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SUPER DATE: -  -  We have yet to do this, the girls are really excited about it though. Since the Laurels can all date, we all (leaders included) are asking someone out (husbands hee hee) to go on a superdate.  We are planning on using either my home or the cultural hall.  The girls will prepare a fun evening for their guys, treats, games, etc.  I figure I will get to see how they act around the boys, too forward or too shy.  We leaders figure we will learn alot, and we hope the girls will have a great time.
Brian and Sue Roquemore, San Antonio, Texas

LAUREL ADVISOR: -  Suggestions for the duties of the Laurel Advisor

LAUREL PROJECT ADVICE: -  I've found the easiest way to do a Laurel project is to do something you like doing or would like to learn to do, for example some of my projects  have been making  a scrapbook and doing two sharing times in primary.   Another one that I am in the process of getting approved is to teach my younger brothers to play the piano. 
  • NEWSLETTER: -  My Laurel advisor mails out "Laurel Lines" every month to the inactive Laurels. But first she call everyone and gets info on each and every girl.  Then she has the active girls each write a small note to one of the girls and mails it to them. Last night one of our inactive girls went to our beach activity and she made a comment about one of the other inactive girls that she had learned from the newsletter. 
  •  GRADUATION GIFTS: -   Our ward makes laundry bags for all the graduating YW and YM that graduate each year.  The laundry bags were done from printed fabric.  They were all different.  I think the woman who made them must have bought inexpensive remnants.  After the graduation party it was a "free for all" to grab which bag you wanted.  My daughter got one last year and she loves it!  It was a very inexpensive and practical gift.

  • GRADUATION GIFTS:-  Our outgoing YW Presidency made white garment bags (for future temple clothes) with FAMILIES CAN BE TOGETHER FOREVER embroidered on the front.  We gave them to the two graduating seniors last night, the night they were awarded their medallions.

  • LAURELS 2 -- PERSONAL PROGRESS: -   (Make something that will represent your understanding of and commitment to the Young Women Them.  It should be something that can serve as a reminder of your commitment to gospel values throughout your life.)  We met as a group and made heart wreaths on a small 6-8 inch embroidery hoop.  The hearts were made uo in the value colors with cheap but cute calico fabric.  We hand stitched them, stuffed them and sewed a button to match in the center.  We then glued them onto the hoop and tied a ribbon at the top.  They were really easy and fun.  The hearts were about 2 inches across in diameter if I remember correctly.  We also wrapped the hoop in a neutral fabric becasue you could see parts of the hoop between the hearts.
  • LAURELS 2 -- PERSONAL PROGRESS: -  Our Laurels mounted a copy of the young women theme on a wooden plaque, tole painted it around the edges for decoration, and then sealed it with varnish.