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        This skit was performed as part of the Faith Hike of the Koholowo Girl's Camp of the Payson West Stake in 1998.  I heard about it from my Stake Camp Director who heard about it from her sister, and then from HER sister-in-law, etc., etc., etc.!!  The theme for their camp was "Feel the T.U.G." (TUG stood for Together Under God).   The theme song was "I Will Turn My Heart" written by a Bishop and his wife from that stake.  (Sorry, no copies available.)  Music for the presentation came from Hymns, the Children Sing, and "The Work and the Glory" music.

"The Faith Hike will take place at 8 pm and will last approximately 1 1/2 hours.  The YW of the stake will be divided into 5 groups so each group will have about 40 YW.  These groups will rotate from campfire to campfire every 10 minutes, with an additional 5 minutes allotted to reach their next destination. Stay as close to 10 minutes per performance as possible.
"The enclosed script does not necessarily need to be memorized word for word, unless you choose to do so.  We do need you to memorize the main concepts in order....then you will be able to develop their meaning and importance in your own words, with great feeling and love.  We hope you will memorize key phrases from the script to ensure you convey a clear and powerful message.  Our goal for the  evening is to help each YW strengthen her testimony of Christ and increase her desire to be more loving and dedicated to her family.
        How you dress will help the character you are portraying "come alive".  The following is a list indicating what you are to wear the night of the Hike:
        Parents                                 Dressy casual of 1998
        Brothers and sisters            Dressy casual of 1998
        Ancestors                               All White
        Future Husband                  All White
        Future children                 All White"

Feel the TUG:  TUG stood for "Together Under God".  Each day there was a different TUG to emphasize  the theme:   Feel the TUG of your family
                                                                Feel the TUG of your future family
                                                                Feel the TUG of your ancestors
                                                                Feel the TUG of your Heavenly Family

        I represent your Dad, the guy who always seems to be telling you what you can and can't do.  I have the opportunity today to tell you how much you mean to me, sweet daughter.  I reflect back to the day your tiny,  perfect, rosy body was placed in my arms for the first time.  My heart was pounding and I was holding you like you were so fragile that my big arms might just break you in two.  I looked down into your angel face and felt like I was holding a bit of heaven.  Heavenly Father had sent us a baby girl!!  As I choked back the tears, I said, "Welcome to our family dear little daughter.  I'm so glad you're here!  I love you so much."  Many years have passed since that day and I can honestly say I love you even more today than I did that exciting and memorable day so long ago.   The years have passed quickly and now, here you are, a young woman.  I know there are times when you and I just don't agree. I'm sure I do things that you think are pretty embarrassing and stupid.
Daughter, I need you to know that I'm sincerely doing the best I can at being a Dad, and more specifically, at being your father.  I make  mistakes and I'm so sorry.  I have such hopes and dreams for you life, not just while you are here in mortality but or all eternity.  Since I've lived on this earth a few years more than you, I have learned some valuable lessons that have caused me great pain and sorrow.  I want so desperately to teach you and encourage you to take the path through mortality that will prevent you from facing the same regrets and tragedies that I have painfully learned to avoid.  You mean everything to me!  I love you so much that sometimes it hurts, right here, in
my heart.  I pray for you daily to make the right choices.  I also pray daily that I will know how to guide you and teach you to pursue all the good things this life has to offer.  I have big reams for you, not to be famous or rich, but to be happy, and strong in the gospel and dedicated to serving others and loving all those around  you.  An eternal life full to true joy and love is the very best wish a Dad could wish for his daughter and my dear, that's the wish I have for you!


I stand before you as the one who represents your earthly Mother.  Like your Dad, I too remember, with great warmth in my heart, the day you were born.  I had prayed for you to come.  When you arrived, I was filled with more love than I ever thought possible.  I spent the night and day caring for you teeny, perfect body and soon discovered how exhausting it was to raise a healthy, happy child.  My life's purpose changed completely and suddenly all I was committed to do was make sure you were clean, happy, fed, and showered with hugs and kisses.  I would hold you all night when you were sick.  I would kiss your chubby fingers and toes and rub your soft baby head against my cheek.  I loved to just hold you in my arms and sing softly, wiping your tears and rocking you to sleep.  I was so excited and grateful that Heaven would send me such a precious daughter, so beautiful, so perfect, so full of love and light. As the years passed, I watched you grown and I'm so very pleased with the
young woman you have become.  I couldn't ask for a better daughter.  You fill my life with hugs and smiles!  I'm so grateful for YOU, and all the fun times we share together, like eating chocolate, or going shopping, or just driving in the car and visiting.  Thanks for all the laughter!  Thanks for all the love you send back in return!  For you, I wish I were a perfect Mom.  I'm certainly not perfect and I have made mistakes along the way as I've tried to raise you and teach you.  I am grateful for your forgiveness and acceptance as I stumble and sometimes fall flat on my face as I travel along this mortal journey.  You may not realize it but you teach me something new and important every single day!  I appreciate your insights and your ideas.  You're smart and creative and funny and beautiful and talented and I'm so happy you are a part of my life!  I love you more and more each day, sweet daughter, and I count YOU as one of my choicest blessings!!

Father and Mother sing "Teach Me to walk in the Light " (Primary Songbook, p. 177 or Hymns, p. 304).  Father sang first verse - mother sang second.  They song third verse together.

        I represent the sister, the one that many of you don't always get along with. Sisters can be the best of friends and share the more special moments with each other and we can also be cruel to each other and say harsh words that can never be taken back.  As your sister, I want you to know that I really admire you.  I may act like I can't stand you and I may even do  things on purpose to make you mad or get you in trouble with Mom and Dad, but I want you to know honestly that I'm so glad YOU are MY sister!!  I'm so proud of you!  Part of the reason why I sometimes mess up your life is because I'm a little jealous of what an amazing person you are.  You are always so beautiful and you have
lots of friends and you always seem to get that perfect report card, the kind Mom an Dad wish I would get.  You are talented and fun to be around and you even have a strong commitment to the gospel without being embarrassed in front of your friends or feelings like you have to change your standards to be accepted.  You must be full of courage and confidence, two things I just don't have much of.  I always thought I had to speak bad language or dress the way the popular kids at school dressed or watch R rated movies to have any friends.  Your example to me has proven that a person who truly lives her testimony of Jesus Christ and follows the guidelines set by living prophets can have tons of friends, be popular with the guys too, and still be worthy to always partake of the sacrament.  See what I mean...you're amazing!  Sorry for
the times we don't get along.  I apologize for getting you in trouble and for making you life a little more complicated that you would like it.  Please know I love you so much and I just hope someday I can be a good and honest and kind a person as you are!! I'm so glad we are sisters!!  I'm sure you are the best sister ever!!

I represent your brother, the handsome, brilliant, muscle-bound one.  I know you may think that having a brother is the biggest curse of your life.  I haven't always been excited about having a sister either.  I'm amazed at all the weird girl things that matter to you and you don't ever seem to be excited about all my boy projects and interests.  It's obvious that we are two different people!  Despite our differences, when it really comes down to it, I'd be lost in life without you.  You may not know it but I watch your example closely since some day I's going to need to understand women.  I'm glad you know how to play hard and have tons of fun, even if you get sweaty or muddy. I'm impressed with how hard you work to help Mom and Dad around the house. I'm even more impressed when you get all dressed up with curly hair and make-up and look so beautiful and girlie.  Sometimes, I wish you weren't my sister so you could be MY girlfriend!  You really are pretty. I'm also grateful for
the times we laugh together.  When you and I get going, we can laugh so hard the tears just pour out.  You can be so funny and when we are happy and getting along, I really enjoy just being around you.  I do feel bad about all the times we've argued.  I know I should never yell at you or get you in trouble on purpose so I'm sorry.  You've done some pretty mean things yourself so let's call it even and start new today, loving each other more and being kinder to each other.  I'm just going to learn to accept the fact that girls are quite different than boys and that is how God intended it.  I'm sure if we are nicer to each other we could really help each other out in life.  I'd like to be able to ask you lots of questions about girls and dating and planning for dances and all that stuff.  Maybe you could learn a thing or two from me about boys.  The most important thing I can do here is tell you how much I love you.  I'm glad I have you for a sister.  There are a lot worse sisters in the world the you so I'm really glad you are MY sister!! I'm glad to be a member of such a good family and I know if we can learn to be kind to each
other, we will be happier and better off for the rest of this life and all through eternity!  You're the best!!

BROTHER and SISTER sing "I Am a Child of God" (Children's Songbook, p. 2 or Hymns, p. 301) - all verses.

I am so honored to have a chance today to share my feelings with YOU!  I am one speaking as your future companion, spouse and husband I've spent my whole life striving to be a righteous, worthy Priesthood leaders.  I set my goals high early in life so that I would complete Primary, earn my Eagle Scout, graduate form Seminary, and serve an honorable mission for our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Because of these wonderful experiences, my testimony has become so strong and I love this gospel and the saving principles it teaches.  After such a full and wonderful life thus far, I now enter a new stage of life that requires the same high standards and goals I have followed in the past.  I haven't worked this hard and dedicated my life to ding good and being good just to give up now on the most important saving ordinance, a Temple Marriage.
I need you to be strong in your own life and committed to all that's good and righteous.  I pray for you everyday, even though I do not yet know who you are.  I pray that you will daily make wise choices and set your standards high. I pray that you too are committed to nothing less than a Temple Marriage.  If we are 100% committed to being married in the temple, I know we can accomplish our goal because we swill find strength in attaining our goal together.    As my wife and eternal companion, you will be the main one in our home that will teach and nurture our children.  I need a wife and mother who knows Jesus Christ and wants to return to His presence again one day, with her whole
family standing around her.  I need you to love the scriptures, and already be diligent in your personal prayers long before our wedding day.  Are you truly committed to Family Home Evenings and service and fulfilling church callings to the best of your ability?  Your example will largely influence our children to make the best choices and seek after a clean and joyful life centered on Christ.  Are you doing the best you can to learn at school and do you have plans to further your education?  You will teach our children all the good things you have learned in life, including math and history and art and music.  Our daughters and sons alike will learn how to cook and clean and sew and do
laundry with you as their teacher.  Now is the time to improve yourself in every area of life to ensure that you will be the best mother possible.
 I'm sure we will have difficult times, when there isn't quite enough money or we've make mistakes and hurt each other's feeling.  Are you willing to stand together as husband and wife, even when the path we have chosen if full of thorns and sharp rocks that hinder our progression?  I need a wife who know what it means to "endure to the end" because she has learned well the lessons of life.  I want a wife who is a strong, gentle, kind, wise, and loving woman.  I promise to do my best to be spiritually and emotionally and financially ready to meet you and to be worthy of you.  Will you promise to do the same?  Then, after we have met and fallen in love, we will fast and pray to know God's will concerning the joining of our lives for all eternity.  Then I will ask you to marry me, to be my wife and companion, not just to the end of our
mortal lives, but forever!  We shall be married and have children and go through all of live together.  I can hardly wait to meet you and fall in love with you and be sealed to you!  For our story to be a happy one, you and I must prepare NOW to be worthy of the greatest blessings our Heavenly Father has to offer.  Pleas promise me you will keep yourself worthy to marry me in the temple someday!!

(3/4 of the way through his narration they played "I Love to See the Temple" (Children's Songbook, p. 95) in the background.  He finished before the music ended.  It was very touching.)


        We are your future Children.  My name is ______ and I'm ____ years old.  This my sister (brother), _____.  She (He) is ______.  We have been living with Heavenly Father in the Pre-mortal life for many, many years.  We can hardly wait to come to earth, into a wonderful home with a loving family.  You will be our Mom!!  We have been watching you closely all the years of your life and we are so proud of who you are today!  We love Jesus and know Him well here. We understand the Plan of Salvation.  We know we need to gain a mortal body and have experiences found on earth if we want to live with Heavenly Father again.  When we come to live with you, as new little babies, we will have
forgotten all the beautiful and glorious things we know now.  We will need YOU to help us remember Jesus and how we can return to live with Him again.  We need a Mom who is full of love and life, willing to serve and help us learn, willing to forgive us when we break things or act naughty.  In the years ahead, before we come into your life, here are some very important goals you can work on to help us be happy on earth with you as our Mom:
        #1 Please marry Daddy in the Temple so that we can be sealed to both of you forever!
        #2 develop yourself spiritually!   Keep yourself clean and honest and righteous.  We will need you to teach us about prayer, the scriptures, doing the right things on Sunday, and the life of Jesus.  We will need to be taught about tithing, faith, baptism. Repentance, the Holy Ghost and covenants.  As you teach us, we will gain our own testimony of these things and we can be happy in a world full of evil.
        #3 Develop yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally.  (Mentally) Go to school so you will be smart and can teach us all that you
know.  Learn how to do math and spelling and science.  Be prepared to read us lots of stories and answer all our millions of questions.  Learn how to sew and make yummy food and bandage our knees and elbows when we trip and fall. When you get older, take classes and read books on how to raise children.  It won't be easy!!   We will test your patience and challenge your skills every day of your life so learn as much as you can, watch the example of your own parents, and be ready to teach us with love. (Physically) Learn how to keep yourself healthy through exercise and eating right.  The health and strength of our bodies will depend on what you eat and how well you take care of yourself.  Learn  how to eat well so you can teach us how to eat well.  A sound physical body will help us be happy as we run and play and learn and grow.
(Emotionally) Learn to love yourself, just as you are so that you will have lots of love to spare when we come to you.  Please be a happy person!  We need a Mom who is happy and fun!!  We will need lots and lots of hugs and kisses and tickles and praise so we can be happy in this big world.
        If you will follow these suggestions, we know you will be ready to teach us how to live on earth and how to return to Heavenly Father and Jesus again.  We love you Mommy!  We are so excited to come to earth to be YOUR son and daughter.  It won't be long now and we will be together!  We know you will be the best Mother ever!!

(Divide the script up among the children as you see fit.)

The children sang "Mother, I Love You "(Children's Songbook, p. 207).


We lived many, many years ago when the world was quite a different place. My wife-husband and I represent your generations of Ancestors who have lived long before you were born.  We worked hard every day of our lives and we struggled to be good, honest people.  We labored from sunrise to sunset, and sometimes even far into the night to keep food on the table and to thrive.  We are amazed at all the conveniences you have today to make life more pleasant and comfortable.  Things like cars and computers and telephones and indoor toilets sure seem to make life a little nicer, freeing up some much needed time and energy to play together as a family.  The life you are living is quite different form the life we had while we were here in mortality.  But....there is one common thread that makes our lives similar.  You have a strong, lifelong commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ and living as He would have you live, and so do we!  That's what gave us purpose to our lives!  We lived to help and serve each other.  We lived to be good examples to others and to make a difference in a harsh, cold world.  As we watch YOU live each day of your life, we see that you live with the same purpose we did.  You want to be a good person and influence others to be good too.  You want to grow closer to our Savior Jesus Christ by being diligent in you personal prayers and scripture readings.  You want to fulfill your dream of being worthy to enter the Temple one day to make sacred covenants that will act as a compass throughout your mortal life.  You have such a strong desire to love people, to be kind, and to offer genuine encouragement to young and old alike.  We are so proud of you!!   We love you and we seek only to uplift and encourage you with the examples we set so long ago.    There are many of us, your ancestral family, who did not have the opportunity  to go to the Temple while we lived on earth.  We need you to help us!  Please search out our names and do our Temple work.  We want so much to be numbered among the righteous in this noble and great family!  Please don't forget us!
        We worked hard to leave a legacy for you, our future family.  We want you to draw upon our strength when this busy world starts to overpower you.  We want you to feel our deep love and admiration for your very soul when Satan starts to attack you from every side. We want you to know that staying committed to the gospel and living it to the fullest is so very worth it, despite wheat your "friends" may say to cause you to stumble.  Many will mock you and tempt you but we only want for you that which will bring you true joy and everlasting happiness. You are a strong, beautiful person.  We have loved you and cherished you since the beginning of time.  Your "ancestral family" is as numerous as the sands upon  the seashore and all of us unite our love and support in your behalf!  You can return to your Heavenly father!  You can have
an eternal family!  We can all be together in the Celestial Kingdom!  We are counting on YOU to join us in returning back to the presence of our Heavenly Parents AS A FAMILY!  We need you to make our numbers complete!  We love you! Live each day of your life with eternal perspective and you will be found on the straight and narrow path in the last day!  You will be a Queen and Goddess!  We are cheering for you to achieve this most glorious and honorable goal.  We know you can do it!!  Feel our love and it will see you through!

(3/4 of the way through - background music "The Hearts of the Children", Primary Songbook, p. 92)

Please divide the script up between the ancestors.
After the ancestors, an entire family (grandparents, children, grandchildren) came out all dressed in white and sing "Seasons of Joy" form the audio tape of the "Work and the Glory".  (Sorry, because of copyright laws, we cannot list it.  You could check the Deseret Book site or substitute another song for this)