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The Story of Divine Nature

One young woman was wondering about her own divine nature. She didn't really know what that meant and didn't think that she had any of it, if it really existed. She became more and more frustrated as she began thinking and obsessing over this thing thinking, " that darn divine  nature." One night she had the dream of all dreams. She dreamt that a little creature was taking her through her life. He said it was his job to make sure that she knew about her own divine nature. He told her that she was a daughter of God and that she was made in his image. All of her divine potential was just laying out ready to be discovered. The young woman said "yeah, yeah, whatever, I've heard it all before.. tell me
something I don't know." The creature just shook his head and told her to get her backpack and get ready. The girl got her backpack and realized it was blue " hey, my backpack is the same color as the symbolic color of divine nature." He told her to watch and pay attention.

The girl quickly realized that it was her life that they were watching. The creature told her that he was going to hand her some things and that she should just put them in her backpack and they would look at them all later. He told her to pay attention because each scene of her life was going to be fast and if she didn't pay attention she would miss something.

The first thing she saw was when she was ten her family wasn't going to church as often as she wished. She prayed and became very influential to them by her example and they slowly became active again in the church.

It was the beginning of the stake basketball season and she really wanted to play. She was the smallest on the team but it didn't stop her. She went to all of the practices and games she could. She was determined to learn. She was one feisty girl on the court.

She could always be seen saying hi to other people. She especially made her young women leaders feel good by putting her arm up on their shoulders and asking them how they were. She didn't realize that her leaders needed that just as much as she did. How Lovable!!

She was quiet a lot of the time but still had a good time with her friends. She loved all of her friends and tried to be a peacemaker. It was always so important to her that she be in good standing with her heavenly father. She bore testimony of that in almost all of the YW testimony meetings.

Her assertive nature came across in the way she interacted with her friends and family. She was always certain that if there is a will there is a way. When doing crafts at young womans she would have liked to have had help but if she couldn't get it she was determined to do it her own way. She always asked if she needed information or help, she didn't let insecurities stop her from at least trying.

Oh yes! That time when her family moved right in the middle of High School. She didn't realize how radiant she appeared to the ward she moved into. She was happy and excited even though it was hard for her.

Sometimes things didn't go as she had planned and saw many disappointments from friends and others. She remained faithful and kept on trying. There were so many times that she could have given up as well.

This scene in her life was different. She noticed the people around her and how they talked about her sweetness. People enjoyed being around her because they felt important. She noticed how people liked to see her smile and how good her smile and sweet countenance made them feel.

This next scene shocked her almost off her feet. She was absolutely beautiful. She was poised and always extremely well kept. A constant sweet smell on her and conscious of breath that may offend. She looked around and saw how others looked at her. They were awed. She begged the creature to let her see more of that scene!!

She remembered those stupid buckets with the cleaning supplies. How she hated to help do that. What a pain every week. But the look on her face was confusing. She actually looked willing to help. The scene kept repeating week after week. She actually went back for another bucket!!

She saw herself doing so many things. She watched herself going from seminary to school with so many honors classes back home just in time to eat a snack back out to soccer practice then back home to finish that English assignment that had to be finished the next morning but knew she needed to fit in young womens. She smiled at her own persistence.

She knew she was special and wanted to stand out in her own way. She could see herself in her own sincerity. She not only knew that she was special but she quietly watched others and knew that they were each special in their own way and hoped that they felt like they were as special as they were.

She enjoyed giving quiet service to her family. As she watched herself, she noticed how graceful the service made her. She enjoyed acting like a lady and seeing others appreciate service.

Her tender feelings were something that she sometimes felt insecure about. What she saw today was how gentle it made her. It helped her to see others when they hurt and to sympathize with them. It made her especially good with taking care of babies.

For some reason she always ended up in the class that had only two people. Just when she thought this year might be different someone would move. She was accepting and kept a positive attitude. She came every week and participated without judging.

This last scene was really special. It was her last few months in young womens. She was kind of burned out. She'd seen it all before. Been there done that. But there was something special about the look in her eyes. She was positive and bright. She loved all the other young women around her. She prayed for them and hoped that they would be happy. She bore her testimony often and expressed her love for her family and for her savior.

The young woman woke up with a start. Next to her was her blue backpack. She looked through it and smiled.

  At the end I asked the girls what this story was about.  Slowly one girl said "us?" Each of the scenarios were about each individual girl.  The word in bold was the characteristic that was put on the card.  On the back of each card was each girls scenario that I had written for each of them so that they could keep it.   While I was reading this to them I would put a card in the backpack as I changed scenes so that they would know I was changing scenes.

I then tied it all together by pulling a statue of Christ, scriptures, and a picture of someone praying out of the bottom of the backpack.  I told them that this was their foundation.  You can fill in the rest.  By the way,  this is the most meaningful thing I have ever done.