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Hi, my name is  Lorrie Blake. I have 6 children who keep me busy, along with a handsome husband. 
Thanks for visiting my site.   May God Bless you, Lorrie

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Hi everyone!  I realize that some of these ideas are out-of-date, but I appreciate the support you have given me these many years.  With the change in Geocities, it will be much easier for me to update this website with this link than Geocities was.  Right now I am going to college/university to become an elementary teacher.  So far it has taken me 5 years and I still have at least 3 more years.  I'll try to get more on later, but I need to get back to my family right now.  Love ya, Lorrie


Hi everyone!  Well, did you make the jump to my new/old website?  I was informed via an email that I would no longer be able to delete or upload any information to my YW website.  So I went looking for a new FREE webserver that I could use my FTP program with.  It took several days, but I have joined with Geocities and feel this will be a good move for me.  I have tried to find as many sites that have linked to my webpage as I could to let them know about the change, but the web covers a lot of territory.  If you would kindly pass on the word to your friends that may be interested in visiting my site about my new URL, I would be sure appreciate it!!  Other news in my life:  my son will be coming home from his mission in November. It will be an exciting time for all of us.  I'm still teaching Early Morning Seminary and this year we're studying The Book of Mormon.  It should be a wonderful year!  Good luck and may God bless!!!!!  Love ya, Lorrie

Hello!  Well, I can't believe how fast time flies.  My parents have finished their mission and are now back home in Utah.  My oldest son is doing well in Honduras.  It's already been 7 months already, over 1/4 of the way completed.  WOW!  I'm still getting a few ideas and I apologize for the delay in entering your ideas on this website.  I have appreciated all your comments and support.  Last month I had the neat privilege of meeting someone that I met from this webpage.  Hi Lisa!!!  It was a wonderful experience.  May the Lord continue to bless each of your YW programs!!!  Love ya, Lorrie

Hi everyone!!  If you've noticed I've been a little slow in responding, I have been.  I apologize, but until after Christmas and the holidays, I'm afraid my time is very limited.  I hope you understand.  I love teaching Early Morning Seminary and I need more time to prepare my lessons this last week of class.  Plus I  want to make Christmas presents.  My oldest son is now in the MTC and we're making up for the things we forgot and all when he leaves for Honduras near the end of January.  What a wonderful but busy year!!  I hope you will all understand.  But I have kept all your ideas on file and will enter them on after the holidays. 

Hi everyone!  Well I've got more news.  Actually I received it a couple weeks ago.  My oldest son has gotten his mission call.  He's been called to the Honduras Comayaguela Mission.  He will enter the MTC on November 24, 1999.  We're excited and very busy trying to get him ready.  Time is going so fast.  Please be understanding if it takes awhile for me to post your ideas.  For those needing requests, please check the YW mailing list.  It will get you information probably faster than I can.  Sorry.  I have also created a new webpage called "In Touch".  The reason I created this site was due to a wonderful lady (from my parent's mission) who found me via my website.  It has been so neat e-mailing to her and getting to know her.  I thought it would be neat to provide that experience to others (like you).  Please, if you live in any of the missions posted and could take a minute to write, I'm sure all these wonderful mothers of missionaries would love to learn about the church in your area.  Even if we all belong to the same church, cultures are very different.  Thanks so much!!! I love you all.  Lorrie

Well, ladies, the day has finally come.  Yesterday I was released from the YW as Personal Progress Advisor.  I was saddened, but overwhelmed with my new responsibility.  I have been asked to teach Early Morning Seminary for this year.  I will have 12-13 students at my home M-F at 6:00 a.m..  I am excited and digging into my lessons, but I'm not sure how much time I will have for this website.  I still want to maintain it.  Please be patient with me if your posts are a little slow getting on the site (especially the "Requests from Others").    Hopefully, I will be able to continue to help you in your calling.  Thanks for all your support!!! Love ya, Lorrie

Hello!  Due to the nature that it's summer and all 6 (well 5 of them) kids are home for the summer, I don't get the computer as often or the time to enter information on my website as often as I would like.  Please be patient with me.  When school starts (September), I'll have more time.  I'll try to enter information at least once a week.  Thanks for all the wonderful letters and compliments.  I really appreciate them.  They pick-up my day.   Hope you all have a wonderful summer.  P.S.  Hope it's a lot cooler that where I'm at!!!! It's been over 100 for more than a week now.  Love ya all!  Lorrie

I have some Good News and some Bad News today.  First, the Bad News -- I was released as the Miamaid Advisor.  Now the Good News -- I'm still in YW  as the Personal Progress Advisor.  So I'm still here and will provide ideas as received for all of you.  Hope you continue sending those ideas in.  I noticed that the Primary Page (my inspiration for this page) has a requirement that if you have a "Request from Others", you must also have a suggested idea.  Pondering if it would be good on my page?????  I'll think about it..  (hee, hee!!!!)  Love ya all!  Lorrie!!!

Today I reached 10,000 people accessing this site!!!  What an exciting day!  I never thought possible that people all over the world would be reading the things I wrote.  You are all so wonderful and I appreciate all your sweet comments of encouragement.  We'll see how fast we reach our next hurdle and please don't forget to submit your ideas!!!  They are all so wonderful! Thanks a bunch! Lorrie

Happy New Year!!!  Thanks for all your support for this website!  I really appreciate the thoughful letters and encouragement.  This last week, my parents arrived to the destination of their 18 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  They were called to the Nashville, Tennessee mission and are now serving in Glasgow, Kentucky.  It with this new interest that I include a link to see the weather in Glasgow Kentucky.  Hope this works out!!!  Hope you all have a wonderful year!!  Love, Lorrie