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SCRIPTURE HANGMAN: -  - How you play Scripture hangman depends a lot on your Young Women.  You could play with names, places, things, events, scripture mastery, Personal Progress scriptures, the scriptures are the limits.  (i.e.... ye are the light of the world ... (spaces for this phrase)).   Break the YW into two groups  have one team guess at it, if they get it before they are hung then they get a point.  Then for a bonus point have them tell you what the scripture is Matthew 5:14-16.  If someone can stand up and quote it their team gets another point.  Then have one for the other  team.  Have several planned out and I am sure after a while the girls will start coming up with their own.

SCRIPTURE HANGMAN VARIATION: -  - You can do it very simply and have the YW pick a word out of the scriptures like Zarahemla the other YW guess at it then when they guess it or are hung and told the answer the YW that picked the word has to be able to tell the other YW something about the word. i.e.... Zarahemla was the leader of Mulek's colony and had a city named after him in ancient and modern times.  When it gets too easy for the YW then add some more rules and have them tell a story about the word out of the scriptures.

YW VALUE SCRIPTURE HANGMAN: -  - You can play with the YW scriptures.  Give a hint as to if it is a Value scripture (which include theme, standards of personal worthiness and so forth), A Truth Scripture...Beehive, Promise...Mia Maid, Faith...Laurel.  Any scriptures in the responsibilities, mission statements, references, and experiences are fair game.  Remember when you do a Faith scripture they include the Articles of Faith.

PERSONAL PROGRESS ACTIVITY: -  - Another thing I do is in the PP book.  Have a quick game of do you know your personal progress.  Divide the Girls into teams or classes.  Ask questions to the YW like who knows the YW theme?  (When the YW know an
answer have them stand up)  One by one have them recite it. Give 2 points to each team for every YW that got it right and 1 point for every
YW that tried to do it.  Ask more questions like what is the value definition of Faith ...What is the YW Motto ...What is the Miamaid 2
responsibilities .... What are the Standards of Personal Worthiness (when the YW have to make a big list of things they could work in a
group and give one point for each correct answer.

PERSONAL PROGRESS AS A CLASS: -  - Pick a Value Experience out of the PP book and work on it.  There are many that don't need any preparation like Beehive 2 Choice & Accountability #3  It is a read some scriptures  and discuss them.

CLASS LETTER: -  - Take out paper and pencils and write a letter to a missionary or inactive girl.  Give the girls a Theme, paper, pencils, and anything else you might have on hand, at the library, or in your closet. Then have them make a Mormonad.  They don't have to do it all at once.  Have them work on it for a while then when they loose interest collect the work and hold onto it.  Keep it in your stuff you bring everywhere and when they need it have them work on it again.  A good theme idea is this years theme Turning the Hearts Toward the Family.  If they want let them change it a bit i.e.... Turn your heart to your family, Turn to your Family, give your heart to your family.  Let them choose.