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© 2005 Mike Blake (Monisawa),  Jeremy Blake (www.jerbl.com);  All rights and privileges reserved.

------------------------TEAMCLAW EPISODE VI PART 2-----------------

              Sighing in the somewhat cold air, Nemo crunched his feet into the rocks dow below.  Staring out towards the ominouis and large wall, that towered forth, trying to hide the forboding mountain behind itsself, Nemo felt weary as the past few weeks preparing had been draining.  Taking quick breaths of the thin air, as they were high up in the mountains, Nemo shivered as past darkness yearned inside his head to be remembered.  The dream that he had had recently and other ones haunted him with their faces, their outlines, and the events.  Stepping a little closer out of the cover of the dead forest that was on the west side of Viktor's fortress, Nemo narrowed his eyes in the direction of approximately in the distance, where the gate was located.

            Standing with his team at the ready, they were all waiting for the signal that was to be given from the main body of the Rebellion.

            So many years Nemo has been fighting and so many years he had been worrying about his past.  Many questions were about to be answered today.

            Hearing the silent whispers of the night wind, Nemo turned and looked at his fellow teammates.  Standing among the starch white ghastly trees and the bleached monsterous and heaped rocks, Nemo smiled, as they were all gathered around an inflatable raft.  Tsuki, Yoru, Sakura, Rebecca, and Cocoa bean held quick to the small boat, while the Prince held tightly onto Rebecca's free hand.  This was going to be some adventure Nemo thought to himself. 

            Suddenly hearing the explosion and blasts of dozens of tank turrets, Nemo's ears swiveled as the bombs started blasting and screaming into the gate somewhere off in the distance.  Hearing the whirr of helicopters, the jets of airplanes, the revving of vehicle engines, and  the marching of feet, Nemo knew the siege had begun.  

            "OKAY," Nemo called. 

All running forward, the team acknowledged the signal and scrambled off of the rocks, which surrounded the whole complex.  Running down the hill, they tossed the boat into the small river type lake that surrounded the mountinas walls, and jumped quickly into the boat.  They were all alone, no help from the Rebellion from here on out.  Quickly paddling, Rebecca drew the oars in and out, pushing them towards the wall that was so high, that Nemo was unsure of the top.  Looking to the left and the right, the wall spanned even farther, not being able to see an end, obviously arching in a circle shape around the mountain.  Just looking at the wall made Nemo's gut wrench, but thinking of the mountain fortress, made him feel even worse.  Pulling the grenade launcher from off of his shoulder, Nemo loaded it and got it ready as they headed towards a specific part of the wall. 

            Protruding out like straws, little sewer drains, spewed their contents into the lake from all over the west side of the mountains wall.  One cluster of the sewage tunnels was a large one, that if Nemo were to stand up in it, he would look like an ant.  Looking up at it, Water poured heavily into the water, pushing the current away from that particular direction.  Forcing the boat in the correct direction, Rebecca continued to row closer to underneath where the tunnel protruded out from the wall.

            This is so cliché, thought Nemo; everybody gets into fortresses through the sewer system.

            Coming to one of the smaller tunnels, which were underneath the large one that had no water coming it, Nemo leveled the gun into the hole as Rebecca drew them at a stop up next to the wall.   Pulling the trigger, after he leveled it correctly, he listened to it blast far into the distnace.  Checking the guns setting on the distnace, Nemo smiled as the indicator read 100 yards.  Suddenly exploding in the distance, Nemo smiled, while his whole team watched as the water in the largest tunnel slowly trickled to a stop.

            "Time to move," stated Nemo, while pushing them off of the wall and getting themselves underneath the tunnel.  Swinging a grapple hook, he latched it onto a crack and shimmied his way up.  Looking down the long corridor, Nemo scrunched his nose as the smells rose from off of the pipe.  Looking up ahead and only seeing darkness, Nemo could hear the water pour down into the hole that they had made in the bigger tunnel by shooting a grenade down  the one underneath.  With the water gone, they could easily make their way to their next destination. 

            As each of his teammates pulled themselves up, gathering at the center of the pipe, Rebecca came up last, leaving the prince in the boat.  Grabbing the rope, she slowly dragged the boy up, as he held securely to the rope.  Finally with everyone up and surprisingly quiet, Nemo turned, as Tsuki dropped a dart into the boat.  Checking to make sure that it was deflating and sinking, Tsuki turned to look at Nemo and smiled.  Nodding his agreement, they hastened down the corridor.   Leaving the comforting light of the moon behind, Nemo turned on a flashlight.

            "Okay, we can talk now," said Nemo.

            Everyone sighed, as if they had been holding their breath.

            "Geez, I was getting tired of playing the quiet game," stated Sakura.

            "No kidding," stated Tsuki, while she stretched and rolled her shoulders.  Ringing out her tail of the sewer water, she turned to look at Yoru, as if to expect some complaints from him.

            Depressed, he sulked, while trying to plug his nose from the smell in the sewer pipes.

            "Nemo we don't have much time; that water might fill up the hole and flood us at any second."

            "I know Cocoabean," stated Nemo.  "Rebecca, pull out the map and check how far from the end of the tunnel it is to this door."  Reaching into her pocket, while shifting her back pack to the side, she pulled it out and began to unfold it. 

            "Ok," she agreed while looking at where they were.  "The map shows it about fifty yards from the end of the tunnel."

            Listening to her voice echo down the stench filled pipe, Nemo nodded his head.  They were almost to where the abandoned sewer pipe should be. 

            Coming to a door, which was embedded into the side of the tunnel, Nemo quickly noted the sealed door and the keypad along side of it.

            "That is strange," said Nemo.  "Why would they have a keypad if water is always flowing through this tunnel?"

            "Maybe,” thought Tsuki, "When they stopped using the old one, there was no water in here....""

            "So they locked it with a KEYPAD," asked Cocoa?

            "You're right CB," agreed Tsuki.

            "I think they just want to protect themselves from people getting into their fortress," stated Cocoa.

            "I think you're right.  If you remember on the map," said Nemo," that farther ahead there are grates on all of the tunnels that joined from the mountain onto this one."

            Everyone seemed to agree with that.

            Already ahead of everyone, Sakura was typing into the keypad and hacking into the security lock.

            "Were through," she stated, as a deafening clicking noised echoed throughout the whole tunnel.  Pulling on the door it didn't budge.

            Reaching forward, Nemo tried to pull on it as well, but the door did not give.

            "Wait," said Rebecca, while reaching forward.  Pulling on a lever that at the left side of the door, the door hissed and popped open as musty old gases escaped into the tunnel.  Everyone, even Nemo had to cover his nose for that one.

            Walking forward, they all passed into the door, until Nemo and Sakura were the last two.

            "Nemo, we should leave it unlocked in case we come back this way."

            Nemo shook his head.  "It does not matter if you lock or unlock it; the water will come pouring out of the hole and will shortly be blasting back down the tunnel again."

            Sakura lowered her eyebrows, but nodded her head in agreement.   She didn't bother locking it, but they shut it behind them.

            Man, this was worse then the humans’ sewer, back when he had to fight Viktor, Nemo thought to himself.  Walking forward, after his team, who had all gone ahead to the large and spacious old pump room that was up ahead, Nemo watched as all of their flashlights bobbed up and down. 

            According to Rebecca’s source, which was also part of the package that the squirrels had gathered and found, was an abandoned part of the sewer system that Viktor no longer used in his mountain.  From the original pump, he had diverted the flow of the sewer into the larger pipe, by using a new and better pump that was up in the mountain.

            Turning the main corner, Nemo saw his team spill out into the large, but mucky room.  Stepping forward, Nemo cringed as he could smell the dank rotting water, which had travailed here for many years.  Feeling the drips of the water, coming through the ceiling, Nemo turned and looked as the way ahead was even darker than before.

            Sweeping their flashlights back and forth, Nemo walked up beside Cocoabean. 

            "From here on out our map is useless."

            "Yah," agreed cocoa," unless we want to go on the ladder that led to the surface," which he was referring to a ladder that began on the main pump unit, up above that filled up most of the large room.  Looking over his head, Nemo pointed the flashlight, but could see no ceiling.

            "IF we did go up their Cocoa, we would not be sure how many soldiers of Viktor were around there.  Besides if we could find these underground tunnels that Rebecca is talking about, then we could easily go around without the detection of Viktor."

            "Agreed," nodded Cocoabean.

            "So where do we go," asked Tsuki, who had come up them and was listening?

            Nemo furrowed his eyebrows.  Glancing over at Rebecca, who was pointing her flashlight around the machine and towards the far end of the room, Nemo turned his attention back on the question.  "I am not sure..."

            Suddenly cutting them off, Nemo heard Rebecca call to them.  Looking back to where she had been, Nemo could not see her or the prince, who was with her.

            Rushing forward to where he thought she was, Nemo came to the lip of another tunnel.  One of the many that filled this room, and once, Nemo imagined were pouring down water into this room and filling it up.

            "This tunnel leads kind of down," she held the map up for Nemo to see.  "If I am correct about the underground complex and corridors, then this would be the best tunnel to take.  We could drop an explosive charge and find one of the lower chambers."

            Nemo quickly glanced over the schematic map and followed the several different routes of the sewer pipes, that were no longer in use. 

            Sakura, Tsuki and Yoru slunk up behind Nemo, While Cocoabean shined his flashlight down the tunnel that was obviously declining at an alarming rate.

            "We can't waste too much time deciding," Nemo stated, while continuing to look at the papers.  "So we will have to just go with what you feel is best."  Quickly folding the map up, Nemo handed it back to her, While treading forward.   Following after them, as if on a spelunking trip, the team headed down the tunnel, with their flashlights and backpacks.  Pulling his backpack tighter to his body, Nemo glanced behind, and let the rest of the group walk forward to find the lowest point in this tunnel.  Careening his ears back and forth, Nemo listened for a noise, which he had thought he had heard. 

            Seeing that everyone was getting ahead, Nemo shook his head and continued on with the rest of the group.

            Making it to the lowest point, Nemo pulled out his watch, and noticed that they had better hurry.  He did not know how long the resistance at the door would be able to distract Viktor.  Though the rebellion was confident that they could defeat Viktor or at least distract them with their small army, Nemo was not as confident.

            "Okay," called Sakura authoritatively.  "Everyone step back, while who ever has the explosives hand them over."

            Nemo scowled and pushed Sakura aside.  "Explosives are not for children...Sakura."

            "CHILDREN," she piped," I AM NOT A CHILD!!!" 

            Laying the small charge explosion onto the ground, Nemo stepped back as he pushed the button.  "EVERYONE SCATTER," he called.  His whole team chose sides of the tunnel and ran as far away, as fast as they could, away from the bomb.

            Blasting, Nemo covered his eyes, as cement and metal pieces of pipe, scattered and were thrown in every direction.  Waiting for the smoke to clear, all anxiously shined their flashlights on where the bomb had gone off.  Picking up a rock at his feet, Nemo tossed it precariously where he had set the bomb.  Half expecting it to the hit the small crater it had probably made, Nemo heard it crack once, and then continue to several times more.  Finally coming to one final clack, Nemo looked surprisingly down.  Shimming forward, He glared down, squinting into the smoke.

            "Rebecca, I don't believe it, but we hit it on our first try."

            As the smoke would allow it, everyone was at Nemo's side, trying to get a peak down into what could very well be their fate.

            Without hesitation, and not wanting to waste time, Nemo attached the rope to a disfigured supporting iron bar, which had been made when the tunnel's frame was poured.  Tugging on it, he smiled to his team as he slowly let himself down. 

            Setting himself on the ground, after shining his flashlight down onto the ground, he looked up at the distant hole he had just come down.

            "How is it Nemo," called Tsuki?

            Nemo swung his flashlight across the room they had blasted their way into.  Seeing the rubble from their explosion, but also a whole pillar system that was shiftily supporting the overhead roof, Nemo gasped as his entire being shivered with thousands of memories, which wanted to bust forth from his mind.  "So close...." he muttered.  "I feel like this place is a part of me...and yet everything here looks like it is centuries old.  Maybe I have just been here before..."

            "NEMO," called Tsuki impatiently. 

            Coming down without waiting, Sakura, landed onto the ground without using the rope.  "Everyone is just to slow."

            Blinking several times, Nemo glanced at her.  "How did you get down here?  That is over a fifty foot drop!?"

            She smiled as wings suddenly sprouted from her back, but went back into her fur.  "Oh, they come and they go....but they are so much fun to use!!!"

            "Where...." Nemo was about to ask, but shook his head.  Sakura was unexplainable, and right now was not the place to ask where she had gotten them.

            One by one, all of the others made it down, except for Tsuki.  Anxiously glancing back in the direction they had come, she was a bit nervous.  Finally releasing herself from the pipe, and sliding down, she came to stand by Nemo. 

            "Nemo, I think we might be being followed....I thought I heard some noises..."

            Nemo thoughtfully tilted his head back up towards the sewer pipe.  Looking over at Cocoabean, Cocoa shook his head.  "No one that I know would be following us."

            “Very well," stated Nemo.  "I know that we don't have time to waste, but we can't have anyone sabotaging our plan.  Alright," he called, after thinking for a second.  "Rebecca and the Prince go and hide.   Sakura, Tsuki and Yoru,  I want you to strategically place yourself around the room, but just so, that you see if someone comes down the tunnel.  Cocoa, you and me, we will also lay in wait, but will be the first to confront this enemy, if one shows up.  We will wait fifteen minutes at most.   And when that time is over, and if no one has shown up, then we will proceed.  Everyone get in place and set your clocks. 

            Stepping away from the rope and turning all of their flashlights off, Nemo could hear the pitter patter of everyone’s heart.  Feeling the dank, but ancient air blow throughout the cavernous underground structure that they had landed themselves in, Nemo sighed once more as memories tried to force their way into his head.  So close....to remembering his past.

            Suddenly and unexpectedly, after five minutes of waiting, a flashlight beamed its way down the hole.  Hearing some mutterings, Nemo watched as a group of ten animals made their way down the rope.

            "Blast it," said one of them.  "Seems they have gotten ahead.  Hurry up."

            Turning from his position, the one talking shined his flashlight up impatiently at the others climbing down the rope.  Carrying big weapons and lots of other equipment, Nemo watched as they all lined up glanced around the room.

            "Seems that human girl with Nemo was right; there is something deeper underneath the mountain.."

            "Yes," agreed another, "they will be plenty pleased with us."

            "NO," stated the other, while keeping its voice down, "if we don't capture the boy and stop Nemo and the rest of his group, then this whole mission will be for naught..."

            "Why didn't we capture them earlier?  While we could have?"

            "Fool, I don't want to have to explain this again.  They are leading us to a gate."

            Nemo narrowed his eyes.  He had heard enough.  By looking at their equipment and their uniforms, Nemo could easily tell that they were from the Rebellion.  "Is this your doing," he whispered to Cocoa. 

            Cocoa looked just as naturally surprised as he was, "You know you can trust me Nemo, I would never betray you."

            Nemo was confused, but even more frustrated.  This entire mission was about to be messed with, because some stupid people that sent a rag-tag team to stop them.  Pulling his backpack carefully off, Nemo grabbed the sword from the side of it, but thought better of it.  These worms were not worth the thought using his sword.  Glancing over at Cocoabean, he had already attached the tool he had used on the boat chase, with him.  Smiling they counted down from three and stepped out from behind the rock.

            Standing in place, Nemo walked forward, "Excuse me gentlemen, but I have seemed to have gotten lost.  Do you know where my car is?  I could have sworn I parked it in this row."

            Suddenly, all the soldiers reared in direction of  Nemo and pointed their flash lights.

            "IT'S NEMO!  He knows about us.  WASTE HIM!!!"

            Nemo smiled as he suddenly disappeared from before them.   Reaching instantly for their guns, they called out in surprise, as both Nemo and the dog were gone. 

            Jumping off of the huge pillars, Nemo spun around and landed in the middle of the group, kicking several to the ground as they reached for their guns, Nemo laid them to waste.  Suddenly coming from the air, Cocoabean landed on top of one of them and wrestled him to the ground.  Spinning and kicking, Nemo took out two more.

            Standing in place, there were about four more that had not gotten knocked down.

            "WHAT ARE YOU?!" asked one of the soldiers in confusion.  Those that were left all pointed their guns and explosives in Nemo and Cocoabeans direction, while huddling together.

            "The mistake that you made was the day that you crossed our path.  TEAM ATTACK!!!"  Coming from behind, Tsuki and Yoru slammed into two of them.  Rearing around the last two shook and shivered.  Unexpectedly Sakura came from the air wielding her sword.  Slashing all of their hardware; their guns, bombs, grenades and any other equipment, Sakura made the equipment completely harmless.  Landing in front of them, she smiled while holding her sword. Brandishing it, she swung it around wildly, while spinning, jumping and hollering.  Both of the soldiers left standing, were calling out and screaming in fear.

            "HELP US," they screamed.  "SAVE US!!!!!!!"

            Sakura stoped her strange chant and dance as Nemo came up to the soilders.  "All right Sakura, I think you have had enough fun." She frowned at Nemo, but cheered up again as she walked away wielding her sword dangerously. 

            "I am powerful, I can defeat anyone," she chanted to herself.

            Nemo smiled, but became serious as he turned to the two remaining soldiers.  Turning to one of them, who was a cat, Nemo singled him out, "Why were you following us and who sent you?"

            Completely surrounding them, Nemo and his team, all except for Rebecca and the Prince held the soldiers in a circle.

            "We...we...c..," began one.

            "You can't tell us?" completed Nemo?  "That is too bad.  SAKURA," he commanded.

            Perking up, she turned from her distraced dance and looked over her shoulder, while holding her sword over her head, in half swing and twirl.

            "WAIT," screamed the other one, which was a raccoon.  "I will tell.  I don't know about him, but I will tell."

            Turning towards the cat and leveling his eyes at him, Nemo got the cat to nod his head in agreement.

            "We were sent by some of the members of the committee."

            "You mean the group that we gave charge to the Rebellion," asked Cocoabean?

            "Yes," agreed the cat begrudgingly.  "They researched into your little scheme and decided that they wanted in on it and all of the wealth and immortality that you were going to score on."

            "Immortality," began Tsuki? 

            "There is no treasure," stated Nemo.  "We were only guiding the boy back to his home."

            The cat smiled to the raccoon.  "That is what you wanted us to believe."

            Nemo was distraught at the attitude of this animal. 

            "They researched out information about this so called Paradise that you were returning the boy to....and found out that that the place has been sought for over hundreds of years.  Thousands and thousands of logs were found in history about how animals had left to find it; they had heard of the wealth, the glory and even the immortality that could be given to any that step into the land."

            The raccoon nodded his head, "That is exactly as we know it.  Now will you let us go?"

            Nemo shook his head.  He was not seeking treasure.  The only ulterior motive was to regain his memory and stop Viktor.  Why had the committee decided such an action...so brash, unless it was based off of the very greed that destroys civilizations....Which is why Tenalt and Viktor are so adamant about finding the paradise.

            Suddenly and unexpectedly, the cat pulled up his wrist and called into a communicator on it.  "WE HAVE BEEN CAPTURED, READ THE COORDINATES NOW AND FIND THE WAY...." the cat could not finish, as Nemo knocked him unconscious, just like the others on the ground.  Stepping on the communicator, it sizzled and sparked.

            "Who is coming," asked Nemo, pointing his question at the raccoon. 

Shanking, he quickly answered, “The committee has a part of the army, which is fighting at the gate, waiting for the signal that he just gave.  They are now on their way....with the committee members."

            "Vipers," stated Cocoabean.  "We give them a little power, and they already corrupt themselves."

            Nemo shook his head, "No, it was not the power, but of the money.  We must get the prince to safety and end this conflict.”

            Thanks for cooperating, stated Cocoabean to the raccoon, but knocked him out.  Leaving them all across the floor they gathered themselves together.  Calling Rebecca over, Nemo told her all that transpired.  "We don't have much time.  We need to find the gate, and get the Prince to safety."

            Rebecca nodded her head in agreement.

            Reaching into his bag, of which Nemo had recovered, he pulled out his uniform.  It is time to put this on.  From now on, we are in the danger zone.