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For New Beginnings this year, our ward used the theme "Sunflowers".  We decorated the room with
sunflowers and sunflower crafts galore, it looked bright and happy and beautiful.  We had the usual
talks by the girls etc., but also presented them with a big 12x15inch calendar mounted on perspex.
I had scanned photos of all the girls onto the centres of a whole lot of sunflowers in a clipart
sunflower collage, with one large sunflower in the centre, on which we stuck wooden cutout letters
"YW".  The calendar itself was printed on bright yellow paper, and we give the girls a new page to
attach at the beginning of each month (this gives us an opportunity to visit the less active girls each
month also).  The calendar sheets are attached to the perspex by gold split pins.

We also presented the girls with a sunflower plant, planted several weeks before (it was summer in
New Zealand!) and discussed the importance of taking good care of them if they were to flower

The reason we chose the sunflower theme is explained in this poem - a copy was given to each


My dear young woman, there's a lesson to learn
From the queen of flowers - a status she's earned...
She follows the sun where he moves each day
With her cheerful face she echoes his rays
She knows that his love and warmth and light
Are vital to her beauty and height
If she stands among sunflower friends, she knows
She's sheltered from harm when the fierce wind blows
Patiently she draws all she can from the earth
To bloom where she's planted, for she knows her worth
And there are just enough clouds in the sunflower's days
To send precious water between the sun's rays
The heavens are gracious, to her all is given
The sun shines upon her valiant living
She's the queen among flowers, just doing her part
Lending food to the bees - and cheer to the heart.
You're a special young woman, an heir to a throne
Yes, storms sometimes come, but you won't stand alone
And I promise that if you just follow the Son
His warmth will comfort you, precious one.
Bloom where you're planted, with all of your heart
Heaven smiles upon women who just do their part
Stand tall like the sunflower and know your worth
You're a daughter of noble and royal birth.