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FEMININITY: -  - We at the Young Single Adult Branch at Disney University in Orlando Florida have put words to the music of "Geneology, I am Using it",  and changing them for the theme of Femininity.  This has been such a reacurring theme through the past few conferences that we felt it must be somthing important to focus on as Young Women.  We thought you might want to include it in your ideas section to have young women make some verses they would enjoy singing together or alone.  We are making it our theme song or camp song so we can hum it or sing it when we need good thoughts.  Pass it along and keep in touch if you get new additions.  Click here to see OUR version
Thanks Debbie/Mindy /Adele/Courtney

VIOLIN IN OPENING EXCERCISES: -   Each month we rotate the responsibilities of opening exercises between the
three classes.  Except conducting which the Laurels do every week.  We give the girls the opportunity to take turns playing the prelude and the opening song.  One week we weren't going to have a pianist so we asked a girl who played the violin to accompany us.  What a treat, it was beautiful.  We all felt the spirit so strong.

YW CONDUCTORS: -  We had an activity night and just taught the young women how to lead.   We practiced several songs and each girl had a chance to lead the song of their choice.  You would be surprised how many young women don't know how to lead, but take advantage of it when they finally learn.