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When the youth came in for their tuesday night activity, they were ushered into the Relief Society Room where they were met by the Bishop and a couple of other leaders.  When all the youth had arrived we began by having the Bishop tell them about Lehi's dream, and telling the youth that were going to be born as new babies and that they must go through this mini life to get to the Celestial Kingdom.  They were also told that they might be tempted along the way but if they were faithful and held on to the rod (ROPE) they would make it.  After the Bishop was finished speaking to them and telling them what they needed to do, the young mens president (someone who the youth trust) comes in to the Relief society room and tells them that he understands how difficult this activity will be, so he then offers them tokens or chips telling the youth that if they mess up, they can pay the person a token to get back onto the rod.  This is very misleading as no one in the cultural hall knows about the token payment.  The youth have now forgotten everything the Bishop has told them about holding on to the rod.

One by One they are led into the gym passing through the vail, holding onto the rod, into the mist of darkness (Smoker rented for the event for $20.00). Each adult at a station is very good at their salesmanship and trys to get the youth to let go of the rod by tempting them with the stuff said above.  Some succeed very easily and there is a dark angel there to take them into another room.  I will add that almost all the Deacons
and Beehives made it to the Celestial Kingdom without being tempted away.  If the youth can not be tempted, then they are asked a question, and they need to answer with the most correct answer.  If they answer incorrectly they are taken away, but if they answer correctly they may advance. After all the youth have made it into the Celestial Kingdom (Chapel) they were addressed by the Bishop, and reminded that all that they were taught in the spirit world (Relief Society room) was forgotten when YM Pres. (Lucifer) told them they could buy their way with tokens or chips.

I feel it was very spiritual for the youth and also the adults that attended and at the end the YW pres. & YM  pres. bore testimony of the importance of the gospel and holding to the iron rod.

Each of the youth were given an Iron Rod key chain and a card with a few scriptures attached to it.    This must have touched the youth because most who have the Iron Rod key chain, are wearing them around their necks as a reminder of that evening.

Adults Needed for tempting:        8
Adults Needed for Questions:      8
Adults Needed for Dark Angels:   3
Adults Needed to run props:        2
Bishop needed:                          1
YM & YW Pres:                         2
Total Adults:                             24