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ROADSHOW IDEA: -  Have you ever thought of lip sinc to songs from some LDS Musicals like My Turn on Earth.  This was a lot of fun for us as a ward and a great missionary tool also.

ANNUAL TEMPLE NIGHT: -  We just had our annual temple night.  Every year we have the Laurels dress in wedding gowns, and the Mia maids and Beehives dress in bridesmaid/semiformal dresses. They love dressing up and the Laurels feel special that night. We have a different program every year but about temple marriage. This year we performed a skit about getting married the "wrong way" and then presented it as if it were a dream and the bride woke up out of the dream and was glad it wasn't true. We had someone sing the song that was in The New Era,  Sept 1998  which went with the theme perfectly. We had handouts for the girls, temple recommend holders, ( which they made themselves personal progress night but did not know why), crocheted coat hangers, and handmade white handkerchiefs. We had a photo session and refreshments were wedding cake and punch. I have the script for the skit available. It was a spiritual evening. We had the room decorated in white, with greenery, white lights, temple pictures, flowers etc. Please write if you have any questions. Tawnie

SCRIPTURE MASTERY SKIT NIGHT: -  We had a joint activity called scripture mastery skit night. We divided the youth into groups of 5, and made sure that there were a couple of seminary students in each group. Each group was given 5 scripture mastery scriptures, and then all groups were sent to different rooms (with a leader) for 15 min, to make a skit. In the skit they had to use the scriptures given. It could be a subtle use, or some said them right out. But it had to go along with the skit. We came back together after the 15 min, and performed the skits for each other. A panel of 3 judges was given the scriptures that each group was to use and were to judge each group on a scale from 1 to 10 for creativity , performance and recognizable use of the scriptures. Scores were tallied and the winning group recieved little candy bars as prize. The skits were great and all enjoyed. Be glad to answer any questions. Tawnie