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PLANNING VARIETY: -  - Some of the young women in our ward are not comfortable with sharing suggestions for activities when
they are in a large group. It is the usual teenage way at times to mock or laugh at the ideas whicha another person makes. Consequently, everyone clams up...We have had some chats about this and agreed that it would be effective to write a letter to all the young women's parents and ask the mothers and fathers themselves to chat to their daughters about  ideas for activities. The letter explains the dilemma which the leaders face in helping the youth plan activities and encourages the parents to find a suitable private time to talk to their daughters and ask them to contribute week night activity ideas in the privacy of the home where there is less likelihood of teasing to take place. The letter itemizes the various areas for which the young woman can suggest ideas .
Personal Enrichment
Missionary Work
Sport/Health etc.
These can all be linked to the Young Women Values. The ideas can then be pooled and used as a base for planning. Parents found this a useful wlaly to be of assistance. The personal approach always invites a better response.

PLANNING SHEET: -  Guidelines for Planning With A Purpose  (to see form click HERE) Sue