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YW In Excellence ~ My Future Family (submitter)

How the YW values help us in knowing and keeping our standards high in preparing for our future families.

Opening Song
Opening Prayer
Explanation of YW in Excellence & Personal Progress Program

1. Skills that are needed for your future family, now is the time to develop these skills not when you have to use them.  Practice now; make the mistakes on your Parents, brothers, and sisters.
2.   How the YW values will help you prepare for your future family
3. Holding to your Values/Standards to achieve a Temple Marriage
4. Set and stick to your values  now it is hard to have to repent and repair your mistakes though not impossible

Each YW shows/tells her project that she has done (1-5 minutes)
Example tell:   I think a skill that will be useful for my future family is ________________________.  That is why I chose to
___________________________ for my YW in Excellence Project this year.  This is what I learned from it _______________________________________.

Special Musical Number by the YW

Thank everyone for coming.  Inform them of refreshments and project displays in the YW rooms.

Closing Song
Closing Prayer

Decorations in YW rooms… things that make a home run smoothly, things to represent skills we will need to have in our future family.  I.e.…. Broom, mop, vaccume, sewing machine, pots pans, sheets, iron & board, load of folded clothes, books, FHE manual, children's books, scriptures, scripture stories, and cook book.  Anything that could represent skills
we need to develop now both spiritual and earthly.

Homemade foods the YW made themselves.  If she says she can only make macaroni and cheese then that is what she makes.

I will make bread cutouts.  My 2-year-old loves them.   He also loves to help make them.
1.I make any type of bread dough.
2.Then roll the dough flat to about 1 inch.
3.Use a large cookie cutter and cut out shapes, dogs, boys, stars, hearts, trees etc…
4.Let them rise about 40 minutes till double in size on a cookie sheet.
5.Bake 10-20 minutes depending on the dough recipe.
6. Make sandwiches of them or eat them as is.

Project Ideas

*Start a recipe book of your favorite recipes.  Leave room for new ones.  Make some samples to share at the program.

*Take the hems out of your skirts/dresses that are too short and lengthen them.

*Start a FHE file of games, lessons, music, refreshments, and activities.  Try them on your family and rate their success for future reference.

*Make a baby blanket, booties, hat etc… for your future child.

*Prepare the family meals for a week.  Make a serve that your family can evaluate your skills and improvements.

*Plan and carry out a full day of child care for younger siblings.  Be responsible to be up with them in the morning, meals, baths, entertainment everything.  Evaluate the skill you have and decide on new skill you need to develop.