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SECRETARY HELPS: -  In addition to the reports, our secretary makes a calendar for the girls of activities, birthdays, dances, firesides, meetings, etc for the month.  She sends birthday cards made on her computer out to each girl signed by the presidency.   She also sends out thank you notes to anyone we ask to help with Young Womens.  She made Young Women rosters for the girls to have phone numbers, addresses, and birthdays.   She is a wonderful teacher and does not get the opportunity,  so we have her teach on the 1st Sunday  of the month. We stay combined for this lesson, and then,  since it is fast Sunday, we have a short testimony meeting after.  It gives the girls another chance to bear their testimony. We have a big ward and they often do not get up in sacrament meeting. Tawnie

SECRETARY RESPONSIBILITIES: -  Suggestions for the Responsibilities of the YW Secretary