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STAKE THEME: -  - Each year we select a "Stake Theme".  If the General YW Presidency has a theme for that year (such as this year "Stand as a Witness"), that is the theme we use.  We also design/select a logo to go with the theme.  We encourage the wards to use this logo as often as possible to visually remind the girls of the theme.  (For example, one year our theme was "Stand as a Light" and our logo was a  lighthouse.  This year our theme is "Stand as a Witness" and we have used the YW Torch as our logo.)  We also give each ward something that they can display each Sunday in Young Women's to remind the girls of the theme.  (One year we poured and painted 15" ceramic lighthouses to remind them of the "Stand as a Light" theme.) At the Leadership Training Meeting in which we present the upcoming year's theme, we give each ward a folder of ideas, handouts, and resources.  We also burn a CD ROM for each ward which contains: 1) the upcoming year's logo in color, grayscale, and Black and White (in 3 different graphic formats), 2) copies of our talks, handouts, quotes, etc. in a RTF  format (Rich Text File format, so that the text will read into any word processing program), 3) graphics of any posters or visual aids we use at that meeting, 4) an updated roster of all the Leaders and YW of the Stake, and 5) anything else they may want to reproduce or hand out to their young women or YW leaders.  This has been very helpful to them to remind them of what they were taught at the meeting and of our vision of "what we want to see happen" in the wards of our Stake.  At each succeeding Leadership Training Meeting, we collect the CDs from the wards a couple of weeks ahead of time and add all of the new talks, quotes, and graphics we will use at the upcoming meeting.  This has proved most
helpful in keeping our wards focused on the theme.

AUXILIARY TRAINING MEETING PACKET: -  - We give a packet of activity and other fun ideas to our ward leaders at each  of our auxiliary training meetings.  For one packet, we asked each young  women's presidency in our stake to give us their Top Five activities (class,  combined, YW/YM, etc.) of the year, along with details of how the activity  was carried out, why it hit the Top Five, and suggestions for improvement.   The ward leaders LOVED the idea of tapping the resources of their own stake -  especially since they knew who they could contact with questions.

IDEA AND INFORMATION SWAP: -  One idea I would like to share is that we as a presidency have invited our surrounding Stake Young Women's leaders  to come to an informal meeting to an Idea and Information swap. Each presidency is supposed to come with copies so that everyone takes home new ideas for their stakes.  Our first meeting is tomorrow night and we are all excited! Jayne, Chino California