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TWIST ON WATER BASEBALL: -  - In the outdoor activities I had a little bit of a twist on the water baseball.  The ball is a nerf ball soaked with water with a near by bucket of water, 1st base is 2 buckets of water that you have to have both feet in before you are safe, 2nd was water proof chair with a full water balloon that you must sit on and pop before you are safe and 3rd is a waiting pool and a water slide to home.  I love this activity!  It was a blast! Trisha

WATER BASEBALL: - You play just as if you are playing regular baseball, exept that there are a few changes. You hit a water balloon insted of a ball, and everyone in the out field have buckets with watter ballons in them too(there is nobody gaurding bases). the out field throghs a water balloon at them to get them out, but they are only out if the balloon hits them. Also, home base is the pool at the end of a slip and slide, 1st base is a sprinkler, 2nd base is a bucket with water and a LOT of Ice(The more ice the funner it is), and 3rd base is a little kids
plastic swimming pool. Have fun, but remember 3 strikes and your out!!! ~Allison

 FIELD TRIP: -  Go on a walking field trip. 

ZOO:  - Go to the zoo and find out about all of the animals.

WATER BALLOON VOLLEYBALL -  "String up a rope or volleyball net, as usual. Pair up in two's and have each couple grab a towel, one
person on each end (long ways). Use water balloons for the ball and toss the water balloon over the net using the towel. The other team tries to
catch the water balloon with the towels. It's a lot of fun." 

BIRD WALK: -  Check out a book on birds.  Go on a walk and name every bird you see. 

  NATURE WALK: -  Go to a creek and name all of the animals and insects you see there. 

  WILDFLOWERS: - Check out a book on wildflowers and go to the mountains or woods to identify them (but donít pick them!)