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PERSONAL TESTIMONY BOOKS FOR YW: -  - We made unique and very personal testimony books for the young women in our stake which included testimonies from family members, ward and stake YW leaders, ward and stake priesthood leaders, the YW General President and President Hinckley.  Each girl's name was printed on the front cover and each book was bound with plastic comb binding.  We included blank pages at the back of the book so friends and family members could add their testimonies to the book.  We presented these books to the young women at camp, but they could be presented to the young women at almost any ward or stake special event (New Beginnings, YW Recognition, Standards night, ward conferences, etc.).

LEADERSHIP NOTES FROM ELDER HOLLAND: -  These are notes from one YW leader who had Elder Jeffrey Holland speak in Stake Conference.  Click here to read them.

TOOLBOX FOR LEADERS: -  At our last leadership training meeting (Nov 98) we did something very simple.  The idea came from Sister Allred from the General Board.  We had a tool box and inside were all of the tools that would be needed to be effective leaders and teachers.  Inside:  Scriptures - talked about if we ask our young women to bring their scriptures to class but then open  them...., copy of Leadership Training Video, Copy of General YW Broadcast held in March, Leadership Training Manual, Strength of the Youth
Pamphlet and how to teach principles and not rules, Personal Progress manual-use it to plan activity nights.  We need to use the tools that have been provided and not make up our own. We also stressed that if the activity does not build and strengthen testimonies, it isn't worth having.  Don't have an activity just to have an activity.   The world is full of fun, and our activities can be fun, but our stewardship is to bring the YW closer to Christ.   PLAN W/PURPOSE!  That was the main focus and then we had a short skit by a few of the young women.  One came into the room looking haggered and worn down and said, "I'm so tired!  I don't know if I can keep up this pace!" and then she drops to
the ground.  In rush two young women w/a stretcher who say, "Oh No, she's done it again.  She needs to delegate, she needs to prioritize, She needs good counselors".  Very simple, and everyone had a good laugh, but then we talked about the importance of planning w/purpose and delegating and that if everyone does their part, no one is going to go home on a stretcher....though not a bad idea in terms of working as hard as you can for this short period of time in your lives as you serve the young women.  The calling isn't forever, but the results of your hard work will be.

1999 GUIDANCE: -  I've noticed there are many who have questions about a theme for l999.  Even though this is not a worldwide celebration year (l999)there is a YW Theme for l999: "The Lord is My Light"  This information was given at the l998 YW General Open House.  The other information given that is helpful is that during l999 we are to teach from Manual #3 in consecutive order and that we will be receiving a resource manual from SLC each year that will give current resource materials for lessons to be taught from the Ensign, New Era, and Church news.  This manual will also include a new theme for each year.  If anyone wants more information they can e-mail dwoods2@bellsouth.net and in "Subject" type YW Message.  I'm the Stake YW president and I attended a training meeting in Gallup New Mexico where we also were given information re: a new leadership handbook.  If leaders do not have these new handbooks and resource manuals, they should check with their bishops.


YW -- LEADERS OF TOMORROW BRUNCH: -  I am planning  a class presidency leadership training brunch with our girls.  We want the girls to do more of the planning and following through on Presidency meetings, etc.  We are going to send invitations to each member of a class presidency, AND HER MOTHER, for a brunch on a Saturday morning.  The theme is going to be  "L.O.T.~~B.A.G.---Leaders of  Tomorrow~~Bloom and Grow.  Each of my counselors and secretary, and me are preparing a  4-5 minute leadership lesson to give while the girls and their mothers are eating.  When that is done, we want to have the girls break into class presidencies and get some planning done for the next quarter.  The decorations will be things like plants, white lights around the room, garden tools, and then we will use rolled up brown paper bags over the serving bowls so that it looks like the food is sitting "in the bag".  We will also use clean flower pots to hold things in.   The menu is going to be kept simple--muffins, bagels & cream cheese, fresh fruit.  We are hoping that by including the mothers we will accomplish letting them know what their daughters are expected to do as a presidency member, who they are working with, and, that there are some responsibilities that these girls have accepted and they, as mothers, should help their daughters to fulfill their committment to the Lord.  Also, if the mothers get their own invitations they will at least know that their daughters are supposed to be at the church that Saturday morning!

MOTIVATIONAL IDEAS: -  Here are a few motivation ideas to help the youth:
  • Carpet Sample (for a prayer rug) --  (the words stenciled on  it)  "PRAY"
  • Rock -- with the letters  "dyttp" (did you think  to pray)
  • Candle  -- to remind them to share the light of Christ.
  • Spy glass -- To help them  to search out that this calling (specifically write the calling down) was of the Lord, and they have a mission to fufill specific to them and the girls.
  • A clock face with 26 hours on it -- to show the Lord will help them find the time if they are sincere.
  • Tissue  -- to wipe the tears at times of motherly pride in the girls or in times of trials.
  • $100,000 Candy Bar --  to help stretch the budget with spiritual not entertainment.
  • Hats -- to represent the different 'hats' they will need to meet the needs of the girls.
  • A Spoon  -- to represent the need of 'Feeding His Sheep".
  • Something to do with PP book.  they must have a testimony of the program, and of PP or they cannot succeed.

  • CHALKBOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS: - We do something kind of fun in our ward for announcements.   When the girls come in they write any announcements they have on the chalkboard.   Usually these are announcements about upcoming sporting events, music
    events,  birthdays and notes of congratulations.  Then whoever is  conducting will read the board during announcement time.  This works out
    well because even the shyest girls who wouldn't normally raise their  hand has the opportunity to share something with the rest of us.

  •  CONDUCTING HANDOUT: - (for a sample copy, click here)