were coming after him, down.  "We will CONQUOR," yelled Viktor.

            Cocoabean finally jumped from the tank and headed into the mass of soldiers that were pouring into each other on both sides.  Puling out small charges of electricity, he threw the bomb into several groups, and then launched himself, with the tool he had used with Nemo, into other areas.  Reaching into his packs and belts, he also threw small mind scramblers into heavy concentrated areas of soldiers.

            Blasting and slashing, Rebecca did not give up, but continued to slash and blow enemies to the side.  Desperately striving to fight their way forward, all of the armies, both good and bad, were at a stall mate.

            *                                                          *                                                          *

            "Tell me the SECRETS....ALL OF YOUR SECRETS," screamed Tenalt, at the defeated leaders of Paradise.

            Rounded up in a circle, the one of the council members stood up proudly and looked Tenalt straight in the eye.  "The secrets we contain shall remain hidden."


            Sitting back down, the peaceful leader seemed to glow with courage and radiance, but that would not defeat Tenalt.

            "Don't you see," cried Tenalt, as the mecha he was in, sectioned to the ground, to let him out of it.  "I have won.  Your precious guardian, Nemo, is dead, and your land IN MY CONTROL."

                        *                                              *                                              *

            Getting tired and starting to lose hope, all three armies clashed and dodged into each other, some falling, while others fell to the ground in pure exhaustion.  Stepping over the bodies of those who had been knocked out, the rest were adamant at defeating their way in, but to no avail.  Continuing in a mad ruckus and chaotically mess, the armies were still at odds.

            Suddenly catching eye of one of the soldiers, Rebecca gasped.  It was the soldier that had taken the prince captive, from the gate room. Wiping the sweat and grim from her forehead, she readied herself.

            Blasting forward in complete control, she dodged all of the soldiers and vehicles that were in between her and the soldier, and going in one straight line and shot, she blasted into the soldier and brought him crashing and piling up against several others that were behind him.

            Kneeing the boar, and holding him by the front collar, Rebecca held the sword at its chest.  "WHERE IS THE BOY," she threatened, with her voice filled with frustration and anger.

            Trying to reel back and away, Rebecca pinned him down, as the other soldiers fled from underneath him, and commenced to attack in other areas.  Falling to the ground, she stood over him, with her foot on its chest.

            "Y....Ya You mean the human child," stuttered the boar?

            "YES," She stated, almost sounding angry. 

            "We left him at the gate," he whimpered.  "The second we were through the gate, we tossed him to the side; we didn't need him anymore."

            "LIAR," She yelled at him, while pressing the sword down harder, and also knocking a soldier who had come to attack her, to the ground.  "HE WAS NOT THERE."

            The boar started to gulp frantically as it struggled for words to say, "Then I don't know," he defended.  "If he wasn't there, then someone else got him, But I GIVE MY WORD.  WE LEFT HIM THERE."

            Rebecca lessoned off of him, but taking the flat side of her sword, as she had done with all of the other animals she had hit with it, she quickly knocked the boar out.  "Then," she figured, "someone else must have taken him.  I hope that he is safe."

            Turning back to the moment at hand, she was exasperated as none of the armies had still made in progress.  It might be too late; the council members are probably already captured, or maybe even killed.  Paradise was doomed.  The council was what held the land together in peace.

            All of the armies could give their best, but Tenalt was inside, and they were still out.

            Suddenly everyone in all of the armies, on all sides, stopped as a consistent rumble began to shake the ground and fill the air with noise.  The quite was distilled as the tanks began to rumble and the all of the soldiers began to fall to the ground as the Earth began to shake even harder...almost to a violent throb.

            Looking up, the horse that had betrayed the team muttered in fear, "Something is coming....and I fear that we have awakened the demons of this land."

            Like a plague descending on innocent victims, darkness fell onto the ground.  Looking up, everyone whispered and shouted acclimations of awe and fear.  Overhead was an army of flying robots; hundreds and thousands of machines, that were monstrous, some as big as a small mountain.  Leading them was a small figure; eyes glowing and sword in hand.

            As the ground continued to rumble and get coarser, everyone noticed that there was another wave of robots coming on the land.  As the incessant barrage of huge machinery blasted forward, all of the armies’ scrambled to climb up the sides of the mountains that surrounded them.  Running in fear, they flocked and in torrents, ran as if they were all going to die. Fear had grasped many, just by looking at the machines.

            Crashing and stepping and jumping, the machines, like a hoard of ants, made their way towards the narrow neck of land.

            As fast as they were there, the flying machines, descended upon the palace like vultures, with the leader standing on one of the tall and majestic towers.  Glaring in the setting of the brazen and accented sun, the figure motioned back and forth to the robots, as the robots that were on the ground, blasted through the parting of the armies of animals and jumped into the parameters of the tall and spacious palace.

            With the last of them in the walls, the sounds of explosions and guns started blaring as smoke drifted up from the castle walls.

            Tenalt's army stared in awe, but quickly regrouped; the main leader called, "Hurry we must protect Tenalt."  Flooding towards the gate, those that had not been left and knocked out earlier ran to aid their master.

            Smiling, the horse became courageous once more; "Come on then, we will let the robots kill off our enemy and we will GATHER IN THE SPOILS."  All of the greedy and lucre filled creatures called out a cheer, despite the odds against the robots, whoever they were fighting for.  Running forward, the traitorous rebellion members ran up, following after Tenalt's army.

            Standing in disarray and in confusion, the armies of Teamclaw did not move, neither did their leaders. 

            Shivering, Cocoabean glanced back at the castle.  "What were those?  It felt like a thousand rushing trains had blasted by me!"

            "Who was that that was leading them," asked Rebecca?

            Suddenly a large explosion blasted from within the walls around the castle.

            Careening toward the opening in the wall, which where the bridge led to, a robot stumbled into view.  Tenalt's small army opened fire on it with their tanks.  Blasting into its side, it turned its focus onto the army, but had not a second thought as another of the tanks blasted the top half off.

            "They are NOT INVINSIBLE MEN, ATTACK!!!!!   

            "We can't just stand here, " defended Rebecca; we must attack to."

            Coming to their senses, both Viktor and Cocoabean took a deep breath. 

            "I sure hope these robots can tell the difference between us and the enemies...." stated Cocoabean.

            Viktor stood forth and narrowed his eyes in the direction of the palace, " even so, I want to stop my dad.  He cannot destroy anymore of this land."

            Calling out cheers of comfort, the men rallied their leaders into charging.  "We have them on the run, and with these robots they are outnumbered," called one of the commanding officers.

            Viktor and Tenalt smiled at each other; "You're right."

            "CHARGE," they both yelled in succession.  Following behind them was Tsuki and the box robots that were left. 

                        *                                              *                                              *

            Once more at the Council Room, Tenalt was eagerly anxious to begin his extraction of the information from the council. 

            "I have methods to make you talk.  I can completely turn your will to do EXACTLY WHAT I TELL YOU TO," he yelled while turning to look at the group he had under his control.

            Suddenly one of the cats from the council stood up, her senses started to tingle and her mind flashed with images. 

            "SIT DOWN," called Tenalt, to the cat.  "..Unless you are willing to talk."

            Regaining her composure, she turned and looked straight at Tenalt, "The one that has slept for centuries has now awoken, your doom has come."

            Treading through the council members, Tenalt stood face to face with the cat.  "HOW DARE YOU; I OUGHT TO....TO..."Suddenly he realized that he recognized the cat....but from where?

            Suddenly there was a clanking of a sword on the ground.

            Turning towards the sound, Tenalt whirled in haste, but stepped back as a figure, blackened by thick darkness stood; its eyes glowing, while wielding a sword.  Standing at the edge of the council room, in-between the pillars that surrounded and supported the entire room, the figure, who was a cat stood, with its back hunched up.

            Clad in black and tattered clothes, Tenalt cringed, as it stepped forward.  Suddenly the whole floor of the castle shook as several flying mecha machines blasted onto the ground behind him, also coming through the pillars.

            Holding his hand forward, the cat muttered one word, "attack."

            Without reservation, Tenalt leapt back and away from the monstrous machines that towered and lunged at the soldiers and the tanks that he had brought to the council room with him.  Landing next to his machine, he quickly got in it and powered it back up. 

            "I DON"T KNOW WHO YOU ARE, BUT I DON"T CARE.  MEN ATTACK," yelled Tenalt.  Rallying forth, suddenly all of Tenalts men on the level barraged towards the mechanical monstrosities.  Blasting with their tanks and throwing grenades and other equipment, the robots seemed apprehended, but suddenly dozens filled the room.  Motioning in every direction, the cat would point the robot in a particular direction, and the robot would immediately go. 

            Swinging his arm up, Tenalt blasted one of the machines up and to the side, landing with a deadening thud and a crash of heavy hardware; he whirred towards the dark cat.  "FOOL, I WILL DESTROY YOU; I AM SO CLOSE AND I WILL NOT LOSE."  Flooding in behind him, came part of the army that was in the main courtyard.

            "Commander," gasped one of the soldiers, who stumbled into the room.  "We are being attacked and ANNHILATED....EVERYWHERE!!!"

            Suddenly three more robots stood in front of Tenalt and blocked his view of the cat. "BLAST," he cursed.  "All my years are NOT GOING TO BE WASTED!!!"

            Chaos began to ensue in every direction as armies and armies of soldiers began to clash and fight.

            Every level of the castle and almost in every courtyard, there were soldiers and robots fighting, and destroying.

            Flooding in from down below, Rebecca, followed by Sakura, and Yoru came to the overhang, which was where the upper ramps were located, which joined together above, and led into the Council room. 

            "They are up above," called Rebecca, to her small team.

            "Suddenly a part of the stairs was blasted through.  Jumping back in surprise, Rebecca and her small team looked up.  Falling to the ground, in a mangled mess was a tank.  Looking up to see what had done it, the black clothed cat, which had led the army of robots stood, but was gone as quickly as it had been there.

            "Who is that cat," asked Sakura.

            Rebecca shook her head.  "I don't know, I am not familiar with anyone from this land."

            Turning, they ran around the corner, and followed the wall until the incline finished off at ramp.  Quickly getting onto it, they made their way up, to the higher level, which contained the council room.

            Blasting and exploding in bits of shrapnel, intermingled with oil, grease, and gunpowder, the room was filled with smoke.

            "Is this where my father is," asked a voice.  Everyone but Rebecca jumped in surprise.

            "Yes, Viktor," stated Rebecca, "I bet he is."  Glaring into the nightmare, the last rays of the sun pierced through the rubble, smoke and dust.

            "Time to get busy," declared Sakura, while smiling her wicked smile.

            Opening her wings, she was soon busy in the room.  Stepping forward, into the huge courtyard, the room was filled and overflowing with fighting soldiers and machines.  Suddenly a machine stepped from the left and leveled its sights on Rebecca.  Swinging its arms back, it acted as if it was going to hit her, but corrected itself and turned around.   "Seems that they ARE on our side," stated Rebecca.

            Jumping forward, into the mess, Yoru pulled out his gun, and began to shoot at soldiers from the side lines.

            Standing alone, Viktor stared into the madness.  Listening to every noise and sound that he could, his keen ears finally picked up the voice that he was looking for.  Dashing through the maddened chaos, dodging shots and explosions, he finally came within reach of the voice.

            As if something had been said, Tenalt turned around and saw his son staring up at him.  After destroying a machine that was at hand, he stared back down at him.  "FOOLISH SON," he roared, "IS THIS YOUR DOING?"

            Viktor stood still and very rigid; not answering his fathers vexing question.

            Clasping his mechanical robots hand, Tenalt clenched the fingers shut, "TELL ME, IS THIS YOUR DOING." 

            Viktor still stood motionless.  "Father, I have come to DEFEAT YOU," Viktor finally called.  Pulling out an electric grenade, he pulled the pin and was ready to throw it, but his father had already side swiped him, out of sight and into the hoards of fighting soldiers.

            "Worthless," he mumbled about his son, as he turned to try and find the cat dressed in black.

            Rebecca fought soldier after soldier....taking deep breaths, she gasped for air.  Turning, she saw another of the tanks, which were left, blasting into one of the odd shaped robots.  Blasting into the side of the robot, it tittered and fell to the ground, almost crushing Viktor.

            "VIKTOR," She cried.  Shoving her way forward, blasting creatures up and around her in the air, she finally made it to his side, but he had already gotten up.  Climbing into the robot, he turned as he noticed Rebecca there.

            "I am fine, “he said, "In fact, with this robot, which had opened up as it hit the ground, I noticed that it had a cockpit."

            Smiling Rebecca turned from him, "Very well she stated. 

            Dashing forward Sakura lunged onto several soldiers as they were busy fighting the robots.  Unaware, she would suddenly latch onto them, destroy their weapons and then drop electric bombs in the midst of them.

            Like a lighting bolt, a black streak landed into the side of the tank, the one that had blasted the robot that Viktor was now in, over.  Burying a sword deep into the side of the tank, as the force of its strength caused the tank to buckle against the pillars and begin to cave in like an aluminum can, the cat dressed in black crushed the tank, and shoved it over the side of the balcony, after the soldiers inside, jumped out.

            Seeing the cat in full view, Rebecca gasped.  The uniform looked familiar; like the one that Nemo had been wearing.....but she sighed, "We are in paradise and there are probably hundreds of them."

            Stepping forward, Viktor stumbled as he struggled to gain control of the robot.  Pressing a button accidentally, the fist of the mecha, swung up with such force that it blasted one of the tanks that was nearby, shoving several of the soldiers to the ground, as the tank blasted out of the council room.  Turning and smiling, Viktor then turned his sights, as he was taller than most of the robots, onto his dad.  Stepping forward, he once again stood for a moment as his father was busy taking out another robot.  Barely getting time to think, after downing that robot, Tenalt turned around, but was blasted with a deafening punch.  Rolling across the room, as soldiers dodged out of his way. Tenalt crashed to a stop; landing up against one of the columns.  Pulling himself to his feet, he glared in the direction that he had been hit from.  Standing with a smirk face, Viktor stood, waiting for a statement.


            Dashing forward with quick agility, Viktor and Tenalt clashed in a standoff.  Not being able to move the other, the pushed and shoved.

            "This is YOUR fault," exclaimed Viktor. "YOU KNEW I never wanted your stupid Company.  I wanted to invent."

            "IF you hadn't wasted your time with those STUPID contraptions, your inventions, I would have let you join me by my side...YEARS AGO.  BUT YOU WERE TOO WORTHLESS."

            Grasping in a hold, VIk,tor stepped to the side, and sent tenalt crashing to the ground.  Pulling back his fist, VIktor held it towards the encasing which held Tenalts body, and let his finger hover over the button to shoot his fist at Tenalt.  Sighing, he pulled his hand away; he could not destroy his father, even if he hated him. 

            Reaching for the motionless Tenalts' robots legs, Viktor slammed his fist into the joint, and busted both legs.  In hardware and screws, the robot that Viktor was using gave a last sigh, and collapsed on top of his fathers machine, blasting with overheated steam and oil.

            In one last final struggle, that lasted little less then half an hour, all soldiers had either died, been knocked out or had surrendered.  Stepping forward, all of those that were good and fighting for justice, stood in the parting of the ashen smoke.  Stepping forward, being the foremost of the group, the cat wearing black stood, looking at the stairs, which led to the private council room up above.  Walking down, as the smoke simmered and died, a cat, the cat that had stood against Tenalt and told him he was going to be defeated, stepped down the stairs. 

            Standing in the accented, last glimpse of the sun, the light accented the area in deep colors of the setting sun.  Not saying anything, the sun slipped behind the high mountains; darkness fell onto the room.

            Standing at attention, seeing no commands coming from their leaders, all of the armies that were left, lay in ruins, or at attention.

            Letting the smoke of the fight part to the sides, the cat in black steped forward and met the cat that had white fur, which was descending the stairs.

            Kneeling to the ground the cat in black almost seemed to cry.  "It has been so may years," its voice broke.  "I had thought that you had died Amy, and that I....would be trapped."

            Smiling, the girl cat reached down and touched the cat on the shoulder.  "My brother, all is well."

            Lifting his mask, the cat revealed his face, and everyone who had seen him die, gasped; it was Nemo.

            He was alive.