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Responsibilities of the Young Women's Laurel Advisor

To help each young woman in the ward feel loved, accepted, needed, and to have a desire to "Come unto Christ" as they strive to
live the gospel.

1.      Represents the need and interests of the Laurel class in the following meetings:

2.  Presidency Meetings
Meet regularly with Laurel class presidency to discuss needs of individual class members and plan upcoming Mutual activities.  Class presidency should be meeting at least 2 times a month; other times as needed.  The class president should plan the agenda and conduct the meeting.  Contact her before the meeting if you have any items to be on the agenda.

Your class presidency meeting should be a spiritual meeting.  Help the young women recognize and follow the promptings of the Spirit as they consider different issues.  Help them stay focused.  Try to stay 3-4 months ahead in your planning so you can focus on different issues
at your meetings.  Leadership training should be done by the member of the Young Women's Presidency who is over your class.  You may be
asked to assist with the training.  Help the girls understand the great responsibility they have and the seriousness and importance of their callings.

Assist in assigning each girl in your class to a member of your class presidency on a phone tree.  Each presidency member should be responsible for calling her girls about activities, birthdays, other special events, on days when she's not there, etc.  Special assignments
beyond the phone tree may be made for those struggling.

Plan with a purpose!  Help make sure activities are planned that reinforce the principles taught in Sunday lessons or the Young Women Values.  One activity a month should be planned on service.  Normally the service activities will be on the 4th Wednesday of the month.  Evaluate previous activities and find ways to improve ones yet to come.  Be willing to give input and guidance.  Your guidance is crucial in making sure we have worthwhile activities that will help these young women gain a testimony of the gospel and the YW Values.

3.  Sunday Instruction
a.  Should be planned and prepared so that you can teach the young women gospel principles and how to apply them in their every day lives.
b.  Lessons are to be taught from the approved Young Women manuals.  You may use other approved church materials.
c.  Each young woman should bring her scriptures to the Sunday meetings.
d.  Prayerfully consider the lesson to be taught.  You do not have to teach the lessons in the order they are in the manual.  Mutual activities should try to be planned around the Sunday lesson in order to reinforce the principles taught.  In your planning, work with the counselor
in organizing it accordingly.
NOTE:  New church policy for 1999 year is to teach the lessons in order starting with #1 in Lesson Manual #3.
e.  Take time to thoroughly and prayerfully plan your lessons.  Rely on the Spirit to help you teach the young women.  Help them recognize the Spirit as you feel it during class time.

4.      Wednesday Mutual
a.  Responsible for assisting with Wednesday Mutual.  Attend and assist in whatever areas are needed.  Encourage your class to be involved, supportive, and respectful.  Encourage class presidency to delegate to other girls in the class.  The other girls love to feel needed and included, instead of always just showing up.
b.  Help keep track of class during the activity.  Gently bring those who are wandering  back in to the activity.
c.  Be positive and enthusiastic.  Be supportive of class presidency and help girls in the class recognize the time and efforts made by the presidency on their behalf.
d.  Lead and guide with love when problems arise.  Pull young woman aside and encourage her and try to find out why she isn't participating or whatever else the situation may be.
e.  ALWAYS end Mutual with a prayer.

5.      The YW Counselor will be responsible for interviews with the girls.  Due to the large number of girls in some classes, you may
be asked to assist.  Your class should be interviewed AT LEAST once every 3 months.  If you assist with the interviews, go over the following:
a.  Personal Progress:  Counsel them to set their goals with the Lord and to make Him a part of it.  Determine where they are with their Laurel projects.  Do they need help?  Discuss the other responsibilities (p. 72 Pers. Prog. Book) for the age group they are in.  Help them
make it a very personal thing between them and the Lord.  Encourage them to really stretch themselves and to do projects that will be a challenge for them and will really help them grow.  Encourage them to include their parents.
b.  Standards of Personal Worthiness (Found on page 9 of the Pers. Prog. Book).  Especially encourage them to stay morally clean and to obey the Word of Wisdom.  If there are problems in these areas, do not get details, encourage them to see the bishop to take care of them.   FOLLOW UP!
c.  Go over Young Women motto ("Stand for Truth and Righteousness"), class mission statement ("Being a young woman of faith"), and the class symbol (the temple spires).
d.  Find out how they are!  What's going on in their life?  What are they involved in?  How are they spiritually?  How do they feel about Young Women's? Do they have any input or suggestions?  Etc.
e.  Challenge them to pray and read their scriptures every day.  Challenge them to do service.  Challenge them to bear their testimonies!
f.  All these things would still be wonderful ways to reach the young women even if you were meeting on a casual basis.

7.      Personal Progress/Laurel Value Projects
a.  Go over ALL the responsibilities for their age group.
b.  Go over "How to Plan Your Project" (p. 76 Pers. Prog.  Book) with them.  Discuss these things and make sure they understand
what a Laurel Value Project is, what the long range goal is, and why they are required to do them.  Gain a testimony of the program and help each young woman to do the same.  Be encouraging and supportive,  Help them learn to love the program.
c.  They should obtain one of their parents signatures and your approval by signature before they start their project.
d.  Go by the Spirit when signing approval.  Make sure the project is worthwhile, will force them to reach and stretch themselves, and will
accomplish the purpose of strengthening them in the YW Value they have chosen to focus it on.  If it doesn't meet the requirements, guide them and counsel with them on how to improve it or maybe give some other suggestions.  Let young women know Laurel Value Project should take a minimum of 20-30 hours to complete.
e.  Follow up with them and assist when needed.  Find creative ways to remind them and encourage them to really make these projects important to them.  Most importantly, involve the parents.  Touch base with them on a regular basis to encourage them to be involved!
f.  Recognize the girls once they have completed their projects.  Make sure the project forms are signed and completed by everyone.
g.  Plan a special presentation night once a year where those who have completed their Laurel Value Projects for the year can present them.  Can be done at YW in Excellence.  If you do it at YW in Excellence, plan a separate night where those who have earned their Young Women's medallion can be recognized.

8.      When a young woman advances into your class, make sure the YW President and Secretary are both aware and that she is
recognized and presented with her Report of Progress.  Remind your secretary to update your class list and assign her to someone on your phone tree.  Class presidency should also plan a special welcome for each young woman as she enters a new class.

9.      Develop a close relationship with the counselor that works with you.  She is a valuable resource and tool for you.  Follow her counsel and guidance.  If you have concerns with girls in your class, share them with her and seek her advice.  Develop a partnership in working with the
girls.  Support her and assist her when needed.  Her main responsibility will be the administrative area of the program.  Your main  responsibility should be to develop a close relationship with each young woman in your class.  You are also in charge of the Sunday lessons and assisting with Mutual activities.  Work with the counselor over you so that you can be freed up to really spend some quality time working on each young woman individually.

10.     Service
a.  Encourage your class to participate and have input on service ideas.
b.  Have valuable service activities on the 4th Wed. Mutual night.
c.  Teach the girls to serve each other.  d.  Follow the spirit in helping them to gain a testimony of the importance of service and the blessings that will be theirs as they do it.
e.  Especially encourage class presidency to find ways to serve the young women in the class.  The class counselor over service should come to the presidency meetings with a variety of ideas for service or ideas to strengthen and encourage attitudes on service.

11.     Less Actives/Missionary Work
a.  Determine what needs there are for those who are less active and reasons they are not participating.
b.  Help class presidency understand their responsibility to fellowship less active young women.
c.  Make sure they are getting a weekly phone call from the person who has them on their phone tree AND from one of the leaders in your class.
d.  Encourage the girls in your class to reach out to them and to get to know them!
e.  Make a special assignment to someone in the class to fellowship them on an individual basis.
f.  PRAY FOR THEM and maybe consider fasting for them as a presidency or as a class.
g.  Have faith and rely on the Lord for guidance in how to approach her and on ways to touch her heart.
h.  Help girls understand that fellowshipping is not easy.  It requires hard work, fasting and prayer, sacrifice, and planning.  Be happy with any amount of progress.  It is important for each young woman to know you are genuinely interested in her and not just her attendance at
meetings or activities.
i.  On a regular basis discuss progress made with less active young women and develop new plans for reaching out to them.
j.  Provide adequate opportunities in planning Mutual activities for the girls to bring their non-member friends.  Let them know when the activity is going to be a good one for them to bring a friend to and encourage them to do so.  Make sure that there is something at the activity
to allow the Spirit to be present.  Maybe a group discussion at the end or a little talk.  Help them recognize the good feelings they feel.

12.     Work together with YW presidency to determine those who are less active or those who need extra fellowshipping.  Keep in
close contact with the girls in your class.  Show encouragement, support, concern and love for them.  Make time to talk to them and to find out what their life is all about.  Be an example of righteousness and strength.  They will look to you for guidelines and for what is and isn't appropriate.  Stand firm for those things that are right and encourage them to do the same.  Most importantly, pray for them.

As mentioned earlier, your main responsibility will be to provide a close, on-going, supportive relationship with each young woman in your class.  You are to help the class presidency succeed in their callings.  Help them understand and care for class members.  Provide a loving and supportive environment for each young woman in the class.  Be especially sensitive to the needs of young women who are less active or who do not feel accepted by other young women.  Help each young woman feel loved, accepted, and needed.

13.     Responsibilities in the YW Board
a.  Counsel with President when needed
b.  Be involved in the planning and implementing of the Young Women's program in the ward.
c.  Be involved in the planning and implementing of the main programs of the year (New Beginnings, Standards Night, and Young
Women in Excellence)
d.  Be supportive of members of the YW Board
e.  Be willing to offer input, counsel, advice, and suggestions.
f.  Read Personal Progress book and YW Leadership Handbook from cover to cover.
g.  Participate in the Personal Progress program if you haven't already done it.

14.     Other assignments and responsibilities as needed.