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Responsibilities of the Young Women's Secretary

To assist in keeping ward young women's program organized.  And to help each young woman in the ward feel loved, accepted,
needed, and to have a desire to "Come unto Christ" as they strive to live the gospel.

1.  Represents the needs and interests of the Young Women's Program in the following meetings:

2.      Birthday Interviews
a.  Schedule birthday interviews with YW President on assigned nights (nights may change, check with YW Pres.)
b.  Girls should bring their Personal Progress books and/or Laurel Project forms with them to their interview.
c.  Birthday interviews should be scheduled one month prior to their birthday.
d.  Provide YW President a list of weekly interviews every Sunday and update her with any changes.

3.      Wednesday Mutual Activity
a.  Attend Mia Maid class and help support activity, when available.
b.  Assist in encouraging girls to participate and stay in the activity.
c.  Be positive and support leaders, therefore setting an example for the girls to be positive and to support their leaders.

4.      Sunday
Contact Laurel President on Saturday with any announcements for opening exercises.

5.      Responsible for monthly calendar and newsletter.  Check the following things for information for calendar:
a.  Value for the month
b.  3-month calendar from classes for scheduled Mutual activities
c.  Young Men's President for list of Joint Mutual activities YM are in charge of.
d.  Stake calendar
e.  Birthdays
f.  Sports
g.  Dances and chaperones
h.  Firesides
i.  Adult Meetings
j.  School vacations
k.  Other YW activities

Newsletter:  President's message, Value thought or saying, birthdays, special recognitions, spotlight of one young woman, etc.

Hand out monthly calendars on the 1st Sunday of every month.  Reminder in Presidency meetings for those who want to submit

6.      Young Women Forms (People needing forms are:   YW Board, Bishopric, and Stake YW Presidency)  Update YW lists as girls advance
into classes or other changes occur and distribute.
a.  Individual class lists
b.  Combined YW lists (broken up in classes - on one page)
c.  Leader list (Home & Work Numbers)
d.  Mutual lists to send to YW stake secretary once every 3 months
e.  Keep updated list of Young Men program (Only distribute to YW Board)

Always have extra copies of the following forms:
a.  Opening Exercises Agenda
b.  Personal Progress interview/record forms
c.  Friendship Basket forms
d.  Trip Permits
e.  3-month Planning forms

7.  Personal Progress
a.  Keep an updated accurate record of each young woman's Personal Progress.
b.  Keep Personal Progress posters updated.
c.  Update YW President on a monthly basis of any changes.
d.  Work closely with YW President to implement a powerful Personal Progress program.  Gain a testimony of it.  Encourage the
young women to do it and help them learn to love it.

8.      Friendship Baskets
a.  Keep combined list of YW girls and leaders and mark them as they receive the basket.  Responsible for making assignments
every week.
b.  On Sunday after person has received the basket, hand them a Friendship Form with her assigned persons name on it.
c.  Call her to explain the purpose of the Friendship Basket.  YW should find out as much information as possible on form.  Tell
as much info on Sunday as she can.  Ask her to focus on the value that her assigned YW reminds her of or exemplifies.
d.  Give a reminder call on Saturday morning.  This gives them time to plan on doing it that day if they've forgotten.  (Which
they probably will!)

9.     Budget
a.  Collect receipts at Board Meeting from leaders.
b.  Fill out budget forms and turn in to ward clerk.
c.  Keep budget record of amounts spent per class and per event.
d.  Bring information on budget to Presidency Meetings.

10.     Attendance
a.  Collect attendance reports from girls by the last Sunday or Wednesday of the month.  (Any girl who has not attended for the
month.  If she has attended at least once on a Wednesday or Sunday, do not submit her name.)
b.  Turn in to Bro. Felshaw by the 1st Sunday of the next month.
c.  Train individual class secretaries on keeping attendance records if necessary.

11.     Closet and items needed to be ordered:
a.  Keep track of amount of jewelry in closet (Pendants: Torch, Beehive, Mia Maid, Laurel and chains).
b.  Keep track of file box items and refill when needed.  (Forms, pamphlets, certificates, Personal Progress books, Camp Manuals, For the Strength of Youth pamphlets and cards, etc.)
c.  When needing to order items, please contact YW President so she can get it approved by the bishopric first.  She will give you the go ahead to order.    Note:  Orders take approximately three weeks to come in so plan ahead.  *Important for New Beginnings and other special
d.  Keep closet organized.

12.     At end of year schedule the following by the last Sunday of December:
a.  Dance chaperone schedule
b.  Sunday speaker schedule
c.  Birthday interviews
d.  6 month interviews

13.     Work together with Young Women board to determine those who are less active or those who need extra fellowshipping.
Keep in close contact with the girls in the Mia Maid class.  Show encouragement, support, concern and love for them.  Make time to talk to them and to find out what their life is all about.  Be an example of righteousness and strength.  They will look to you for guidelines and for what is and isn't appropriate.  Stand firm for those things that are right and encourage them to do the same.  Most importantly, pray for them.

14.     Responsibilities in YW Presidency
a.  Counsel with President when needed.
b.  Be involved in the planning and implementing of the Young Women's program in the ward.
c.  Be involved in the planning and implementing of the main programs of the year (New Beginnings, Standards Night, and Young
Women in Excellence).
d.  Be supportive of members of the YW Board.
e.  Be willing to offer input, counsel, advice, and suggestions.
f.  Read Personal Progress book and YW Leadership Handbook from cover to cover.
g.  Participate in the Personal Progress program if you haven't already done it.

15.     Accept other assignments from class presidency, as needed.