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Episode 3:  Team Claw in Breaking the Ice Mail
Nemo hadn’t heard anything about a mission for tonight, he clanked over at the sleeping life form and happed off the bed. Hq had sent them a whole load of new equipment and he could use tonight to sort it all out with Tsuki and Yoru. He trotted down the stairs and rounded the last stair to see both of his fellow agents with half of the stuff out of their underground closet. Every few seconds something else would come flying out and tsuki would catch it, glance it over, and put it in one of the three piles. Tsuki noticed Nemo and Called out to him. “Hey we are almost to the bottom, from the looks of it, quite a few cats have been stationed at this house. The closet goes all the way to the air conditioner unit by the back of the house, Yoru says it looked like there used to be another door at that end too.” She caught the ne3xt flying object, glanced at it and tossed it to Nemo. “Yoru says he uncovered a hidden compartment” she pointed at some of the things on the top of the pile. “These all came out of it, same with what you are holding. Any ide3a what it is?” Nemo studied the object in his hands, it was the shape of a cube with nine little squares of different colors on all the its faces. He tried manipulating the cube for aminute turned to Tsuki and shrugged his shoulders. “I have not idea.” As Tsuki turned back to her task at hand, Nemo turned his focus back to the cube, he found that by pressing down on certain squares that he could rotate a portion of the cube. As he continued to adjust the cube, his mind lapsed to the colors on the symbol of his uniform. How did it go? The first row had one green and two blues, the second row had two greens and one blue and the third row had one red and 2 greens. As he was thinking he glanced down at the cube in his hands. His hands had almost completed the pattern that he had been thinking about, there was just the red square left to go. He rotated it a couple of times more and clicked the correct row into place. He stared at it as something about it seemed to mean something to him, he just couldn’t place it. As he was looking at the cube his paws started to get warm, Nemo turned the cube around noticed that the side that was opposite where the patter was had turned completely white. As he looked closer it seemed to pulse with a wave of color every two seconds. To his knowledge, HQ had never dealt with such an object. He looke up at Tsuki and was about to say something when a column of light pierced through the ceiling and came to rest right in front of Nemo. Tsuki whriled around in amazement, as she was turning her foot caught the closet door release and fell inside the clostet, the door closing behind her. Nemo, quite amazed at the light, failed to notice Tsuki disappearing, but he did notice the beam of light widen and a life form come out of the light. She was dressed in a dark grey cloak that covered everything but her head and her hair that she had bunchec up into a ponytail. She looked around for a minute until her eyes rested on Nemo. As she peered at him for aminute Nemo stoode up taking a slightly defensive stance. As soon as the life form saw his chest she gasped in amazement “Nemo, are you still alive? How can this be? We all thought you had died with your sister! Nemo flinched a little and lowered his defensive stance slightly, “My name is Nemo, but I hardly expect a complete stranger to know about my sister. Who are you and why are you here?! The life form looked at him in bewilderment, “Nemo don’t you remember me? I’m Rebecca, we fought together before the Climax, You me and Amy, we all had the duty to protect the prince. Surely you remember that!” Nemo flinched again, he most definitely did not remember. He had absolutely no idea who she was or how she knew anything about his sister. Rebecca sensed the confusion and looked at the cube that he was holding. “How can you not know me, you remembered the old code for the communicube, that’s how I found you, we all thought you were dead after we found Amy’s body in the wreckage, we had to stop looking when HQ assumed power and started hunting for us. We were labeled as traitors and deserters, but we never violated our dute, we defended the prince as long as we could before they overwhelmed us. Then we had to leave and we had to take him with us, she pulled back her cloak to reveal a small life form. He had a clear complexion and dark blue eyes. They penetrated Nemo to the very core, Nemo almost felt like they could see right through him. This was all very unsettling to Nemo, HQ had specifically forbidden verbal contact with Humans and here were two life forms in his house that knew who he was and Nemo just didn’t know what to do. He glanced over at the closet door, Tsuki was peering out of it with Yoru peering right next to her. He raised his defensive stance again and looked at the life forms, “I don’t know who you are, but HQ has forbidden this sort of contact, I have no choice but to fight you, please leave at once.” Rebecca looked at him with concern on her face, “Very well, if we are to be enemies, then perhaps a good fight will cure you of your forgetfulness. She pulled back her other side of her cloak to reveal two swords sheathed side by side, she pulled out one, and hefted it for amintue, then she tossed it at Nemo who caught it. “The sword always remembers its master, but it appears that the master has forgotten his sword, let uys see if you remember anything about who you are.” She glanced down at the closet door where two pairs of eyes were peering out, she looked at them and turned to her companion, “The will keep you safe, they have good hearts. The boy nodded and moved over to thwere the door was and pried it open, he jumped down in as Tsuki and Yoru watched in amazement. Rebecca turned and smiled at them,”Guard him with your very lives, he is more important than you know. They both nodded a bit confused at their situation and ducked down as Rebecca closed the closet door. She turned back to Nemo and puleed out the other sword. She walked a few steps away from Nemo, and stabbed her sword through the ground. A force field instantly covered the walls, floor, and ceiling, effectively barring entry or exit from where they stood. Nemo hefted the sword he had been given and looked back at Rebecca, “Why would you give me a sword after knowing that we must be enemies.” “I am merely returning an old possession, the sword always remembers it master.” Nemo turned the blade in his paw, it was almost like it was trying to communicate with him, he raised it in an attack position, “Very well, teach me what I seem to have forgotten,” Rebecca smiled and raised her sword “Lets make it a little fairer shall we?” Her sword started to glow and so did Rebecca, her body started to shrink until she was eye level with Nemo, when the transformation was complete she looked at Nemo again, “Are you ready?” Nemo nodded and before he was through with the second nod, he felt his hands lift the blade to deflect a quick jab from Rebecca. Nemo stared in amazement as he continue to block everything she threw at him, she jumped back away from him after he blocker her blade from crushing his skull. “Amazing isn’t it? Can’t explain it can you? How far back can you remember? Nemo looked away from her for a second “I remember an explosion and three weeks of recovery, everything before that is blurry.” Starting to feel something strangely familiar to him, he leapt at her, she easily parried his advance and leapt out of the way. “What of your sister? Nemo cringed a little, “only this, that I was unable to save her, nothing more. Rebecca nodded as she brought another crushing blow towards Nemo’s head, Nemo parried and returned a jab, Rebecca narrowly deflecting it at the last minute. “Who is your enemy?” “Viktor the fox, the son of the late Tenalt. Rebecca froze and looked at him in total surprise. “Viktor? How can that be?” They were interrupted by another column of light that pierced through the shield, Rebecca turned in shock, “I was followed?!” As soon as the beam widened a column of masked HQ officials poured out and surrounded the two duelers. Nemo lowered his sword in surprise, it was specifically forbidden any form of contact whatsoever besides his mailbox yet here were agents from HQ with weapons pointed at Rebecca. One that looked to be in command called out, “Traitor, we have found you at last, where is the prince?” Rebecca glanced at Nemo and then turned to her accuser, “You will never have him while I live!” The leader chuckled and then turned to Nemo, “Nemo, your next assignment has been handed down, kill her.” Nemo looked at him, stunned at what had just been said. Never in his wildest dreams had he thought that a mission would end in death, the HQ code specifically forbid it, something was very wrong about the whole situation. How could this be the same organization that had cleaned up after the explosion and fixed everybody’s lives, how could this be? “Who are you, and what authority do you have to make me do such a thing.” Nemo challenged back with a little anger in his voice. “HQ code specifically forbids it, why then am I to violate the very code upon which HQ is base.” A familiar voice called out in response, “Fool, how naïve you are!” Viktor had emerged from the portal that was still active in the corner. “HQ is merely a pawn in a huge game of chess, and look if we don’t have two knights here together again.,” He focused on Rebecca “We meet at last, I’ve heard a great deal about you my dear, but I can’t have you discovering one of the most beautiful hidden treasures in the world,” He glanced at Nemo, and then met her eyes again “We wouldn’t want him to remember who he is.” Nemo was beyond confused at this point, but he wasn’t about to hear any more, he lifted his sword and jumped at Viktor, Viktor saw him move and pulled out a control pad from his vest, and pushed a button on it, Nemo’s body locked up and fell to the floor, unable to move. Rebecca looked at Nemo horrified, “What have you done with him? He is a high member of the Elect, this isn’t possible!” Viktor turned from the frozen Nemo back to Rebecca, “You’lll find my dea that quite a few things are possible, seize her!” He truend and backed away as the agents closed in on her, Rebecca’s eyes blazed with anger, leveling her sword to the ground she faced her opponents. “I won’t let you have him”. She swung back her sword and suddenly thrust it towards the enclosing agents, a huge wave burst out of the sword and blasted them against the walll, she turned and raced to Nemo, bending down she examined him, searching for a clue to what was wrong, the agents and Viktor had since recovered and were making their way back towards her, weapons raised. “She is no use to us, kill her!” Viktor snarled, “But sir, the prince”, the commander replied, “He is no longer a concern, with her out of the way, he is defenseless, we will find him, your first priority is the Jewel, protect him at any cost, he is worth more to us than even your lives, but make sure to make her death painful.” He turned and vanished through the portal and it disintegrated. The agents raised their weapons at Rebecca, “all right, its time to play.” Rebecca had found nothing in her search of Nemo and looked around in desperation for something to aid her, she moved behind Nemo, aware that they could not harm him. She looked down at Nemo, “I hoped it wouldn’t come to this, Nemo I apologize in advance,” she took her sword and grabbed the end, quickly jerking it, her hand oozed rec. She concentrated for a second, took her blade and stabbed it down through Nemo’s heart. As Nemo came to, he tried to move but something seemed to be pinning him to the floor, he looked up and saw Rebecca’s sword through his chest, curiously enough he felt no pain. He traced his eyes up the sword, Rebecca was still holding it, but she was frozen, he looked around, Viktor wasn’t there anymore, but the agents were over a little ways, they appeared frozen, but they hgad their weapons raised and pointed in his direction. He slumped back down trying to collect his thoughts. Everything had happened so fast, he wasn’t sure what to think, his mind raced with questions that had no answers and he traced them back to the big ones, who was he, and why couldn’t he remember. He reached up to massage his head when a white paw reached out and grabbed his. Startled he looked backwards and his eyes met another cat’s. They looked at each other for a minute, still holding hands. “You’ve come, I’ve been expecting you.” A memory tugged at Nemo’s brain, but he couldn’t place it. She reached out and touched Rebecca’s blade, it went transparent and Nemo was able to roll away and stand up, he was surprised to see that behind Rebecca and the visitor, the wall had completely vanished, in its place was a huge hall with pillars, a starry sky and a stairway that led up to light. As he soaked in his surroundings, he felt a paw on his shoulder. He truend to face the cat that had spoken earlier. “I don’t understand, who are you, what is this place, and why aren’t they moving?” She smiled peacefully keeping her paw on his shoulder, “The real question is who are you?” Nemo looked at the floor, “I thought I knew, now I’m not sure.” She grabbed his paw and looked at him, perhaps I can help you remember. Everythint around Nemo exploded into light, suddenly he was running down a corridor alongside a smaller cat. As he ran he looked down at himself, he was younger, way younger. He saw a sword attached to his belt and he was wearing his uniform that he had in his case back home. As they ran, they approached a door, they burst in and looked around, there was a young girl that looked oddly like Rebecca only younger, she too was in the same uniform with a sword on her belt. She was holding a baby in her arms but there was fea in her eyes. “Have they penetrated the gates?” He heard himself reply,”They have made it to our first line of defense, hopefully they can hold them there. The other cat was still at the door looking down the hall from where they had come, she turned to Nemo “We should return to our post,” She suddenly broke her gaze looking down the hall, “Nemo they are through” He felt himself cringe and sprint back towards the door, they both stepped through closing the door behind them, hearing it lock into place they turned to face their pursuers. Nemo saw a small groupt led by a fox that looked like an older Viktor. That must be Tenalt, but why didn’t the memory come stronger? Nemo grabbed his sword as did his companion, facing the oncoming group. They stopped a fair distance away Tenalt called out, “Don’t bother resisting, we have come for the prince, lay down your weapons or die. Nemo felt himself tense a little, keeping his sword raised. He turned to his companion, “I’ll take them” His companion nodded. Nemo started towards the group, he took his sword and stabbed it up into the air and brought it crashing on to the floor. A huge wave of energy broke from his sword and blasted them back knocking all but Tenalt to the ground unconscious. Tenalt walked towards Nemo with his sword raised “Impressive, I want to see more.” Nemo raced towards Tenalt, as he brought his sword down, Tenalt parried and brought his other hand crashing on to Nemo’s hand that had his sword, as his sword clattered away, Nemo turned to face his attacker, raising his fists, they began to pulse with energy, he leapt towards Tenalt, grabbing on to his arm, which sent a wave of energy racing through Tenalts body. Tenalt staggered back in amazement, “I’ve been looking for one like you all my life, I must have you.” Tenalt raced towards Nemo and pinned him to the ground, he pulled a small black dagger from his suit and brought it down over Nemo, his companion cried out as she threw her body over Nemo. Tenalt’s dagger pierced her body. She pushed Nemo away and staggered to her feet, facing Tenalt and his dagger, her body started to glow as she raised her sword. “No amy, don’t do it!” She turned to him, “It is my time, do not worry.” Tenalt snarled and leapt towards her dagger raised, just as the dagger was about to pierce her again she brought the sword up. The dagger clanged and shattered against the sword, a huge clash of energythrew Amy and Tenalt in opposite directions. Nemo raced over to where she was, he bent over her, “Amy you can’t leave me!” She raised her hand to his face and caressed his cheek, “The effects of the dagger are too much, but we will see each other again. Her hand fell limp, then Nemo felt a heavy object come crashing into the back of his skull and then blackness. The next thing he knew he woke up in a bed of some sort, he heard voices “He’s coming too, a face of an older cat appeared in his view, “You are Nemo, you are an agent of HQ, a new organization to vanquick evil. You are the only survivor of a huge explosion, your sister died in it as well, we are going to assign you a human family to protect, here is your first assignment and the GQ code, we will put it in a bag and drop you off with the bag, you are to find a boy that pushes things that look like boxes on wheels, he is a member of the family you will protect.” He took out a syringe and plunged it into Nemo’s arm, “You will not remember us or where you are” Nemo felt a black ice lace through his body and darkness came once again. All of a sudden he was back with the cat, she was still looking at him, still holding his hand. Nemo looked at her, memories crashing through his brain, and falling into place. As he looked at her, tears welled up in his eyes, “Amy, I’m so glad you’re here.” He closed his mouth for a minute, realizing what he had just said, he looked at her again, that smile, those colors, it was her! She turned away from him as someone called out “Amy, it’s time to go!” A young girl in white advanced towards them from the direction of the stairs. Amy turned towards Nemo, “Thank Rebecca for me, her knowledge and capability have made our reunion possible. I must go now, but you are always in my heart.” The girl in white picked up Amy and turned to Nemo, “fulfill your destiny, Nemo the true protector of my family and yours.” A huge wave of color distorted the girl and Amy and a wall appeared in their place. A wall with a shield protecting it. He turned around to see the advancing posse and Rebecca. Nemo looked down to see that he still had his uniform and his sword from the memory. He pulled out the sword, colors danced off of it as it was exposed to the light, the advancing posse froze, not sure what to think as the disabled Nemo as no longer under a sword, or in front of Rebecca, but behind her and looking very dangerous. The commander took a few steps back, “Retreat, Viktor must know about this!” A huge column of light pierced through the ceiling again, as the portal opened the posse retreated through it, vanishing as the last few went through. Rebecca turned to Nemo, with a look of relief on her face. She cleaned of her blade with her cloak and bound her hand that she had cut with her sword to stop the bleeding. “Did she come?” “She sends her thanks” “I’m glad. I’m glad to have you back.” “I need you to fill me in on my duty now that it seems that things have changed.” Nemo smiled wryly and Rebecca smiled back, stabbing her sword into the ground, she returned to her former size and the shield vanished. “First we have to go pick up your supplies, most of your current equipment is hacked versions of our stuff so they can tell what you are doing.” She popped up the closet and let the three out, “They should accompany us, I think you call the place the post office.” We call it a hug,” she pulled a small object out of her cloak and set it on the ground. “But first we must take care of your first duty, these people here. She pressed down on it and it slipped through the concrete floor like it was water. Nemo looked at her questioningly “It’s a transport blocker, no one in no one out for a hundred miles but there are other forms of travel available to us. “And to the enemy” “Precisely which is why we must hurry.” She pulled another device out of her cloak and pressed a series of buttons. “It’s a little slow, but it will have to do.” A faint rumble sounded through the house and seemed to stop, Rebecca peered at her console and reached her arm out in front of her, grabbing something and pulling it towards her. To the amazement of the three cats, it was a door, that they could see inside. Rebecca motioned everyone inside and climbed in after them. Inside was a huge cabin and a window up front. Rebecca motioned towards some seats and headed towards the front pilot seat. “Belt yourselves in, things can get a little bumpy, but at least it can go through anything. Nemo strapped himself in, as did Tsuki and Your and the Boy. Nemo peered out the front window, “How come I can’t see anything?” “Because you are staring at a solid wall of dirt” Rebecca called back. The ship jerked a little and started moving, every now and then Nemo could see a pipe or a rock appear and disappear through the window. “How can you see where you are going?” Rebecca pointed down at the panel of dials and screens on her console “Its all here, don’t worry, we’ll get you one soo so you can learn.” The whole ship rocked as Rebecca reached out to adjust something. “Sorry guys, huge lead pipe, those things are a little dense.” After a few more rocks and pipes Rebecca turned and got up, we’re here, she went to the back of the ship, opened up a door and pulled out a shirt. She tossed it at Nemo “Put this on, You’ll look weird, but better to see that than your uniform.” She handed a backpack to Tsuki, “I’ll need you to carry this” She shrugged off her cloak to reveal a blue uniform with an eagle insignia. “I came prepared, just in case we meet anyone. She walked over to the door and opened it slight, hmm, this is worse than I thought. Nemo walked to the door and peered out, everyting was covered in ice from the floor to the ceiling. “Be cautious, I’ve shut down transport but they might now have made it out.” She turned to the prince, “Stay here and watch the screens” She pointed towards the front of the ship. “If anything happens, make sure to seal the ship and stay put.” He nodeed in acknowledgement and headed for the front “As for you two” she focused on Tsuki and Yoru, “I need you to protect Nemo” Tsuki smiled, and pulled on the backpack, “I still don’t’ understand antying that’s happened, but I can definitely do that.” Yoru nodde3d in agreement and they headed towards Nemo who was still looking out the door. Nemo turned towards Rebecca “What are we looking for?” Rebecca turned from doing some last minute adjusting on a panel by the door, “Believe it or not we are looking for a box with your name on it. With all this ice it will make it hard, but they have a computer that we can use to look it up. “We can’t use any of the new stuff with the fiel on, so be cautious, I can’t tell what might be out there.” They all piled out and Rebecca closed the door behind them. Nemo looked back at the door to see a wall that was partially covered in ice. He looked around and saw that they were in the lobby on the employee side, up by the counter there were stacks of letters and boxes against the wall, all were thinkly covered in ice. A box that was unfrozedn and apart form the others caught his eye and he walked over to it. As he approached it, it rocked a little. Nemo looked at it again, maybe he was just dreaming, nope, there it went again. Nemo slowed down and approached it more cautiously, as he got close enough to see the top he saw his anem spelled in rather bold letters, he turned to Rebecca who had already found a computer “Here’s a box with my name on it, could this be it?” Rebecca looked over, “They are usually smaller than that, just a minute and I’ll be over there.” Nemo looked at the box again, all of a sudden it started shaking violently and turned over on to its side, and the top popped open. It had everyone’s attention now, Nemo slowly backed away from it, reaching under the shirt for his sword when a small cat leapt out and turned to face them, her eyes were red as a flame which contrasted heavily with her petite white with gray splotches body. She was brandishing a small energy weapon and looked like she meant to use it on the first thing that moved. She looked this way and that for several moments, before reality set in on Nemo “Sakura, is that you?” “Sakura is dead, do not defile me by that name any longer, I am Nesbitt the destroyer who has come to destroy you.” She focused on Nemo and fired, Nemo swept up his sword and deflected it into the wall. “What has happened to you?” Nemo walked towards her cautiously trying to get a clear shot on her weapon. She saw him approaching and jumped in the air, for the second she was in the air she had fired another shot and used her wings to float over closer to the counter. Nemo stared in disbelief as he deflected the shot, wings? What had happened indeed. Tsuki and Yoru both had their own gasps of amazement, but Rebecca seemed to have disappeared behind the counter. Sakura turned back towards them as Nemo glanced over at Tsuki and Yoru, they were in her line of sight which meant Nemo needed to keep diverint her attention, he took a few more steps towards her when around the counter came the prince, she at first didn’t seem to notice him, until he spoke for the first time in Nemo’s presence, “Your soul is in pain, it has gone through much, it is crying out to me.” She turned her eyes and her gun towards him, but before Nemo had any time to react a flash of a sword flew from behind the counter and stabbed through her weapon, shattering it into a million pieces. The prince continued his approach, but Sakura seemed rooted to her location until the prince was right next to her. He reached over behing her head and in one quick movement crushed a piece of her collar, her body immediately slumped and he caught her and picked her up. Nemo could see that her eyes had returned to normal, he rushed over as Rebecca came around the counter and confronted the prince “One of these times I’m not going to be able to do that!” The prince looked up in innocence and Rebecca just shook her head and turned to Nemo, “He’s got something for animals in distress, even if they can kill him,” she shot her eyes back at the prince who continue to stroke sakura on the neck. Nemo checked over sakura and took a look at her winds, “These are amamzing, how did this happen?” “Judging from our welcome I doubt we want to know” Rebecca chided and went to pick up her sword. “It looks like I’ve picked up another one of his pets, but juding from the previous she might be of some use to the cause. She came back and bent down to look at the tiny body, “If she recovers from whatever was dring her, we probably should look at her in the ship,” she reached behind the counter and pulled out something that looked like a huge block of ice, “Found out why there was ice everywhere, they sent you a cold generator that got turned on accidently and some replacement parts for your computer and equipment so you can use them without HQ knowing about it. Althought I’m not sure why they sent the generator,” she looked around, “I don’t’ see a use for it, but I guess this will thaw by morning.” She motioned towards where the door of the ship was. “Its almost morming and we need to get you back,” they all climbed in and bumped and jostled home. When Rebeccca opened the door and looke out, she glance at them “I’ll take care of the rest and we’ll meet again soon, until then I suggest you clean up, they all looked at the piles of equipment still strewn all over. Tsuki groaned and Yoru covered his eyes. Nemo chuckled and followed the two cats out, he turned as Rebecca went to shut the door, “Until the next time.” “Yes until the next time!” Nemo looked down for aminute, then looked back up at Rebecca, “thank you Rebecca, for all you’ve done” She smiled, its good to have you back, good luck and she shut the door. Nemo turned to his companions, lets get going, we’ve got a new adventure ahead. Yoru flopped down and groaned, “Vanquish evil and all that huh?” Nemo looked at him “Yeah, something like that.” Tsuki laughed and they all started cleaning up.
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