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CHALKBOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS: -  - We do something kind of fun in our ward for announcements.   When the girls come in  they write any announcements they have on the  chalkboard.   Usually these are announcements about upcoming sporting events, music events,  birthdays and notes of congratulations.  Then whoever  is  conducting will read the board during announcement time.  This works out well because even the shyest girls who wouldn't normally raise their  hand  has the opportunity to share something with the rest of us.

DEAF YW HELP: -  We have a girl who is deaf in our class.  When we teach the lessons she has her own book and can follow along.  Also whenever we have a quote to read we type out all the quotes on one page and give each one to the girls.  That way when our deaf girl reads the other ones can follow along.  We also try to make the lessons as visual as possible with saying typed up and put up in the classroom, picture, etc.

"ADD" MENTOR: -  We have a special needs Beehive--she has ADD and has been physically abused.  At times she can be very  obstreperous during class.  The bishop of our ward, thought it would be a good idea for this special young woman to have a mentor.  The bishop called one of the woman of the ward as her special mentor.  The special mentor has a one-on-one sunday school lesson with the young woman, and then comes with her to Beehives.  If things get out of hand, the teacher does not have to stop the lesson to pay attention to the special young woman.  Instead, the mentor will take her out, if needed, and talk with her.  It makes the young woman feel special, and relieves some of the stress the teacher has while trying to pay attention to all the girls.  Becky in Connecticut