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BIRTHDAY SPOTLIGHT: -  - In my ward, we did something different as to not cause expense.  As YW  president I had the birthday list and when it was each girl's birthday, they  came to the front of the room and stood.  I had the Laurel conducting opening  exercises write on the board, and another write on pretty stationary with the  girl's name written in calligraphy on top, and one by one we went around the
room and said her best qualities.  Everyone had to participate with no duplication.  At the end the girl received the paper to take home.
In later years, one young woman said how that paper pulled her through her  darkest hours.  Things said were like, beautiful smile, friend to
everyone,  fun laugh, always there when she is needed, responsible, dependable, spiritual,  etc...

FRIENDSHIP BASKETS: -  - When I was visiting my friend in Texas, they had a basket at the front of the room.  Each Sunday they have one girl pick a name from a basket then they have another basket(that is decorated in YW colors) and they take it home and buy stuff that they think the girl that they picked likes. I thought this was a way for everyone to get to know each other. Maren

 SPOTLIGHT FORM QUESTIONS: -  - For question ideas for all levels of the YW program, click here.

 FRIENDSHIP BASKETS: -  Our YW give out special friendship baskets to each other. There are two floating around in our young womens.  To start:give out two (or one mattering on the size of your group) baskets filled with little goodies (treats, shampoo samples, homemade items, etc) the leader giving the basket out stands up in front of the class (just before the classes split) and gives hints about who each basket is for. We all try to guess and then the chosen girl comes to get her basket getting a hug from whoever gave her the basket then the next week she brings the basket refilled with other little things for someone else.  Those baskets makes the rounds over the year. Leaders and girls both can be given baskets. 

 FRIENDSHIP BASKETS: - We started off with a plain wicker basket and on Sunday they are told who they have.  They are also given that young woman's "Friendship Basket" form so they can get to know them a little better.  We ask the girls to make sure they focus on a value and whatever value they choose, they are to attach something to the basket of that color.  So each time the basket goes around, they are
slowly decorating it.  On Sunday, when they present it, they ask all the girls to stand, including leaders and they go through some of the things on the form, like, "This girl's favorite food is lasagna, etc."  You sit down if it doesn't apply to you.  At the end, there's one girl standing and then the one presenting the basket tells what value they feel that girl represents and why.  (see "Friendship Basket Form")

TESTIMONY/GOOD THOUGHTS: - We did a spider web type thing.  We sat in a circle and one person started with a ball of  yarn and then bore thier testimony, then they threw the ball to someone else who then bore thier testimony and threw it on to someone else.  It worked pretty well and in the end we had a great looking web in the center.  We have also done this where  you say something you like about another person in the circle and then toss the ball to them.  This is wonderful especially when the oldergirls say something nice about the younger girls.