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MOTHER'S DAY PIES: -    One year in YW I remember going to one of my leaders homes and we made a ton of pies.  Just real simple pies with no bake crust.   Lists were passed around in Priestood to sign up to buy a pie.  There were I  think 3 different kind of pies which we offered to sell.  The mothers were  surprised and we all delivered them to the houses.  It was so much fun making  them and we earned a lot of money from it.

MOTHER/DAUGHTER ACTIVITY:  -  We decorated the R.S. room with white Christmas lights, we had white table cloths on all the tables, 2 helium balloons at each table that were tied down by small pretty plastic floral bags with Hershey kisses in them, with heart confetti and curly ribbon around the table to add to the decoration.  We brought in some torche lamps - (the tall ones that you can adjust the amount of light it gives off) and dimmed them and had some really nice music playing in the background. We also had a beautiful bouquet of flowers as a centerpiece on the main table that we gave out to the moms at the end.  When each mother/daughter came in we invited them to take a booklet and a pen.  We had an opening prayer, welcomed them, told them that this was their night to feel like a queen.  We gave them a few minutes to each fill out their booklets  which had questions like:  My favorite memory is...Something I'm sorry for...One of the things that I am most grateful for...etc.  They were each to fill out the questions in regards to their relationship with their mother or daughter.  We then had them put those aside.  We had invited the girls to bring whatever they needed for the pampering phase of the activity.  We had little buckets for feet to soak in and lots of towels.  We had girls giving foot massages, back massages, hand massages, facials, manicures.  It was whatever the mother wanted.  We pampered them for about 45 minutes, cleaned things up, and had them go back to their seats.  We then asked each pair to stand and we asked the mother to share something she had written in her booklet, then the daughter. After they had both shared, the daughter remained standing and told her mom why she loved her and what made her special to her.  It was a major cry fest and we went through so much tissue!!    We served angel food cake with strawberries at the end and gave them a flower and a magnet with this quote, "Mothers in Zion, we pray for you.  We sustain you.  We honor you as you bear, nourish, train, teach, and love for eternity.  I promise you the blessings of heaven and "all that the Father hath" (D&C 84:38) as you magnify the noblest calling of all.  Ezra Taft Benson"  We also had the mothers and daughters exchange their booklets.  It was a great activity and one you could do anytime, not just for Mother's Day.

 MOTHER/DAUGHTER DRESS ALIKE: -  The Mia Maids planned it.  They had mother and daughter dress alike (we had everything from blue jeans and matching tee-shirts to dresses--we told them they could make paper hats if they wanted to, but nobody did), a speaker that talked about being a mother, a talent (and I use the term loosely) show--really cute and funny dumb stuff with the girl and her mom, and an elegant dessert.  The girls paired up and decorated the tables (we used the rounds).  The girls just love doing stuff with their moms!  It's so great! My daughter hasn't quit talking about it!

MOTHER/DAUGHTER DATE: -  We had a great activity with the girls and their moms.  (Everything was kept secret from the moms until they came that night.)  We played a game like the newly wed game where the moms left the room and the girls responded to five questions about their moms.  the moms came back in, answered the questions, and if the answers matched, points were given.  Repeat for questions about the girls.  Then all moms went out in hall and five took off socks and shoes.  Girls guessed whose moms they were just by seeing the feet only.  This was funny!  Then all girls dressed up their moms for a fashion show.  There were prizes for most creative, funniest, most elegant.  The girls were so excited about this- they had some hilarious and creative ways of dressing up their moms.  We video taped the moms modeling down the runway. We ended with the girls standing up one by one and saying two things they loved about their moms.

MOTHER/DAUGHTER ACTIVITY: -  We had a mother and daughter slumber party.  The invitations were little felt long-johns with a flap in the back with the invitation under it.  We had them bring blankets, pillows, teddy bears, ect.. They were also supposed to dress in their  pajamas. We had popcorn and finger foods, so they could even get crumbs in their beds.  Then we played a "how well do you know each other" game and the girls presented their mothers with some candy leis that we had made in another activity.  It was a great success.  We had two inactive mothers, and two non-member mothers come. The girls keep bugging us to do it again. Tessie

CAKE DECORATING: -  When I was in the YW program we wanted to teach the YW how to decorate a cake.  We had a specialist come in to do that, but rather than just waste the cakes we decided to do this around Mother's Day.  So we went about 2 weeks before Mother's day, in to the Priesthood classes and asked who wanted to buy a cake for their wife for Mother's Day.  They were told the price, what it would look like, who was making it, and that we would deliver it the night before.  We got over 60 cakes ordered.  Each girl was asked to bring 2 baked cakes ready for decoration on the Saturday before Mother's Day.  We had an absolute blast decorating them, the girls learned a new skill, and they saved several marriages I am sure!!! We heard back from the men and the moms, and all were very happy with this project.
Cherri Wright