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© 2005 Mike Blake (Monisawa),  Jeremy Blake (www.jerbl.com);  All rights and privileges reserved.

------------------------TEAMCLAW EPISODE II PART 2-----------------

Needing to get to the control room, and since all the humans were still up, Nemo decided to use the back furthest route.  It is a little harder to get at, but it would be quicker then using the master bedrooms heater vent and sager than the main bathroom.  Walking a few steps up, Nemo lifted the carpet of one of the stairs and pressed himself into a space between the wall and the stair.  Squeezing himself in, he made his way through the storage that was where the garage used to be.  The previous owners of the house had built half of the garage into a bedroom, and had left the space between the floor and the cement open.    Wondering to himself as he dodged a huge spider web, Nemo figured that this would be a better place for the control room.  Suddenly a huge gust of cold air blasted out from underneath the house.  Nemo quickly thought better of his idea and hurried towards the opening in the wall.  Prying open the heater vent, he climbed in.  Hoping that it would not turn on, last time he had used this enterance, his hari had been crazy for over a week.  Finishing the last leg of the route to the control room, he jumped through another door in the side of the vent and pushed it closed.

Quickly walking to the monitor equipment, of which had been left running, Nemo looked at the screen and gasped.  Filled with surprise, Nemo smiled as he watched the cursor, indicating Viktor, move towards one of the radio tags, and then in confusion follow after another.   Watching the obviously confused Viktor, Nemo glanced at the time and sighed; it was still too early to go after Viktor.  Thinking a little harder Nemo questioned, “Or is it?!”  Viktor could be caught unaware right now and Nemo knew that he could do this mission all alone.

Walking over to one of the many shelves that lined the small space, Nemo dug through his available equipment.  As he decided what to bring, his eyes fell on the box with his suit in it.  Shaking his head, he once again smiled and figured that Viktor could never merit to putting on the uniform.  Scooping together the equipment that he would need, Nemo threw them into a bag and headed towards the Matter transporter gun that he had left in here from last night’s mission.  Since the Teleporter on the stairs was in use, Nemo was going to use the gun.  Setting the Coordinate for Viktor, he smiled at the presumptuous thought of his catching Viktor by himself.  This time, Nemo had concluded, he would have the jump on Viktor and Viktor would not know what hit him.  Setting the Teleporter gun on the ground, he pulled the trigger and stood back.  Immediately Nemo was engulfed and thrown into the vortex of being split up.  Quickly emerging into view, Nemo quickly stepped onto the pavement of the road and while carrying the bag, dashed into some bushes by the road.  Pulling out the scanner pad, Nemo located his position on where the transporter had sent him and smiled as to the fact that he had actually been sent real close to where Viktor should be. 

Running forward, he craftily dashed from bush, to tree, to parked car.  Avoiding the public eye in the post setting sun, he made his way to where Viktor was located. 

Finally reaching the general area, Nemo stopped underneath a car parked on the side of the road and looking at the scanner, watched the movement of Viktor; the direction he was heading.  Setting the pad down, Nemo grabbed the heat pair of heat goggles that Tsuki had used last night, and put them on.  Slipping the strapped loop over his head and ears, Nemo set them in place over his eyes and pushed a button on the side to activate them.  Seeing that they were in working order, he slightly lifted them up and pushed them to rest on his forehead.   Reaching again into his bag, he pulled out two containment force fields.  Placing them in his mouth, he dashed from underneath the car and ran to the direction that Viktor was traveling.  Making about twenty feet ahead of where Viktor was eventually going to go in the sewer line, Nemo placed one of the balls on the ground and pushed the button on it.  Quickly sinking into the asphalt, Nemo knew that it was going to be activated once it landed in the sewer pipe; and immediately when Viktor steps on it, it would capture him.

Seeing that that was in order, Nemo dashed further ahead to where a sewer manhole was located in the road.  Setting the last containment field on the ground, just in case Viktor made it past his first, nemo set it past the manhole and activated it.  Not even waiting for it to sink down into the ground, Nemo was already prying at the manhole lid.  Climbing down, he turned and pulled the cover back into place.  Instantly immersed in darkness, Nemo could still faintly see the bottom of the tunnel from the light that was coming through the holes in the man hole lid.  Pulling the heat goggles over his eyes, his vision was immediately represented in shadowy lighted red paths.  Cats could already see in the dark, but even dark tunnels like this, Nemo would need assistance.  Climbing about half way down the ladder, he stopped and pushed a button on his tail.  Not wanting to be completely defenseless, he activated a small protective shield, of which HQ had installed in him.  Jumping the rest of the way down, Nemo splashed in the knee high water and glanced ahead to see if Viktor had been captured.  Seeing only a faint distant blur Nemo began to run forward, as he was confidant in his actions because everything was going as planned.  Pulling the scanning pad forward, he turned it on and located the general area that Viktor was located.  Seeing that he was right where Nemo had dropped off the Containment field, Nemo smiled.   Viktor was most likely trapped in the field and the only way to get out was through Nemo.  Filling with confidence, he dashed forward faster.  Seeing that the tunnel was several feet in diameter, Nemo gracefully dodged the joining pipes and holes from the surrounding urban houses.  Using his goggles, he ignored the surrounding tunnel, of which was warm and created a faint glow through the goggles.  Suddenly turning a bend in the pipe, Nemo was waiting to come face to face with Viktor but came to his barrier and there was nothing inside.  Looking at the barrier, Nemo knew that Viktor had activated it, but Viktor was gone.   Nothing animate could escape the barrier, Nemo knew.  Tapping the wall around the humming entrapment, Nemo could not see a fault in the tunnels wall.  Retracing his steps aound the bend, Nemo tried to look where it would have gone wrong. 

Suddenly Nemo heard a thump adn a woosh. Looking forward, he saw a wall of red coming at him, but did not have time to get out of the way.  Blasted back, Nemo tumbled to a stop as the protective barrier shield around Nemo, sputterd and flashed and then stopped working.  “Blast it,” Nemo mumbled while jumping to his feet.  Staring forward, he could not see anything, and figured that the goggles were not working.  Ripping them off, he looked at them and could faintly see the lenses cracked and the hardware broken.  Glancing up, he could barely see the outline of a dark figure at the head of the tunnel.  Blast it; this is no time to meet the enemy.  Throwing the goggles to the ground, Nemo took deep relaxing breaths to calm himself.  Hearing only the shatter and the splash of the goggles hitting the tunnels side and then the water, Nemo prepared himself for whatever Viktor had up his sleeve. Feeling not as confident as before, Nemo then tried to remember some of the dreams he had, in order to try to get the results that he had had last night. 

“Do you really think that I would come to meet you, UNPREPARED?” Taunted the figure.        Recognizing the voice as Viktor’s, Nemo ignored his comment, while trying to concentrate on his dreams. 

Viktor confidently claimed, “Your fate is in my hands and at last I will defeat and capture you!  No more of this stupid game that we have been playing; I have pulled all of my aces.  You shall be MINE!”

Getting frustrated, Nemo could not bring his dreams or even his nightmares to the front of his mind.  He was at a disadvantage as Viktor had a weapon and Nemo could not see him.

Faintly watching Viktor reach around to his tail, Nemo dashed forward, hoping that it was Viktor’s usual weapon of choice.  With just a possible chance, Nemo hoped to take Viktor down with just his normal tactics. 

Pulling it forward, faster than Nemo had ever seen Viktor do, Viktor cocked the gun and pulled the trigger.  Taking a hit to the shoulder, Nemo stopped his attack and reeld back onto the ground from the force of the blow. Splashing into the water, Nemo hunched up from the ground, and leaned against the pipe.  Something was not right with Viktor, something had definitely changed and it was obvious, decided Nemo that Viktor was like a totally different person.  Looking forward Viktor was gone.  Listening in the dark, Nemo got to his feet staggeredly as he could not use his right arm now.  Recognizing the shot as from Viktor’s stun gun, Nemo was definitely at the dis-advantage without his arm. 

Seeing that no one was coming Nemo peered around the bend.  Grabbing his shoulder in pain, Nemo leaned against the wall, as his shoulder throbbed.  Seeing the faint light up ahead of the light coming through the sewer manhole, Nemo knew that Viktor was gone.  Walking forward, Nemo noticed that he was sloshing in deeper water.  Realizing that the water was rising, Nemo bolted down the tunnel towards the exit.  “Too late,” yelled Nemo as he was smashed by the wall of oncoming water.  Being crammed back down the tunnel, Nemo was slammed into the first barrier that he had set for Viktor.  While the water passed through the barrier, Nemo was left to be crushed by the coursing water, being pinned against it. 

Struggling he fought against the water, but the immense weight of the water, that was crushing him, effortlessly smashed him harder against the barrier.    “This can’t be it,” Nemo said to himself, “This can’t end this way.”  Cringing while his shoulder stung and pierced his entire body with incredible pain, Nemo regretted that he was alone, and would have no one to know what happened to him.  Giving one last struggle against the current, Nemo became limp and darkness consumed his mind.