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(Disclaimer: - I am not sure where I obtained these ideas.  They are not mine.  But they are very good)

MISSIONARY WEEK  (1 entire week): - We first sent out a mission call from the bishop - about one week in  advance of the Missionary Week  This went to all youth in the ward  even the less active.

On Sunday evening, the “missionaries” reported to the MTC in the chapel.  Here they found out who their companions were, received their name tags, met the mission president and his wife, heard a spiritual testimony of missionary work and saw the video “Called to Serve.”  After this, the parents said good-bye to their “missionary”.  We then continued on by explaining the Point System for the week, having a pep talk from the Bishop and dividing into zones.  The zone leaders took care of zone business and each “missionary” had their picture taken with the Mission President and his wife.

On Monday, each youth was encouraged to teach a Family Home Evening lesson intheir own home.

On Tuesday, each “missionary” met with zone leaders to review the first discussion and then gave it in a member’s home. (They were posing as non-members).

On Wednesday, there were zone meetings in the homes of the zone leaders.  One group went to the hospital and did a service project.  It was all up to the zone leaders.

On Thursday, we met at the home of our Mission President for a Mission Conference.  A light meal was also served.

On Friday, we had the missionary companions stay overnight at  young couple’s homes in our ward..

Saturday we had P-Day Activities.  They had to cook their own breakfast at the Mission President’s home, learn to iron shirts and sew on buttons, learn basic car maintenance and write in their journals.  Afterwards, we played basketball.

On Sunday, we reported out mission in Sacrament Meeting and later the “missionaries were released by the bishop.  We gave each “missionary” a box of candy and the statement about Returning With Honor.

The entire week was run on a point system.  For instance, they got 10 points for morning prayer, 15 for daily scripture study, 10 if they fixed their own breakfast, 5 if they wore nice clothes to school (no jeans), 20 for doing your own laundry, 50 if they gave a Book of Mormon to a non-member, etc. 

MISSIONARY WEEK (two evenings): - We focused on two evenings:
After having received their missionary calls in the mail...
Mutual (Wed. eve) - reported to the MTC (church), met their companion, met their mission president & had “the talk”.  They were split into zones and had training with recent returned missionaries, and worked on learning the first discussion.  They had
missionary games as zones (how to correctly wash clothes, iron, sew, chose a well-balanced meal, cooking, and writing letters—all with point values). We have all heard of the young missionary who had to phone home from the MTC after just 3
½ weeks there because he gained too much weight for his suit, and then found out that he washed it and it shrunk!
Sunday evening - they were to report to the Mission Home (church) for their dinner appointment.  Each companionship was picked up by the “non-member” family, fed dinner and presented the first discussion to the family.  All missionaries & families were invited to the mission home for dessert.  We felt that they needed time to discuss and share their feelings instead of going straight home.