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FOLLOW IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE SAVIOR: -  CLICK Here for  an idea for a YW Recognition Award program, a fireside or special lesson.    -- from Linda Bair, Portland, Oregon.

STAKE NIGHT: -  Our stake leaders do a standards night for us every April.  It is done like a Stake fireside only parents are invited.

STAKE PRESIDENT/STANDARDS OF YOUTH: -  Our stake Pres conducted an open discussion on the standards of youth.
His focus was "If you want temple marriage and eternal life, but by not following the prophet now, odds are you will not attain that goal."   He lead an open discussion on each area of the 'For Strength of Youth'.  He was well prepared with statistics, stories, quotes and scriptures for each question.  The youth with his leadership drafted their own stake title of liberty.  Only a very in tune, loving, prepared leader could do this, but it was great and had a lasting effect on many youth.

TEMPLE MARRIAGE/NEWLYWEDS: -   Opening took place, then about a dozen girls (recent newlyweds that most of the girls should know)  in full wedding dresses, spotlighted in a slghtly lit room, walked down the aisles, to 'I hope to see the temple'.  Two of  of the girls spoke about their feelings about temple marriage.  A well known older sister spoke about eternal families. A couple special musical numbers
and close.  The spotlighted brides stood in front the whole time, a very large drawing of the temple in the background.

MORALITY THEME: -  I am in the process of trying to put together a standard's night for our ward!!  I am going to invite the parents to come.  I will divide the girls from their parents for the first half hour to have a very frank discussion with the girls regarding MORALITY!
(the girls would feel more comfortable  to ask questions if their parents were not present).  I will give a letter to the parents to inform them of the discussion that we will be having during that time.  This letter will go out ahead of time, in case of any concerns.  While I am with the YW, the parents will be in another meeting  reviewing the standards with the parents (basically those covered in the "For the Strength of the Youth" Booklet.  This will give the parents an opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns that they may be having with their own daughters. ----- Finally, I will bring everyone together for a final message.   I am going to have a beautiful China plate set at a beautiful table setting.  I am going to remark about How the china is unique, How it is delicate and special.  How it is often only brought out for special people visiting, and how expensive and sometimes rare some pieces are.  I am also going to have a plain white paper plate set at another table.. I will discuss how there is nothing real unique about this paper plate, it's like all the others.  It is not very sturdy. It is used for one occassion and then tossed away.  It's used more frequently than china and therefore is not considered very "special".  I am then going to step back over to the china and pick up the plate.  I am going to carefully place it into a garbage can (you could buy a China plate from a Thrift Store or Deseret Industries and actually break it)  and then compare this to our "virtue" and how special it is...How we shouldn't treat it like trash!!!

  •  STANDARDS NIGHT PROGRAM: - Janice Kapp Perry & Joy Saunders Lundberg have a book called  "When It's Love: A musical program to help youth prepare for Temple Marriage". 

  • VALUE INTRODUCTION: - Have each speaker introduce a value by saying, "It's a wonderful time to develop (or learn about one of the values)." Then the speaker describes ways to develop that value in the Personal Progress Program and during activities.

    MORE ON VALUES: - Have everyone introducing a value start like she just received an Academy Award. E.g.--"I'd like to thank the Academy for helping me to where I am today. I want to thank my leaders, my Bishop, my parents, my siblings, etc. And I'd especially like to thank Divine Nature. I could have never done it if I didn't know that I had God-like characteristics that I could develop. For example, I could have never completed my life so well if I hadn't been patient. And loving others unconditionally, that has really made my life happy. . . "