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PERSONAL PROGRESS AND READING SCRIPTURES: -  We used small oil lamps one year. They were probably about 3 1/2 inches
not counting the handles... ( These lamps were the kind you could  put a candle in the glass, they had no wicks in them)  They were to encourage the YW  to read their scriptures every day... The girls would put a small colored  bead in the lamp for each day that they read their scriptures during the previous week..a pearl bead was put in for each PP goal..( If I was to do this again I  would probable use a larger bead in the same color as the value goal  instead of the pearl .) The beads were in the YW colors and were in a large clear glass candy jar.. (the kind you sometime get nuts in at ?Christmas time.)  The girls would take care of their own lamps when they first came into YW on Sundays..... The lamps sat on top of the piano and the sunlight would shine through those lamps so beautifully as they started to fill... with those colored beads......  .   The lamps were decorated on a corner of the handle with small ribbons in each of YW colors hanging  down and a card with a picture of the YW Torch and their name  on one side and the YW values and the other...In the beginning of the year there  was lots of bead use...slacking in the summer and picking up again at school time...It also encourage us leaders to our commitment of reading the scriptures everyday and filling our lamps... setting a example for our girls...Yes, our lamps sat right besides our yw.   At the end of the year we could see how filled our lamps were....How well our light was shining?... . Jan in IN

  • SCRIPTURE MASTERY SKIT NIGHT: -  We had a joint activity called scripture mastery skit night. We divided the youth into groups of 5, and made sure that there were a couple of seminary students in each group. Each group was given 5 scripture mastery scriptures, and then all groups were sent to different rooms (with a leader) for 15 min, to make a skit. In the skit they had to use the scriptures given. It could be a subtle use, or some said them right out. But it had to go along with the skit. We came back together after the 15 min, and performed the skits for each other. A panel of 3 judges was given the scriptures that each group was to use and were to judge each group on a scale from 1 to 10 for creativity , performance and recognizable use of the scriptures. Scores were tallied and the winning group recieved little candy bars as prize. The skits were great and all enjoyed. Be glad to answer any questions. Tawnie

  • BOOK OF MORMON BATTLE: - We as the Young Women and Young Men are having a "Book of Mormon Battle."  We are counting pages for the next 3 months to see which group reads the most.  Then at the end, for the joint activity, the loser will make and serve dinner to the loser.  To help start off this challenge, we had a fireside to help them become familiar with the Book of Mormon stories.  We had it at one of the leaders home and told the youth to bring their scriptures.  The laurels presidency had previously picked 7 stories from the Book of Mormon and each written a discription of the story.  We then divided into groups (Beehives, Deacon, Leaders, etc...) and each had to perform a skit on one of the stories the Laurels had assigned us.  The leaders did their own skit, so the youth were on their own.  They did a great job and everyone had fun learning the Book of Mormon stories!

  • PROMOTE BRINGING SCRIPTURES: -  We have the girls sign a sheet of paper as they enter the YW room each Sunday, if they bring their scriptures to YW.  Each time they bring them, they get a punch in their scripture card.  Every six punches they receive a wooden heart with a value on it.  After they have all seven value hearts, they will be given a heart with  "My Rainbow of Values"  on it and jute rope to string the hearts from.