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© 2005 Mike Blake (Monisawa),  Jeremy Blake (www.jerbl.com);  All rights and privileges reserved.

------------------------TEAMCLAW EPISODE III PART 2-----------------


            Getting into ready position Nemo awaited the strange visitor to appear.  He was going to give them a chance to explain themselves and what they wanted and if they seemed hostile he would knock them out and turn them in to HQ. 

            Maybe, Nemo thought, the person was sent from Viktor to apprehend him.  Viktor for some particular reason wanted to take Nemo in to his lab for tests, and was very determined to capture him last mission.   Whispering to Tsuki Nemo asked, "What did you notice when the human appeared...?"

            Tsuki who was hesitant to speak at all because she was still worried about what was going on said, "Yoru and I were about to leave when we noticed a sudden warm draft that came out of nowhere and all of a sudden a bright light flashed and out stepped the human from the light...."

            "What kind of technology is that," Nemo thought to himself.  "Almost sounds like the matter transporter, but yet not."

            Keeping his full attention onto the opening to the closet, he held a tranquilizer gun in one hand, a small but powerful taser in the hand and around him on the floor, other equipment, just in case the first two pieces of equipment failed.  Nemo could not risk the human escaping and telling about anything they had seen or knew about him and his team, so far.

            Thinking better, just in case they had guns, Nemo hissed at Tsuki, "Catch."  Nemo threw the tranquilizer gun at her and told her to hide.  "We're going to hide and when they appear, we will ambush them if they have weapons or guns."  Reaching around to one of the pieces of equipment on the floor, he picked it up and also threw it at Tsuki, "Give this to Yoru..."

            Turning around, Nemo dashed to the edge of one of the outcropping walls and peered carefully around the corner to get a better look, but also to have a better chance to shoot the taser. 

            Listening to the person climb, Nemo could hear them straining.

            Before any of the cats knew what was happening a human’s face popped out from the hole....though it was distorted in a grimace as they strained.  Quickly noting that it was a female in her late teen years, she flung one of her arms out of the hole to steady herself and then pulled herself up out of the closet’s hole.  Noticing that she was carrying a little boy on her back, Nemo watched as she stained to finally pull both of them out of the hole and stand on the ground.  Keeping very distinct respect towards the boy, she carefully let him down by releasing the leg she had been holding with one of her hands, not the one she had been using to climb, while holding one of the boy’s hands that were curled around her neck and bending her knees down to let him stand on the floor.  Looking at the boy, Nemo was shocked and pulled in by the pure blue eyes that seemed to pierce his very heart and mind. 

            Immediately seeing where Nemo was, without hesitation, the boy turned his attention to him, during which the boy continued to hold a relaxed but poised expression. The boy oddly looked to be ten years old at most Nemo decided.

            Taking his eyes from the boy, he stepped back, Nemo was not sure what to think of the two humans that had appeared.  He had been expecting an adult, of which he could easily question and apprehend, but these were young humans.  Plus the boy made him feel comfortable and yet uneasy.  The eyes seemed to pull at the back of his mind; a dark past hidden deep within the folds of the memories that Nemo knew could not be remembered.

            Taking a deep breath, as they were both not moving from where they were and the human female was busy rummaging through a bag , that was a backpack, that she had had on one of her shoulders.  Nemo stood quietly watching and anylyzing them, as he was unsure of what to do.  Finally turning her gaze on the room around her, she sighed.   "Well it seems we hit another dead end sir.  I was one hundred percent sure that was his energy wave code, but just like the last ones, nothing has turned up.  I am sure if it was him, that he would be waiting for us."    She reached up and drew back her brown hair out of her face and dried the sweat that was pouring down it.  "This stupid place has too much interference with radio waves, electrical equipment and junk."  Seeing that the girl wore a hooded cape that draped across her simple blue jeans and covered her flannel T-shirt, Nemo was unsure as to their motives.  They looked like they were on the run from someone, or something and preferred secrecy.

            Looking at the boy Nemo noticed that he acknowledged her speaking, by looking up at her, but did not say anything.  But Nemo was confused as to why the boy had not told her about his hiding place, as he knew that the boy had seen him.

            Pulling one of the objects from her backpack she laid it onto the floor.   Gasping Nemo recognized it as the puzzle box that he had just solved in the vault.   "It is just strange that someone was able to randomly place all of the squares into place.  Thankfully though, we were able to find most of his important equipment."  Continuing to pull things out, she unattached a sword and several other things, of which were all from the vault. 

            "I wonder what kind of place this is," the female said, obviously referring to the house and the closet, as she began to place them in a specific order in her back pack.  "I've seen similar places, but that storage facility down there was a complete mess.  And it just doesn't make sense that all of his stuff would be down there locked up but he would not be around."  She turned her eyes towards the stairs, as to note the fact that they were inside a residential house.  "I swear these HQ outposts are strange.  I imagine the agents are hiding around here somewhere, but we had better leave before the people who live here wake up."  She turned to head down the ladder again, while waiting for the boy, who was not moving, to get on her back.

            Finally gaining his courage Nemo stepped around the corner holding the taser up and demanded, "Who are you and what gave you the right to steal my equipment?"

            "Finally,” she sighed, "Someone steps from the shadow.  I thought no one would show up." 

            She began to turn around, but Nemo barked, "Don't move.  Answer my question first."  Tsuki, of which had emerged from her hiding place stood a little ways behind Nemo also holding her gun forward.  The human boy just stood there next to the human, without a single expression of worry or fear.

            The human girl sighed, "I am just looking for an old friend."   Nemo waited for her to explain more, but she said nothing else.

            "Who is this friend," Nemo inquired "and what does he have to do with my equipment?"

            "You probably wouldn't know him.  He went missing about ten years ago."  She continued, "He is a cat that, by legend, is invincible and was told to have apprehended an entire army by himself, but I know him as a kind caring, yet justice driven individual.  His name is whispered among those who have heard of his fame, but I know him by personal acquaintance."

            Nemo questioningly looked at the human girl and laughed, "Defeated an entire army?"  He queried, "I am sorry, but I do not know any cat that could do that."  Thinking about it though, the thought made sense as to why Tenalt and Viktor would want the equipment of such a creature that could do that.

            "I see,” she said, while turning to look at the boy.  "Then we shall leave and not bother you any longer."  She motioned for the boy to come over, but he did not move and continued to stare at Nemo. 

            Cringing, Nemo felt that he wanted to shrink from before his sight and hide, as the eyes that seemed so critical and cutting, pierced once more into his mind and heart.

            Seeing that the boy was not coming to her she called, "Sir, it is time to leave, we need to not bother them..."  her voice trailed off as the boy did not move an inch, or even acknowledge her speaking.  Glancing over her shoulder to the direction of the boy she was not sure what to do.  As she looked at the boy, she finally turned her gaze in the direction of his and gasped.

            "It can't be," she exclaimed.  She fully turned around, pulled back her hood, and took a step forward," After all of these years; all of this searching and time spent, we finally find you?!"

            Nemo turned to see if she was talking about someone else, but Tsuki had since gone back into hiding, and he was alone.  This situation felt awkward and somehow unbelievable.  Though Nemo could not confirm his past, he KNEW that he had not defeated an army.  Holding the taser once more up at her, he commanded, "I told you to not move!!!"  He could not let them get away with the equipment that HQ had commanded him to keep track of.

            The human girl looked confused, "...You don't remember us Nemo?"

            Nemo flinched as she had said his name without a pause, but still felt this was some kind of ploy set up by Viktor to capture him and the equipment he had stolen...though he was still unsure how they were able to teleport directly into his vault.

            "You can see that we tell the truth Nemo, “She said, “You should know us, especially me.  We worked together, you me and your sister.”

            Pulsing inside his mind, Nemo felt a faint twinge try to yank itself from the darkness of his past, but like a stubborn nail, it did not want to pull out.

            "I see,” the human said after getting no expected results from Nemo.  "Either someone must have done something to you, or you might have been hurt in the accident.  But in both circumstances," she picked up the sword off of the ground that she had acquired from Nemo's vault and tossed it at him.  Watching it land in front of Nemo, Nemo looked up to her as she pulled another sword from her cloak.  Strangely both the swords looked similar and had the same quasi-Japanese set-up. 

            Still holding the taser gun in her direction, the human noticed it and said, "Put that down, it will be no use against this weapon."  She lightly flicked her sword, and Nemo almost caught her moving but called out in surprise as the gun he was holding broke apart into pieces.

            Looking back to Tsuki and Yoru, they both did not move from their hiding positions, but Nemo also had heard them call out when she had flicked her sword.  With that discovered, Nemo knew all he had left was the equipment Tsuki and Yoru had strewn about and the sword that had been thrown to him.  Not wanting to use such foreighn equipment, Nemo carefully stepped back and dived for another taser gun.  Twirling around, he pointed it at the girl and pulled the trigger.  Without knowing what happened, the trigger broke and the gun, just like before, had broken into pieces as she barely moved.

            The human smiled friendly at him, "I can also see that you cannot remember common sense.  Even if it is hard for you to believe and remember me, I am powerful...and only the true Nemo could defeat me."  She held her sword poised and forward waiting for Nemo to make his move.  Lost of anything to do, but to do as she said and get the sword; Nemo shimmied over to it, keeping his eyes on the girl, and carefully picked the sword up.

            "Finally," she stated, "lets get down to business.  But first, she held out her hand and dropped a small peice of equipment onto the floor.  Activating, it flashed and immediately surrounded the room with a barrier.  "This," she commented as surprisingly she suddenly shrunk down to Nemo’s size, "is to protect the house and also to change my size so that at least while you are trying to remember, I will take it easy on you.  The barrier is set up because these battles can get scary.  Especially scary if you start to remember who you once were and don’t control it."  She then motioned towards where Tsuki and Yoru were hiding.  "You two," she commanded, "go and hide inside the closet and watch over him." She pointed towards the boy. 

            Tsuki was the first to poke her head out, seeing as that she had been spotted.  Turning her questioning eyes at Nemo, he nodded to her and in his nod told her that he figured everything would be ok.  Nemo did not trust the girl, but could trust the boy. 

            Sheepishly crawling from his hiding place Yoru crept up behind Tsuki and followed her to the boys side and eventually down into the hole.  Filing into place, the human girl closed the door behind them.  Hearing it lock into place Nemo began to get worried.  This girl was powerful and simple tricks that he had gotten by with Viktor and Tenalt would not defeat this girl.  The only thing he had to rely upon was the dreams and nightmares that taunted him and had helped him that one time with Viktor.

            Awkwardly holding the sword up, Nemo balanced it and looked over at the girl. Seeing that she was ready and in fighting position, he carefully watched her as she suddenly dashed forward with sword poised.  This is not going to be a typical HQ mission battle tonight.

            Stepping back Nemo began to panic, but out of nowhere an image of the same attack that she was doing came into his mind.  Nemo gasped for breath, as he had been holding it, and immediately executed an attack to counter her advance. 

            Throwing her off balance, she stumbled behind Nemo, but quickly turned around and leapt at him again.  Much in the same way that Viktor was apprehended, Nemo had another image come to his mind from one of his dreams, and he immediately jumped into the air.  Bringing his sword between his knees, it struck at the girl as he went over her. 

            Blocking the attempt at the attack, she spun around and struck at Nemo, as they were both still in reaching distance. 

            Grabbing the back side of his sword, seeing that it had only one side that was sharp, Nemo held onto the hilt and the back and shoved the blow to the side.  Continuing in motion, he jumped off of the wall, and led a normally devastating kick into the girl.

            Flung back, she tumbled to the ground and landed into one of the piles of junk lying around.  Stunned she smiled and quickly drew her hair behind her head in a ponytail.  Standing up as if it had not even fazed her, she lunged at Nemo bringing the sword at a full circle and crashing it down.  Though Nemo had seen it coming, the speed was incredible and he did not have to time to react.  Getting the sword knocked from his hands, he was thrown back and crashed into another pile of the equipment.  Listening to the sounds of the tinkling screws and washers, Nemo sat up dazed. 

            Seeing that only ten seconds had passed since they had begun to fight with the swords, Nemo was amazed.  Surprisingly though, Nemo did feel a refreshing wind of hope come blowing out the dust that had settled into his forgotten mind.  Standing up he walked over to his sword and picked it up once more.  "I can still say that I do not remember you, but I must admit that first of all, you are bringing back my memories, and second of all, you really are good."

            With that said, she smiled and brought her sword up to attack again.

            Following the same motion, Nemo held his forward and was getting ready to run forward but stopped as he heard an explosion.  Catching his balance from his false start of attacking, Nemo halted and stood directly up.

            Drawing both of their attention to the stairs, Nemo gasped as soldiers from HQ poured down the stairs, through the barrier, and surrounded the girl.  Completely geared as if going against a tank; the soldiers all held large shoulder taser guns, wore face masks and body gear.

            Confused Nemo stepped back away from them.  Who had called HQ?  And if no one had, how did they know there was someone had invaded his outpost. 

            "You have the right to remain silent,” one of the officers stated as he pointed the gun at her.  "Put your weapon down and lay completely flat on the floor with your hands on your head."

            Cornered against the wall, with the suited animals completely around her, she did not seem worried and smiled.  Though opposite of her reactions, which Nemo was worried, he was still completely confused; this whole situation was very strange.

            Seeing that she would not put her weapon down, the one that was talking stated,” Fine, have it your way." 

            Pulling the trigger of his gun, he called out in surprise as it fell apart in his hands.

            "MEN GET HER," he exclaimed in anger.

            They all pulled their triggers, but their guns fell apart, while one of them made a small explosion, throwing up a puff of smoke.  Still keeping their formation, the commander stepped back and gasped, "Turning towards Nemo he called, "This is an order Agent; disarm her and get her NOW!"

            Stepping back, Nemo hesitated as to the fact that this did not feel right.  He knew that he did not know who this girl was, but she brought back memories...and she also did not seem like a dangerously evil threat.  On top of that, it was completely forbidden, even in extreme circumstances, for anyone from HQ to contact or even travel to the agent outposts.  Obviously it would risk their cover being blown.

            "DO IT NOW," He screamed at Nemo.

            Deciding his answer Nemo looked boldly back at the commander.  "No," he stated.  "This is not right.  Where is your warrant to even enter my Outpost?"

            "You fool," said a slightly distant voice as it chuckled. 

            Turning his attention to the stairs, Nemo watched as all the men, who were still surrounding the girl looked in eager anticipation at the bottom of the stairs.

            "There is no warrant needed to enter your house." 

            Nemo cringed as he now recognized the voice.  Turning the corner, Nemo watched as the figure, which had just teleported through the matter transporter, came into view.

"Viktor," Nemo snarled.