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HANDOUT IDEA: - I will be passing out in a handout the following thought, which I found sometime ago (don't remember where),  when I present the Man of your Dreams or your Worst Nightmare to our YW:
"Associating with others under wholesome circumstances helps develop friendships and permits you to learn about qualities and characteristics in others {integrity and good works}, to get to know them {knowledge}, to have fun together {individual worth}, to widen areas of choice {choice and accountability}, to achieve a wider and wiser vision of what one may seek in an eternal companion {divine nature}, and to ultimately find someone who shares common convictions {values} and character traits and whom you can marry in the right way in the right place by the right authority {faith}."  -------     Marion D. Hanks

MAN OF YOUR DREAMS....OR NIGHTMARES?: -  - First, we did a chalkboard discussion.  On one side of the chalkboard I wrote down the YW's response  to the question, "What are the traits that you will be looking for  in the man you would like to marry?"  I wrote EVERY idea  on the chalkboard no matter how silly.  Then on the other side of the chalkboard I ask them to list traits of a man of their nightmares.
Then  I asked them to think..... IF the man of their dreams were making a list of HIS own of the traits of the woman of his dreams, which side of the chalkboard would they fall under? This really made them think.  It really hadn't crossed their minds that the guys might be as picky.
Next I had a box.  I was going to wrap it really fancy,  (with lace,  satin ribbons,  pearls etc.),  but I decided to wrap it simple, yet beautiful.  I used a white bakery box (about the size of a double layer 1/2 sheet cake).  I had some beautiful 2" dark green velvet ribbon I put around the box and made a bow with.  I told the YW they were like this present.  They were all beautiful.  I talked a bit about how men have different tastes of what they like (hair color, tall/short, etc.)....I explained that even though they may not  look like fashion models out of a magazine, they will still be attactive to someone.

MAN OF DREAMS… OR NIGHTMARES: - -  For preparing to be the person you think someone you'd want to marry.  To entice the girls to come I think I am going to send out wedding announcements - and calling the evening-"MAN OR YOUR DREAMS...OR NIGHTMARES!!   I am going to decorate like was suggested with wedding bells, white netting, white lights and doves.  First I am going to have the girls give me a list of traits they want in their future husband, and write them on the chalk board.  Then talk about how we (the YW) should become these people with these traits.   Then I am going to take items out of the beautiful box and have them guess what trait they possible are.....Some will be very easy, others no way will they guess.  Some of them have a story to go along with it so that is why I chose that item.  The items are--
Talent - musical instrument
Intelligence - pocket dictionary
Patience - game timer
Integrity - purple heart
Chastity - antique key
Puzzle piece - peacemaker
Silver dollar - testimony of the gospel
Christlike -  small statue of Christ
Temple worthy - (cat's Meow) SL temple
Sense of humor - chattering wind-up teeth
Hard worker - hammer
Kind and loving - small stuffed animal
Love of family - doll house family figures
Domestic skill - kitchen gadget
Motherly - baby item
Then  we will have them choose a candy bar and play the candy bar game.

MAN OF DREAMS … OR NIGHTMARES ADDITION : -  - How about domestic skills? Would they want to be prepared & know how to cook, etc. to be a good "catch"?  Any kitchen gadget could be a reminder or cookbook. What about "motherly" skills... a baby item?   You can start them off... but they can also brainstorm about what qualities they think that those great men out there will be looking for... and they can
add to their box depending on their goals. But the whole object lesson will get them thinking about themselves being ready when the time comes.... being pure, having a strong testimony, getting their education, developing the skills that will make life easier as wife & mother... etc.

MORE ON MAN OF YOUR DREAMS…. OR NIGHTMARES: -  - As to other ideas for your box, how about something for musical talents-good music is always nice in the home. Even without musical talent just picking out good music is a talent!  A CD might be good.
And something for education-a pocket size dictionary or thesaurus might work.  Also important is patience-maybe a small timer from a
game, or egg timer.  I was thinking maybe waiting before reacting or when angry to calm down.  Also good might be a package of flower seeds--saying that these traits will need to be tended to, just like a seed, and when the time is right they will bloom  but they will be worth waiting for--or something like that?  Someone said when we pick out a mate we always pick our match, and from my experience that is
true! So we need to practice the same things we would like our partner to practice.  Maybe a set of matching cards for that.

MORE ON MAN OF YOUR DREAMS: -  - Depending on how many girls you have your budget and your time ... maybe a temple recommend holder?  Someone once made me one out of the plastic mesh squares weaved with white yarn.