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“Stand As a Witness”
skit for New Beginnings 2000

The cultural hall is set up to look like a courtroom.

Bailiff:  All rise.  This court is now in session.  The honorable Judge Cowden presiding.

Judge:  Please be seated.  The case is World vs. Young Women. Counselor, I  turn the time over to you to defend your case.

Defense Attorney:  Your honor, in the Young Women’s theme it states: We are daughters of our Heavenly Father who loves us and we love Him.  We will stand as witnesses of God at all times, and in all things, and in all places as  we strive to live the Young Women values.   We will prove here this night that the YW of today are living true to their values and are indeed standing as witnesses of the Lord,  Jesus Christ.  You, the jury, upon hearing the evidence will be asked to pass the verdict upon these valiant YW of the Timpanogas Park 5th ward.

(YW witnesses wear clothing in the color of the value they represent)

Defense:  The defense calls its first valuable witness,  Sis. Anna Vogel, who is defending Faith.

Bailiff:  As a daughter of Heavenly Father, do you stand for Jesus Christ?

1st Witness:   I do.

Defense:  Sis.  Vogel, Faith is the first value upon which all of the other values are based. If your faith is strong you will not falter in your progression.  Please share with the court a personal experience upon which your faith was challenged and you stood as a witness for Jesus Christ.

1st witness:  Shares experience.

Defense:  Thank you, Sis. Vogel.  You may step down.  The defense calls its next valuable witnesses, Members of the Beehive class, Sis. Jenny Wong, and Sis.  Corrine Poggio who all will be representing Divine Nature.

Bailiff:  As daughters of Heavenly Father, do you stand as witnesses for Jesus Christ?

2nd witnesses:  We do.

Defense:  YW please share with the court your testimonies of Divine Nature and how  you came to know of your royal birth.

2nd witnesses sing: “ I Am a Child of God” in English, Italian, and Chinese.  Courtroom joins in  on chorus.

Defense:  Thank you sisters for your powerful testimony that transcends any language..  You may be seated.  Next, is a most valuable witness,  Sis.  Nikki Magripilis who represents Individual Worth.

Bailiff:  The court calls Nikki Magripilis.  As a daughter of Heavenly Father do you stand as  a witness for Jesus Christ?

3rd Witness:  I do.

Defense:  Sis. Magripilis,  sometimes the world leads us to believe that if we are not pretty,  rich, smart, or popular that we are of little or no worth.  Please share with the courtroom how you came to the knowledge that your worth came with you as a daughter of God and that no one can take that away from you.

3rd witness:  Shares experience.

Defense:  Thank you for that touching statement.  You may step down. The defense now calls its fourth valuable witness who is quite Knowledgeable. The defense calls, Sis. Ashley Jennings.

Bailiff:  As a daughter of Heavenly Father, do stand as a witness for Jesus Christ?

4th Witness:  I do.

Defense:  Sis. Jennings in your many years of study and being a scholar of the scriptures,  please share with the court an account from the scriptures that helps you to stand as a witness of Jesus Christ.

4th Witness:  Shares scripture. and remarks.

Defense:  Thank you, Sis. Jennings.  I have no further questions, please be seated.  The next valuable witness brings supporting evidence for Choice & Accountability and how she remains free by choosing good over evil.  She accepts responsibility for her choices.  The defense calls Sis. Kristi Cowden.

Bailiff:  As a daughter of Heavenly Father, do you stand as a witness for Jesus Christ?

5th Witness:  I do.

Defense:  The defense would like to present  YW’s  evidence _____________, exhibit A. Please describe the account of when you learned about being accountable for your actions.

5th Witness:  Describes account.

Defense:  Thank you for your strong and wise words.  When we make good decisions it leads us to Good Works and then we can build the kingdom of God through serving others.  Our next valuable eyewitnesses could not be with us, but we have videoed their testimonials.

Show video of the 4 sisters.

Defense:  I also put into evidence, YW’s Exhibit B,  pg. 19 in the FTSOY pamphlet.  (Read  section on service)  Your honor, our final valuable witness is defending the   crowning jewel of the values, Integrity..  Sis.  Melissa Stephens please take the stand.

Bailiff:  As a daughter of Heavenly Father, do you stand as a witness for Jesus Christ?

7th witness:  I do.

Defense:  Sis. Stephens, being a renown Laurel, and highly knowledgeable YW it would please  the court for you to share an account from the scriptures of someone you  admire for their Integrity and how they have helped you to stand as a witness for Jesus Christ.

7th Witness:  Shares scripture account and testimony.

Defense:  Thank you for your account.  Please be seated.    Your honor, members of the jury, and guests in the courtroom in my closing         remarks I could dwell on the negative, but I stand before you testify of the   goodness in each and every YW. Each of them have their own challenges and their own streghths. I know personally and you have heard their words tonight how they are striving to strengthen their testimonies, to find out who they are , to know they  are of worth,, to further their knowledge at school and of the gospel,.  You have   seen and heard of their Good Works, and each of them are striving to possess the    integrity of Queen Esther.  So I say to you that yes the YW of the Timpanogas      Park 5th ward are worthy and they are standing as witnesses of Jesus Christ by striving to live the YW values every day.  The defense rests.

Judge:  Jury, may we have the verdict, please.

Bailiff receives verdict from the jury and gives it to the judge.

Judge:  The jury has voted unanimously that the YW of the Timpanogas Park 5th ward are  indeed standing as witnesses by living
true to their values.

                This court stand adjourned.

Judge hits gavel on table.

Witnesses clap, hug, and shout in rejoicing.