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STAND AW A WITNESS PROGRAM: -   -  CLICK HERE for the program Darlene

"BABY, LOOK AT YOU NOW" IDEA: -  CLICK HERE  for the description.


FAMILY JEANS (GENES): -  We recently completed our YW in Excellence for 1998.  Our theme Was "Family Jeans (Genes)".  We had a County Fair set up complete with  blue ribbons for everyone,  had games like at a fair,  had those in  attendance wear denim and had a Family Group in our area sing and present the program.  It was terrific!
June in Logan

EMCEE AT THE BIG SCREEN: -  One that we did a couple of years  ago was to create a spotlight, have a couple of girls be the emcee's and "present" each talent or item made.  We made a big "tv screen" for them to step through.  It was fun.  Scottie

WWC THEME PROJECT IDEAS: -   (For ideas, click here)

TURNING HEARTS TO THE FAMLY: -  Last year we did a YW in excellence program that really fits into family theme for this year. We set up the R.S. room as the Pre-existence,  the Gym as Earth Life, and the YW Room as the Celestial Kingdom.   All the leaders were dressed in white.  We blindfolded the girls -- leaving the Pre-existence one by one and took them by the hand thru Earth life holding onto the "iron rod" which  was a rope tied to chairs that were  set up around the gym.   At each chair they made a decision.  The choice they made determined the path they choose.  Some made wrong choices and Earth life ended early.   After all were done in Earth life,  we took them to the YW's  room where their families were waiting as a surprise,  dressed in white.   White decorations, greenery, white lights, refreshments, explanation of what they went thru.  It was a  spritual evening for many,  including the parents.   For more specific information on setup, ect, email Tawnie.

OSCAR AWARDS: -  For an idea for your night in Excellence which we did last year, we had the theme of the Oscar awards.
Anyway, we had a red carpet and the girls dressed in their formals and we had spotlights dancing around and had the girls walk down the isle
on the red carpet before doing their talent or telling about their project.  It was really fun and enjoyable.  (If you would like more information,  click on my name below.)  Lisa Hansen

COUNTY FAIR: -  You could use a  County Fair theme for your YW in excellence.  Blue ribbons, denim, and denim quilts.   You could call it,  "Young Women's Round-up".   You could make cute cow invitations and also a large cow out of a sawhorse (I made one and it is easy and adorable that the girls could take pictures on) used for a background decoration.  On the invitation say something like "HERD there was a fair"  or "Come to a "Moo velous Fair"  or something using Herd or Moovelous in the title.