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 B.L.U.E. (BE LOVING UNTO EVERYONE):  - Youth encouraged to be loving and kind to others throughout the weekend of youth conference.  We did this in our own area and didn't travel.  FRIDAY NIGHT:  absurd Olympics...see Silly Olympics. for details. This a site for an international youth group.  We also took videos and  photographs of  the evening event. This could be shown at a youth gathering at some stage during the conference. We were exploring t-shirt printing / badge making / face painting / stamping on our arms etc.as side activities for those not interested in the Olympics. We would have music playing all night and have a lounge for sitting and chatting. SATURDAY: a blue jeans day with a "fine". Each youth would have to bring a coin donation which would be given to local charity. The Red cross comes to mind especially with the Kosovo  crisis. Other service projects would then be undertaken. For lunch we would have a regressive lunch.All youth would bring the best possible lunch to pool.Sweets would be eaten first/then fruit / then main part of lunch....sandwiches savories etc. This lunch would take place outdoors along our beach front. In the afternoon we are planning on having a triathlon with teams not individuals competing. We will call it a "blueatholon" (B--Beachwalking in teams / L-- Lap walking through our local pool ,again in teams / U--understress exercises-- anything that makes the youth sweat / E -- easy riders-- the youth are to ride anything with wheels, again in teams.) In the evening we are having a Blue disco/dance--Blue decorations/blue clothing /blue hairspray/blue eye shadow and nail polish etc.  Supper will be blue drink/blue confectionary/blue icing on cakes etc. We are looking at painting a mural while the dance goes on the mural will be donated to children's hospital. The painting is for the non- dancers. It keeps them socializing.  SUNDAY:  the youth will attend their own wards but are welcome to take their friends with them. For lunch we are having a pot luck effort at one  chapel.
During the afternoon we will have round robin workshops Read the b/of/Mormon in 30 minutes .....groups are assigned to read sections of the b/of mormon in a set period of time. make scripture videos for primary children....this requires advance preparation Practice the discussions with stake and full time missionaries. Song group......learn songs for the evening fireside / play articles of faith concentration / make personalized stationary using clip art on computers/hand draw designs for stationary.  Sunday meal combine b-b-q / Sunday evening testimony meeting  / Sunday fireside we have not finalized this.
     Throughout the weekend the youth will continue to video and take photos with other intention of submitting the details to the new era/ensign........ youth can have autograph books/send letters to one another during conference/youth to hand deliver these to one    another
T-shirt signing is a good idea We also intend to give the youth fellowshipping ideas...each day the youth would get R.A.K.E.D. random act of kindness every day These acts of kindness would be anonymous.

FAITH WALK: -  - The idea for a Faith Walk where the YW/YM are gathered together by someone singing "Come Follow Me".  ...use this at Youth Conference.   It's located at:  Faith Walk - Activities


ANYONE CARE TO JOIN US?? : -  - We are planning a Ward Youth Conference for June 10-12, 1999.  We have about 40-50 youth and leaders. We want to come to the Manti Temple for one day and night and wondered if there is a Ward in Manti that would like to do something with us while we are there, ie. service project, dinner, dance, or whatever.  Please let me know if you might be interested or have any ideas of what else we might do in Manti or the surrounding area.  Thank you.  Jan Treseder, Bluffdale, Ut

HIGH CHAIRS: -  A fun activity we have done is called High Chairs.  We did this at Youth Conference.  We were focusing on the June's New Era special edition about Friendship.  We had a list of 40 questions from the different articles.  To start the game we divided into 5 groups.  Then we gave the ANSWERS to all of the questions to each team.  Each answer is on a separate strip of paper.  The team then divides the answers among themselves.  On the opposite side of the room you have five chairs numbered 1-5.  (To help avoid confusion, we also had each team put a tag on so that we knew which team they were from)  Now the game begins.  Someone reads a question, the person from each team that has the answer runs across the room to sit in a chair, the first one there will sit in the chair with the #5 on it, that means they have just won 5 points for their team.  HOWEVER, if they have the wrong answer, they LOSE 5 points for their team.  The kids love this.  We did it with the girls focusing on Personal Progress one night also.  We did the scriptures that go with the values, the colors, the Motto's for each group.  Everyone gets to play.  I always have one of the youth tell everyone what the answer is so that it reinforces what you're trying to get across.  For Youth Conference I had a group of four youth put this together.  They were the ones that came up with the questions, read them and kept score.  After one of the boys briefly reviewed what the activity was about and why choosing the right friends really is important.

CARRIBBEAN CRUISE: -  Last year as a kickoff for our youth conference we had a Carribbean Cruise.  We went all out to decorate the cultural hall with fish, mermaids, buried treasure, etc.    We served tropical-type treats (leaders dressed in Hawaiian type dress) the first hour while the kids played games.  We had a man who arranged for foos ball tables, electronic scoring basket hoops, etc.  An hour into the evening we began playing the sounds of a storm -- 15 minutes later the cruise ship sank. ----- Each of the youth were taken to the jr. sunday school room (decorated to depict telestial kingdom) where a script was read by a member of the bishopric about the type of people who will end up there eternally.  They were then taken to the Relief Society Room (decorated to depict the terrestrial kingdom) where again a script was read.  ----- The youth were then taken to the chapel where unbeknownst to them their parents were all there, dressed in white.  The parents actually admitted their own children into the room representing the Celestial Room.  We had set up green silk plants, decorated with white lights, beautiful artwork depicting the Savior's life.  A solo was sung by one of our talented ward ladies, In This Very Room.  The bishop then spoke on choices, mortality and eternal life and living worthy to enter the celestial kingdom.  We still have kids rant and rave about the impact this activity had on them.

MINI YOUTH CONFERENCES: -  A long time ago, (when I was a youth), I lived in a remote and very small branch.  We planned a mini youth conference.  We had classes, taught by members...of course I don't remember the topic..but you can choose that.  We had a formal banquet and dance, we had crafts, and games...treasure hunt...then ended it with a testimony meeting. It was great...we had several other wards request we do it for them too.  Hay ride...rock climbing. repelling..canoeing..Missionary relay race...