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This idea was given at a leadership training meeting awhile back - the purpose was to help the ward YW leaders build a relationship of love and trust with the YW in their wards and branches.

This "journey" takes six weeks.  If you are an advisor, you will want to involve each girl in your class.  If not an advisor, then choose two or three YW who will benefit most from your attention.

A small booklet was given to each leader.  On the first page was a heart with these words written below:

"Your role is a sweet one.  Few things bring such sweet satisfaction as the knowledge that we have a friend who cares.  God loves each one of His children -- of that we are absolutely assured.  We know it in our hearts.  But God needs instruments of His love.  He needs those who can carry His love and make it meaningful and personal in the lives of others."     Marion D. Hanks
Each page in the booklet had a hot air balloon on it.  In the 1st balloon, it said:

First week:  The Mind and Heart of Love
Below it:  Moroni 7:48 (written out)  then:

Never attempt to make this journey alone.  You cannot do it without the companionship of the Holy Ghost.  So use this week to prepare yourself spiritually for this journey.  Strengthen yourself by doing the following:
1.  Look inward and evaluate your capacity to love.
2.  Read the scriptures daily (esp. book of John)
3.  Keep the commandments.
4.  Attend church meetings.
5.  Pray each day - including the YW in your prayers.
Continue these 5 steps throughout the 6 weeks of your journey.

Week 2:  The Hand of Love (again, in a hot air balloon)

"The impact teacher cares with an attitude of pure charity.  What miracles she can achieve by giving
honest appreciation and an honest sense of self-worth."  Vaughn J. Featherstone

Write a note to each YW and share your feelings about each one.  Tell them how much you appreciate her.
If she is less active, express your sincere desire to have her participate.

Week 3 - The Voice of Love

D&C 108:78 (written out)

Telephone each YW once during the week and express your love and concern for her as an individual, or just to say thank you, or I'm sorry, etc.  Try to find out more about her, her talents, qualities, interests, etc.  Be warm and sincere and positive.  Phone calls to conduct class business do not count.
Week 4 - The Deed of Love

"I wish to declare without reservation that the ultimate judgment of every man will be on the simplest terms and most certainly
on what each has done to bless people in a quiet unassuming way."  Robert L. Simpson

Do something special for each YW anonymously.  Plan your actions carefully and carry them out as secretly as possible.

Week 5 - The Beauty of Love

2 Nephi 32:3

Visit each YW in her home and take a small remembrance you have made for her.
A pie, a basket, pillow or bookmark - some simple handmade item that has your love for a wrapping.

Week 6 - The Victory of Love

Galatians 5:22-23

This is the week of celebration.  Stop and evaluate the progress you have made in:

1. Personal growth.
2. Awareness of the love you have developed or strengthened for each of the YW and your calling.
Express your appreciation to your Heavenly Father for His help in your journey.  If a less active girl has begun to attend as a result of your efforts, feel gratitude that you have been an instrument in bringing her back to the fold.
If not, take comfort that you will be blessed for your efforts and the seeds you have sown may yet bring forth fruit
in another season.